This is not exactly a new product, but you probably haven’t seen one unless you are a regular reader of Hammacher Schlemmer catalogs and alike. The Geochron company makes, you guess it, Geochron wall clocks. There are a few models in the line, but they are very similar. The custom made wall clocks are actually very useful, and Geochron envisions them resting proudly in board rooms and executive offices. Yes, that is right, custom made for you right here in the US. How many things these days can tout that?

Looking at the Geochron right away, you see a map of the world. You then see a bell shaped lit section which represents the portion of the planet that is sun-lit. Look at the strip at the top to determine what time it is in any given time zone. The Geochon represents 40 timezones. How is that possible with only 24 hours in a day? Simple. Lots of places (like India) cut timezones into 30 minute chunks. While places like China have only one timezone that stretches across the entire country. You’ll then be able to determine all sorts of other information like the time of year, seasonal light changes, and generally how cities place in relation to one another on the globe. If you do business internationally, this is a gadget you are going to want to have. It also makes you look really important having it sit behind you in your office.

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But think about it, what is this clock really? Look at its large framed visage with choice of wood and colorful pre-computer era tech. This is a dream vestige from the golden age of the Cold War. This belongs in a war room, next to one of those giant Risk-looking boards when you push the little model tanks and battleships around. Seriously, hispter wannabes, or just plain hispsters will love the retro 1960’s style. Hell, I like it to. I admit to wanting this more as functional art, but it would come in useful enough to justify mounting the large wood, metal, and glass device on a wall.

While each new Geochron is made to order, it is a good idea to know what goes inside of it. This really is pretty low tech, which is good. The back lighting comes from two fluorescent bulbs resting behind a map that slowly scrolls across the Geochron passing over the “lit” area. All the gauges are on rollers and simply scroll in the background. No LCD screens or complex computers here. Just good ol’ fashioned tech like with all the enthusiast charm of a vacuum tube radio. Size wise, the Geochron is about 34 inches high by 22 inches wide (the Boardroom model is 36 X 24). The map itself is 15 inches by 26 inches. The main housing of the Geochron is aluminum, with glass covering the map display. Oh, and you can update the timezone information, just to ensure some longevity out of the device.

Pricing is about $1,500 to $2,600 depending on the model and materials uses. Its not a cheap frill, but its something worth investing in if you like its unique looks and surprisingly useful demeanor. Best news is that Geochrons can be had for significant discounts on eBay. Best to get one soon if you are planning world nuclear domination, out of your office or study.

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