It’s time for another deep-diving dive watch, this time from Montblanc. There aren’t many companies that feel a need to push the limits of dive watches beyond 300m, much less 1000m or 3000m. Rolex, Oris, and Omega are the most prominent brands to do so, all offering what I’ve termed “abyss divers” that can take you to 3900m, 4000m, and 6000m, respectively. These are depths that the human body cannot reach, much less tolerate, without a personal submersible protecting it, which means these watches are all exercises in “Look what I can do!” Taking the stage today for Watches and Wonders 2024, the latest entry is the Montblanc Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810.

The new Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810 builds on Montblanc’s flagship Iced Sea Divers introduced in 2022 and its special line of “0 Oxygen” watches, which has oxygen removed from the cases and has included a chronograph and a compass bezel Geosphere. The case of the Deep 4810 is made from titanium and measures 43mm with a thickness of 19.2mm. That may seem enormous (it is), but relative to the other abyss divers, it’s right on the money: the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller is 18mm, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is 18.2mm, and the Oris AquisPro is a hilarious 23.4mm. I’d say if you’re only competing against three other watches, as long as you’re not the thickest, you’re in the clear. The case features a screw-down crown (duh) and a domed sapphire crystal. The bezel features an aluminum insert, which is a bit of a letdown these days, but it has a lumed pip, which is a small bonus. The watch is paired with a fitted rubber strap with a quick-release mechanism and a double-folding steel clasp with a micro-adjustment mechanism.

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What about this “0 Oxygen” bit, though? The idea behind removing the oxygen from the case is that it can eliminate the fogging that occurs with significant temperature changes (you know, like at 4,810m down) and further prevents oxidization of the movement components, making them theoretically longer lasting. Montblanc’s 0 Oxygen models are designed for harsh environments, whether you wear them there or not, and while most people probably won’t, there is merit to going the extra mile here beyond water resistance.

The dial keeps things bold and legible, which is arguably best for a watch like this. The large, Super-LumiNova-filled hands are impossible to miss, and the applied, lume-filled indices appear easy to read at a glance. The brand has even gone bold in the dial text, with printing that is noticeably larger than on standard Iced Seam models and notably devoid of any graphics. What is present is the Iced Sea collection’s namesake pattern, which sees a glacier motif in a deep blue that spreads across the dial to add a bit of texture without being overwhelming.

The caseback features a much more captivating design, with a 3D laser color engraving of underwater ice. You wouldn’t know what it is without being told, but now you have been, so you do. I’d certainly love to see this on a dial one day, but for practical purposes (which are paramount in such a watch), the caseback will suffice. Beneath the caseback, the watch is powered by the Montblanc manufacture caliber MB 29.29. This automatic movement is COSC-certified and delivers an impressive 120-hour power reserve at 28,800 vph.

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It’s best not to consider this watch against other divers. It’s simply not the same thing. This is a tool that no one will ever need to use, bordering on proof of concept except the concept has been proven by multiple other brands. As such, I’ll compare it to the other abyss divers currently on the market and say that it sits in the number 2 position, below the Deepsea but above the Ultra Deep and the AquisPro. The Montblanc Iced Sea 0 Oxygen Deep 4810 is priced at $9,100 USD, above the competition from Oris but below the offerings from Rolex and Omega. For more information, please visit the Montblanc website

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