Temption Cherubin Red WatchTemption Cherubin Blue WatchHow nice it would be to have a larger availability of Temption watches. With just two authorized dealers in the entire US, you aren’t likely going to see Temption watches very often, which is a shame considering how beautiful these watches are. I have a Temption CGK203 Watch which I reviewed here. The results were stellar, which is expected from the boutique German watch makers who only manufactures 700 watches a year. No wonder they are so hard to get.

Temption has an interesting philosophy behind watch design which although resembling Scandinavian minimalism, actually has more to do with German Bauhaus design. The idea is functional art to the extent that the main purpose of the design is function and utility. Having said that, the design must conform with various rules such as attractive symmetry and fluid form. Each of Temption’s watches are functional without a doubt, but are highly attractive in doing so. There is nothing outwardly “showy” about a Temption watch, but the appeal is in the small details which do not detract from the watch’s role as a time teller, but still add a special touch. A great example of this is on the Cherubin watch. On the Cheribun watches, the color schemes are highly varied. Meaning that few two watches are alike as Temption plays with different combinations of colors for the hands, face, number indicators, and colored cabochan (jewel inside the watch’s crown). Each Cherubin watch has colors that go together well, but are different (shades of blue, red, or yellow), and certainly standout. None of this does anything negative to being able to easily tell the time.

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The Cherubin lines of watches is Temption’s most expensive to date, but still an exceptional value. The Temption Cherubin is a rattrapante, meaning it is a dual chronograph. You can measure two times at once, by stopping one time, starting another, and then returning to the first. This is the role of the two seconds hand on the main dial. These are made using modified Valjoux 7750 movements, which are decorated and viewable through the sapphire crystal caseback.

The Cherubin models each come with a leather strap and a steel strap. Temption’s president has been seen wearing both, and perhaps they don’t want the customer to feel limited. Temption watches are meant to be worn all the time., and it is good to be able and switch the straps at your leisure. It is certainly worth the time to explore Temption watches even if they are hard to find. Unlike many German watches, Temption seeks to prove itself in watch design and reliability. Given this, perhaps it is a good thing that they have not succumbed to increased manufacturing that might force them to sacrifice that which makes Temption great.

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