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Time for a Rolley on Your Wrist” is a limited-time sales promotion for many Rolex timepieces available for purchase on eBay. From now until June 17, 2019, the popular online marketplace promises up to 30% off of a large selection of Rolex watches. eBay adds that additional Rolex watches will be added regularly during the course of the promotion in order to keep watch fans interested. Most of these specially selected Rolex watches are sold by trusted sellers on the platform who are also “Authenticity Verified” by eBay (meaning that eBay certifies the items you purchase are authentic).

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Over 4,000 Rolex watches of all model types are part of this special eBay sales promotion. Watch lovers will discover difficult-to-find new and vintage Rolex timepieces, as well as a large range of less-well-known models at exciting prices. While some prices are dictated by current market demand, the promotion includes competitive prices on even the hottest brand new Oystersteel Rolex sport watches, such as the 126720 GMT-Master II and the 126660 Deepsea Sea-Dweller. The promotion also includes a veritable universe of Rolex Datejust watches for both men and women that were produced in bygone eras, as well as models within Rolex’s current product collection.


Rolex watches are currently experiencing a heightened level of popularity with consumers, given the stability of the brand and historically strong resale values within the context of wristwatches. Both the new and pre-owned Rolex watch markets are hot, oftentimes making it challenging for consumers to locate the particular watch they are seeking. eBay continues to be the premier place to find nearly all Rolex timepieces because of the popularity and safety of the platform, as sellers from all around the world can connect with interested buyers nearly anywhere.

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Below are some notable products highlights from the “Time for a Rolley on Your Wrist” eBay promotion. Interested watch fans are encouraged to browse the full sale in order to search for the particular Rolex watch that speaks to their wrist. First is a 216570 Rolex Explorer II watch in a 42mm-wide steel case. This professional GMT sport watch by Rolex has been extremely popular with watch lovers recently, due to its unpretentious looks and generously sized case.

Next is the rare 116718 Rolex GMT-Master II, which came in a solid 18k yellow gold case with a Rolex green dial and black with gold ceramic bezel. Representing an early generation ceramic bezel GMT-Master II, this particular watch also exists within the noteworthy pantheon of Rolex sport watches with green-colored dials.

Extremely challenging to find in stores, the sale includes this 126660 Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller watch that was recently released and includes Rolex’s best interpretation of the Deepsea ever, with a modern generation movement and proportional bracelet design. At 44mm-wide in steel, it is the largest-sized production Rolex watch available for timepiece enthusiasts who prefer a more stately presence on their wrist.

The Rolex Datejust continues to be the popular Swiss watchmakers best selling product by volume. A few years ago Rolex released the Datejust 41, with a number of cosmetic variations available. With a smooth versus fluted bezel and an attractive metallic blue dial matches to a 41mm wide steel case, the 1263000BLSO Rolex Datejust 41 is a practical entry-point into Rolex watches with a design and feature set that will compliment the wearer both now and into the future.

Finally, to finish highlighting just some of the Rolex watches in this current eBay watch sales promotion, the 114300 Rolex Oyster Perpetual is positioned as Rolex’s entry-level men’s watch. Here it comes with a glistening blue dial (with green accents) in a 39mm wide steel case on a matching Rolex Oyster bracelet.

The Rolex brand name has never been stronger both in the traditional watch industry as well as the greater luxury market. Rolex thankfully has dozens of watches to choose from and eBay hopes that you’ll find your next Rolex timepiece in their Time for a Rolley on Your Wrist sales event happening here now.

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