UTS bauhaus 1000m watch on eBayUTS Munchen watch company is literally comprised of basically one extremely dedicate watch maker who puts each UTS watch together by hand. Utterly German in their form and function, these venerable watches make wonderful tools. Which is part of their appeal and drawback at the same time. The watches excel are their function, but could be described as being overly clinical in appearance. Of course it depend on who you ask, but this new line of UTS Bauhaus watches is certainly a fresh and appealing look that maintains the image and history of the brand.

Bauhaus design is difficult to describe, but has German origination and is deeply focused on function. Though it resembles minimalism, it is not that strictly speaking. For me, it is more a minimalist version of art deco or art nouveau. The real display of Bauhaus aesthetic is on the face of the watch. The rest of it is more or less standard UTS fare, which is not bad by any means.

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I am impressed that despite it being a 1000 meter diver, the watch still has a sapphire window for viewing the movement on the rear of the case. Typically, you’ll need to completely seal up a watch for that level of water resistant. I’d love to see just how thick the rear crystal is (I think it is between 3-5mm thick). Size is good at 43mm, which to me is the prefect size for an everyday watch. Maybe 44mm, but it depends on the watch.

UTS bauhaus 1000m watch black on eBayI have to admit I think at least a bit of the motivation in designing this watch came from the Sinn U1, which has an altogether different, but related design theme. Although the Bauhaus edition has a distinct look, even for UTS, it really isnt that much different than the rest of the UTS watches. Number indicators are now rods and dots, and the seconds hands is a slyly well-done combination of art and function. The bezel numbers and hash marks also have a special treatment. Inside is an ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement. It is popular for rugged and deep diving watches for its hardiness and ability to withstand punishment. Both the steel and PVD covered steel versions are great to look at. I admit that these are probably the most desirable UTS watches I’ve seen thus far, especially due to the character in the style. They would probably look great with UTS’s mesh bracelet as well. Pricing is about $3,000-$4,000 depending on the configuration.

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