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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Bamford Mayfair Watch

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Bamford Mayfair Watch Giveaways

This month, one lucky aBlogtoWatch reader will have a chance at winning a Bamford Mayfair produced by Bamford Watch Department. Since the brand was founded, Bamford has been recognized as the most prolific and high-end watch customizer on the market and recently became the exclusive customizer for LVMH brands. While several of their most popular models are accompanied by “luxury” prices, last year Bamford announced an affordable and customizable sports watch known as the Bamford Mayfair. This attracted a new group of eager collectors and made the brand accessible to most enthusiasts that were also seeking an easy way to customize a watch.

Many will recognize the similarities between the Bamford Mayfair and the old Benrus Type I and Type II military dive watches of the 1970s. It features a 40mm asymmetrical steel case with 100m of water resistance and a sapphire crystal. Besides the customization options, the most attractive feature is its 12-hour bezel, which allows for an easy and practical way to track a second time zone (arguably more useful than a dive bezel, for most). Finally, the watch is powered by an accurate Miyota 2035 quartz movement and pricing starts at £354. You can enter to win one now by following the instructions below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, tell us about which method you find more practical for tracking a second time zone. 12-hour bezel or full-on dedicated GMT movement? Let us know why specifically, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Bamford Mayfair watch.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on August 31, 2018, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Bamford Watch Department, sponsor of the Bamford Mayfair watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • benjameshodges

    A bezel is ok once you work out the time difference but having the GMT hand stuck in home time with local time on the main hours and minutes sets the priority level and maintains instant legibility.

  • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

    Sign me up, very curious to see what bamford has done at this pricepoint.

    As for GMT tracking, I prefer a dedicated hand*. That leaves the bezel to have dive-markings, which are very useful for timing cooking stuff.

    *- especially if th gmt hand is 24hr, and the main hands are 12 hour. Then the hands change their relative position over the day, and the watch looks more dynamic.

  • Frits van der Veer

    Like the hands and second time zone possibility. Elegant.

  • Color me interested!

  • Adi Susanto

    Personally it is better to have dedicated gmt movement rather than just the bezel. The gmt hand will gmt hand definitely make it easier to look at the time. In addition to that it look cooler especially with a unique color to the gmt hand in addition to the hour and minute hand.

  • TL

    Full-on dedicated GMT movement. Usually easier to read.

  • Norbs K

    Bamford you say?
    Miyota movement at that price point? They could have went with the cheapest Seiko automatic and it would have been a much better deal.
    Also they make a diver watch look and make it with 100m rating? Cheap Invicta divers give you at least 200m for less.

    Anyway, enough with the rambling. I let others to continue.
    To answer the initial question, I have a Citizen Eco-Drive chrono with a 24 hour inner bezel and the capital city names on the outside the dial. You can tell not just one extra timezone, but all the time zones. I think, you can’t beat that in functionality.
    From an aesthetics point of view, I like the second, smaller dial. If it’s done right, it can give so much extra the the looks of the watch.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Errm,…The point is, if you want to win it you have to say something nice about it.. At times I know that can be difficult to do. Why did they have to stamp Mayfair on it.

      • Norbs K

        Yeah, I wasn’t too nice with that poor watch. She is not at fault born like that, overpriced and having a quartz for a heart instead of a mainspring and balance wheel.
        I wouldn’t say no to it and certainly wouldn’t neglect it, if it would be in my collection.

        Yes, the Mayfair on there doesn’t make much sense. It’s like when phone manufacturers put their names on the front of the phone to remind you what brand you have. Mine says Huawei. Isn’t that great.

  • dr.alexandris

    A full-on dedicated GMT movement is far more practical, elegant and easier to read. I prefer it over just the 12h bezel. It takes just a few international flights & time zone changes to appreciate a GMT !
    Btw, awesome giveaway, thank you very much and looking forward to seeing who wins !

  • Peter Van de Laar

    As i have no experience with both systems i have to guess. But it seems the bezel is easier to read. I like the looks of the bezel a lot as well.

  • Horum Positivium

    I love with watch! Its the perfect blending of Bamford’s brilliant branding and execution with Myota’s brilliant quality, coupled with Apple’s brilliant pricing.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    great timepiece
    very not ordinary

  • RF96

    I’ll lean towards the full GMT Bezel- it’s more functional, direct and concise- an especially useful trait to have when you’re in between days and flights and terminals and your brain is too fried to do simple maths! Coupled with its aesthetics of day and night, it’s certainly easier- at least for me!

  • David Williams

    A 12-hour bezel – effectively a second watch face for the hours, capable of being rotated to a new timezone – is an instantly readable method of indicating either home or destination time, with the hands set to the other.

  • Craig A Clark

    In reality I’ve never had a real need to track a second timezone, but I do have a liking for watches with dedicated GMT movements, simply because I like the extra visual interest of the fourth hand. It’s also that bit quicker to read I think.

  • obiwongkenobi

    Lovely watch. Personally i prefer the GMT movement and 2nd hour hand. For someone working overseas like myself, the GMT serves a much more romantic function. I love knowing that i always have a hand pointing at home.

  • Omri Suissa

    GMT movement, always!

  • autofocused

    GMT movement.

  • Alexander Virabyan

    I do prefer look of dedicated Gmt movement, but simplicity of this watch with smart way of gmt functionality looks really nice.
    Well done Bamford

  • Kael Racioppa

    Me personally I like minimalist designs, so the 12 hour bezel is often more appealing than a 24 hour bezel from a design standpoint. Its also much faster to set, just a few clicks and “BAM” You’re done 😉

  • Vino

    A dedicated GMT movement, but only if the GMT hand can hide behind the hour hand when I don’t want/need it.

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    Without a gmt hand is a bit difficult, but with a bezel you should try setting a inicial time…. please turn this model into a automatic with maybe seiko
    NH35 no quartz please…

  • Daniel Harper

    I love the ease of a 12 hour bezel, but I think you can’t beat the practicality of an independently adjustable second hour hand.
    I don’t have too much of a preference as to whether the second hand is 24h or 12h w/ or w/oo da and night

  • J Moore

    The “greater” use for me would be the 12 hour bezel as most of my travel tends to be domestic or in Europe. For the limited times I travel to Asia the GMT is more practical…so if I had to choose just one…it would be GMT (preference is having both 🙂 )

  • Sarosto

    I certainly prefer a dedicated GMT movement (and hand), on looks alone. I think the 4th hand lends a nice balance to a well executed dial.

  • Chris Bos

    Sometimes when I’m unaware, or nervous, or in for some fun, I tend to play around with a bezel that clicks. Therefor, a GMT-hand is a secure and fast way for me to see the info I want on a watch.

  • Adam Howard

    Has to be a dedicated GMT movement. Love the four hands, especially if done in its own dedicated colour like the new Rolex and Tudor GMT’s. Love the look of the Bamford but also agree, interesting to have a diver looking watch with only 100m water resistance

  • Hughes.

    I always go for a four-hander over a GMT bezel. Bezels get nudged, and time-keeping “under the glass” just makes for better at-a-glance wrist checking. Of course an extra hand AND a bezel is always a bonus.

