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The Timex Waterbury automatic watch collection is made up of several major lines in which the three-hand Waterbury Traditional and the Waterbury Classic, seen here, are found. Both variants are classic and versatile automatic watches that provide tremendous value and quality that Timex has become known for. Ranging between $249-$269, these watches are named after the town of Waterbury, Connecticut that Timex hails from. These are no-nonsense well made, simply designed and handsome American watches.

The Timex Waterbury Classic Automatic has a dressier style with legible, lumed pencil-style hands. It comes in the smaller case size of these two variants, measuring 40mm- wide and 12mm-thick with 50M of water resistance. The case alternates between brushed and polished finishes, and the dial is seen through the flat mineral crystal.

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There are a few dial, case, and strap/bracelet variants for the Waterbury Classic. On the black dial variant, the watch is available on either the stainless steel mesh bracelet or a black leather strap. The white dial model is available only on the black leather strap. There is also a black dial rose-gold tone model that comes on a brown leather strap and is a dressier model. Something to note about all the Waterbury automatic watches is that the date window background always matches the color of the dial and they all have a quick release strap system.

The Waterbury Traditional Automatic leans more into a sporty, pilot-watch style dial that has broader sword hands as well as a larger 42mm wide case. Other than these two changes, the watches are quite similar to each other, though their dial and strap/bracelet options a bit different. There are two black dial variants, either on a black leather strap or a three-link steel bracelet and a white dial variant on the three-link steel bracelet.

Both the Waterbury Traditional or Waterbury Classic use a reliable Japanese Miyota movement that operates at 3Hz and has a 40-hour power reserve.

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The Timex Waterbury Traditional and Classic watches are American watches that provide value for new watch buyers, seasoned collectors, and just about everyone else who needs a reliable timepiece. The 40mm Waterbury Classic on leather strap are all priced at $249, while the steel mesh bracelet model is priced at $259. The 42mm Waterbury Traditional on leather strap is priced at $249, while the steel bracelet models are priced at $269. You can learn more at timex.com.

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