German brand Temption is a boutique watch maker that I like to follow. With very few new releases each year, this is one of the ultimate “in the know” brands that won’t require your life savings to buy. For 2012 the main new release is a slight update/variation on the long standing CGK range. This one is called the CGK205 Version 2. Why not the CGK206? Probably just not enough new about it to go that far. I would just have called it the CGK205.5.

This Version 2 is based on the CGK205 which I first covered here and then did a hands-on article with the CGK205 among other pieces here. As far as I can tell the new version has merely a new dial – which is almost a hybrid between the CGK204/205 and the earlier CGK203.

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Legibility on a watch like this is very high. Ever since the prominence of the Omega Speedmaster (for instance) high contrast black and white dials have made a strong case for themselves. The look of the Temption CGK range is almost like an artsy version of what Omega has popularized. An enduring touch is the black-on-black Temption brand logo – that offers attractive and subtle branding that is not “in your face.”

For the CGK205 Version 2, the dial is a bit more three-dimensional. You’ll notice that the subdials are recessed a bit and the hour markers are a bit more bold compared to the date numerals on the flange ring. I agree that the font used for the date looks better being more gray in color than white. You tend to look at the hour markers more than the date – and the 7751 does have the weakness of making the date indicator a bit too “in your face.” Hands on the dial are a mixture between newer and older styles. The synchronized 24 hour hand at 9 o’clock is the new style, while most of the other hands are in the old style. It is a refreshing look that enhances legibility and a sense of purpose. That with an artistic designer twist the Temption does rather well.

The case is steel and 43mm wide, and looks about the same as the original CGK205. I like the pushers, simple looking bracelet, and onyx cabochon in the crown. I have a couple of Temption watches myself and really enjoy them. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7751 automatic chronograph movement with an annual calendar and moon phase indicator (along with a synchronized 24 hour hands). For the money the movement does a lot and Temption makes it look rather great through the sapphire exhibition caseback. I anticipate that this boutique, hard to find Temption CGK205 Version 2, watch will retail for a price close to the original CGK205 of about $3,670.

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