  • J Moore

    The “greater” use for me would be the 12 hour bezel due to domestic travel in the States and in Europe. When I travel to Asia …the GMT is more practical….so if I had to choose one it would be GMT….my preference is having both 🙂

  • Adam Howard

    Always liked the GMT 4 four hands, especially if done in a striking alternative colour like the new Tudor BB GMT.

  • K72457

    Count me in. I actually prefer the 12 hour dial, as it’s quick to set for secondary time and easy to read from the hour hand.

  • Andrew

    I prefer the GMT. Partly because it’s generally more easily legible with a dedicated hand but also because it just looks more special than what, at a distance, could easily be mistaken for a dive watch.

    Of course, having both is great too but then you’re getting into slide rule levels of complexity

  • Jeffwb65

    For my personal use, a bezel option would be fine. My son only lives 2 time zones away, so I wouldn’t really have need for a full GMT movement. I really like the “old Benrus MilSpec’ look. I’m curious whether that’s some sort of black lume or just dark markers, though.

  • Jeff Durocher

    I prefer a dedicated GMT movement for convenience more then anything

  • Gary Aerne

    I am not familiar with GMT using the bezel would be the best way for me. Also the easiest.

  • Norman

    I’d opt for the dedicated GMT. Have one and find it easy and precise to read. It is presently 2 in the afternoon in Basel. Lunch is over now back to work. This Bamford appears to be an attractive enough beater watch.

  • will ore

    Having retired from the army after 20 years of service and a year in Iraq, I’m content with either a 12 hour bezel or a dedicated GMT hand for a second time zone. This bamford watch reminds me a lot of the marathon watches issued in the military. I would love to wear this watch as a daily beater and give my 15 year old submariner a break.

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    Great looking watch.
    I prefer the 12-hour bezel for a retro feel.

  • Dobrin Tomov

    I’d like to use the bezel for timing, so I’ll go for a dedicated GMT hand. Personally the best solution is as mentioned also in other comments – inner ring with the bigger cities in the world – but that would go against the military aesthetic of the watch

  • Michael Andrew David Edwards

    Not normally one to go for the “lazy” option, but its easier having the dual time zones at a glance rather than turning a bezel to match

  • Alexander V

    Personally, I prefer a well executed GMT movement with a nice GMT hand on a 24 hour scale.

  • Alexandru catalin Carciog

    Definetly a dedicated movement, i only need to track one different time zone,I live in London but my parents are in Bucharest, having a dedicated movement telling me when it’s too late to call them as they’ re in their golden years now, is helpful. Regarding the watch i think it s bang on the price it should be, don t mind it being a quartz rather than a nh35 that would work at the same price point, it is a beater watch with clean aestetics that will look good in an office enviroment or on a building site.

  • Mike

    I prefer a traditional GMT movement over a 12 hour bezel simply for the fact that whatever numeral the GMT hour hand is on is the correct hour in that time zone. I feel for me at least, the 12 hour bezel would be confusing for telling the time where I’m at when looking at the watch with a quick glance and seeing a numeral on the bezel lined up with a different numeral on the dial. Maybe I’m just simple minded. I’m sure I could get used to the 12 hour bezel and winning this watch would be a great way to find out.

  • Mark Ormerod

    For me it has to be a dedicated GMT hand with a 24 hour bezel – simple and very easy to read.

    It also helps that there are some really lovely GMT models out there 🙂

  • Norman

    Full GMT. Have one and it’s easy to use, though this Bamford is a nice enough watch.

  • Jure

    Definitely dedicated GMT movement- easier to read and looks better.

  • at1time

    I like a full gmt movement.Easier to read for me. I do have some vintage world time watches too.

  • Bob Sebastian

    I prefer a dedicated GMT hand or dial. Functionally it means I don’t have to think as hard. The GMT dial or hand will indicate am or pm, etc. that the bezel can’t. And while a cleaner dial may be more appealing to some, a dive-style watch has a more a functional tool look and can support additional dial complications.

  • Daniele Bonaldo

    To me a full dedicated GMT hand is more immediate to read compared to a 12 hours bezel

  • Brian Tymczyszyn

    I would imagine that a dedicated would be best but I don’t own a gmt yet so I can’t say. If I’m lucky this will be my first.

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    Please, count me in for this one! It is a cool watch

  • GavinW

    A dedicated GMT hand works best but just bezel works great for short trips. I am a sucker for the Bamford blue on a black DLC.

  • Jeffrey Kot

    The blue hands are an nice touch

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Happy Swiss Day!

  • Andre Braz

    Bamford is classic design, I love it. I personally prefer to turn the bezel for GMT. It’s easier and simple.

  • Mohammad Alkazimi

    The color combination is nice. A GMT will intice it.

  • Tobi Tool

    I would prefer a 12-hour bezel. You don’t need a special movement, and I don’t like dials with two much content.

  • Blue Note

    a 12-hour bezel or even a regular diving bezel works, but it is just a way to improvise after all, and it lacks the dedicated purpose and the clear decision to use a real GMT function. Also, if the GMT watch has a date function as well, the 24-Hour hand helps to tell when the date change occurs, in case the movement had stopped and the date wheel needs to be reset.

  • kyriakos Tsangaras

    looks nice

  • Maxtor

    I do prefer a GMT hand. Just what I am used to. Also, makes for a more interesting dial.

    Now, if I could just get out of my time zone more often…

  • Brian Bezel

    I like a 12 hour bezel for a second time zone for it’s simplicity and not cluttering up the dial with a second hand.I’d like to win the Bramford Mayfair watch because I like it’s styling and robust features.The watch would make a great office daily wear for me.

  • Ollie

    My inner child likes a bezel if it has a satisfying ‘click’! But the pragmatist in me much prefers a dedicated GMT movement – much more practical in terms of legibility and quick setting.

    Great looking piece!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Not a bad watch, It’s not a bad size, not a bad price and its smart enough, reliable and legibility is not a problem. Nicely packaged. That’s it really.

  • SPITX206

    Life is too complicated to make mental computations in order to tell the time. We wear a wristwatch to make telling the time even easier since having to dig a phone out of one’s pocket, to some, is difficult and reminiscent of a pocket watch! In my opinion having a full-on dedicated GMT movement certainly is best.

  • Scott

    I prefer a dedicated GMT simply because a rotating bezel is too tempting for me to fiddle with for other purposes (countdown timing, fidgeting, etc)

  • Mischa

    A dedicated time-zone hour hand. 12h, not 24h. Reading it is instantaneous. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t work for 1/2 and 3/4 time zones.
    12h bezel works just as well, but I like using my bezel to keep track of elapsed time.
    24h hand is ok, but takes a bit longer to read. It also adds more text to dial/bezel.

    Full-on multi-city GMT is obviously the most functional, but definitely not the most practical, if you want to track a single time-zone.

  • Demonix

    GMT movement, the extra hand and numbered bezel for tracking another time zone on my mechanical automatics, definitely preferred! Though the ease a radio signal Digital G-Shock enabled watch can easily swap time zone is also cool.

