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It is easy to make inclusivity your goal, but it is much harder to achieve that vision in an industry so often dominated by one way of thinking. The CODE41 DAY41 watch project is aiming to change that. By pursuing the community-driven design approach, the brand hopes to emancipate women’s watchmaking and produce a truly genderless timepiece.

The CODE41 DAY41 Watch Is A Genderless Timepiece Watch Releases

Over the past years, CODE41 has amassed a large online following. This community is integral to the brand’s uncommon creation process. For this project, thousands of votes have been tallied and analyzed. Crucially, many of these voters are women, engaging with a project that targets them directly. The DAY41 is intended to be a watch for everyone and has been distilled from the inspiration and desires of those whose wrists it will soon call home.

After much research, it is clear that the general perception of “what women customers want” is not as straightforward as it appears to be from the outside looking in. Rather than watches dripping with diamonds and swathed in gentle, pastel colors, the result of this community-led initiative a sophisticated, industrial, mechanical watch.

The CODE41 DAY41 Watch Is A Genderless Timepiece Watch Releases

There is nothing meek or apologetic about this watch. It is a strong, full-blooded commitment to advancing the image of women in watchmaking. Its sleek lines and reduced proportions make it a comfortable option for any lover of fine watchmaking, but its angular, exposed dial gives it an edgy character, unlike many watches deemed unisex.

The CODE41 DAY41 Watch Is A Genderless Timepiece Watch Releases

Creator Edition

Given the importance CODE41 places on its community, it is unsurprising that early backers of this project (pre-orders open on Wednesday, January 29th at 15:00, Swiss time) will receive a special case back engraved with “CREATOR EDITION.” It will act as a timeless reminder of that customer’s belief in and support for, a new era of watchmaking.

The CODE41 DAY41 project began life focused exclusively on women. During the development process, however, the brand realized that the watch also appeals to men. Thus the idea of a genuinely genderless watch was born. What makes it different from other mid-size mechanical watches that have graced the market in the past? Its fusion of what are regarded as typically masculine tropes in dimensions that don’t often see such complex designs. With a choice between 37 and 40mm, there is a CODE41 DAY41 for everyone. There will be five color options for the smaller size and three for the larger watch. Both are water-resistant to 100 meters.

The CODE41 DAY41 Watch Is A Genderless Timepiece Watch Releases

Optimal accuracy

For this project, it was essential that the correct movement was chosen. The STP6-15 movement has 26 jewels, a 4Hz operating frequency (facilitating a smoothly-sweeping seconds hand), a 44-hour power reserve, and automatic winding. Each caliber has been tested in five positions to ensure optimal accuracy and should perform between -0/+15 seconds per day

CODE41 prioritizes transparency and high-quality customer service. Your timepiece is guaranteed internationally for two years. If there are any technical faults the brand will endeavor to swiftly resolve them. Should you change your mind following a pre-order, free cancellations are possible. There is also a 30-day free return policy if you are not satisfied. Although the DAY41 meets the standards to be labeled “Swiss Made,” the brand prefers not to use this tag, as it is proud of the quality components sourced from around the globe. Prices start at $900 USD. You can discover the CODE41 DAY41 by following this link or learn more about the project, the origin of components, and the pre-order process at

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