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Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch Review: The King Of Quartz

Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch Review: The King Of Quartz Wrist Time Reviews

This review of the Tissot T-Touch Expert is about the quartz watch that made quartz watches cool again. Years ago when I first began my acquaintance with mechanical watches, the notion that quartz watches were inferior began to develop. These less expensive, economy movements of mass production couldn’t hold ground to the growing fascination I was having with mechanical movements. Even though mechanical movements are less precise than their quartz contenders, I still feel a preference for the level of dedication and time that goes into mechanical watch creation.

I then realized how narrowly I was thinking – there is a place for quartz movements in my heart. Mechanical watches are amazing for what they are: wrist borne machines, wrought of history, tradition, and immense amounts of pride. What began as tools, evolved into status symbols and emotional objects of desire. You wear a mechanical watch when you want to smile with appreciation when glancing at your wrist. The quartz watch on other hand is a separate beast all together, and unfortunately shares the same title, “watch.” Perhaps a different name should be given to those quartz watches that don’t compete with mechanical watches, but rather fill in the gaps where mechanical watches cannot enter. A good quartz watch can be something altogether different that a mechanical one. They can do things mechanical watches cannot, and they do the same things in a different way or for different occasions. You take your mechanical watch to meetings, parties, and social occasions. You take your quartz watch into the garage, the yard, and the hard wilderness. While there are some mechanical watches built for this duty, you are among the minuscule few if you can afford to subject your beloved timepiece masterpieces to almost certain abuse and possible destruction. Most of you have “beater” quartz watches I am sure.

Enter the Tissot T-Touch Expert. You can read elsewhere on or otherwise to learn about the interesting history of the T-Touch watch that began in 2000 with the original T-Touch. Suffice it to say that the T-Touch Expert is the 4th iteration of the T-Touch line up (after the original T-Touch, T-Touch Navigator, and T-Touch Trekking). Look for the next version which is the diving version, the Tissot Sea-Touch, due to arrive this year.

The T-Touch expert is an extremely appealing, though not perfect watch. It quickly became one of my favorite acquisitions, and I am continually charmed by its abilities. I don’t use everything the watch can do, but then again most people who own it will not. This review will focus on what I consider to be an average style of T-Touch Expert ownership. Then you have people like survivalist Les Stroud from The Discovery Channel’s Survivorman who opted to wear a Tissot T-Touch Trekking, planning a different line of duty for a similar watch. Tissot makes a well-rounded watch indeed.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch Review: The King Of Quartz Wrist Time Reviews The T-Touch Expert has a few notable improvements over the original T-Touch. It is bigger, has a slightly refined case and face, a larger LCD screen, and adds some extra functionality while smoothing out operation overall. I’ll start with look at the watch first.

Most men love the looks of the T-Touch line, I know I do. More notably, most of us can’t really describe why we like it. It is easy to say “cool!” in reaction to the watch. Or “that is pretty manly looking.” What are we getting at though? The case has a design that reminds you of a piece of space ship or exotic looking tool. It is futuristic, while believable. The angles and curves all seem to make sense and flow, but are so far from being boring, and it is easy to think that the design is more complex than it really is. The most striking feature is the lugs, that are crafted like cybernetic fangs. The bracelet is modern looking as well, but really no more complex than it needs to be. That is the trick behind the design; it deceives you into thinking there are more lines than there actually are, a sign of a lot of design refinement. If you happened to be someone who doesn’t like how it looks, that’s fine — enough people do to keep Tissot happy.

The T-Touch Expert is one of the only carbon fiber faced watches that I actually like. This proves that the material is useful in some instances (I tend to get annoyed when carbon fiber is just thrown on a watch face in a futile attempt to make it look better). The carbon fiber works because the hands, hour indexes and LCD panel contrast so well, and it is extremely easy to read the dial. I opted for the Arabic numeral version of the T-Touch Expert, and I am happy that I did. The other Tissot T-Touch face design version features quasi-diamond shaped areas meant to serve as some of the hour markers. They function well to highlight the areas of operation touchable on the face, but make the watch a bit hard to read in my opinion. The Arabic numerals on this version are printed in a manner attempting to remind you of a [sports] car tachometer, complete with a red-lined area. Something to do with Tissot’s affiliation with organized racing maybe, I really don’t care about such things and focus strictly on the looks independently of other factors. The red colored hour markers add a visual interest and welcome splash of color to the face. It isn’t particularly functional, but I don’t mind the deviation from the white indicators. A few of the numerals are absent on the bottom of the dial due to the LCD panel, but Tissot thankfully kept some hour indexes there for your benefit.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch Review: The King Of Quartz Wrist Time Reviews

The watch hands and hour markers are richly covered in a very bright luminant that works beautifully. This watch is easy to read in the dark with a sharp looking lume that isn’t blurry. In the event you are in total darkness, a red hued backlight glows against the LCD panel where you have the option of reading the time along with other information. The watch bezel rotates in both directions, and functions to assist with keeping track of north during certain periods of navigation, or helping you stay on a bearing. The bezel rotates smoothly, but a bit to easily in my opinion. I would have liked just the slightest bit more effort required to move bezel. A minor issue though.

Before moving on to the many functions of the watch, I’d like to cover a few more important items about wearing the watch. The T-Touch Expert is entirely crafted in titanium, which makes it very light. Titanium was an optional metal on some previous T-Touch watches, but for the United States, the T-Touch Expert is only available in titanium. The result is a watch that is light, and stronger than steel. Although the watch case is a bit over 43mm wide, with a 22mm wide bracelet, you barely know it is on your wrist. I actually think the leather or rubber strap models might be heavier than those with the titanium bracelet. Titanium has historically been very hard to machine with precision. You used to have titanium cases that where too rounded and lacked fine angles. That seems to have diminished in the last few years, the Tissot T-Touch Expert being proof of that. The level of polish and alternating finish on the watch surfaces are impressive, and the finely cut or angled edges on this watch wouldn’t have been possible too long ago. The color of titanium is also improving a bit, offering more of a sheen, and less of a dull gray look. There are some downsides to titanium though, namely that it is easy to scratch. You’ll need to be OK with fine lines developing on any titanium watch. While the metal is stronger than steel, it does not deflect scratches as well. I take excellent care of my watches, but still notice wear showing up a bit faster (especially on the bracelet) of my T-Touch Expert.

The bracelet itself features a nicely crafted locking clasp and a diver’s extension. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters, making it perfectly safe for diving. The bracelet is comfortable, though it took me a while to size it properly. I would have liked the underside of the broad case to be a bit more rounded, though this would have likely proved to be more effort for Tissot than it might have been worth. The bracelet has links that are a bit more flexible than they look (a good thing), making it wrap around your wrist well. The links are attached via pins. Come to think of it I don’t think I know of many titanium bracelets that feature screwed links. This is probably the perfect watch to have a metal and alternative strap option for, as you want to protect the handsome bracelet if you are taking the watch along during a potentially high impact activity.

Now, for the touchy-feely part of the watch and the reason behind the T-Touch name. Fans of the T-Touch line are already more than familiar with the many functions and uses of the touch screen interface. For those who aren’t, let me give you just the slightest primer. There is a large button with the letter “T” on it where the crown would normally be (above and below this button are “+” and “-” labeled buttons). Press the “T” button and you’ve activated the touch receptive sapphire crystal on the face of the watch. You now have 15 seconds to make one of seven decisions. Either press your finger over one of the six labeled areas on the periphery of the case to activate the named function, or press in the center of the watch where the hands connect to cycle through the two time zones, the date, and some settings functions.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch Review: The King Of Quartz Wrist Time Reviews

The six functional areas around the dial are METEO (Barometer and weather tracking), ALTIMETER (altitude as well as rate traveling up and down), THERMO (ambient temperature), CHRONO (stopwatch and 24 hour countdown timer), COMPASS, and ALARM. Some of the features have a bit of a learning curve but are easy to use and pick up for the most part. Obviously, my daily usage of the watch doesn’t have me using the complex compass features aside from finding my direction, and the same goes for the altitude and barometer functions. The thermometer must be taken off your wrist for a solid 10 minutes to cool down – else the temperature display will be affected by your body temperature. And I can’t quite figure out how to use all the barometer functions yet. Then again, living in California’s weather, I don’t really need to worry about the weather much. I like knowing these features are there, and am comfortable with the fact that I’ll most likely not use some of them. Still, I’d be upset if Tissot neglected to insert any of them! This is what you need to take away from me on this topic, that there are lots of features in the watch, all work, and you’ll likely neglect a few. Tissot has thoroughly tested the movement, and the use thereof. There really aren’t many neglected areas of refinement or basic use. The features that logically should be there, are. For example, if you are using the stopwatch, while the numbers in the LCD panel are timing, the hands on the face are telling the time and not just idly pointing at the CHRONO section.

Information for the sensors is obtained through the back of the watch. There are some slits in the caseback that allow air and pressure to enter. Still, recall that I mentioned this watch is fully water resistant to 100 meters. Other watches such as Sunnto or Casio (that offer watches with similar functions) often place the sensors on the side of their watches. Tissot has each of these watches beat when it comes to user enjoyment as well as watch style. Operating any of these functions has the hands of the watch magically come to life and either point to the function you are using, or actually help. For instance, in compass mode, the hands of the watch form a compass need pointing to North, while the LCD panel reads out the degrees. This little aspect of the Tissot T-Touch line never gets old, and you’ll find yourself fiddling with it when you are bored. The people behind the ETA E48.351 movement (both ETA and Tissot are part of the Swatch Group) that powers the Tissot T-Touch Expert have really created something special. There are two major complaints people have behind the movement. Well, they are more wishes than complaints. Fans want to see a solar powered movement (though that would affect how nice the watch dial is, as that is where light would need to come in), and people have wished to have an atomic clock controlled Tissot T-Touch. I don’t know if either of these are really necessary. My take is that they would be nice, but only if Tissot was able to incorporate them and keep the Tissot T-Touch the beautiful watch that it is. In fact, I know of just one European watch maker that features atomic clock controlled watches (known battery hogs), that being Junghans (and the watches aren’t nearly as awesome looking as the T-Touch Expert). The majority of the atomic clock controlled watches out there are Japanese and simply fall into a different category than the Tissot T-Touch Expert watches.

Returning to my original statement regarding my feelings for quartz and mechanical watches, I’d like to tell you how the Tissot T-Touch Expert made me feel good about wearing a quartz watch again. No mechanical movement now or in the future will be able to do what this watch does. Not a chance. I don’t see this watch as being an homage to the fine tradition of watch making. Rather, the T-Touch Expert is a complex and wonderful gadget — one that happens to tell the time and sit on your wrist as well as perform many other functions. The Tissot T-Touch would make any boy the envy of the school yard, and make any grown man giddy at all the functionality. Men young and old alike will appreciate its looks and its character. This Tissot just epitomizes the watch you walk by seeing in a window and instantly know you want one. With retail price of around $1000 it isn’t the cheapest indulgence, but it’s well made, something you won’t regret, and can easily function as your weekend or weekday watch.

See Tissot T-Touch watches on eBay here.