  • Calvin F.

    Dedicated gmt movement is optimal. At least a bezel is fine too. I think that the dedicated gmt movement makes it a lot easier to see immediately.

  • Jeremy

    Funny, have seen on various outlets that Bamfird is getting some bad press from various watch lovers, with lots of comparisons to other watches with greater specs for similar pricing. While valid I think that we may be missing the point and drawing the wrong comparisons. I wouldn’t view Bamford as a boutique offering awesome specs at an amazing price, I wouldn’t view them as an alternative to some of the Seiko watches the hardcore watch crowd adores. It’s not a tool watch, a diver, a pilot, or what not, I would actually consider the watch a fashion watch. Curse words to the wrist watch faithful, but possibly a thing of beauty to the uninitiated. I’d wear it for a week and then gift it to one of my non-watch friends or family. Cheers

  • Dana Votour

    I prefer a dial. I need to know GMT time, local time and another cities time. Easier to spin the dial to the appropriate plus/minus … 4 hours ahead for GMT, 3 hours behind to know West coast time.

  • Yoni

    I prefer the full-on dedicated GMT movement. I find it distinguish and clear and it excludes any unintentional changes you might get by using an external bezel. Also, personally, I don’t need more then one extra time zone an a time.

  • Jon Heinz

    Full GMT all the way. My old Coke GMT-II was so easy; just click to where you need to be. And, plz let me win the Bamford, LOL. 🙂

  • palettj

    I can imagine looking at my GMT hand while operating my JCB 457 Wheel Loader out on the site.

  • drThrillman

    I don’t think there is any better way than the rolex gmt master to track another time zone

  • Bong Estrella

    I prefer a proper GMT movement. Hope I win this GA, i never win any GAs!

  • Warsh

    I prefer tracking time zones via a 12hour bezel because it is simpler than using a GMT movement. The Bamford is handsome, although I wish it were an automatic.

  • Vikram Kumar

    Personally, I prefer having a bezel to track a second time zone.
    It is just easier to set it. It can also be used for timing when not tracking a second time zone.
    The movement is also simpler (easy to service), less things to go wrong, the power reserve (Or battery life) is longer.
    A bezel looks pretty cool as well!

  • chris casaus

    People will find a way to complain about anything even a watch being given away.
    What’s next the clean water you get with a turn of your wrist lol

  • Chris

    proper GMT movement for quick reference.

  • christopher jensen

    A true GMT just seems a lot more intuitive to me.

  • Max Attack

    ewwwww I hate everything about this watch. Most of all the short stubby handset.

  • Lucas Orwig

    I like the bezel, mostly because of simplicity and versatility. I don’t travel that much, so I don’t need to make frequent use of the GMT function. Having the bezel allows me to use it to track elapsed or remaining time fairly easily, and them when necessary track another time zone as well.

  • Rahul Shinde

    I prefer a 12 hour bezel as it can be used in multiple ways when I’m not really tracking time from different time zone. Also the bezel looks cool and less complications are involved with the maintenance.
    Hope I will win this giveaway! Fingers crossed!
    This would be my primary watch and I’ve already started dreaming of it.

  • Simon Ford

    I prefer a GMT with a dedicated extra hand so I see straight away what the time is without having to search

  • Led

    I prefer a full-on dedicated GMT movement. It’s more easy to read and switch to different timezone.

  • Carl Anderson

    I prefer the bezel, as I am usually only tracking home time and another time in the US, and turning the bezel is just simpler. And, because I am usually tracking local time and time where my parents are, I only really need the 12 hour bezel, not a 24 hour one. I also agree with others that the ease of servicing and power reserve/battery life matters too.

  • Bob

    A classic watch with an interesting face why not.

  • Brad Herndon

    Definitely the GMT. Just such a cool feature to have on a watch.

  • Daniel D.

    GMT for me. I just find it is a set and forget, no worries of using my dial for anything else.

  • Jason H

    I prefer a proper GMT movement. Having the second time zone use the same scale (not rotated) as the first helps with legibility. If for some reason you need to track a third time zone, I think a 12-hour bezel (internal or external) makes sense,

  • Dakota Dennison

    A full GMT with 24 hour tracking is the best way to track a second or third timezone. With the GMT iic you can also time things, as the arrow clicks every 2.5 minutes so it is relatively useful for that.

  • Jeff Harper

    12 hour bezel. Just extracting extra functionality out of a typical dive bezel really.

  • Bryan A

    the 12 hour bezel adjustment is easy to use in managing another time zone.

  • jimmy1701

    I prefer a bezel. Easier and quicker.

  • Mr M

    I love a proper GMT setting – easier to read, bit of colour on the dial if the hand is on contrast paint, and like having additional mechanism complication

  • Manuel Manuelín Canallín

    I prefer a proper GMT movement. Dual zone bezels can be confusing when looking at a glance and hard to get used to.

  • Jason Yee

    12-hr bezel – easier to utilize.

  • David Lee

    I prefer the 12-hour bezel. The extra hand of the GMT makes it look a bit busy to me.

  • Pacheaco

    Since I’ve never used the 12 hour bezel, I’d say a dedicated GMT hand. Thinking about it though, the bezel would make it easier to switch between time zones on the move. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to test that idea.

  • Matthew Ireland

    Although I only have one watch with a 24 hr GMT movement hand (Glycine Airman), I prefer it to a bezel because it is easy to track at a glance (and is just plain cool).

  • Miguel -MO

    bezel as well … that is my prefer option.

  • morrm1

    I like the 12 hour bezel much more. It’s faster and easier to set, can quickly be ready, and it can be integrated with any movement since it doesn’t require anything from the movement itself

  • Lloyd Buckland

    As brilliant as a GMT movement is, unfortunately in this day and age it’s easier to glance at your phone therefore the bezel takes a bittersweet win.

  • Fern

    I have a MKII Paradive Gen 3 with the 12 hour bezel which I prefer. It’s just convenient to adjust without having to take off the watch and pull the crown.

  • digitaldave

    Frankly I don’t mind which GMT function I use as long as I know what time Zone I’m in and what the time is.

  • Kun László

    I prefer the dedicated movement, for me it is easier to use and I like the GMT complication look.

  • Lloyd Buckland

    The 12 hour bezel as you don’t need to adjust the hands at all as you change time zones, just a quick adjustment of the bezel is all you need.

  • Framlucasse

    Thank’s, but no thank’s.

  • Michael

    Extra hand. The movable bezel makes the watch look a run-of-the-mill diver. The xtra hand signals that it’s something special. Still, I would happily wear a watch with a 12-hour bezel.

  • mikeymusic

    I prefer a 24 hour bezel indicating am/pm. Otherwise a full GMT movement will do.

  • Nat N.

    Prefer the GMT hand for easier at-a-glance time telling.

  • Jason Kinnin

    I certainly like the 12 hour bezel. It’s how I grew up reading time so it’s natural to me. Not to mention the watch is easy on the eyes

  • Jarrod Portwood

    I do not have–nor have I ever had–a dedicated GMT watch. It’s for this exact reason I know that I prefer a true GMT for dual time zone keeping. I’m a very visual, “at-a-glance” type of time-teller. I need something easy and quick and a GMT fits the bill perfectly.

