The mother of all luxury is to be rich and active right? You have lots of money AND the time to use that money doing active things. Want to go bike riding in South Africa over the weekend? No problem, fill up the $100,000 tanks of gas on the small private jet and get yourself over there. You’ll also need the right watch for the trip there. Perhaps not the best thing for the actual bicycling, but you know, a nice sporty and diamond encrusted watch to get you in the mood.

Well, TechnoMarine hears you. They more than hear you (if you are a woman that is), and have released some new watch with various levels of diamond weight. A 1.8ct and 3ct model, depending on much of your vision you want assaulted with the shine from a woman’s best friend.

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These watches are based on the existing UF6 series from TechnoMarine, but have some added design features and the diamonds of course. The watches are actually pretty nice to look at. Having a unique technical and futuristic look, they are proud looking without being too avant garde. The centered date at the top of the dial is good location, and the large subsidiary window for the seconds hands communicates strength in execution. Also well done at the long hands which don’t suffer from the “stubby” quality that often is the case in women’s watches. I can easily say that no matter how “out there” TechnoMarine gets with its designs, I have never seem them sacrifice basic functionality.


The UF6 Diamond watches come on a textured rubber strap, which seems to be very in right now for many sports watches. Rubber straps come with a very secure feel which is probably the opposite of those old way too loose watch bracelets I hate seeing people wear. The watch is also large for a woman’s watch at 42.5mm wide. Frankly speaking, if you are a man and you like this watch, you could easily get away with wearing it. It has enough aggressive design, is large enough, and probably looks at home on man’s wrist. What hints at it being a woman’s watch is the slightly slender profile and slight elegance in its look. Sort of like the commercial’s used to go for Secret Deodorant, “strong enough for a man, but made for woman.” That was almost emotionally difficult to actually reference for the obvious reason of cheesiness, but it felt applicable.

Check out the TechnoMarine UF6 Diamonds watches soon. Pricing retails at about $6,000 – $10,000, but expect actual prices to be less with a little persuasion. You know what I mean.

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See TechnoMarine watches eBay here.

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