See Tissot T-Touch watches on Amazon here.Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch Review: The King Of Quartz Wrist Time Reviews

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  • ralf

    I read a lot of comments about this watch thats very amazing…but none is so positive as your review…its been said that the functions doesnt work like 3 weeks after purchase…water sips into the watch and a lot of problem about this thinking of buying one for the looks obviously even without the function…but then again whats the use of a watch if it cant tell time with it.Still need your review about the watch problem….sad something so beautifull is so flawed.

  • Hi Ralf,
    I know that some early Tissot T-Touch models had problems, but with the Tissot T-Touch Expert release, the majority of those were resolved. I have never experienced functions not working or water seeping in. That is quite odd. The time has always worked perfectly, and I’ve never heard of anything to the opposite. Even if it were a problem, Tissot would likely bend over backwards to resolve it. Thanks for reading and take care.

  • ChiamTH

    Dear all Tissot T-Touch reviewer out there, try asking around those owners of this watch and you will be getting more realistic feedback. I bought a titanium model in Year 2006 when it was just released and in less than a year, I have to send it in 3 times for repair. On the 2nd year, it broke down again and I sent it for another repair. Right now, it is starting to fail (some of the functions) are failing 3 months after the 4th repair. My Sin $20 Casio is still going strong after many years. I think Tissot should just stick to analog instead of digital technology which it is incapable of handling.

    • Hi,
      In your response to this issue, I am sorry, but this does not apply to the Tissot T-Touch Expert line of watches. It is true that the original T-Touch line of watch had some issues, but reports seem to indicate that these issues have more or less gone away with the newer Tissot T-Touch movements, specifically those found in the T-Touch Expert line.
      I would be just as upset as you are to have these issue – no doubt, but be sure to understand that the Tissot T-Touch line wasn’t even out yet in 2006, so it is the original watch you are having issues with. Thanks for commenting and take care.

  • danilo

    I’m afraid to contrast you, but I’m an owner of the Tissot T Touch (2007 model) and I can confirm the bad feedback of all the other readers and ownners about the watch(try to search in forums, google, etc.). Personally just now it is the second time it is out of order, so I think it is correct also to allert the peoples about the real problems this watches have. Thank you.

    • I can’t comment on situations aside from my own and my colleagues. There are no perfect mass produced watches, and I understand that issues may occur. Like I said, the newer Tissot T-Touch watches have greatly improved and will continue to improve. What was the specific issue that you have had with the watch if I may ask?

  • Jonkel

    I purchased one of the original model t touch back in 02. I had zero problems until battery died in 08. Tissot service recently did complete “overhaul” for a reasonable fee. I felt need to comment after reading so many bad experiences with this model, My Tissot is 30m water resistance. That means don’t go near the water to me. So maybe my watch got less abuse than most

  • Stanley

    hi admin

    I just picked up my new T Touch Expert model watch coupla days ago. I wouldn’t be able to comment on the functional reliability of the watch as yet..but so far im lovin it. The only problem im facing is the sensitivity of the titanium body to scratches. I understand its the toughest metal around.. but why does it get scratched so easily ? Is there any way to get rid of the scratches ?

    Thanks !

    • Hi Stanley,
      Titanium is hard and light.. but soft as a metal. I know.. sorta confusing. It does scratch easily, but there are ways to get rid of it. You can get some do it yourself kits online, but the best way is just to take it to a decent watch repair guy or jeweler who has experience polishing titanium. Thanks for reading and take care.

  • SkykingUSA

    Thanks for the detailed review – one of the better ones I have seen for this watch.

    I saw an original T-Touch a week ago on a cruise ship and fell in love with the touch face concept and look. Then I came home and found the newer “expert” model and am really considering a purchase.

    I wish they made one with a black titanium strap. I like the black strap look with the light titanium body, but can’t see myself buying a rubber or “resin” strap.

    What other “gadgety” watched can you recommend? Alos, I’m really into non-nascar auto racing – can you recommend any race-themed watches? I was hoping you would have a Tissot T-Racing watch review as well, but I couldn’t find one on this site. :<

    Thanks for the great review!

    • Hey there,
      Thanks for the kind words. No black titanium unless you look at the Tissot T-Touch Trekking (in black PVD with matching bracelet). There are a number of cool gadgety watches out there, but Tissot is the best at what they do. Also look to the Casio Pathfinder series, Suunto watch, Timex Expedition WS4, and other depending on what you are looking for. Sector has some interesting ones that are certainly in the gadget range.
      As for racing watches, there are really so many, I don’t know where to start. Probably the nicest are the French BRM watches. Those are pretty killer. Take care.

  • SkykingUSA

    When do you think the Pilot version will be available? I’m not sure if I like the pilot version look more or less than the standard expert. I do like the racing theme on the expert.

    I still like the look of the T-Sport Racing watch with the paddle shifters, but you sure give up a lot of functionality with that watch compared to the t-touch line. Hmmm.

    • If you are gonna go quartz you should make the most of it – meaning get all the computerized bells and whistles. The Pilot version of the Tissot T-Touch Expert should be available soon, maybe this summer.

  • Jason Daniel

    Hello Everyone,

    I have owned my Tissot T-touch t-navigator 3000 for a couple years now and it has given me no problems at all apart from it breaking under high temperature which is kinda my fault for wearing it in las vegas.

    None the less, it is a very complex gadget and will attract attention from time to time when people find out what it can do which is nice.

    If battery life is an issue i think you can put it in eco-bat when you are not using it and it also keeps telling time when its saving power so no need to readjust it. Not sure if that feature is avaliable on newer t-touch watches though.

    Im also thinking of upgrading from my t-navigator and getting the t-touch expert in titanium, the exact same model from this review.

    It is a must buy watch for all explorers and bond fans.


    • Thanks for the comment Jason. I saw the new line of Tissot T-Touch watches recently and the diver and pilot are killer. I talked to Tissot about the solar battery idea. It may or may not happen, but realize that the movement in the Tissot watches eats up more power that say in Casio as there are actual hands to move around.
      The Tissot T-Touch Expert is a solid watch, and you’ll like it. New versions are coming out in steel (most likely) in case anyone is interested in that – but the Titanium is so nice and light.

  • Dave B

    I got my T Touch in 2003 and have never had a problem. The battery warning has now come on and it seems normal that these watches go about 6 years between batteries. I use it whilst sea kayaking, wind surfing, Mountaineering and rock climbing, in fact i wear it whatever i’m doing. I use most of the features and regularly forget i have the stopwatch running (which makes battery life more impressive). Only probs… very slight scratches on clasp, but as i said, i use it rock climbing etc and sometimes miss the lack of LCD backlight missing on the early ones.
    And yes… you do play with the toys when bored

  • Dave B

    Oh.. should of said… even after six years, i have a sense of pride everytime i look at it.

    • Hi Dave,
      Thanks for the great comment! Good to hear about your positive experience with the Tissot T-Touch watch line.

  • sam

    I want to buy the t-touch expert, but i don’t know if i should buy the stainless steel version or the titanium. Which one is better for a 16 year old?

    • Hi Sam,
      The Tissot T-Touch expert is a watch I would have loved when I was 16, it is sporty good looks, and a lot of cool functionality. If you don’t might the weight of the watch (which you shouldn’t really), I would go for one of the steel versions as they are less prone to scratching that the more delicate surface of titanium – though titanium is not a bad choice if you are “kind” to your watches. Thanks for reading and take care!

  • PJM

    Great artical!! I bought mine in Switzerland when i was on travel. i am very impressed with the larger size watch it has a mans feel to it. I’ve owned other versions of the watch but this one beats them all. The only con I could find is I wish it were an “blue” led instead. I was wondering though, Where I could get a Ti braclet cheap? I bought mine with the rubber band and want to add the Ti band. Can you send me some names. Thank You



    • Hi there,
      Thanks for the comment. I am honestly not 100% sure where you can order a bracelet from other than Tissot. You have two options really. Try to get it through an authorized dealer or contact Tissot (via their website) directly. You’ll get a response from them and likely a price an method of buying the bracelet. They just don’t make it that easy 🙂 Thanks again and take care.



    • Thanks for the comment. I am not sure whether there will be a titanium version of the Tissot T-Touch. Hard to predict – though it isn’t out of the question. For example, The Tissot T-Touch Expert originally came only in Titanium and they just added a steel version. Maybe they will do the same (opposite) with the Sea-Touch. It all depends on how popular it is. None of the T-Touch watches have not enjoyed a few versions. Take care!

  • Jak


    This is a brilliant watch and so far I am very happy with it. There is one question I am hoping someone could answer though.

    When you acitvate the backlit display for the red glow, do people also see a tiny dot of light beding emitted from the very edge of the watch around the ’35’ marker on the watch between the words ‘Alarm’ and ‘Compass’? (See the photo above of the watch taken in the dark with the display lit red, you can see a small amount of red light near the ’35’ marker).

    Do people think this is a reflection of the red light or hole in the watch face where light is seeping through? Is this a fault or as expected?


    • Hi Jak,
      Thanks for the question. There is no light leakage as this red area at 35 is just a reflection. I have to leave the shutter of the camera open for a while to capture the image, so understand that these reflections are going to be enhanced in photography. Take care.

  • Jak

    Hi Admin

    Thanks for your reply.

    In a dark room, can you see any light from around the rim of your watch near to the 35 mark when the LCD is lit? You may need to hold the watch at a certian angle to see it. Though once you know its there, it is easy to see again.

    I spoke with a Technical person at Swatch today as I thought this is a fault but I have been told that this is where the LED is place which illuminates the LCD as the LCD is not backlit. Apparently, there is a small LED around the 35 marker which is what I am seeing when the LCD is lit.

    Do you think this is true or do I have a fault with the watch?

    I also found this image on the web which shows some red light around the 35 mark:

    I have not physically been to a shop to see another watch yet but seeing photos on the web and speaking with Swatch – sounds like this is normal, but would like someone else who owns this watch to confirm this.



    • Hi again,
      I just looked at my Tissot T-Touch Expert and used the backlight. It is very simple what is going on. There is no “other” LED in that area, and there is no leakage. All that is happening is a minor reflection from one of the corners or sides of the LCD screen that is reflecting on that particular spot as it is slightly reflective. Hope that helps. It is really nothing at all to worry about. Take care.

  • Jak

    Hi Admin,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have just looked at the edge of my watch around the 35 mark under very bright sunlight and I can see a very small cut out in the edge of the rim, but you have to look really carefully to see it.

    It is the gold coloured like rim on the very edge of the watch below the 35 mark, kind of tucked away under the rotating bezel.

    This is where I am seeing the light escaping from, but as there is a cut out, it must be normal.

    Phew, as last I can rest and not put it down to a defect.

    When you spend this sort of money, you question annoying little things like this….sorry!



  • Michael

    Thanks for this informative review.

    I saw the T-Touch Expert while on a trip to Switzerland and had to get it in the Titanium version with a rubber band. I’ve had no problems with any of the designed functionality. Just yesterday I took it on a long hike with 1100m elevation difference. The elevation it showed at the top was only off by 18m from the posted elevation. The difference is due to atmospheric pressure.

    Overall, I’m glad that I bought the watch.