  • johnwithanh

    12 hour bezel. Less to worry about when service time comes…

  • Ammar Mirascija

    12 hours bezel as one can always confuse GMT hand with seconds hand.

  • Louis Chan

    I prefer the 12-hour bezel. The extra hand of the GMT makes it look a bit busy to me.

  • D.C.

    I like the dedicated GMT movement. Less work keeping track of the other time zone.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    Dedicated GMT with jumping display like in my own GMT watch:)

  • Jonathan

    Gmt! Easy to tell with a quick glance

  • István Rei

    Dedicated GMT movement is the best

  • Donna Corscadden

    GMT, I find it easier when I am busy and distracted to just quickly glance.

  • Ashkan Garshasbi

    I think the best way is to have a small sundial with 12 h indicator and another indicator for day or night.

  • Jonathan Fisk

    I like the 12 hour bezel. It’s much easier to adjust and read. This is a very good looking watch; looks more expensive than it is.

    I have a Citizen Navihawk with second digital display, but I now need my reading glasses to see it!

  • Gregg

    i’m partial to the 12-hour bezel. I think of a day in two, 12 hours segments. Thanks

  • Mark Krebs

    Have a GMT. Prefer the dedicated hand – seems easier to tell time at a glance. I also like the GMT’s that have AM/PM as well. Never had a 12-Hour bezel but could see how they would be useful.

  • Edward

    The 12 hour bezel is much easier to read. id say if someone saw it’d on ur wrist. . WOW a lovely time pice…. smile

  • Ovis

    I prefer a dedicated GMT movement but not the usual solution of a 4th hand but the rarely use one in which the GMT time is shown in a cut-out window similar to the date. I find the presence of a date window on a GMT watch misleading since I don’t know if it shows the date on “my time” or the GMT.

  • Amb Therese

    12 hours bezel . easier to tell by a short glance

  • A full GMT movement, with an independently-settable hour hand, is of course ideal, but a 12-hour bezel works surprisingly well. There’s still a bit of mental math to do, but it’s still quite useful.

  • Steven Servantez

    A full-on dedicated GMT movement. I find it easier to control and feel it is more accurate for me.

  • Curt Thompson

    I definitely prefer a full GMT.

  • SH

    Nice watch. I’m personally a fan of the bezel method of recording a second time zone, although i dont own one, rather have 3 GMT hand watches. My brain struggles with a 24 hour GMT hand, requires too much concentration.

  • James Kinghorn

    Specific GMT hand is clearer / more easily readable for me. Plus this adds an opportunity for the watchmaker to add colour or distinctive design flair to the watch.

  • Jordan Rausch

    12 hours bezel, keeps the face clean and still easy to tell at a glance.

  • Chris MoJo

    I would like a GMT movement for the complication and a two tone bezel certainly adds interest to a watch. A 12 hour bezel is certainly a more affordable option though and perfectly fine for most travel needs but a GMT just feels more special.

  • John Francis

    Looks like a classic in the making, and I like a 12 hour bezel. Military and a little retro make it a very attractive watch that would suit my work and lifestyle.

  • brianna cavins

    GMT more quick and convenient

  • Andy Spencer

    Definately a 12hr bezel for me.
    A few reasons; reliability, affordability and keeping the look of the watch face clean and sharp.

  • JC

    to track a 2nd timezone, I prefer a GMT movement.. like the one on the JL reverse square sometime, where a ‘2nd’ skelleton 1st hand is by default hidden/sync with the main 1st one, and can be easily moved to mark a 2nd timezone.

  • Ian Joyce

    As much as I enjoy GMT movements, a 12 hour bezel is more intuitive to use.

  • Lynette Willie

    This is an important issue to me as we winter in Arizona, where they do not have daylight savings time. I prefer the 12 hours bezel, it keeps the face clean and is easy to read.

  • Dean

    I prefer a GMT movement. To me it is easier to read.

  • Randy Bradford

    Even though I prefer a mechanical movement I do like the ideal of the 12 hour bezel. Seems to be simpler to change. I recently took a vacation where I was in 5 separate time zones. The 12 hour bezel would have been very useful.

  • Adrien Groulx

    The Bamford Mayfair looks like an excellent watch.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    I prefer a dedicated GMT hand. I’ve always liked the look, and it’s conveinient to use.

  • Randall Feniuk

    I prefer full-on dedicated GMT movement. It seems easier to use, but I don’t care for the look of the 12 hour bezel.

  • michael mescher

    I would say that I prefer the simple 12 hour bezel.There are times when a 24 hour full on GMT complication is just to hard to figure out sometimes depending upon the maker of the watch.Especially when you are on the go you want something that is quick and easy to adjust to the time zone that you are in.

  • arthur gusowski

    I like that the bezel is quickly adjusted and doesn’t clutter the face of the watch. Also using the bezel as a timer when not tracking a time zone is super practical.

  • Daniel Park

    GMT! Seeing the the bezel not lined up perfectly always bothers me. Even if it’s on purpose

  • Ashley B.

    I like the full on dedicated GMT movement!!

    ambatchelor0618 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Epichartou

    I prefer the 12h bezel. Intuitive, easy to read, affordable and no additional maintenance cost!

  • Ken Willie

    I would choose the 12 hours bezel, it seems easier to read to me

  • Andrew Clark

    Prefer GMT, I just like the look of it more and I think it’s easier to read.

  • Jim Davis

    Most cases, i think the bezel works fine, especially if I can get a thinner watch as a result. Though, the Oris Pro Pilot Worldtimer is cool because of the way you use the bezel to set the 2nd zone.

  • Stefano Lorenzo

    12 hr

  • Jeff Story

    I prefer the full on GMT. It’s just easier to keep track of them.

  • Rizwan Rahman

    12hr – cheaper, simple and leaves the dial less busy.

  • Martin Chiu

    Either is fine, but the extra hand is handy for am/pm, especially for timezones that are not as familiar.

  • Saayed Agha

    I prefer the GMT bezel, as it enables the wearer to receive a lot more information in one glance at the watch when compared to a 12hr bezel. The 12hr bezel is a repeat of information already shown within the main dial, which makes the GMT a more useful solution internationally.

  • Randy Mac

    Prefer the GMT method. Regarding the Mayfair, it’s watch that wouldn’t be a must have or a first choice purchase, but it is interesting. I’d have to see it on my wrist to form a definite opinion.

  • Jeff Randall

    GMT, definitely. Just prefer the look personally.

  • Greg Dutton

    I prefer a GMT movement vs. a 12hr bezel, since it gives the full 24hr AM/PM notation. A 12hr bezel can work better as a timing bezel, since you can line up the pip with the hour hand and use it as a rough chrono, but it’s also only useful as a second time zone if you know the AM/PM of where you’re tracking.

  • aldogltd

    GMT. Cant knock a GMT hand out of place. And an off centre bezel is always going to annoy me.

  • Tony G

    I like the GMT movement. Helps me remember whether it’s day or night in the second time one.

