Timex is one of several brands available for sale directly from the online men’s retailer, Mr. Porter. I’ve written a few times about Mr. Porter in an attempt to showcase an example of a “well done” multi-brand online retailer for watches (among other things). Some of the things Mr. Porter does right is showcase their timepieces in an elegant and original manner, help add a fashion component so that customers have some ideas of what to wear the watches with, and offer original products designed in collaboration with the watch brand itself. Mr. Porter has been quite prolific with its original designs when it comes to timepieces going from the very high-end all the way to the very consumable Timex. What I mean by that is arranging for those watch brands to produce original designs only available for sale through Mr. Porter. With the internet being one big price war when it comes to retailers who compete by selling the same products, having something original and exclusive is usually the only way to go.

All images by Ariel Adams

This particular Timex Waterbury model is one of three which launched in late 2016/early 2017 when I believe Timex first launched on the Mr. Porter platform. Each of the three Timex Mr. Porter Waterbury watches is currently sold out – but I wanted to offer a look at this nice and of course affordable wristwatch because I am sure one of them could come up from time to time as part of any watch lover’s routine search for something new. Mr. Porter currently has a series of Timex watches available and they represent what I believe is the most affordable timepiece product on their website. I really do enjoy how Mr. Porter is able to successfully present both mainstream and very exclusive high-end watches in the same environment – proving that much of the watch industry is wrong in their fear of mixing high-end items with “low-end” items out of fear that consumers won’t pay the expensive products enough deference. Hogwash. I think consumers are a lot smarter than that and if a brand is concerned about their product not being seen as valuable enough to merit the price, that is likely because it isn’t actually valuable enough to merit the price.

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Mr. Porter was lucky enough to have Timex designer Giorgio Galli from the brand’s team in Milan, Italy work on this Waterbury design for them. Note that the “Waterbury” name is given to a host of Timex watches, so these three that came out represent the references 792915 (as pictured), the 792916 (black dial with black case), and the 792917 (black dial with polished steel case). The watch is simple but in many ways quite satisfying. I would say that the biggest drawback for me is the audible ticking of the otherwise durable and reliable Timex quartz movement on the inside. With that said, many watch lovers enjoy the regular tick, tick, ticking sound of a watch as can be heard in a quiet room because they find it relaxing.

At 38mm wide these Timex Mr. Porter Waterbury watches aren’t very large but the thickness prevents them from feeling too petite. The polished steel case is attractive and rounded which helps add some personality to the look. The case is a bit more vintage-looking than the dial, which is also done in vintage style but from a slightly later era given its clear Bauhaus-inspired aesthetic. Waterbury is the name of the city in Connecticut where Timex is based and was also originally founded.

Like many Timex watches, this version of the Waterbury has an INDIGLO backlight system, which is operated when you press in the crown like a pusher. The entire dial illuminates in a bluish-green glow that offers excellent legibility even in total darkness. The dials are further symmetrical and clean, offering a good entrance to having a modern watch that is also fashionable. Mr. Porter of course allows customers to continue climbing the price ladder from here.

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One of the things I was particularly impressed with at this price level is the leather strap. It’s nothing special, but the quality is nicer than I’ve been accustomed to seeing in watches at this price level. The 792915 has a gray strap which matches the black and white dial. I also like how when Timex released these watches for Mr. Porter, they didn’t represent a small change from other existing Timex watches, but felt different enough to be something to take notice of. At the under-$200 price point Timex offers some of the best values for classic-looking analog dials, be them sporty or dressy with the Mr. Porter Waterbury watches being a great example at their original retail price of $150 each. timex.com | Timex watches on Mr. Porter.com

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