    My only complaint is that the dial with North West South East on it scratches by just looking at it. Within a day of owning it, I got a 2cm long, very obvious scratch, and I am certain that I didn’t hit it against anything hard. Other titanium areas have marks on them too…the glass is spotless, however. Maybe after about a year I’ll take it to a professional to have the titanium polished, as per the Admin’s recommendation.

    Highly recommend the watch so far.

    • Hi Michael,
      Thanks for the comment. Take care.

  • Hi Admin,

    I just bought Tissot T Touch today, the first generation. Hopefully it will last long and worth for the money paid.

    From, KL. Malaysia.

  • Manoj

    Hello Sir,
    Planning to buy Tissot Men’s T-Touch Polished Titanium Black Rubber Watch #T33.7.898.92 from Amazon.
    1. Could you please comment whether this model is one of the reliable model of T-Touch ?
    2. I’m going to buy it from US, but I’m staying in Middle-East. After a while, if there is any technical issues, do you think I can approach Tissot workshop in Middle-east country and can be get reliable services ?

    Pls. do reply on my email.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for the comment. The model should be ok, but there is a very similar version of this watch in the T-Touch Expert line that isn’t too much more money, has more features, and has a reputation for having better performance. In terms of service in the Middle East, I don’t see why you would have any problems. Go to Tissot’s website and either search for local service centers, or ask them if they have a service center nearby. Plus all warranties should be international, but you can ask them to make sure. Thanks.

  • Manoj

    Dear Admin,
    I found your advises are very effective.
    1. Could you please specify the better model of Tissot T-Touch (better than Polished Titanium Black Rubber Watch #T33.7.898.92) you recomended, with part no. so that I can go ahead with purchase of the same.
    2. Do you think the performance of the above model is similar to T-Touch expert pilot ?
    3. When we can buy T-Touch expert pilot online, what would be he price ?

    Again thanks for your advises.

    • Hi there,
      The Expert model is the: T0134204720200. Not sure exactly when the T-Touch Pilot will be available online, but probably several months before the price goes down from $800-$900. The Pilot is basically the same watch save for a few exterior differences. Take care.

  • Manoj

    Hello Admin,
    I saw Tissot Men’s T-Touch Expert watch #T013.420.46.207.00 (Picture missing in amazon site). Is this one is with brown leather-strap?
    Could you please provide your expert advise and comparison with T0134204720200, which one is better ?
    Appreciate your swift response.

  • Manoj

    Hello Admin,
    I saw Tissot Men’s T-Touch Expert watch #T013.420.46.207.00 (Picture missing in amazon site). Is this one is with brown leather-strap?
    Could you please provide your expert advise and comparison with T013 420 47 202 00, which one is better ?
    Appreciate your swift response.

  • TaKo

    Great review! I bought my T-Touch Expert Titanium (brown leather band) a few days ago and I love it! It Looks good and I hope I’ll enjoy it for many years to come. I also ordered a rubber band for the summer so.

  • luis Montesinos

    I boght a tissot touch and worked fine 6 months then the compass failed, after three months the watch failed complete, yhen i left in the draw an one day started to work again but onli the clock function the other functions do not work anymore

    I´ve heard that this has happened to a lot of buyers a Tissot dealers dont repair under garanty the watch, and when you pay the watch only works for few month

    My advice to you is dont buy this watch it is too expensive to have only a clock function, Tissot is not prepared to make electronic watches with such functions. you´d better by a seiko or citizen I have excelents expiriences with this brands and are cheaper and with better finish. It is better to have a japanesse watch to have tis swiss one with a lot of problems

    • Hi Luis,
      Thanks for your comment. I knew this happened sometimes with older model Tissot T-Touch watches, but my understanding is that it was not the case with the T-Touch Expert watch. I even discussed this issue with Tissot personally, who mentioned that while it was an issue, it is something that has been resolved. Issues of course will occur, but I companies like Tissot do their best to make good on it. Else I will go and bug them about it.

  • should i buy a tissot t-touch expert is it reliable will tissot functions fail when i used it for a short period of time

  • hi justin
    i recommend not to by t-touch expert many costumers had problems with t-touch so my advice is not to buy it.

  • tom

    Bought this watch 6 weeks ago. Well worth the expense. Comments every time I wear it and you’re right, when bored, it’s a lot of fun to play with 🙂

    • I agree, it is fun to play with when there is idly time.

  • nero

    HI! one question:the hands is paint whit Superluminova?

    • Hi Nero,
      I think it sure is SuperLumiNova. Take care.

  • Conrad


    Just wanted to say that I have been wearing the Tissot T-Touch for 2 years now (which has been great) and seriously wanting to upgrade to the Expert, however I have a couple questions regarding to the dual time and alarm functions, hopefully you can help.

    Firstly, due to my work in aviation I like to have my local timezone displayed on the analogue, whilst UTC displayed digitally. Is this possible? And how many timezones am I able to choose from to display?

    Secondly, if I have a particular timezone selected on the digital display, how does this affect me setting the alarms? I.e. Am I still able to set the alarm to my local timezone without having to do any crazy timezone calculations in my head all the time?

    I really hope you can shed light on this…..As I fear this may turn me off buying this great looking and functional watch.

    Many Thanks.

    • Hi Conrad,
      Yes to the first question where you can have two times on the dial at the same time (one analog, one digital). As far as the alarm goes, I think it is based on the zone you are set it, though not sure. I am not around the watch right now cause I can’t check. Basically, the digital time is set between zone 1 and zone 2. And you can switch them relatively easily. What ever the case maybe, I think the alarm will always go off looking at the time on the main dial. So you’ll never have to guess when it goes off. Hope that helps. Take care.

  • Leong FF


    thanks for your review. I had bought a Touch Expert with titanium strap. I’m using it for work as well as play and it works without any problems. Great watch..

    • I am happy to have provided you with the review. Take care and enjoy the Tissot watch.

  • Jamie

    Hi, I am thinking about buying a T-Touch Expert, but can’t really decide between the Pilot or normal expert titanium. Apart from aesthetics, is there any difference between them? Also, do you know when the Pilot model will be available?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Jamie,
      Other than style and strap options there is no difference as far as I could tell. I was able to handle a pre-production Pilot and it was quite nice. They should be available about now.. but still hard to get. You might want to ask an authorized dealer if they can get you one. Or just wait a bit more if you want the Pilot. Again, at this point it is just a matter of style – both are cool watches.

  • Ian (Australia)

    I bought my T-Touch nearly 2 years ago and should have Googled it before buying. I have had it back to Tissot 3 times and I only wear it on special occassions. I have 3 other watches (seiko, Nike & Fossil)I wear to work or to the beach and they are far more reliable. When in China recently I met a fellow traveller from Mexico who was wearing a T-Touch and he was having problems too. Tissot should have recalled these watches or should exchange them for the newer model (with maybe a cash adjustment). We should start a class action against Tissot. I paid a lot of money for a ‘lemon’.

  • Kraaylandis

    Very sorry to hear there are people that have had problems with their T-Touch watches. I bought my first T-Touch in 2004. In 2009 (June) I gave it away to a friend as a gift because I upgraded to the Expert. Between the two watches, I have been in four motorcycle accidents, to 48 states, 14 countries, sky diving, scuba diving, and many other rough and nasty adventures. I’m happy to say that even through some pretty hairy hits that I thought would surely be the end, I have never had a single problem out of the T-Touch family of watch. Sure there is room for problems with these high tech watches; there is room for problems with anything high tech. To say “don’t buy one “ is like saying don’t board a plane, buy a cell phone, computer, car, ipod, or have any type of surgery. If you like the watch, Live a little, Buy one. I think it’s true that “Most things we worry about, never happen”.

    • Thanks for that comment on your good experience. I appreciate it. Take care.

  • can


    i bought my t-touch in 2007, since then all i got has been 1 year i sent it to the service 4 times and they changed its mechanism 3 times.this time they said they may change it with another model, i want an expert but i have doubts, i do not trust them anymore. on the other hand it looks great and fun i can not give up on it. if they agree, i will ask for t-touch expert, i will take a big risk but we will see and i rely on admin’s comments on expert. admin, if you are wrong, i will find you:)

  • D Sikorski

    I’m afraid I need to join the group against the T-Touch. I got my Stainless steel T-Touch from a jeweler in June of 06 and 2 years later it began to loose some of the functions. Because I found it an attractive and reliable time piece, I resigned to the reality of not have the additional features. 6 weeks ago the watch quit altogether and Tissot wants over 1/3 the price of the watch to repair it. Based on the apparent reliability of the “repaired” Tissots, I think I’ll pass and count my losses. An expensive lesson to be sure.

    • Thanks for your comment. I know it is easy to bunch them together, but you are talking about the original T-Touch watch, while the T-Touch Expert as seen here has fixed most of the problems that people have. Take care.

  • Conrad

    Hi Mate,

    Thanks for the very prompt response with regards to my previous question about setting alarms with timezones, it was a great help. Consequently, I purchased the Expert last week and love it!!! Everything I wanted in the old T Touch I now have in the Expert.

    However, I am hoping you could help me with a question I hope is not a fault with my watch please. When you select the METEO function the watches hands become superimposed and indicate what the weather will be doing. As you know, it does this via the hands either being at the 12 o’clock position, or going to either +/- 2,4,6 minutes either side to display a forecast. However, I have noticed that sometimes the hands will indicated in between these values (eg. At +/- 3 or 5 minutes either side of the 12 position) even though the hands are perfectly superimposed or “synched” when I select any of the other functions. Therefore, do you or anyone else know if the hands don’t HAVE to display at the +/- 2,4,6 minute positions (ie. Anywhere in between to be more accurate), or do I have a potential fault? If you could also respond to
    my email address that would be great ( Many thanks.
    my mind at ease knowing this is supposed to happen.

  • Jamie

    If anybody wants to check the T-Touch Expert out in detail, the Tissot website has some videos:

  • maurice jessee

    i just purchased the T-Touch Expert with leather band. This is the 41st watch that I own and it ranks with the best. i am sure I will be using it a lot as the weight and feel is great . the only problem I have had is that I am unable to change the temperature setting to fahrenheit from celsius, but I will figure out how to change it sooner or later.

  • Akbar

    Those of you who are planning to buy T-touch, please STAY AWAY. I bought one in late 2007 and its gone for repair twice. functions do fail especially altimeter and Meteo. The quality of machine inside is pathetic for the price tag that Tissot charges. go for Casio latest edifice watches. If earlier generation were defective then why Tissot is not compensating customers???

  • Gunny

    I am dizzy from reading these back and forth reviews and comments on the Titanium Expert line!
    It appears that there are so many dang opinions out there. Bottom line is the watch looks outstanding! BUT- are the features flawless? Sounds like a “NO” If your features dont work what good is it?
    No watch company is going to warranty scuff/scratch marks on the band either- they call it normal wear and tear (for the price thats BS) Someone from Tissot should respond to all these questions from history on this watch and return issues, please!
    Semper Fi !

    • Hi there,
      You make a good point. Lots of people don’t understand that the movement in the original Tissot T-Touch and T-Touch Expert are pretty different. Some people have been complaining about issues with the original, when they have been resolved to an extent here. I don’t use my Tissot in any hardcore manner, but I haven’t had issues with it. It is a complex computer movement, and I know that Tissot tends to be good about fixing issues.
      I did talk to someone at Tissot about this. These are known issues that they have worked on. Watch companies to follow, so while they don’t respond much, they do take these things into consideration. Hope that helps. Take care.