  • Gregg Turcich

    sweet watch… would love to win it!

  • Leon Wong

    GMT for me. While the 12 hour is easier to set I find a dedicate GMT movement easier to read and expect to be doing a lot more of the latter..

  • Thiago Vasconcelos – Pier1 Cru

    For me a full-on dedicated GMT movement is better

  • cjjohnso

    Gotta go with the dedicated GMT movement. It’s more intuitive to read and, more importantly, the timing doesn’t get screwed up when I compulsively fidget with the bezel.

  • Elliot

    Dedicated GMT movement. Much easier to reference your original time zone.

  • Well… I’ve never need to track another time zone, and the few times I’ve been outside mine I just adjusted my watch and be done with it, but I can’t think any system would be as plain and direct as a digital watch’s dedicated function.

  • Matt Parker

    I would use the GMT function infrequently. I like the 12-hour bezel. Maybe its not quite as intuitive but it would be easy to set.

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    I think both have their useful places, but personally the GMT looks more appealing to me. It seems more … right. I think my brain is more-so visually locked in one what is straight and lined up.

  • Fearless_fx

    I would never use GMT, 12 hour bezel is better!

  • Connie Bocsik

    I really like the 12 hour bezel. Simple and easy 🙂

  • Louis Hixon

    That is a great looking watch. A full-on dedicated GMT movement is better because it is easier to read.

  • Curt Tracy

    The GMT hand appeals to me as the more useful feature to track a second time zone. I naturally look at the hands to tell the time and using the 12 hour bezel would take a bit to get used to but I’d be up to the challenge for the Bamford Mayfair watch. I’d also love the chance to have something custom made per my instructions.

  • RM

    Nice watch! A GMT hand is one of my favorite complications. Accordingly, I’d prefer that to a 12hr bezel.

  • christos

    Difficult to say, I think it depends on the watch. In general, for me, 12h- bezel more practical and GMT better looking.

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    I would use the gmt

  • Lee Gribbon

    I prefer the 12 hour bezel. Quicker and easier to adjust and the full GMT movement looks too cluttered. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Dc

    Full gmt because in my line of work twisting the bezel is fast and easy taking planes over different timezones

  • Fabio De Cillis

    simple design and easly legible; I personally appreciate the GMT as I travel pretty often

  • iBradcon

    Full GMT for multiple reasons. One, the 24-hour hand gives extra info about what part of the day it is. Two, combining the GMT hand with a rotating bezel lets you track three time zones. Three, I’m anal about keeping the bezel oriented in it’s zeroed out position (which, yes, only lets me track two time zones) making a twelve hour bezel useless if I hate moving it.

  • Guy Munro

    to track a second time zone I prefer a 12 hour bezel because it is fast and easy to set.

  • Krishna

    Full on GMT as it is a lot simpler and quicker to read. Better still if the GMT is a separate sub-dial with its own 2 hands. I hope I can win…the only Bamford within my reach!

  • Larry

    This is a great watch. The 12 hour bezel is great. I would use gmt.

  • David

    I find a lone GMT hand with a striking color my GMT of choice. For me it is quicker to read than a bezel, and I use the bezel for measuring time. Now if I travelled more I would probably get one.

  • domokla

    I like better the 12h bezel.

  • Matt

    GMT movement looks nicer and is easier to read the 2nd zone.

  • Zobi

    Much prefer a full on GMT movement. Makes the watch just a bit more special!

  • Antoine Rollin

    For me, a full on dedicated movement, in order to use the bezel for another time zone or measuring time.
    Plus, I like the fourth hand on 24 hours, and the effort required to know what time iti is in the other time zone.
    Thanks ABTW !

  • Ganda Saputra

    12h bezel is easier and quicker

  • Lyndon Tan

    I prefer a full-on dedicated GMT movement, as it’s easier to read the second time zone.

  • serkan

    I think 12-hour bezel is nicer and more fun to track 2nd time zone. Also it may be easier to track half hour time zones.


    full on GMT movement, looks better for me!

  • Darren Williams

    Bezel is easier than GMT.

  • warscourge

    I prefer full-on dedicated GMT movement as it is definitely more accurate and I need not have to think about it at all.

  • JC Nrolla

    The 12-hour bezel is easier to use and quicker to learn

  • microciccio spaccavento

    For me a 12 hours bezel is the best way to track a second time zone, it’s a very simple system, without complications. Not
    to mention that a 12-hour rotating bezel, not being a professional
    diver, also has the advantage of fulfilling all the fundamental (ehm) uses of a
    rotating bezel: cooking pasta, setting a maximum time on social media,

  • Lorna Queen

    I prefer a full on GMT movement, both in terms of looks and also just having a more detailed amount of information on hand!

  • Deniz Ultanur

    I think it depends on the price range. For a budget watch a 12 hour bezel is ok as it is quick to use and very cost effective, but on a higher priced watch it is a ‘cop out’ move. A seperate GMT hand should be there, preferably with a 12 hour bezel as well…
    A pet peeve of mine: some countries have time zones that end with xx:30 so the bezel should actually be in 24 segments. If you have 12 you cannot set the time zone for India, for example.

  • Ajendra Deshmukh

    I prefer to use 12 houres bezel as a tool for tracking second time because you can just tilt your watch and get time where as in GMT you need to take a guss (not exactly but you get the point). Also teh GMT models are a bit expensive. If your 12 hrs beze is of good quality, it wont slpi, hence i feel 12 hr bexel is better option to keep track of second time zone.

  • Jon

    I’d have to go with the 12-hour bezel

  • Simonh

    Full GMT is always the answer, having the extra hand is simple and clear.

  • Mike V

    I prefer a 12 hour bezel because I find it more intuitive.

  • chris_1860

    Full GMT is the best way.

  • Bounce781

    Pretty cool piece from Bamford. I’ve liked the from afar for a while.
    With regards to this question. I like a 12-hour Bezel personally – find it more intuitive and easier for the eye to instantly spot the time difference.

  • Kivi Shaps

    This is one handsome time piece. Simple to the point. I also prefer the 12-hour Bezel as it is easy to read and change as needed. I think Bamford scores a home run with the issue.

  • Brian Kautz

    A dedicated GMT hand is easier and looks cool

  • John Carson

    I prefer the GMT. Once one has become accustomed to it, it’s extremely quick and also intuitive in that one can tell the waking hours of the second time zone easily (i.e., if GMT indicator is at/near the top, don’t call the other person!).

  • Dale

    Dedicated GMT is the way to go.

  • Y Til

    For the gmt i would always prefer the full 24h bezel inside the watch or 12h without a special bezel plus am/pm indicator.

  • ???????? ????????

    I prefer full on GMT movement simply because of 1 reason – gmt hands tend to be colorful, and most of my watches are fairly classy, so a dash of yellow or green or whatever is always welcome.

  • Drail

    Love the watch!

  • Chuck Fisher

    GMT would get my vote. It is easy to see at a glance and adds some flair to the watch.

