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Timeless Luxury Watches just received our latest shipment of Nomos Timeless Club IIs and Midnight Edition Orions! We’re very excited to offer a special gift for orders on any new Timeless + Nomos limited edition from now until January 1st, 2017. For aBlogtoWatch readers only, we’re giving away a free Nomos notebook, drafting pen, bookmark, and strap changing tool! Our special offer applies to four watches, the Timeless Club II, with either red or yellow accents, or this Midnight Edition Orion with either gold or silver accents.

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The Midnight Edition is a limited production Orion of 75 each for silver and gold accented models. It takes elements you know and love from the regular Orion, like the case and hands, but adds a gorgeous blue sunburst dial. The sunburst dial is, of course, where the Midnight Edition takes its name. It’s a gorgeous color because, depending on the lighting and angle, it shifts from a very dark blue, befitting its title, to a brighter, more eye-catching hue.

nomos-orion-midnight-9 nomos-orion-midnight-12 nomos-orion-midnight-3

To maintain as dressy a look as possible, we decided not to use a date. Similar thinking was employed in choosing the 38mm case, which is a good all-purpose size for a modern dress watch. Like the Timeless Club II, the Midnight Edition Orion is powered by a modified Alpha hand wound movement, chosen to keep the watch thin. And it is thin, at just under 9mm, slipping underneath shirt cuffs without issue.


The modifications bring the Alpha up to a current-generation Nomos movement with the swing system escapement and blued hairspring.

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But you’re not left out if you’re not looking for a dress watch. Our Timeless Club II is a sporty, but versatile option. Like the name suggests, the Club II is the follow-up to our sold-out Club. The biggest difference is the addition of a model with yellow accents, but both Club IIs retain the Deep Blue lacquer dial from their high-end sibling, the Lambda. Only 100 of each version of the Club II will be made.

timeless-nomos-club-2-1 club-2-blue-dial

Both Timeless Club IIs are interesting in that they have two different colors of lume. It’s also one of the very few Nomos models to have any lume at all, along with the Club Dunkel, and Ahoi. Another difference between the Club II and the original Timeless Club is that the new model doesn’t have a date, contributing to a cleaner looking dial.

timeless-nomos-club-2-21 timeless-nomos-club-2-24

The Club II uses a 38.5mm Club case, which is well loved for the curved lugs that make it among the most comfortable Nomos watches. The Club II uses the same movement we employ in the Midnight Edition Orion – the modified Alpha hand wound. Looking very closely, we can even see the blued hairspring.


So if you haven’t already bought one of our Timeless + Nomos limited editions, now is the best time yet! Order one of our last pieces of each and get our special holiday gift just by mentioning that you read about it here on aBlogtoWatch! Please click here to order the Timeless Club II at a price of $2,160 and here to order the Midnight Edition Orion priced at $2,760.

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