  • Ted Schoch

    I purchased my T-Touch in 2005. I have worn it a very few times. I really like the looks and based on the Tissot name thought it would be very good quality. I recently brought it in for service as it was not working at all. I was told it was very dirty inside and the entire mechanism needed to be replaced. I was told this was not unusual as several other T-Touch watches they serviced has the same problems. The cost for service is about half of what I originaly paid for the watch. Needless to say I am very disappointed and frustrated. I would hope that Tissot would work with me on this matter as to repair or purchase of another Tissot watch. I would like a contact person or maybe through the store wher purchase was made as it is an authorized Tissot rep. Thanks.

  • Paul

    Dear Admin, I am in the process of deciding whether or not to purchase the T-touch. All the issues brought up on line made me think twice about the purchase. You kept saying the T-touch expert is different than the original t-touch, and most issues got resolved. I have 3 questions:
    (1).Will you conider T33.7.658.81 the original batch that have issues? (2). What is the case thickness for T013.420.17.011.00 (3). What is the major change in the expert model that makes it more reliable than the original t-touch? Thanks

    • Sorry,
      I’d like to explain, but it is a long discussion. Just compare the specs of both watches. There is plenty of details around the net. Take care

  • rabit smile


    • You’ll feel more secure with the newer models. Plus they are better watches all around.

  • norman Johnson

    I bought a Tissot T-Touch three years ago. While it was working, I loved it. However, this fall, the compass and alarm functions stopped working. The store where I bought it from sent the watch to the repair center and an estimate came back for $275.00 for the repair and would take more than a month before it could be fixed. I declined to have the service and the watch was returned. Upon receipt, I checked to see how it was working and found that the barometric function was now impaired and I could not reset the time (it’s still on daylight savings time). What I have left is a watch that cannot even show the correct time of day, except during the summer in the Pacific time zone.

    Recently I purchased a Casio Pathfinder from Costco for $69.00 which as all the functions of the T-Touch and more, and will probably last for decades. It’s ugly, but at least it can tell the correct time of day.

    In my opinion, the T-Touch is a poorly designed, unreliable, and overpriced watch which is backed up by expensive repairs and poor customer service.

    • The problems with the service that you are mentioning plague most of the Swiss watch industry. By no means are they unique to Tissot when they occur.

  • Scott West

    I bought my first T-touch, a titanium model, in February 2003. It is still on its original battery today, and has performed flawlessly. I recently passed it on to my son, and picked up a new T-Touch Expert for myself. In addition to the T-touches, I have several other Tissot watches in my collection (PRS516 auto chrono, seastar 1000, and a le-locle auto), and believe them to be a good balance between quality and affordability. I will continue to support Tissot for many years to come.

  • andrejing


    Going over with the feedbacks of t-touch users, I can only surmise that we can never find a perfect watch. For some, maybe perhaps what they acquired were defective from the very beginning or maybe the defect was a result of too much wear & tear usage.

    Anyway, I bought my t-touch in 2007 and until now with proper care, it is still functioning as expected.

    I am even planning to buy a sea touch this christmas.

    Best regards.

  • Luis Montesinos

    Still hurts me the $600 that i´ve lost buying this watch, i never have done such a great mistake buying a watch, When the tissot watch has 6 month fails and i took it to the dealer he told that the repair cost $250, it happened to me the same thing that have happend to a lot a tissot buyer, Dont buy this watch i thougth that the people say about this watch was a lie, but i made a big mistake

    My best advice is: Dont by this watch.

  • amir

    thanks for your review.
    I planed to buy a t touch expert titanium..but with those reviews I got really upset,although I have a prs 200 for more than 6 years without any problem.I belived in tissot quailty unless I heared these comments.
    I have some qouestions about the material
    what is the difference bettwen titanium and pvd titanium….does the second one hasa better strenght against scratches?
    Is there any model of expert avalale with pvd titanium?

    • I don’t think a PVD model is in the works. It might increase the scratch resistance a bit, but PVD isn’t necessarily design for that. I still believe in the quality of the watch, but there are problems to be found from time to time with other people it seems.

  • Mohamed

    Hi Everybody,

    I want to buy the new T-touch expert titanium, but i’m still hesitating…
    i need your honest advice, do u advise me to buy it if i take care of it and if i don’t swim or use water while wearing it?


    • Howard

      I picked up an early T Touch , not running, at a garage sale for $10. It was a spec purchase. I went to my local Swiss watch repair guy who put a new battery in and adjusted – all for $25. He hates the T Touch model and gave me specific instructions (1) Don’t let it near water!!! and (2) treat it as you would a luxury dress watch.

  • paulo

    the watch can be danified by products (like clorine, etc) that are used in public swimming pools?


  • Rush

    Hi guys:)
    Thanks for the review and for the comments too, it was the best way to learn about this watch!
    I still have two more questions:

    1. It’s easy to find somebody, who can polish my watch, but after this ‘treatment’ the watch will continue to remain sensitive to scratches, right? There is no way to make a titanium object(for ex. a watch) more resistant to scratches after production, only if there is from PVD, I guess… But if you know about ways to do this, help us!

    2. A colleague wants to sell a T-touch expert for me for only 200$, but I’m not sure, it’s not a fake, despite he has a box (and all shit coming with this watch) that looks original. How can I determine if this watch is original and not some chinese fake, that looks and feels just like the original one? Is there any individual identification on the housing or a serial number or something like that(that can be checked on the internet…I heard sometihng about that…), which proves the originality?
    And if the watch is stolen, is there a way to get help from Tissot when I have a problem with the watch during the warranty period or they will call the police, if I bring it to a workshop or brand store and I don’t have the bill or warranty card?

    Please help me, because I don’t want to buy a fake or unrepairable(because it’s might be stolen) watch for 200$, but if the stuff is ‘cool’, I will pounce on it;)

  • amir

    dear freinds
    I bought a t-toch expert titanium..exactly as shown in above picture!
    It really looks good and u will have a nice felling of wearing that.

    best regards

  • Sander

    After 10 days in possesion, the ring for turning the compas came off! there is a green holder under that with 2 notches which fit in the back of the spinning ring. This is quite bad for such an expensive watch. I have had a normal T-Touh before this for NINE (9) years with only one battery change… Have contacted Tissot. Very curious what they will do with my problem.

  • alan parker

    I bought a T-touch for its looks and fuctions. I regret that, ive been in the repair centre 3 times here in Singapore, each time it has taken about 6 weeks to get it back. Its completely stopped now and ive written my purchase off as a mistake, Im not wasting any more time on it. This watch suffers from all kinds of problems, one of which is apparent hypersensitivity to even weak mangnetc fields (dont travel with it as may be damaged by the metal detectors), it isnt even sweat proof let alone water proof or even rain proof. And I guess it isnt resistant to the slightest of the shocks of ordinary usage. This was my first Tissot and will certainly be my last. A piece of junk.

  • Jeff

    Bought a titanium T-Touch August ’08. Returned it to service centre Dec ’08, and have just taken it back again, Dec ’09. Love the look and features, but wish for reliability. I actually take care of this watch and it has let me down, so I am disappointed.

  • James

    I am planning on purchasing the new Tissot T Touch Expert Titanium in the near future. I’ve been looking at the original ones for quite some time, and have decided to rule them out since the new and improved model seems worth the extra money. I was just wondering – do you think I should buy an extended warranty with it? This watch is a high quality $1000+ watch… Shouldn’t it be built to last a lifetime? I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this matter.

  • Luis Montesinos

    To admin: Dont lie to the people Tissot dealer even respond for the repair of this bad watch
    You simple loose your money

  • Ad

    Who could advise me what is the battery type for the T-Touch Expert and give hints on do it yourself-replacing of the battery by a spare one in case of emergency.
    In the wilderness you sometimes do not have the Tissot service centre nearby. the Tissot user manual does not give me any indication.

  • nirmal Chakravarty

    i brought a new t touch expert white dial stainless steel.but the backside inscription does not say t touch expert,it says only t-touch.pls help me out the watch which i brought legitimate

  • Missing Link

    I bought my T-Touch in 2006, and luckily have been very happy with it. Now, my battery died. The jeweler told me that I have to send it to Tissot for a new battery and reseal for water resistance. Is this true, or can I replace it my self? I have see examples of how-to replace the battery on the web, but no one talks about a seal.

    • There shouldn’t be an issue in changing the battery. You can probably do it yourself without issue. Tissot will just charge you a lot.

  • nirmal Chakravarty

    i brought a new t touch expert white dial stainless steel.but the backside inscription does not say t touch expert,it says only t-touch.pls help me out the watch which i brought legitimate.pls somebody help me out

  • James

    Just bought a Tissot T Touch Expert Titanium yesterday! Absolutely love it! In reply to NIRMAI, the back of mine (the underside of the watch) does say T Touch Expert. You probably never bought the Expert, but the original one.

  • Richard

    As an avid outdoorsman I have been looking for a watch suitable for that use. I have been doing a little research on the subject and was steered to Tissot. Looking around my local jewelers I found what I thought was the perfect watch for me, a Tissot T-Touch titanium. It was very light, had a good appearance on my wrist(small) and I really liked the functions. After reading the comments on your review of the expert(too big for me) I have many doubt’s. I am retired and cannot afford a $7-800 mistake. If I am reading your comments correctly, I can purchase a T-Touch that was manufactured recently(after 2008) without too much of a worry about failure. How can I (if it is possible) tell when the watch was made?

    • The T-Touch “Expert” is the model you are looking for. Just look forward and not the original. They don’t look alike exactly either. If you are really worried about cost and are mostly interested in functionality, it might be a good idea to simply look at one of the Casio Pathfinder watches. Such as the PAW 1500 or PAW 2000.

  • Paul

    Hi – Just a quick note to say I was given my T-Touch Expert (Titainium) as a 25th Wedding Anniversary Present in August 09. It’s been fantastic! – Love the look and the features, used all functions and find no issues. (Would be nice if Tissot has included atomic time synch and solar power) – I’m a very happy man! 🙂

  • Karl Howe


    This is a great website and has really given me two good reviews of the watches I have been looking at over the Cristmas period. I intend to buy one of these in the next two weeks, but decided to hold off and look at reviews on-line – hence finding your site. I am looking at the Tissot T-Touch Expert Titaniam and the Citizen AT Skyhawk and I am torn betweem the two. I love the functionality of the T-Touch and it gives me something the Citizen does not – a compass (I was looking at buying a casio just for that functionality), but I like the Atomic time keeping of the Citizen. I have been told to not worry about the Eco-Drive power of the Citizen, as replacing the capacitor inside the Citizen every 8-10 years, costs as much as replacing the Tissot battery every 5 years, so have been told to ignore that. So, there is the wonders of the T-Touch functionality and it’s compass, over the Citizen functionality and the Atomic time keeping. I’m not a watch expert, but in going into high street shops, one favoured the Tissot Swiss made watch, the other favoured the mass produced Citizen watch and a shop that stocked neither advised to always put Swiss made ahead of Japanese….. I love both watches, so I’m asking you, as somebody who clearly know’s his stuff, if you were given the choice of the two watches, which one would you go for – simple Tissot or Citizen please…. I’m then of to the shops….

