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No other watch on the planet offers the functionality and wealth of time information that the new 24-hour Equilibrium collection from YES watch does. Many moons ago we decided to grab hold of the true essences of time and make that the foundation of the unique 24-hour watches our team has gone on to produce since 1999. It was not an exercise in design for the sake of design – it was an exercise in design for the most comprehensive presentation of time ever offered on your wrist. It was a calling.

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At a glance, the YES Equilibrium will give your hours, minutes, and seconds as well as times for sunrise, sunset and twilight, moonrise, moonset, and moon phase plus alert you to solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter days for exactly where you are. It also has a range of alarms and an electronic compass along with a host of other time data information and features. The unique design has one 24-hour hand that follows the sun. The multiple circular dials sync up with this hand and the 24-hour dial.

These are the Equilibrium hardware specifications:

  • 48x17mm titanium case with sapphire crystal in silver-tone and IP black with water-resistance to 10ATM .
  • 3 and 5 link titanium bracelets with locking clasp.
  • Additional choice of silicon, leather, and NATO straps.
  • Choice of 5 rotating bezels in 3 different colors with mirror backed orange/yellow sun/moon stones.
  • High resolution near white positive TDF LCD. Black negative non TDF LCD by request. TDF means Transflective Display Film which greatly increases perceived contrast in LCD. In a negative LCD however, TDF has an adverse effect.
  • Inner 24-hour dial with 24 tritium T100 tubes, plus one tube on the analog hand, and a bright luminescent backlight. Together they provide a gorgeous nighttime viewing experience. See this link for more info on what T100 means.
  • The master quartz crystal is attached to the PCB and controls all the timings. This master is connected directly to the CPU. The timing and the accuracy of the Ronda analog drive are also driven from this CPU. The computer controlled analog hand and the digital time is automatically synchronized.
  • Custom made lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery with 2-3 months of battery life on a full night charge. Expected battery life is 5 years.
  • Comes in a strong custom presentation box with room for additional straps, jeweler’s tools, recharge clip with USB wire, and Instruction Manual.
  • Two year limited warranty.

Review our Indiegogo campaign for additional information. Perhaps pre-order one for your wrist at an awesome price that will not last.

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For only $590 this one of a kind time machine will find it’s way to you in October.

“It all started out while traveling the Caribbean decades ago. I simply wanted to know when the sun would rise the next morning. Go for a beach walk at the first rays. My gleamingly beautiful Rolex Submariner was of no use at all. So I decided to make my own watch.”

-Bjorn Kartomten, Founder, YES watch

Following the Sun

Once you study timekeeping beyond the springs and screws and luxury bragging rights they have made you think it is all about, you will find a millennia-long timeline of fascinating evolution, understanding, and history. Calendars and timekeeping were spawned by the heavens above, by the sun and the moon, everything else followed. It is in this realm of wisdom and awareness that the Equilibrium finds its platform and ancestry. What a fashionista might be hawking as trending today is completely irrelevant. Time is timeless.

This is the man-made time data the Equilibrium keeps track of.

  • Hours, minutes, and seconds in AM/PM or 2400 format
  • City name. 587 cities worldwide have been pre-programmed into the watch. It can also be set by LAT/LON, TZ, and DST
  • Year, date, month, and day
  • TZ and DST
  • DOY & WEEK #

Any quartz movement has an accuracy of about +/- 20 seconds a month. It comes with the territory. In the EQ software program we have added a +/- 60 seconds accuracy adjustment capability of the quartz oscillator. Once you have determined the variation in your watch, you can trim the EQ to an accuracy of +/- 1 second a month.

The Circles of Time in the Equilibrium

Time isn’t linear and it isn’t just a number. Time is spatial and it is alive. The stunningly detailed LCD in the EQ takes a hold of this universal knowledge and creates a display of circular dials that will relate your space and time to the rotation of the earth and to the cycles of the sun and the moon.

The black 24-hour circle of time
This is by far the most essential time in society today. Everything runs according to it. Jet planes, shops, rock concerts, what have you, it all relates back to this time.. when something begins and when it ends, when to meet, and when to leave. In 1883 the powers that be divided the world into 24 time zones, on average 15 degrees each, even though over land the TZ border follows geographical specifics and can vary greatly. All time calculations in the Equilibrium are based on UTC time.

In the EQ, the 24-hour dial has a tritium tube for every hour and markers at quarter and half hours.

The orange sun circle 
Next to the 24-hour dial the orange sun circle gives you the time data for the sun. Sunrise and sunset, times for morning, and evening twilight, solar high noon or zenith, and finally solar midnight. The dark area gives you nighttime. The checkered part gives you twilight and the light orange part indicates daytime.

The yellow moon circle
The inner yellow circle will give you time for moonrise and moonset and lunar high noon or midnight. When the moon is up and when it is down. This circle can also be used to display SR/SS for an alternate location. The moon phase display is accompanied by waxing /waning arrows.

The AM/PM circle
Just outside the 24-dial, on the titanium collar that holds the crystal in place there is a shiny/satin finish on the two halves indicating AM/PM from 0000 – 1200.

The outer circle, the rotating bezel
Offered in five different bezel insert designs in three different colors. You choose which one makes the most sense for you.

At the push of a button the following time data will read out in the dot-matrix. It is accurate to +/- 2 minutes.

  • Times for sunrise/zenith/sunset/civil twilight/nautical twilight/astronomical twilight.
  • Times for moonrise/lunar noon/moonset/% luminescence/date and time of next new moon/time and date of full moon.

These are solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarter dates. The inner yellow circle will display a gradual checkered pattern as the year progresses. At the top of the hour the event name as well as exact time for it is displayed. For those who want the full package at $780 with the titanium bracelet, review the Indiegogo pre-order offer for the EQ silver-tone finish at this link. Delivery is for October 2017.

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