  • Nic

    I’ve never owned a dual time zone watch. I’ll be sure to post my opinion once I win!!! X^)

  • KJRye

    I actually prefer the simplicity of a 12-hour bezel. Easy to see, easy to set, and doesn’t clutter the dial!

  • Jeremy West

    A dedicated GMT movement. Set the second timezone…just let it sit. Then, if you have a bezel you can save it for timing your parking meter, etc.

  • John Simpson

    I’m quite comfortable with the 12 hour bezel. There aren’t many times where I have to keep track of a second time zone.

  • Chrysanthos Symeonidis

    A GMT movement is difficult to keep track and consequently not that usable. It is nice to look at though… A 12-hour bezel is nicer.

  • M. Rogers

    The 12 hour bezel is the more practical method, because it only takes two two seconds to set. The GMT hand function is more attractive though, and allows for some more color/variety within the dial.

  • Jim Graham

    I use a 12 hour bezel. I hop between California and the East Coast and pretty much live in all the time zones. I use it primarily to keep track of reporter deadlines.

  • Kim Wrigley

    Time presses on

  • Easy Quindo

    GMT because it’s prettier!

  • Stewart James

    My dumb @ss prefers the ease of a dedicated GMT mechanism because I don’t know how to use bezelses precious. Also if I only had one hand the GMT thingy would be easier.

  • GJordan

    Love the 12 hour bezel

  • Nice watch and yes, I agree that a numeric bezel is a lot more practic that an dive one.

  • Rhino67

    I have the watch I was issued in the military referred to as the “Navigator” by Marathon that has this same 12 Hour bezel as well as a Rolex GMT Master II. I find the 12 hour bezel easy to adapt to for setting GMT as a reference and keeping track of alternate time zones. It is also useful on the golf course for keeping track of strokes when things are moving slow between shots and one is consuming a few beers as a slow foursome in front of you takes inordinate time to finish the hole! Quartz watches stand up to the rigors of club impact better than mechanical watches; one hates the sound of the auto-winding pendulum coming loose and scraping against the mechanism.
    I like this watch and the color scheme and would purchase it if I could.

  • Thierry

    I prefer a dedicated GMT movement. I have this on my Citizen SkyHawk and it allows me to set-up any time I want, and remove the ones I don’t need. Okay it is quartz, but still. Very usefull. I rotating bezel could move, and then…

  • Allen Ross

    I would prefer the dedicated GMT movement versus the standard 12hr bezel for it’s ease of use.

  • BillSWPA

    Dedicated GMT. The wearer will need local time much more often than the reference time. The ability to set the primary hour hand to local time while the watch runs, and the GMT hand remains on reference time, permits telling local time by looking at the familiar two hands.

  • Mark

    The Bamford Mayfair is a beautiful watch. But I feel that a full on GMT movement with corresponding dial and bezel would be better for tracking a second time zone than a 12 hour bezel. With the GMT, you just have to look once it is set. With. 12 hour bezel, you have to take that extra step to realize am or pm.

  • Greg Hall

    12-hour bezel has always worked for me

  • shanekleinpeter

    I have a GMT watch with a jumping hour GMT hand. As such, I find it very easy to use and more elegant than a simple 12 hour bezel. This Bamford is still a nice looking watch and would certainly work as designed.

  • Djoha

    This Bamford Mayfair is a very attractive watch and, with the 12-hour bezel, it is quite practical for travelers or those whose work has them in contact with people in different time zones. I like the clean and classic looks that echo the past but resonate contemporary design.

  • Michel Rauhl

    the most advance thing in this watch is 12 hour bezel u can track the times more easily
    hope to win this time

  • GalaxyGuy

    While the 12 hour bezel is definitely useful, I find a “true” GMT function to be more useful only because it allows for a more convenient way to switch between timezones while tracking your hometime (including whether it is day or night there).

    This Bamford watch is quite stylish. I like their aesthetic in general, and this watch, in its simplicity, really gets it right.

  • Dan Baxter

    Of the two choices, a true GMT would be my preference. It’s just a much more sophisticated solution to keeping track of a 2nd timezone.

  • turboBB73

    I much prefer a 12 hr bezel, can easily adjust to any time zone on the fly without needing to unscrew the crown (most diver GMT’s) and then setting the hand. Plus it’s less wear and tear overall (crown threads, stem, gaskets, GMT mechanism). Bezel would be so much easier and cheaper to replace.

  • Sergiu Luca

    First preference is for dedicated gmt hand as I’m working abroad and by that I set the time for each location once and use it for long time. When travelling, 12h bezel is more convenient as it is easier to set based on each location.

  • mickey

    Nice watch. I prefer the 12 hour bezel. Easier to track and change on the go. Minimum upkeep.

  • Colin Southam

    Nice looking watch! a GMT hand would really finish this off well along with the 24 hour bezel!

  • Jason Tucker

    GMT movement for me.

  • Clement Yong

    As a regular business traveller, I personally find the 12 hour bezel simple (no need to manipulate crown) and fit for purpose (day/night recognition is usually not a problem!)

    With that said, in the world of smartwatches and even smarter phones, functionality is not really the point and I really enjoy the aesthetics of split colour GMT bezels.

    Conclusion-whatever makes you tick!

  • Bartman Hawaii

    I need the GMT movement because I need actual GMT on a 24 hour scale

  • I.Kolarov

    GMT movement with clear indicators for 24 hours on the watch face. I find the bezels (even the 24h ones) confusing to use for this purpose.

  • bert gillespie

    12 Hr bezel like an ebook vs a real book less complicated, tactile feedback and will work regardless of the environment.

  • HereForThePrize

    12 hour bezel for me. Faster without the need to set the GMT hand.

  • SBUBandit

    I do like the look of a true GMT, although I’ve never had a reason to track a separate time zone.

  • Louis Tong

    12 hr bezel – In my opinion the bezel is easier to read a second time zone, however you aren’t able to discern am/pm. Honestly it shouldn’t be difficult, if you know where you are going to be. Or the time you are tracking.

  • Savik King

    I’ve got to say GMT movement because of the pure functionality

  • wallyboy23 .

    Nice looking watch in a sensible size. I like!

  • Steve

    12 hour bezel seems more workable for me.

  • Humphrey Mar

    12-HOUR BEZEL. It’s simple and easy.

  • Mark

    Honestly, I have never in my life had a need to track two times zones simultaneously. If I had, a simply bit of mental math would likely suffice. However, I vastly prefer the look of a GMT hand over using bezel markings.

  • Khoi T

    I prefer the GMT hand out of the two. But what I use is a Seiko 7T32/42, which has a 2 hand alarm that also functions as a 2nd time zone clock.

  • JDB

    Because I actually travel and reset watches to local time, the only GMT complication which would work for me is a true jumping local hour – not jumping 24 hour hand. The 24-hr hand should always point to home time, while the regular 12-hr hand should jump to whatever time zone I just landed in. Thus, GMT only when done properly by Rolex or Omega, for example. Since those are out of my price range, I VOTE for the 12-hr bezel. Not only is it simple and elegant, but I assume it also allows a thinner watch since you don’t need to squeeze in another hand. Although I admire more sophisticated complications, at my budget and usage, I just don’t have any need to own a GMT when a 12-hr bezel serves the purpose, keeps the watch slimmer, and hopefully results in lower cost of ownership/service.