    Thanks in advance and best wishes.
    Karl (in the UK)

    • Karl the question isn’t fair because you are comparing apples and oranges. These are not the same watch at all. I recommend that when it comes down to it you value the style you like most and the ease of you use. Try this. Keep images of both watches around. Then look at a bunch of other watches. After that look at both the Tissot and Citizen again. Which ever one you like better after all that you should get. If you are really in need of the functions, then consider those as well.

  • Richard

    Could you tell me if Tissot has stopped making the T-Touch and is only making the Expert? I have a small wrist and the Expert is just too big and heavy, whereas the T-Touch is just right.

  • Mike_Duxxi

    Hi admin.

    I have bought a Touch expert a few days ago.But i don’t know turn on the red light to see in the dark, tha manual dont explain that.

    Thanks for help and congratulations for the complete review.

  • James


    I actually thought the same thing as you initially, but after having the Tissot T-Touch Expert on for a little bit, it felt so confortable. I have small wrists (7inch) as well, but it actually fits perfectly and BIG watches are the style anyways. The originial T-Touch is slightly smaller, but has a wide variety or problems and complaints. To me, it was worth the little bit extra for a new and improved watch. As for size, it really isn’t a huge difference. Hope this helps.

  • paul [woody]

    I’am just curious,how is the shock resistent of the watch ,I swing a hammer for a living,wondering how well it would hold up.Thanks.

  • Sasic Ervin

    I bought Tissot T-touch on may 2008.
    It was in 2009 on repair because falling all function except time and stopwatch. Now again in January 2010 it is back in Swiss for repair. Again SAME malfunction! Again one month of waiting for repair. If only original T-touch have problems why they (Tissot) didn’t offer replace or upgrade of problematic models!?
    It is my first and the last Tissot because unfair play of this pretend to be good manufacturer!!!!

  • Tie

    After reading all the comments I have just purchased the Tissot T-touch expert pilot. The functions are great and I love the watch. However I was slighly dissapointed to notice some tollerance between the watch case and the compass ring. I can slightly move the compas ring vertical and horizontal from the case. Is this normal?

  • Deepak Datta

    This is in response to this review generally and to Karl Howe specifically, if he hasn’t already made his decision.

    First of all, excellent review. I have had this watch since the day it appeared in the market. And I have had not a single problem! Everything works as one would expect. A lot of thought has gone into the user interface.

    The reviewer missed mentioning that the alarm on this thing is really loud. It is actually usable instead of the pathetic ‘beep’ that most other watches produce.

    Karl, I don’t miss atomic syncing at all. I set the watch when I bought it. Today, after a little over a year, my watch is still within 1 second of atomic time. Given this kind of accuracy I don’t see the point in blowing battery in the watch simply to find out the correct time.

    I have both the watches that Karl mentions and here is what I say – Get the one that you like on your wrist. Don’t consider solar or atomic at all. They are both meaningless in this case.

    Mike_Duxxi, you must have figured out by now. Just hold the T button for more than 2 seconds and the light will come on. It IS mentioned in the manual.

    Thanks for this great review.

    • Thanks for your nice words. The comments started getting so plentiful I just sort of sat back and watches them grow!

  • James

    To Tie,

    I have a Tissot T-Touch Expert and actually noticed this the other day. I was wondering the exact same thing! Is this normal? Is it made like that so it is more absorbant to shock or something…? For mine, it seems like there is a slight space between the case and the compass ring, and I can push the compass ring down slightly. It’s hardly noticable, but if I look close enough, you can tell there is some play. Anyone else have any thoughts?

    • Nothing to worry about, this occurs on many watches.

  • emma

    i am very interested with the t-touch expert titanium and inspired to get one for my future husband.the features really2 sophisticated and great but what i am scared now is the sustainability of this watch..i’ve read a lot comments!! and i am getting extremely upset with all of them 🙁

  • David

    I have had my T-Touch Titanium for 3 years and during that time I have sent it back 3 times for a total time of 2 to 3 months each time.The first time they told me it would be 250 bucks to repair it. It was under warranty and thank goodness I was able to get it repaired for free. Now out of warranty I have lost one of the buttons (2nd time) and shortly after that the hands started going crazy and would not stop moving in a circle until 3 days later when it finally died. I love the watch and all it is supposed to do but it cannot even do the most basic watch function of telling the time. Unfortunately Tissot likes the service revenue it generates. Something is wrong with this picture.

  • Andrew

    Hello! I just have one couple of days ago thanks to your excellent review too. As a brand new owner I have nothing to add so far but I have a query about timezones: seems to me that analog dial (hands) are always synchronized to timezone T1. As a frequent flyer changing timezones I would like to have analog dials sync’ed to T2 but it appears that analog display is ‘driven’ by digital T1 only, meaning there is no way to select T2 on digital & sync hands to that zone. Is this the case since I can’t figure it out & the instructions are not clear. TIA

  • friedricetheman

    Ok. I think I should re-educate the masses on how to spot a T-Touch Expert. The T-Touch Expert and the T-Touch are two DIFFERENT beast all together. The Expert uses an altogether different movement than the T-Touch. The T-TOUCH EXPERT has a BIGGER LCD (with backlight) than the T-Touch. And on the caseback (the back of the watch), “T-TOUCH EXPERT” are stamped at the bottom. Also, the EXPERT is A LOT BIGGER than the T-Touch. Heck, the EXPERT is a lot BIGGER than most of the other watches out there (think SunDial size) at 44-45mm.

    Most if not all of the complains are directed at the original T-touch (minus the Expert). The Expert has a 100m water resistant (again, stamped in big words on the caseback). So, if at the back of the watch, yours has the words “30m water resistant” etched over it. Tough luck, you got the ORIGINAL T-Touch, in which case you better say your prayers or chuck that bugger and get a T-Touch Expert instead.

    This is a review on the T-TOUCH EXPERT and not the older models which are problem prone. The NEW T-TOUCH EXPERT won’t malfunction unless you really abuse it (eg. taking a hammer to it).

    I just wish Tissot would make an announcement to re-educating the public that 30m watches (eg. the old T-Touch) shouldn’t be exposed to water. You can’t take an old T-Touch (with 30m WR) to swim, shower or even dive with it. You will need a minimum of 10 Bar WR (100m) for surface swimming. 20 Bar (200m) and above for recreational diving.

    Now, be truthful, how many of you guys who are having trouble with the original T-Touch took it out for a swim, shower with it, or wore it out while it was raining? C’mon, let me see a show of hands.. 🙂

    • Really, thanks a lot for this comment 🙂

  • ju

    T-Touch is rubbish. Not just muy opinion asa consumer, but confirmed by a reputable repair business. Don’t go near one.

  • GerarD

    Hi there i am planning to go to Las Vegas around the 18th of august this year, where should i go for a reasonably priced T-Touch expert ? Thanks in advance 4 your reaction !


  • Bill (Aus)

    Yes…… I was one of the people who was proud to have bought the T Touch (cant comment for the expert).
    Bought it in late 2007, had the battery changed by a local guy who is a watch/clock expert early this year 2010.(two months out of warrantee)
    Had a shower and camped in the rain for day- it fogged up and stopped. Obviously changing the battery affected the seal because I have been wearing it in the shower since I bought it.
    I bought it for say $1100 and they want $490 to fix it! I feel ripped off.
    The dealer here (Aus) is Swatch. I spoke to them and they kept saying that wearing it in the shower voids the warrantee although they couldnt show me in the handbook. I wrote a letter to the head of the department 3 weeks but have yet heard anything.
    You would think with the massive mark-up that are on watches that they could nealy send me a new watch for $490 and forget about repairing it.
    I would be a sucker to pay $490 to have a faulty watch repaired. I agree with many of the other posters that when you spend that type of money originally that you should get many years of service- not 2. If I get it repaired it will have cost me over $700 a year for the privilidge of wearing a T Touch!

    Hope others have had better luck because I’m a little embarrased for spending this amount of dough.

  • Karl Howe


    I wrote on 31 December regarding the T-Touch expert titaniam and the Citizen Skyhawk. Well, I did as you suggested, been in numerous watch shops since looking at both and finally today placed my order and deposit for a new T-Touch exp, Titaniam – I will get it in 7-10 days…. Can wait….
    Will report back.

  • Josh

    Hi i’ve been using t-touch expert titanium for about 6 six month, i use it everyday, from my experience the only problem for this watch is only easly scratch, the other feature is great, even this watch has sleep feature hahahaha just like bear, when we don’t use it for a long time. as my experience if you buy this type of T-Touch in switzerland it will cost around 1100 swiss franc but if you buy it from internet or unauthorized seller it will cost around 750 usd (i buy this watch in Iran !!! when i travel there (usd 730)). until now it still great watch compare to other.

  • Jamie

    Hi. I am thinking of purchasing the T Touch Expert Pilot with the leather strap (T0134204620700), as I prefer the ‘carbon fibre’ style face, instead of the Titanium strap Pilot, which has a plain face. I was wondering if I would be able to buy a titanium strap for the T0134204620700, and if it would fit? Also, would a titanium strap from a regular T Touch Expert (like the one reviewed here) fit the Pilot?
    Many Thanks

  • cory

    WOW…that was a lot of reading…..LOL…..seems the expert is gonna be a good watch..looking forward to getting one this week……

  • George

    Hi there,i have the T Touch Titanium Trekker in black with rubber strap(bought for 450$)for 3 years know and it works like gods.I have showered and swimming in public pools,not a problem.The thing is that the case being black,the slight scratches let the real color of titanium(silver) at sight and it lose the semiluxury look if look closely.What i will try to do is sell this one and get the full TT full Titanium Trekker(it looks amaizing on my wrist) because i think is about time to change my battery on my old TT and i just dont trust nobody to change it(services are just very incompetent in my area).I will like to ask you guys,that you have titanium TT,¿If the scratches on mat(unpolish) version of titanium are less visible? I am a poor unskill labourer,so believe me when i say that i want huge value for my money and this watch was a great invesment,just go for it,it just looks like god on you wrist.

  • I purchased my first T Touch in 2003. Not one days problems and it was my ONLY watch 24/7 for 7 solid years now. Still looks very good. Only now has the battery failed after 7 years, prompting me to get it serviced and at the same time I purchased a new Expert Ti – exactly the same as the one reviewed above. Absolutely brilliant. Nothing else comes close in looks and functionality – at any price. In a class of it’s own.

  • Dean

    Hi, I have the t-touch expert stainless steel, black rubber strap version. Going opposite to what people say about the weight! I love knowing that I have a watch on my wrist.
    Anyways my question is setting the altimeter…I have gone down to sea level and set it at 0, but have noticed that it has changed with out me changing it?? It now tells me that I am -35m where it should read 11m (above), am I doing something wrong? is there a different way to set this?

