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As the now-official retail partner to the Watches & Wonders watch show series, MR PORTER also offers some newly released 2020 timepieces you won’t be able to get anywhere else. New timepieces from Watches & Wonders member brands Vacheron Constantin, Roger Dubuis, Bovet, and HYT featured in this article are all currently available exclusively from the MR PORTER website. Senior Buyer Maxim De Tuckheim says, “As with all product we bring on-site, we always aim to ensure each brand and each timepiece has a clear identity and unique proposition within the greater buy.  From eye-catching skeletonized timepieces to understated mechanical dress watches, these four timepieces, along with the entire Watches & Wonders collection, were all curated with the MR PORTER editor eye, and with the aim to provide our customers with access to the world’s best and most considered timepieces available online.”

MR PORTER recently shared with the watch enthusiast community that it is now participating with Watches & Wonders as an official retail partner and that new products from all of the Watches & Wonders brands can be purchased on the MR PORTER platform. What made this announcement salient is that Watches & Wonders 2020 marks the first time watches have been both launched and available for retail sale at the same time. Now let’s explore four new Watches & Wonders watches only available at this time online via MR PORTER.

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Geneva-based Vacheron Constantin debuted a new 18k pink-gold version of the approachable Fiftysix automatic watch that comes with a comfortable 40mm-wide case and a taupe-colored dial. The luxury watch sports an elegantly decorated in-house-made Vacheron Constantin automatic movement and comes on a matching brown leather strap. Price is $19,900 USD.

Next is a spirited green and black version of the also Geneva-based Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Huracan Automatic Skeleton watch. The timepiece is part of Roger Dubuis’ ongoing relationship with the Italian supercar maker Lamborghini and houses an in-house made ultra-modern movement that is inspired by the design of a Lamborghini automobile engine bay. The watch is 45mm-wide in lightweight gray-toned titanium. It comes on a bespoke rubber strap and is priced at $54,500 USD.

Geneva-based HYT fancies itself as a “hydrological horologist” because its signature technical feat is an in-house-made system that uses a liquid-filled tube to indicate the hours. The entirely mechanical movement pushes the liquid through a sapphire crystal capillary and a proprietary system of bellows built into the movement. For 2020, HYT debuts an all black-colored version of its H0 watch accented with orange for the time markers. The comfortable case is 48.8mm-wide in black DLC-coated steel. Price is $43,000 USD.

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Swiss Bovet is among the newer members of Watches & Wonders, but a brand storied in mechanical innovation and brand allure. An exclusive limited-edition 46mm-wide 18k red gold with forest green-accented version of its Recital 27 is what MR PORTER chose for its clientele. The watch offers a full view of the in-house made three-time zone moon phase movement, which is both nuanced as a mechanism and designed for keeping track of the time in three cities at the same time. The movement even includes reference city names for the secondary and tertiary time zone indicator dials. Price is $71,500 USD.

View more watches from these brands and the rest of the participating Watches & Wonders watchmakers at MR PORTER here.

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