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In the below video, aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams interviews Mauricio Pier, founder of Class Watches. Based in Los Angeles, California, Class Watches is a reseller of exotic and hard-to-find fine timepieces. Much of its business comes from the Class Watches eBay store, where Mauricio Pier has been listing his interesting and revolving collection of timepieces since 2001. Don’t forget that eBay is the Internet’s largest marketplace for watches.

Mauricio Pier began his interest in watches as a child, starting a hobby that would last his entire life. Class Watches is a special type of watch retail experience because the assortment of watches is hand-curated by a single enthusiastic proprietor. That’s distinct from most timepiece stores that strive to stock the watches and brands retailers feel are in the highest current demand. Class Watches is thus as interested in educating like-minded timepieces fans as it is in providing them with their next cherished piece.

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eBay stores likes Class Watches are special because they begin with one passionate individual who uses a retail business concept to share their interest in a particular hobby. In the case of Mr. Pier, that interest is rare, finely made timepieces that a lot of casual timepiece fans have probably never heard of. Class Watches inventory qualifies for the eBay Authenticity Guarantee program that ensures all watches sold over $2,000 USD are checked by hand via a third-party verifier prior to arriving at a buyer’s door, and they also receive an NFC-enabled card that provides proof of authenticity.

In this aBlogtoWatch production video, Ariel Adams and Mauricio Pier browse eBay while also inspecting a selection of watches available from the Class Watches eBay Store, representing some relatively affordable price points, all the way up to $100,000+ treasures. Join their discussion, and share what you think are some of the more interesting pieces available at the Class Watches eBay Store (link here) in the comments below.

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