  • friedricetheman

    No, you did everything right. The altimeter (according to the manual and confirmed on the Tissot website) calculates the elevation using a sensor that measures air pressure. So, in theory, this works great (if the weather is constant throughout the years). But, as we all know, we do get rain, snow, and sunshine throughout the year so the atmospheric pressure will rise and drop depending on the present weather. Also, atmospheric pressure drops during the night (so a +/- 100m difference in elevation within 24 hours, without taking the weather into account). The altimeter function is not used as an accurate indicator of your current elevation but is more of a tool for you to calculate whether if you are ascending or descending when trekking.

  • Dean

    ah ok,

    tks for the reply.

  • Jamie H

    Mr Adams, you have done a brilliant job in presenting the new model. Thanks ever so much. I feel like I could operate that thing with my eyes shut, and I’ve only played with one a few times at the jeweler

    It seems to me, a lowly watch review reader, that as with all mass-produced items, it is largely ‘hit and miss’ as to whether you get a good one or a bad one, depending on which one comes your way off the production line. The brand name is Swiss, and that says it all – top of the line, and even they seem to be subject to the odd defect. Those who haven’t had a problem with them, love & swear by them. Those who have had a problem, hate them, and plead us to stay clear.

    Bottom line? Purchase with confidence and be prepared to shell out if anything goes wrong. After all…poor people don’t buy a Rolls Royce if they can’t afford to keep one!

    I saw one of the original, steel T-touch watches in my local pawn shop the other day, for a ridiculously low price. It seemed to work OK, but I balked at it, knowing that the latest model is out there. But with a new mortgage, 3 kids (5 and under) and being the only one working, it seems more and more a pipe dream to outlay so much hard-earned money only to risk sending it back to the Alps anyway.

    What to do??? I W-A-N-T that LED backlight! To not have a countdown timer would almost kill me (even though I cannot remember the last time I actually used one in anger). I’m not so attracted to high-maintenance titanium, as in my job, I bump my current $30 watch all the time – and it shows. But wearing the older version every day will only constantly remind me of what I’m really missing out on. Is it worth it – either missing out, or paying out?

    Only I can decide that. But my decision will be an educated one. Either way, the Tissot Touch series continues to be the watch of my dreams that I would love one day to turn into a reality.

    Thanks again so much for the review, and also to all the responding comments for your invaluable insights based on real life experience with your watches. 🙂

    • You are most welcome. Just met with Tissot today. Going to have new Tissot reviews in the future.

  • Joe

    From time to time, I heard there were the T-touch Expert I, II, and III sold in the market.
    What are the differences among them?

  • Steve

    I have an original touch, I bought it in Dubai some years ago and had to send it in for a battery about 6 months later. Since then I have not had a problem, it is a bit battered, i tend to hit every wall and corner there is and i have given it some mighty whacks. I wear it every day, I use the alarm every morning, it still works perfectly and wows everyone who sees it. The only problem I had was that one of the hands kindof fell an hour behind, it ment i had to reset the watch, and it cured that issue. Highly recommended I love this watch and will be sad to upgrade to the new one if it eventually gives up the ghost

  • Martin

    I have just received a Tissot T-Touch Expert as a gift – lucky me! Great to read your review and all the comments here, very informative. My previous watch was (is) a Lorus ‘Sports’ Kinetic model, so this is quite a step up.
    My Lorus served me with 100% reliability and decent accuracy for 10 years, and being Kinetic has never and will never need a battery change. That is nice in itself, but the real benefit is never having to worry whether the battery is ‘just about’ to give out and knowing that the waterproof seal is never going to be compromised.
    Anyway, that is the one feature that I think the Tissot should really have – it cost at least 10 times more than the Lorus and seems about 10 times as big, so there should be room enough inside for the generator mechanism!
    The other thing I find odd with the Tissot, and maybe this is just me, but I miss not being able to have the date and the seconds displayed simultaneously. The date display on the Tissot is ddmmyy – I think they could safely lose the year display (even the month) to make room for the seconds.
    Here’s hoping the Tissot will not be embarrassed by the cheaper Lorus’ 10 year reliability and 100% uptime record – I was given the Tissot, remember, I can’t afford what Tissot seem to charge to fix their watches. To be honest I fail to see why a watch manufacturer with Tissot’s aspirations wouldn’t back their brand name with a lifetime guarantee – if they don’t expect their watches to be that good why should I?

  • Peter Budden

    My Tissot Touch Expert Titanium watch broke after about 6 weeks use. The Tissot button fell off, the digital display started to work intermittently, and the analogue display stopped completely. I am a 42 year old, suited, business man. I look after things very carefully. In my opinion, this watch is not as reliable as Tissot PR/marketing make out. The ‘Expert’ is an improved model, I would be fascinated to know how reliable the original expert was ?!!!!

  • Gerald

    I recently got my T-Touch Expert (Titanium with rubber straps) and I am loving it!!!!

    I was introduced to the original T-Touch and the sales person even told me about the issues of the original ones with water intrusion before Tissot corrected the issue. She recommended the Expert series over the regular T-Touch model; of course, she wanted me to sell me the more expensive Expert series, but she assured me that the Expert series was a whole different animal; 100 meters of water resistance, bigger body, and more features. The key feature she kept iterating was the water resistance to 100M virsus the regular T-Touch’s 30M. She said I would be more than safe with the 100M with all the activities I do. She even called her husband which is a hiker/mountainier and LOVES/raves about his T-Touch which he has had for over 10 years (trouble free) without any issues. He has already requested from his wife an upgrade to the Expert series. lol

    For the price difference of the regular T-Touch to the Expert series, its really not worth it to get the plain T-Touch…not when you’re spending this kind of money anyways.

    I am extremely happy with mine…so far so good!!
    Its the only watch I’ve found with all the features I was looking for. I would have had to buy serval watches to do what my Expert does.

    I will add another updated review when a little more time has gone by.

    Tissot T-Touch Expert FTW!!! 🙂

    • Wow, what a good response to the watch. Glad you like it. I am happy with mine as well and look forward to adding more T-Touch watches to my collection soon.

  • Brian Alvares

    my story is the same as hundreds of other customers who felt cheated and disappointed buying the T-Touch . Why didn’t Tissot print a warning saying ,that this is most sensitive watch in the world , handle with utmost care.
    after a year and 8 months my T-Touch started to loose its bearings , and finally has completely voluntarily shutdown.
    is it programmed in a way to work only for 2 years or so without a hitch ?
    Tissot is using the hard earned money of their customers to fund the creation of the Expert series, by selling junk called T-touch.
    i have taken the watch to a official T-Touch dealer in India and gave me an estimate of US $145 approx. I am out of the warranty period , but THE QUESTION IS : WHY SHOULD I SHELL OUT EXTRA CASH FOR NO FAULT OF MY OWN ?
    my US $20 local watch (Titan) that i purchased 10 years ago still works without any problem except for battery and leather strap changes every 2 yrs and 1 year respectively.
    Customers should decide if it is worth going through hell to get their basic watch function work , forget the intelligent functions !!

  • Ralph

    Hi. What a small world:). I’ve been reading the article, and all of the comments from Central Europe. My local Tissot official retailer is recomending the Expert version, escaping from the standard T-Touch. Now, I’m fully aware of the reasons. Thanks a lot. What interests me, are there differences in between Expert version and II series vs just “standard” version. All the negative comments, will they apply to T-Touch II, as well? Is a there a t-touch III or Expert II. Thanks for sharing in advance.

  • Ned

    Thanks for the review and feedback. I was seriously considering the T-Touch but after reading the feedback, I’m hesitant. I’m wondering if some of the people with problem watches might have purchased fake watches. I think it’s very lame for a manufacturer to put water resistant to 30m, when the watch should not even come near water. Watches of this caliber should be waterproof. I would like to get a watch that doesn’t require a battery to be replaced (seal problems)

  • ashraf

    Dear Admin,
    I have Tissot T-Touch expert less then one year, now not all 6 function of touch working , work only METEO and ALARM only, this can be because of battery low? or i have to go to service?
    Thank u.

  • Marco Soares

    Hi T-touch users,
    I have bought my Titanium Expert version with black rubber strap and arabic numbers about 1 month ago. No issues until now.
    From what I read until now, it looks like the non expert version is a bit “fragile”, but all comes to how you treat the piece, and how you respect all the “don’t do things” that comes in the product manual.
    The salesman advised me not to go diving with it and be careful with water contact, despite the 100m resistance.
    One thing we all must agree, it’s a damn cool looking wrist piece.
    Best regards to all.

  • Brian Alvares

    To one and all :
    The Tissot team in India have repaired my T-touch for no extra cost .
    It does look like they care about their customers and have thus gained my confidence and trust for life!!

    i had earlier written a note above please refer to that note. peace!

  • Jackal

    Can any one please tell me the difference between the new T-Touch II Titanium and the T-Touch Expert Titanium in terms of design, features, functions and quality? Which one is better?
    And what is polished titanium compared to titanium, and steel options available in T-Touch range?

  • steve shimp

    I bought a T-touch titanium and it stopped working in its 16th month. I shipped it to their repair center and got a $400 estimate to fix my $700 watch! They refused warranty service saying that I had bought it from a retailer who was not “one of their retailers”. Their warranty is a rip-off. This was a new watch, in their box, with all their paperwork–their is no issue as to whether its their product. Hello, Tissot? You’re a rip-off!!!

  • Brian Alvares

    hi steve , here is their customer service email id :
    or you can go to , they have a official profile setup there

    doing my bit to help others in need

  • BP

    thank you Jackal! I would like to know the same thing >>>> Can any one please tell me the difference between the new T-Touch II Titanium and the T-Touch Expert Titanium in terms of design, features, functions and quality? Which one is better?
    And what is polished titanium compared to titanium, and steel options available in T-Touch range?????

  • Adi

    I have bought T-Touch on 2007, which had several issues and saw the labs for several times.
    The official importer emailed Tissot with the issues i had, and Tissot agreed to replace it with official price to any other Tissot watch official price.

    I took the Sea-Touch now and added a minimal deference price, as i heard it is much better and reliable specially with water.

    I was very satisfied with Tissot customer service.


    todos os comentários são esclarecedores sendo a maior parte favoráveis ao relógio Touch expert, pois bem, o único problema está no preço e conserto, ou seja compensa conserta-lo? torcer para que funcione normal, mas mesmo assim vou comprar. Obrigado!

  • biotech

    Thanks for posting this but thanks to all who commented.
    After reading all these comments conclusion is clear that Swiss make good mechanical watches and Touch is NOT of them. I don’t understand why customers are paying $200-$300 for repair under warranty?
    I really really wanted one…

  • Wazapnin

    I have owned the T-Touch-II Titanium for 4 years without problems and had the battery replaced once without problem However, If you have it repaired or the battery replaced by a non-qualified repair person without properly sealing it – it will lose its water resistance and the watch will be damaged and need to dry out and likely be sent in for factory repair. I really love all the features of the watch, but it is more like an instrument than other watches and should be treated as such. Besides loving all the features mentioned above, I enjoy being able to walk through airport security without taking it off, since the Titanium version is non-magnetic and light. I plan to upgrade my to the Expert T-Touch in the near future, and plan to take better care of it and have the battery replaced only where they can guarentee its re-pressurization, by a qualified watch-maker or jeweler.