  • Donald Levy

    I would actually prefer a dedicated movement for a second time zone. Since I don’t have on, however, as soon as I get on a plane, I reset my watch to the time zone I am going to. I’m a firm believer that to avoid jet lag, you must set your watch in order set your brain.

  • JF Beaulieu

    I like the full gmt movement better. I have one in my Bell & Ross BR03-92 GMT and i find the second time zone super easy to read. I never onwed a watch with a 12 hour bezel but I think the only way to read the second time zone fast on those would be to twist your hand so that 12 would be on top which is unconfortable

  • Erin N

    Hello! This watch looks absolutely amazing! I think the 12-hour bezel method out of the two listed. It seems easier and more practical to me. Thank you!

  • Panama_Jack

    I cannot read a dedicated GMT hand as instantly as a 12 hour bezel. This is why I prefer the simple solution

  • Alvin

    I prefer a dedicated GMT. With a 12 hour bezel sometimes we may get confused if it is am or pm over at the other end. It’s clearer with a GMT.

  • BC & Company

    I have always used a watch with a dedicated GMT. It has served me well on my travels.

  • Nixa

    I prefer the dedicated GMT- it’s much easier to read.

  • Keith Ritchie

    I prefer the GMT, it just works well for my use!!

  • ikg

    Personally, I prefer 12-hour bezel.

  • Benjamin

    GMT wins hands down (no pun intended) – the bezel version only tracks 12 hrs, and the second dimension for the hours hand confused. I’d still love the Hanford, though!

  • N.D.C

    I like a full-on dedicated GMT movement, because it’s easy to use.

  • SeanM

    I’m not concerned with GMT. When I travel, I set my watch to the local time. Looking at the Bamford watch, I see that the bezel method is simple, elegant and most importantly, works

  • Duke Togo

    I prefer 12-hour bezel:

    – Simple (less to go wrong, cheaper to buy and service)
    – Attractive
    – Understandable, Quick, Easy to use

    The most desirable thing is for the 12-hour bezel to have an appropriate number of clicks (24?)
    … rather than just taking the easy route with a standard 60 or 120 click dive bezel.

  • I prefer a dedicated GMT and use the bezel for other purposes.

  • Mark ZuVerink

    A dedicated GMT hand is much easier to read. No calculation necessary.

  • Michael van der Veen

    I prefer the 12 hour bezel, as the dial is more readable (less cluttered) and one can read the home time in one quick glance. I really like how easy and intuitive this system is

  • Natalie

    I prefer a dedicated GMT because it makes it easier to know if it is am or pm.

  • angela

    I prefer a dedicated GMT its easier to read and you dont get confused if its am or pm that way.

  • Chris MacEwen

    I like full-on dedicated GMT movement. It’s just more straight forward.

  • Cal

    beautiful watch; tool watches can be spartan, this has character

  • Yaseen Abdulrahiman

    Hi! I would prefer dedicated GMT over 12 hour Bezel because the 12 hour will not keep the AM/PM for timezones more than 12hour away. However, there have been very few cases where I had to rely on a watch for the time of two or more places with different timezones.

  • Apollo Frost

    GMT because I’m too lazy for maths!

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Great tool watch. I prefer the 12 hour bezel to track a second time zone.

  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    I like full-on dedicated GMT movement. It’s just more straight forward.

  • David Theobald

    A 12 hour bezel is much more useful for all sorts of reasons including tracking a second time zone. A 24 hour bezel is even more useful if a specialist customisation firm like Bamford can’t do this, who can?


    Looks classic , like it, want it!

  • Andrew Morgan

    What a nice watch. The 12 hour bezel as a second time zone indicator works for me. This allows for cleaner, simpler face on the watch.

  • dan negoita

    I would prefer to have a dedicated GMT hand and also having countdown bezel as I have on my Chr Ward Trident. It is always my go on watch when I leave the country as it very easy to read at a glance.

  • Olaf

    For me its a dedicated movement. It pleases the eye more and I find myself more comfortable reading the time.

  • Lurch

    I prefer a full-on dedicated GMT movement over a 12 hour bezel, because it is easier to read and identify the time.

  • Stewart Novinger

    Really nice looking watch, prefer mechanical but I have multiple quartz watches that I wear regularly. As far as GMT watches go my favorite are those that have a separate GMT hand and a 24 hour bezel. It is nice to be able to tell that second time zone on a scale that allows you to relate the time as well as AM/PM to the home/reference time.

  • Stewart Novinger

    Very nice looking watch, I prefer mechanical watches but I have a few quartz pieces that I wear on a regular basis. As far as GMT watches go I like models with a separate GMT hand and a 24 hour bezel. Obviously this allows one to have a day/night indication in addition to the second time reference. I like having the extra information.

  • Sergei Rõbakov

    In practice there isn’t much of a difference between a 12-hour bezel or a GMT hand. Both are fine at tracking another time zone. But i would prefer a dedicated GMT movement just for the sake of aesthetics and craftsmanship.

  • Ryan

    I think the GMT function is more practical. It takes longer to set, sure; but it is more legible and easy to read when quickly glancing at your watch.

  • Manzur Dan

    For me, GMT looks better and I think is more practical.

  • Pasi Piirainen

    Why not do it like Maradonna? Watch in both hands. One for local time and another for home time. Twice the fun?

  • Okasha Zia

    I like how it looks and I personally believe that GMT looks better

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    I choose full-on dedicated GMT movement with 24-hour zone over 12-hour bezel because time zone consist of 24-hour zone. You need AM or PM, or better 24-hour zone.

  • Claudiu

    The GMT hand is easier to read, but depending on the price difference it may not be worth it.

  • Chris Martin

    I prefer the 12 hour bezel. But that’s honestly just because it’s what I am used to. I get the information I need at a quick glance.

  • gtbr

    i like the gmt movement

  • AreQ_BAH

    Full GMT movement gives you more options and it is easier to set when traveling there and back. It also gives you more freedom to what and how are you tracking. Plus… it is cooler because of complication itself to use it. It is more fun to set it through crown and see hour hand jump.

  • Paul Teets

    I much prefer the GMT complication. For me it is just more preferred as I think it is easier to use.

  • GKS

    GMT complication (or an ana-digi setup with a digital window). It adds some complexity, but it’s a clearer, more reliable indicator.


    Depending on the watch I can go both ways. I love a good GMT that can just give me the time at a glance but if I’m looking for a more affordable timepiece I will go with a rotating bezel. If I’m counting on the piece to help me for an extended amount of time, ie 2 or more days, I will always side with the GMT so I don’t accidently turn the bezel not paying attention.

    • Zane Domke

      I always worry about accidentally rotating the bezel away from accuracy while travelling. Subconsciously fidgeting with things (i.e. Watches, Wallets) is a serious problem for me.

  • Tushar

    I will prefer GMT over 24 hours bezel, easy to read and manage when traveling back & forth in different time zone every few weeks or months.

