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My name is Alon Ben Joseph, and I’d like a moment to speak to the aBlogtoWatch audience. Together with my brother Amir, I own and operate Ace Jewelers in Amsterdam, Holland. Today, we ship watches all over the world, and the business was founded by my father in 1975. We are a multi-brand retailer specializing in enthusiast watches. Traditionally, we sold many of the big brand names, but over the past decade, we’ve made a gradual shift to include more independent, niche watch brands. This has been fueled by a passion for watches that runs in our family. Some of the brands carried by Ace Jewelers include: Bremont, BVLGARI, TAG Heuer, Elka, Tudor, Vulcain, Nivada Grenchen, Zenith, Christiaan van der Klaauw, and more.

Ace Jewelers is located in Amsterdam, which is not only the capital city of the Netherlands but also a major tourist hub. As such our clientele is a mix of locals and people visiting our city. In addition to servicing local Dutch customers and clients, we were an early adopter of the internet and have been a part of online watch culture for many years. That investment and focus has allowed us to grow and cultivate a global network of watch aficionados and collectors, many of whom we now call friends.

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Alon Ben Joseph of Ace Jewelers & Niels Eggerding of Frederique Constant

My brother, my father, my team and I all LOVE watches. This has enabled us not only to sell stock watches but also to design many of our own – produced exclusively for Ace in collaboration with watchmakers. We consider it a great honor to work with important brands to create our own limited-edition products. Doing so has allowed us to put our own spin on some of the watches we love most, and offer our clients something they can’t find elsewhere. The watches in our “Amsterdam Series” are inspired by the city we call home. These watches typically feature colors and details reminiscent of our city shield. For other models, we sought inspiration elsewhere – and some timepieces we created simply because we liked a design idea! Please have a look at three exclusive watches designed by Ace Jewelers in collaboration with important names in contemporary mechanical watchmaking.

Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctic Polar Watch

For our latest Ace Jewelers limited edition – the Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctic Polar – we actually experiment with about a dozen different designs. After a lot of brainstorming with Nivada Grenchen, we went with the 38mm wide Antarctic Polar you see here. We chose this dial and watch combination because we quite liked the idea of doing the “polar” opposite of the regular production model with a black dial. Therefore we chose a bright white rather than black face for this retro-styled automatic sports watch. We also added a dash of orange, as a reference to both our Netherlands national color, as well as the relevance of orange with polar exploration gear. With our limited editions, we always like to offer something extra. So in addition to the stainless steel bracelet, this watch comes with an orange NATO strap that completely changes up the look. The price is 955 Euros (excluding VAT tax) for the Ace x Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctic Polar watch.

Frederique Constant Highlife Worldtimer Amsterdam

The CEO of Frederique Constant, Niels Eggerding, is a fellow Dutchman and a great personal friend. So of course we had to collaborate on an Ace watch together! As part of our Amsterdam Series of watches, the 41mm wide Frederique Constant Highlife Worldtimer Amsterdam has a dominantly matte black color scheme with hints of red and white – the colors of the city shield of Amsterdam. We’ve also removed the globe pattern found on the regular production models, though of course maintained the elegant and in-house made Manufacture automatic mechanical movement. The resulting dial design is less ornate and more instrumental. We hope you’ll agree it looks great. This Highlife Worldtimer watch comes with both the integrated stainless steel bracelet as well as a custom black rubber strap with red stitching, which matches the dial perfectly. The price is 3,550 Euros (excluding VAT tax) for the Ace x Frederique Constant Highlife Worldtimer Amsterdam Watch.

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Elka Diversity Series

A long time ago there was a jeweler boutique in Amsterdam called Elka. The shop was particularly famed for their Elka-branded pocket and stopwatches. Ace Jewelers actually took over one of their original store premises in 2000. The Elka of today is not a jeweler but rather a watch brand – re-founded by renowned timepiece designer Hakim El Kadiri – “ElKa” for short. I knew Hakim through his work for various Swatch Group brands and we reignited our relationship when he went on his own and founded Elka Watches. Ace reconnected with Hakim was doing research for his own watch brand and came across the Elka of old. One of the most prized items in my own collection is an Elka-branded pocket watch dial with Hebrew numerals. This vintage timepiece is what sparked the idea for the 40.8mm wide Diversity Series. This collection of four different watches is our little homage to the inherent human diversity that exists in the larger timepiece collecting world – a hobby and passion that transcends borders. As a whole, the automatic mechanical series consists of four watches, each with a different dial script; Eastern Arabic/Hindi, Chinese, Hebrew, and one with classic Western Arabic numerals. The price is 1,625 Euros (excluding VAT tax) for the Ace x Elka Diversity Series X watches (link for Western Arabic dial), link for Hindi dial, link for Chinese dial, and link for Hebrew dial.

Please visit the Ace Jewelers website to see the latest watches and learn more.

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