  • Samir

    I just bought the T-touch Expert rubber band!! Stainless Steel. How can I find Stainless Steel band for it!!? I looked everywhere! ( Googled it everywhere )! Can you please direct me to the right websites! I love the watch by the way! and I really don’t hate the rubber band, but I want the Steel one two.

  • Sean

    WOW! 🙂

  • ziadesa

    I got my t-touch expert titanium 5th Jan 2009, love it . On October 2010, the battery was out!…One morning, the lcd screen was flashing “Batt”… I guess I always use the features especially the alarm(everyday twice), compass, meteor and altimeter.

    To replace the battery will cost me 95euros!!! Because its not just the batteries that they replace, but the seal as well and it cant be done in any watch shop. My watch was sent to a repair center in Benelux and i’m living in Groningen Netherlands. I was advised not to send to any shop(although cheaper) coz the features may not work because the water seal is not properly placed or fixed.

    On top of that, it will take at least 5-6 weeks for the whole thing to complete!. Meanwhile, I miss her sooo much. Fell in love with T-Touch expert since I was 16 (that time was T-Touch)

    • B A

      That is unbelievable. I guess your horologist is trying to rip you off! The price of replacing a battery should not be more than USD 14.

    • Marco Soares

      I’m from Portugal and have the Xpert Ti with rubber strap for 6 months now with no issues.
      When I bought it, the seller warned me about the time it will take when she goes to replace the battery, and also that it would be a little more expensive than usual in other models because they make a complete revision of the clock.
      You are not being ripped of.

  • Hello All

    I have enjoyed reading all the comment on this page about Tissot T-Touch watches. I was thinking about buying the ladies’ T-Touch, model T33.7.858.85. Is this one of the original T-Touch designs and so therefore susceptible to possible moisture problems that I have read about throughout this blog site? Has this model benefited from any of the updates that have been designed into the newer T-Touch models?

    Also, is there a similar ladies’ model available but in the T-Touch II design that everybody agrees tends to have more water resistance. I would hate to spend almost a $ 1,000 on a watch only to have it fail due to moisture or other problems due to poor initial design or build quality.

    I love Tissot watches – I have the Dressport and the Ladies PRC100

    Thanks for your comments on this!

  • Mario

    Hi, I just got a rubber band t-touch expert watch as a christmas present from my wife, i fell in love with it the moment i saw it. i would like to know if i can switch it to a titanium bracelet sometime, thanks and i´ll be waiting for your answer.

  • vishvesh

    hi there,
    i am planning to purchase a tissot t-touch expert watch titanium model and after reading your reviews i am confident of my choice but is this watch made for tough conditions and can one wear it while on trekking and other expeditions …… or for such things i should get a g-shock watch if yes then which one ….. as i today went to the g-shock site and found some of the models pretty ineteresting……
    kindly advice…

    • DJ_RADU

      g-shock = casio
      TISSOT = smart WATCH

      Im the proud owner of T-Touch Expert Titanium from December 19th, 2008

  • Hi. I just purchased the T-Touch Trekker watch Black PVD coated. I thought I had read where this was would not scratch. However, I have found that at the different corners around the bezel, as well on the base of the watch close to where the band connects to the base, there a small places where the titanium shows through from where I might have bumped a door frame or something. Is there anything I can do to hide there? I purchased this watch through an authorized Amazon Dealer. Is it possible that it may not be authentic? Everything on the watch works beautifully, so I doubt a fake would work like the real watch (Saffire Crystal touch features). Anyways, just checking. I was hoping, since this watch was touted as being for those who are in the outdoors often, that it would not scratch so easily. Thanks

    • The watch should be PVD coated. PVD is not hard, but not highly scratch resistant. The newer DLC coating is much more scratch resistant.

  • Ken E

    Purchased my T-Touch Expert in Jan/11. Orange rubber band, stainless steel. Pretty cool watch, even found it on sale 15% off. Will update this page on the watch’s performance. Hopefully my experience with my Tissot will be good. Thanks for the web site and all the info.

  • Waleed Waheed

    I just recently purchased a Tissot T-touch in Pakistan, although I do take good care of it, you know put it on stand-by when not using it for a long time, protect it from water and stuff but I want a watch that I can use anywhere and everywhere, for eg I have a habit of not taking my watch of when I take shower or go to sleep or when working out, plus my watch also gets a lots of bumps and scratches.

    Presently I’m wearing a Swiss Army, but is not coping up well the bracelet broke for the third time in a year, will my Tissot T-touch titanium survive?

  • T-king

    WOW, so many comments it took me a while to go through but then could not stop from adding a couple of words that my watch deserves…I am a happy owner of a T touch Expert Titanium since Sep/2009…I have tried many other brands (watch makers) and none survived more than a year …I am a humanitarian worker in the field of logistic and the nature of my work exposes myself and my watch to “everything”, on top of that i often go camping, fishing and hunting and i do a lot of other outdoor activities…this watch is the best ever..and yes the titanium body gets a lot of “bruises”(scars) but we all have them in our bodies too right? and if you ask me the more scratches you get on it – the better it looks. The manual says it might need calibration from time to time but so far it never did and is still 99% accurate on all (Meteo/compass and altimeter).

  • Chris Morley

    Poor Quality, Poor service. Do yourself a favour, instead of spending money on the required services put teh money to a quality time piece that will give you uninterupted service. The water proof is only good if you “get caught in a heavy shower of rain “. Tissot customer services words not mine

  • rogdog

    where did U get this watch? Would u be willing to publish the website or store name…because I want one. Exactly same color, is thing.

  • Gediminas

    Here is a comment about Tissot repair service. I do not recommend to buy Tissot watch, because they are repairing the watch more than 6 moths!!! I have bought Tissot women watch with brilliants. It stopped working after 4 months. I took it to local repair center. They said that main part is broken and they need to order it in factory. It was on January 2011. Now is 2011 June. The local repair service partner is saying, that they have ordered the parts two times, and both times the parts were not delivered. Woooh!!! Can you believe it?? I will never buy any Tissot watch in the future and can not recommend you!!! best regards, Gediminas

  • Mehul Jain

    Hi admin,

    If one agrees that there are problems with the TISSOT T watch, what is the/ or should be the response from TISSOT? Cheat customers of more money for having provided a defective product in the first place?

    All said and done, one should not but a watch from a company,
    1. which repairs watches under warranty in 45 days
    2. Wants to charge you approx 35% of the price of a new watch for repair of the same complaint immediately after your warranty has expired and keep the watch with them for an additional 45 days.
    3. Where it is extremely difficlut ( virtually impossible) for a disatisfied customer to speak to a responsible human being from Tissot.

    Tissot touch watch is an extremely poor advertisment not just for Tissot, but for other Swiss watches as well. I would recommend- STAY AWAY from TIssot

  • Hello!

    I’m looking to buy this watch. Since this review was done two years ago, how was the watch for you? Are the original reliability issues with the original T-Touch resolved in this model?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  • Chris Morley

    I have just opened a desk drawer and the now defunk Tissot Touch watch was staring at me. My dilema, to rid myself of my nemisis once and for all and throw it away. Or wait on vain hope of Tissot doing the right thing and excepting some resposibility for selling this piece of junk. Ah well I had to go to the rubbish biin anyway, $1500 oh the pain!!!!

  • Howard

    I picked up my T Touch at a garage sale for $10. I brought it in to my local Swiss watch repair guy who stuck a battery in it for $25. He had nothing but negative things to say about this watch and all its subsequent iterations. It works, but I was told to keep it away from ANY water. The gaskets are worthless on all models after about 3 years. Water damage is fatal to the movement. Too much apparently went into the design and looks and not enough into the interior quality.

  • Fernando Lacerda

    I almost bought a Tissot T-touch expert today in my vacations in Curacao, but it was a good thing to contain the impulse and read some reviews in the net before. I was going to buy based on the suposed “expertise” and quality of Tissot team and watches. Sadly, after reading so many bad experiences here I could see that Tissot decided to spend its earnings just in fool marketing with artists and athletes and not in quality. It’s sad. Goodbye Tissot!

  • John Wyse

    As someone who’s owned one of the original T-Touch watches since 07, and been through six movements altogether, I couldn’t resist adding yet another comment. Yes: 6 movements – the first 5 replaced, free, under guarantee, by the Swatch repair service in Hong Kong. Typically for Hong Kong, the service was swift, impersonal and non-commital.

    Then, outside the guarantee period, 2 years ago, the functions started to fail one by one yet again. This time I paid US$60 for a new movement together with a new battery. Since then, no problems – maybe because Tissot have improved the original movement, or maybe I just got lucky.

    Anyway, once you get a reliably functioning movement, I think this is a really nice watch, and I appreciated the way that in Hong Kong, at least, the guarantee was honoured. The Expert looks great, but I prefer the understated look of the original Touch.

  • Felero

    Hi. I just bought my T Touch Expert today with tan leather bracelet t. I want the titanium bracelet too, but it’s not available. So I decided to buy the leather version and order the titanium bracelet, which according to them takes 6 months. I have to go back to the store tomorrow, because the batt signal keeps on blinking whenever I play on the compass. Weird… I just bought it and I need to change the battery right away. hehe.

    I have a question which I can’t find in the manual – how do you activate the LCD light?
    I hope to hear from you. Thanks!

    • Felero

      I found it. Pardon my ignorance.

  • Felero

    I went to Tissot service center today to complain about the “batt” sign. They replaced it right away and it’s ok now.
    What they say about the titanium being easy to get scratch is true. I was having lunch today and I accidentally hit the table with my left hand. Unfortunately, my T-Touch was there. hehe. No need to say… it got a scratch of course. Titanium material is really nice and lightweight, but it is similar to silver metal that can easily get scratches. It’s painful to see your watch you just purchased and it got scratch right away with a simple bump on the table. Other than that, I’m so happy and proud of my T-Touch Expert. I don’t regret buying it. I’m planning to buy a titanium bracelet soon. 😀

  • scott

    just bought a used T Touch…2006 model…apparently the watch works ok…yet one question: what does the digital read out ‘bat’ display mean… is it time to replace the battery… I’d like to have the digital date displayed all all the time rather than ‘bat’ … please advise…thanks…I am disappointed to hear not to wear the watch while showering, yet alone not wearing it in the rain…I’d like to wear the watch while playing golf…but it sounds like the watch is too fragile…

    • BAT stands for battery, and in your watch it needs to be replaced.

  • sak500

    Wow i wish i had read these comments before asking my wife to buy me tissot touch expert in 2009 May as my birthday gift. The watch was pretty to look at and with really neat touch technology which caused people to go wow.

    Anway to make it short, It started showing odd characters after 1 1/2 years, whenever i pressed light buttong so i was assuming the bat was going out. But thot i would continue till it totally dries out and can get it changed easily as in dubai you have many places where they sell tissot. So just few months over 2 years warranty period it totally goes blank and everythign stops. I took it to the shop which carried the brand and they told me they need a week to 10 days to replace the bat and i was quite taken a back but they said it has to be done by special serivce center and not in the shop. So i gv them the watch and called them after 10 days had passed w/o anybody contacting me. They told me that the way is damaged and it requires 220$ (cost of watch 878$) to fix the problem and change the battery. I was shocked and almsot shouted that how the hell can a watch get damaged when all i was doing is wearing it during the day. The regular bumps and scratches were all that happened to it. But they said they need to replace some $*$*%# thing which i can’t remember. I told them to send it back.

