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As predicted previously during my discussion of the Seiko Coutura watch commercial, it was predicted that more watch commercials would appear in this new wave of watch advertising. There is nothing inherently interesting about a product being advertised on television, but in the case of watches, it is a form of advertising rare of unheard of in the United States. It is a sign that watches are becoming marketed more, meaning higher availability, and more selection for watch lovers.

The newest commercial viewing focused on the new Omega DeVille, but did not mention the model by name, just “Omega.” And then the phrase “hour vision” which alludes to the fact that the watch case has sapphire crystal sides for viewing of the movement. Much of the commercial’s imagery in fact focused on the watch’s mechanical movement; indicating a return to the ideal of the mechanical watch. The 80’s and 90’s were not golden eras for mechanical watches in the US, but since the late 90’s there has been a resurgence in the popularity and prestige of the mechanical watch, most those which are automatic self winders. This commercial displays how watch companies are pushing complex mechanical movements again. A good sign for enthusiasts. The Tourneau commercial was sighted on CNN, typical ad space for watches as most print watch ads are located in newspapers and financial magazines.

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Even though Omega does spend a good amount on advertising, it was assisted by Tourneau in this venture. Tourneau is one of the nation’s largest retail watch stores, offering all level of watches, from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. Losing steam to online watch shops, Tourneau is betting on the viewership of TV audiences attract potential watch buyers to it’s overpriced stores.

What should be exciting to watch lovers, is not that they can now see mainstream watches on TV, quite the contrary indeed. If the new marketing efforts of large watch makers can garner a larger market, it will signal desirable small watch manufactures in Europe to focus more, or at all, on the US market, to which they have traditionally scoffed at. With good reason to. When European watch makers see brands like Timex selling so well in the US, they reasonably maintain the idea that most US buyers have no desire to own a nice timepiece. The hope is that they will abandon this frame of mind. Regardless of how or why the elite populations of the watch think about the US market, the statistical watch market increase in the US cannot be denied. Watch TV for more of your favorite watches.

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