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As autumn stretches into winter and falling leaves give way to falling snow, we bask in the warmth of friends and family. This holiday season, Hamilton invites you to join them in celebrating this festive time of year. With watches built with a spirit of adventure and exploration, there’s a Hamilton for everyone on your list.

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In the northern reaches of the globe, we’re treated to a dazzling celestial display. As energized particles from the sun collide with the earth’s atmosphere, our magnetic field deflects the particles north and south towards the poles. The result is so spectacular that the auroras have spawned stories and legends from every culture that has borne witness to the spectacle. This year, the northern lights serve as a fitting backdrop to showcase a selection of Hamilton watches that will serve as the perfect gift this holiday season.

For the person on your list who prefers a sleeping bag under the stars to the neon lights of the city, the adventure-ready Khaki Field Expedition is a sure bet. With a history that stretches back to the trenches of WWI, the Khaki line is the go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a tough and reliable field watch. Equipped with a compass bezel and featuring Hamilton’s ever-reliable H-10 automatic movement, the Khaki Field Expedition is available in two sizes and four colorways, with prices starting at $995 USD.

For those whose thoughts and dreams travel amidst the stars, the Hamilton Khaki Murph should rocket to the top of your list. Based on the now-iconic watch from Interstellar, the Murph is a field watch for fans of the Academy Award-winning film or anyone looking for a classically styled field watch. With prices starting at $895 USD and available in both 38mm and 42mm, there’s a Murph for every wrist.

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Hamilton’s history in cinema is expansive, to say the least. With Hamilton watches appearing in over 500 movies and TV shows, the brand has become synonymous with Hollywood horology. Though Hamilton watches have graced the wrists of countless stars, there’s no star bigger than the one and only Elvis Presley. When the King wore a Hamilton Ventura in the 1961 film Blue Hawaii, the watch instantly became a pop culture phenom. Later featured as an integral part of the Men in Black’s wardrobe, the Hamilton Ventura comes in a vast array of shapes and sizes, with prices starting at $845 USD. Within the Hamilton line, you’ll find everything from small and feminine quartz-powered pieces to big and bold skeletonized automatics.

For fans of retro tech, look no further than the Hamilton PSR. A tribute to the world’s first digital wristwatch, the Hamilton Pulsar, the PSR oozes retro-futuristic style and charm. When it was first introduced in 1970, the Hamilton Pulsar made horological history not just for its next-gen technology, but also for its otherworldly style. Over 50 years after the Pulsar’s introduction, the Hamilton PSR still looks like the watch of tomorrow. With today’s PSR, however, you get all the benefits of modern construction and an LCD and OLED hybrid display for $795 USD.

If you’re after a watch that offers timeless design and classical elegance, the Jazzmaster line is the place to look. For instance, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Performer Automatic Chronograph ($2,195 USD) features a luscious sunburst blue dial in a 42mm stainless steel case. This automatic chronograph is perfect for a young professional looking for an elegant, yet sporty chronograph that can accompany them on every adventure — from a weekend in the Alps to a professional conference.

Elsewhere in the Jazzmaster line, you’ll find the Jazzmaster Performer Automatic 34mm. The Jazzmaster Performer Automatic 34mm features the same elegant blue dial and nickeled hands and indices as the Jazzmaster Performer Automatic Chronograph, but in a smaller, more feminine package suitable for smaller wrists or those who prefer classic sizing. Priced at $1,045 USD, the Jazzmaster Performer Automatic 34mm is the perfect do-it-all watch.

With the holidays just around the corner, Hamilton has something in its lineup for everyone. No matter where on the globe you are or where your next adventure takes you, Hamilton wishes you “Happy Holidays, wherever you are.” To learn more about Hamilton and all the watches featured here, please visit the brand’s website.

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