    Now i have a casio (analog version) from 2002 and that has been dropped many times, used in swimming pool, used in sea / beach, has had battery replaced twice and now its back on my wrist working fine. That was also a gift from my bro but i know it was about $100 back in teh days.

    So i want to kno what kind of company charges so much for something which breaks down within less years with less wear and tear and has to be charged so much to fix. My only resort is to give it to some small street time watch guys and tell them to just try and replace the battery. I dont care if any seals are broken as i dont want to pay 200 freaking dollars to fix it. I’d rather buy another casio or citizen now. So my advice


  • alan parker

    I have to say that since buying a T-Touch in 2006 and having it malfunction several times, I agree with the earlier claims of reliability problems, atleast historically. But, customer service has been very reasonable and respected the warranty and replaced the watch free of charge. So far I am on my third, so far so good and if its still OK for a bit longer then I will conclude they have solved their problems now. Thats great because I love the T-Touch (and T-Touch II and Expert) aesthetically and functionally. It is a fantastic marriage of looks and brains that no other brand can match. So, yes, they had teething problems, but because they have treated me so honestly and because I love the product I am now a big fan of Tissot as a company, maybe a bit like some people fall in love with certain brands of sports cars. As long as they have found a way to produce these products reliably then I will be a customer in the future. My other watch is a $15,000 IWC, but I prefer to wear my Tissot.

  • Kumar

    I had purchased my t-touch in 2004 and all was well until recently (2011) when the functions started giving me problems and eventually I could not sync the digital time with the analogue. When I approached the Tissot service centre they quoted an astonishing US$ 150 for looking into the problem also suggesting that these watches are not repairable and the company has given an option to replace the existing watch with a new T-Touch 2 at half the price of about US$ 500/-. I am now worried that the new watch will have the same fate as the old one. What I do not understand is that why make something you cannot repair at a reasonable cost. But would surely like to add that I and 2 other friends have enjoyed wearing the watch without any problems for atelast 5-6 years.

  • Prashant Thakkar

    I bought the original T-Touch when it had first come out. It worked great for the first 2 years that its warranty lasts, thereafter it has been fraught with problems. Have gotten it fixed so many times but the problems keep coming back and mind you the repairs of this watch aren’t exactly cheap. In my country Tissot has come out with this exchange offer wherein you give your old Tissot (Dead or Working) back and pay half for the new Tissot T-Touch II, which sums upto about 350USD. I have been contemplating about going for the offer but the horrible experience with my previous watch is holding me back. I had loved using the first T-Touch and it was one of my most prized possession, i had hoped that the watch would last for a lifetime since it comes from such a reputed watchmaker but alas…..

  • jeffrey

    The comments on the latest Expert is astonishing however if you care to remember the basic:
    I bought a T-Touch years ago and can not operate correctly in spite sending back for repairs, worst, when ask to upgrade?
    with all those shabby services and unreliable products out in the markets are you justify to give such a good comments to this new Expert using almost the same operating system? You have not check how worst can it be when you return the product for service neither do you realize that you have to fork out even more to pay for another unreliable products? Understandable that you are giving your views but again direct the potential customers to this new toy might be a case of misrepresentation that indirectly helping the Tissot exploiting their customers. Hopefully that you will consider to tag in a few lines like: Buyer beware refer to adverse comments on the products. This will help those potential buyer to have their own perception. Nothing to hide, I am one of the victim that had read your article which induced me to procured one. 
    No offence but hope you can be more responsible to those readers at large. 
    Good day.

  • godwinausten

    I bought a Tissot T-Touch watch in 2005. I paid $1150 for it. In 2007 and 2008 it stopped working correctly and needed repair. It cost about $100 each time. In 2012 the watch again stopped working correctly (touch sensors stopped working) but this time Tissot say they are not repairing these watches anymore, but just want to sell me another watch at an inflated “discount”. My point is that just 7 years after selling me an fairly expensive watch this company are no longer supporting their recent models and have a costly exchange program which just means you’re paying even more money for a watch model with a history of problems. After many conversations with this company, I said “No thanks. I’m not going to support a company that doesn’t support its existing customers”. It just doesn’t make sense to keep giving a company money who don’t seem to have the integrity or level of customer service to support their own products. My only solution now for my broken, irreparable TI SSOT is to TOSS IT in the bottom drawer.

  • jeffrey ang

    Believe I am not alone in this world that suffered the consequence of empty promise by the watch company.
    i have lost  confidence on the brand and their  service is equally suck.
    what can we do? Nothing ! We have been conned big time.
    My message to those intend to purchase:
    T issot
    I s
    S uck
    S eriously
    O verrated
    T imepiece.
    Please do not over rate this brand as you are indirectly a partner in crime!

  • godwinausten

    Despite the issues I have had with the T-Touch, I can recommend contacting the Swatch Group in Switzerland in an attempt to resolve issues as they may be able to offer a range of alternatives surrounding their T-Touch Exchange. I have dealt with Francois Thiebaud <> in Switzerland re customer service issues and Francois Bregnard <> re technical issues.

  • joe123456

    does the expert version still have those problems ?

    • Not according to Tissot or the comments it seems.

  • godwinausten

    I don’t know if the Expert range has the same problems as the original T-Touch, but I know 2 people with an Expert and they’ve both had problems. One had an issue with the analogue and digital times getting out of sync for no apparent reason and needing re-syncing too often. The other I don’t know the details, only that he had hassles with the watch and wasn’t happy with Swatch Group’s service. Also if you google T-Touch problems, there appear to be a fair few bloggers who talk about problems with the Expert range. I know this isn’t terribly conclusive, but it’s hard to ignore the experiences of those around you…
    Tissot say the T-Touch II is a different watch, but I wasn’t keen enough to give them my money, based on this history.

  • ChandraR

    The Tissot T touch is perhaps the worst watch I have ever purchased. I frequently hike up mountains and purchased this watch because it had all the features I required such as barometer and altimeter. But after a couple of years the watch just stopped working, I thought it might have been the battery and when I took it to the service agent in Singapore they had the gall to tell me that I had knocked the watch (which I knew for sure I had not )and broken it.  What got me really suspicious was when they offered to upgrade my watch to a Tissot 2 for half price ! Why would they do this if I had broken the watch.  I later noticed that the Web was full of posts from irate customers on how terrible the watch was and how devious Tissot was with its replacement. Would you do business with a company that cheats ?

  • Akbar Khan

    Tissot T-touch is the worst watch i have ever purchased, simply an expensive piece of junk. Although its titanium casing is very good and attractive both in appearance and construction, the functionality of the watch absolutely sucks. It came with a one year international warranty, during which its hands frequently went out of sync. However just two months after the expiry of warranty period, the sensors of watch started malfunctioning and eventually died. Contacted the Tissot company who suggested that its movement /machine needs to be replaced completely. What a sucking piece of junk. I have had several watches ranging from Rolex, Rado, Sieko to Casio Protrek which are functioning flawlessly for at least last two decades (i mean cheaper Seiko and Casio too).
    NEVER BUY A TISSOT WATCH in general and TISSOT T-TOUCH in particular.

    • Akbar Khan

      @Akbar Khan UPDATE. Finally the Tissot were courteous enough and they sent me a replacement watch T-Touch II for the cost of repair only. It is a better and improved time piece compared to the original T-touch. Yesterday i got my new watch. Thanks All.

  • godwinausten

    I’m going to forward Akbar Khan’s and ChandraR’s emails to the President of Tissot, Francois Thiebaud <> and Swatch Group CEO Nayla Hayek <> and keep forwarding others as they come in. Tissot need to realise that it’s like a slap in the face when you take people’s money and sell them a piece of rubbish and then treat them badly with farcical customer service. They obviously need a fair bit of public persuasion to do the right thing. Shame!

    • Akbar Khan

      @godwinausten  Update: After forwarding of our complaints, I was contacted by the Swatch Group who asked me to book my watch for inspection. After going through the inspection, Tissot has offered me a new T-Touch II watch just at the cost of repair. Will update when I receive it. But finally I appreciate @godwinausten  and Tissot customer services department.

  • Tissot Customer Service

    Dear valued Tissot customers,
    Thank you for your comments. However we sincerely regret the inconvenience you had with your Tissot watch. Your feedback is important to us as it helps to improve the quality of our products. You may contact us at if you have any further issues or questions.
    Thank you and best regards,
    World Customer Service

  • MrBond007

    I love my Tissot T-Touch. It isn’t the newest model but one of the first ones to come out. The Tissot T-Navigator 3000 and it is a tank and a beast. I have had it since 2004 or 2005, I can’t really remember but it must be one of the two. It has five modes, T-World, Timer, Chrono, Alarm and Date. You can also chose different chimes for the alarm which is cool. One of the very neat functions is being able to put the watch into eco mode to preserve the battery and it sort of shuts down and both hands move and point down towards the six. Also the digital display turns off as well. You can adjust the intensity of the backlight with the crown and it has 3 settings. Luminous on dials and hands are still really bright aster all these years as well. Also can adjust for daylight saving but only for Europe because it was manufactured there. 
    Very impressed considering it was one of the first ones to come out I think after the Silent-T. The sapphire crystal is in good condition, surprised considering how much I have worn it and bashed it around. The case is as rugged as you can get, sharp edges, no real contours and has a big presence on my wrist. 
    I am defiantly looking to buy another one, probably the T-expert but in stainless steel if I can but will probably have to order from Europe and get it shipped to the US. I have tried on both metal types and prefer the weight of the steel over titanium and the greater scratch resistance over the titanium. No real use for the titanium if you ask me even if it may be a couple times more dense then steel.

  • Baker GT

    Love my Tissot, had it for several years and use it for offshore sailboat racing. Over the years, I have either forgotten how to activate the night light, or it has burned out. I suppose its possible that I never had one, and have just gone batty, but can someone tell me how to activate the light? It’s not mentioned in the manual.

  • arnybo

    My Touch has worked perfectly well for many years. I have a version with a rubber band, and has changed it twice. Have also changed battery a few times. 

    Last week the display said Low Battery again, and I sent the watch to Tissot Norway for replacement. But the reply was: “The watch is broken, and cannot be fixed. But we can sell you a new one at a discount for approx. 500 USD (!)” 
    In your dreams, mate…! 

    A friend of mine got the same answer when he sent his for battery replacement. This seems to be a policy with Tissot: “Get the customer to buy a new watch, no matter what state the watch is in”. My friend got his battery replaced at a local Tissot watch shop after he got it back from the main office.

    I will try to get the local watch shop to replace the battery (without having the pressure test, and thereafter stay away from water). This will be in the short run be cheaper than throwing the watch away, and/or buying a new one.

  • jeffrey


  • jeffrey

    I have the same treatment many years back and have totally distant away from this shabby junk.
    Reason being : Hard selling is not the right tactic in this competitive environment.
    Remember this word:

  • noamd

    After I had bad experience with tissot t touch and even worse experience with tissot service, never buy a tisot. 
    Casio ProTrek is much much better watch, More features, more robust, better price and extremly better service.