HYT is known for its innovative use of hydro-technology in watchmaking to display time. HYT was founded in 2012 and is based in Neuchatel Switzerland. The HYT H1 was the first watch from the brand and was awarded ‘Best Innovative Watch’ in the 2012 Grand Prix D’Horlogerie De Genève. HYT values innovation and provides customization options for its customers. Current models include the Hastroid and Moon Runner.

HYT, a name derived from hydro technology, is an award-winning innovator in watchmaking. Founded in 2012 by Patrick Berdoz, Vincent Perriard, Emmanuel Savioz, and Lucien Vouillamoz, HYT was the first watchmaker to utilize a fluid display in its timepieces. The first watch, the HYT H1 featured a capillary around the periphery of the dial that slowly filled with vibrant color fluid to indicate the hour. This futuristic orbital display of the fluidity of time was not only revolutionary in design but pushed the boundaries of displaying time conceptually.

HYT’s sister company, Preciflex, develops the high-tech liquids for the displays. Each display contains an aqueous, or water-based fluid, and an oil-based fluid. Due to atomic polarity differences, the two fluids will not mix and remain absolutely separate. In addition to special coatings on the interior of the capillaries, a temperature compensation system, and bellows to contain and adjust the flow of liquid, HYT and Preciflex have a multitude of trademarks and secretive development processes.

While HYT watches are equipped with a one-of-a-kind liquid display, they also contain specialized in-house movements that power the watches. The HYT mechanical movements have extended power reserves that power the bellows systems and cams to manage the flow of the liquid display. HYT produces only a couple hundred watches each year and remains committed to futuristic design and technology. HYT also provides bespoke production for select customers and enthusiasts.

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