Temption Big Date Cherubin GDA Limited Edition

Though I have mentioned Temption Cherubin watches before, I’ve never featured the Cherubin GDA model. Another limited edition (500 pieces) Cherubin model. This is likely to be one of the most sophisticated Cherubin watches, and this model is beautiful with its red trimmed parts. The watch also comes in different trims including blue, green, and a few others I believe. The Cherubin watches are at the top of the German Temption’s line-up. Highly stylized watches that clearly retain class and dignity without succumbing to any fleeting appeal of avant garde design. Basically I am saying that while there are no other watches out there that resemble the Temption Cherubin GDA, but nevertheless the Cherubin fits in nicely with other high-end watches and has lasting appeal.

Actually, a seller on eBay of a new Temption Cherubin GDA posted images of the Cherubin right next to a similarly hued Rolex Yachtmaster. It is fascinating to see the two watches together. The Cherubin is large, much more whimsical in its approach, while the Rolex is a bit smaller and far more conservative. You could easily see the same person having both watches in their collection, the watches seeming to satisfy completely different needs, but still being able to exist together.

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These watches are extremely hard to find, which is a shame. Temption doesn’t even make 1000 watches a year, so they put their all in each on that is made. Like I said, the Cherubin is a bit like Temption’s flagship model, and retails at over $6,000. The one on eBay is over $4,000 right now. You are likely going to pay between $3,000 – $5,000 for a new or good condition Cherubin watch.

This particular model comes with both a metal bracelet and leather strap, which is nice. It has one of the coolest bracelets I know of in terms of looks. The metal on the case and bracelet is a specially machined steel to give it a matte (satin) finish, yet retain an obviously metallic look. The dial looks to be the same finish, and is rhodiumized. The beautiful red coated hands and hour indexes glow with a pale light in the dark.

Inside is a special movement enhanced by Temption. They call it the Caliber T20.1, and it is based on the Dubois-Depraz 4900 automatic movement. Although it appears to resemble an ETA Valjoux 7750 in function it is larger, has about twice as many jewels in the movement, and is has some other interesting differences. The calendar is an annual calendar meaning you only need to adjust it during leap years, thus it knows the month, and how many days the month has. Most noticeable of course is the big date complication, which is very nicely integrated. It also has a pulsimeter around the bezel (for measuring pulse) as part of the chronograph function that it has.

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To compliment the red trim in the watch, ruby gem cabochons are placed in the crown and pushers. Temption has always done this, and it represents one of their best hallmark features. You’ll be hard pressed to find another watch that is as unique and as handsome as the Temption Cherubin GDA. It is a great watch, and a pretty good value considering its Swiss counterparts. Do check it out.

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