Yes watches are totally quirky, but very cool. The functionality outweighs any potential issue you might have with their looks. In fact, I can attest to the fact that you grow on the looks. When I first learned about Yes watches some years ago, I had no idea what to make of them, and had no idea how to read them. As I spent more time understanding what the watch was all about, I eventually came to appreciate, then really value them. Now, I own a Yes Inca and can say that it is among the most useful watches that I own.

Yes is an American watch company based near San Diego California. The idea behind the watch was to present celestial calendar information on your wrist in a useful and meaningful manner. The watch combines a single 24 hour analog hand, and an LCD screen which is most of the dial. The single 24 hour hand also functions like a gauge. Basically parts of the LCD screen are shaded in (this changes based on the time of the year and the location you are in), those are the (no sunlight areas), which the non shaded areas are those which represent daylight hours. Thus, you can see how much light and dark there will be in any given 24 hour period, and the 24 hour hand functions like a gauge showing you how much light or dark you have left. On the main dial is also a moonphase indicator.

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Aside from all this functionality are a bunch of calendar functions that do have a bit of a learning curve, but the operation is pretty logical once you get the hang of it. Every type of calendar information you’d want, is in this watch, from sun down and sun up times, days till a new moon, 15 year countdown times, how long until a solstice or equinox, and the day and week of the year. Just lots of good stuff. You also have the basic alarms (with snooze), a stopwatch, and multiple timezones and other basic functions you’d expect from any computerized watch.

This particular Yes Zulu watch is available on eBay starting at only $299, an excellent deal for something this new! The retail price is about $800. This is the Yes version 4.0 movement which improves upon the 3.0 movement in a few areas including the most recent daylight saving time dates, an lume pointed 24 hour hands, and some other features. While this is an impressively sized watch, it is in full titanium, which makes it deceptively light. Further, it comes with comfortable yet wide (24mm) titanium metal bracelet, a leather strap, rubber strap, and wooden display box.

I can easily recommend this Yes Zulu and other Yes watches as being excellent editions to any collection or for daily wear. Certainly a good value here starting at $299. Check it out.

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See Yes watches on eBay here.

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