  • Daniel Gatto

    Good to see a nice diver-inspired 40mm. I prefer a 12-hour bezel as it has other practical uses and keeps the dial less cluttered.

  • James Dillon

    I prefer the bezel.

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    The GMT is far more functional and more fun to look at

  • Uriar

    I have three GMTs and they are not so easy to read at a glance (two are a sub dial and one is an extra GMT hand). I have no 12 hour bezel and would love to try this method. It seems easier to read although you have no PM/AM indication.

  • Shubhankar Biswas

    Nice Watch. I will prefer the full on GMT over a bezel any day. The bezel seems like an after thought, a cheap hack per say.Watches are a piece of art and would you compromise on art?

  • Giovanni Hezekiah

    That’s a neat watch! I think I prefer a 12-hour bezel, because it’s way more practical rather than if you have to unscrew the crown.

  • Sean Daniel Parisi

    12 hour bezel is more practical -in that; it is easy to quickly setup /reference and an extra complication is just another feature to break 🙁

  • Zane Domke

    On most days when I wear a watch with a GMT or 12-hour bezel function, I typically don’t have need for it. Although, when I do use it, I prefer a GMT because I can set it and leave it knowing that it is correct 100% of the time. 12-hour bezels could be bumped and allowed to turn, which would wreck all hope of accuracy on a secondary or tertiary timezone or the like.

    As a note on the watch being given away, Bamford watches have always intrigued me, but they were always out of reach financially until this sport collection came out. I would truly appreciate the chance to win this timepiece.


  • Zane Domke

    That makes sense, I struggle a bit with that myself.

  • Louis

    Cool watch. To me, the best way to read different time zones will always be a complete GMT movement but a bezel is better than nothing and it’s nice to see a diver that’s different from the competition.

  • Gary Barclay

    Dedicated GMT movement for easier reading and better looks.

  • NC

    I think a true 24hr movement, like the Glyscine Purist watches are best for GMT/24 hr timekeeping. Even with one set of hands and a bezel, two 24-hr timezones are easily tracked.

  • Jason

    A 24 hour bezel has always been most convenient to me for a second time zone.

  • Calvin R

    worthy looking watch

  • Akash Misra

    Sleek design with a clearly legible dial, will def check the brand’s other offerings out.

  • benden99

    Good looking piece. As for tracking a second time zone I prefer a 12 hour rotating bezel. Its simple to do.

  • JohnBoy of Alaska

    Cool watch. Ok just make me the winner.
    As for following a second time zone I prefer an external bezel. I find the internal 4th hand confusing when taking a quick glance at the time. Sometimes I try to read the 4th hand as the minute or hour hand. Though I do like the way the SkyDweller does it. That’s not confusing.

  • ptrix

    i think a external bezel would be most ideal for tracking two timezones, and has the benefit of being a bit more stylish. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Timo Kervinen

    Dedicated GMT movement over anything. It’s one of the few actually useful complications and very quick to read.

  • David Sparks

    12 hour bezel, handy to be able to compare more than one timezone at once.

  • Joe

    Dedicated GMT for sure, if for no other reason than it makes for a cooler look. A 12-hour bezel is certainly easier to make, more reliable, etc. but it just feels a little “hack-y.” I prefer the visual interest of the GMT hand. All of that said, I don’t necessarily think either is easier to read quickly.

  • Jacek

    Simplicity. As an active diver who also uses a dive computer and backs up with dedicated analog pieces for accuracy and security simplicity is key. Give me a 12 hour piece without the extraneous bits and unnecessary complications which only subtract from the elegance the piece was first created with the intention to portray. Simple. Very.

  • egznyc

    While both approaches add value, my preference would be having a dedicated GMT hand. (I’ve been thinking of getting one for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger.) I think I’d find it easier to read – particularly if the two time zones are far apart – and it’d be less likely to get accidentally changed.

  • x2jneat

    Definitely the 12 hour bezel. They are about even until it becomes 1 o’clock, then I have trouble adding up military time.

  • Jimi

    First choice would be a GMT with a 24 hour bezel and 24 hour inner flange (so you can actually track 3 time zones). Second choice would be a World Timer.

  • Stefan Gutehall

    My choice for showing GMT on a watch would be a 4th hand, not a separate subdial, that show 24 hour time. For example like Sinn 856 UTC (and many others.) I find it very easy to read this way, and the dial still is kept quite simple.


    I like the look of thee GMT hand, and it seems to provide immediate feedback….

  • Andrew Billisits

    I prefer the dedicated GMT Hand, additionally it offers the functionality of a 24 Hour indicator that comes in handy in some professions.

  • William

    I find a dedicated GMT movement more practical than a 12-hour bezel. Personally it catches my eye better from a legibility and quick check of the time perspective. Either work but given a choice I would go with a dedicated GMT movement.

  • Matt

    I would prefer the dedicated gmt hand. The less thinking I have to do the better!

  • LetoAtreides69

    GMT easier to read (digitals even easier like my G-shock that accompanies me on all my field work…) than a 12 hr bezel – unintuitive

  • Josh Slimmer

    If I had to choose, it would be a GMT. But I can also do math!!

  • Doober

    Not only does a GMT movement look better, it is also easier to read without having to do some mental gymnastics to figure out the time.

  • Kelvin Johnathan Walstra

    Full on dedicated GMT movement because the bezel doesn’t have a locking device on the 12 hour, so it sometimes tends to move when you bump it or accidentally adjust the bezel without realising, losing your accuracy on your second time zone.

  • Eldred Brunson

    Dedicated GMT. It’s cleaner and easier to read.

  • Mic

    Please i would like to know if this giveaway is open to Canada. Thank you!

  • Ed Yu

    GMT hand makes it easier to see day/night.

  • Calvin Lee

    12-hour bezel or full-on dedicated GMT movement?
    Hello! About find more practical for tracking a second time zone, I prefer dedicated GMT movement more than 12 hour Bezel. It is because 12 hours will not let the time zone AM or PM exceed 12 hours. However, in the time of two or more places with different time zones, I have to rely on watches very rarely.

  • LapYoda

    I’ve had a watch with a 12 hour bezel and didn’t find it terribly helpful for tracking a second time zone, especially because it doesn’t account for AM/PM. I would much rather have a dedicated GMT movement.

  • Lucas Martins

    I believe that often the bezel is more stylish than a dedicated GMT. Something about the simplicity to solve the problem feels sexy to me. Although I agree its a bit more complicated to use. However choosing between them is highly dependent on the design watch

  • ross kaleolani

    If needed I would prefer GMT for not only am-pm, also if bezel inadvertently rotates.

  • hawaiicanal89

    I prefer the 12 hour bezel. I have never been to Greenwich, don’t intend to visit Greenwich, and therefore have no reason to constantly know what time it is in Greenwhich.

    In all seriousness, I do believe that the the 12 hour bezel is a more elegent solution to the same problem.

  • MintaBoggs

    Like the bezel. I would love to win for my husband

  • AEF

    A dedicated GMT movement. The 12 hour bezel is not as intuitive and, as has recently happened to me with my Marathon field watch, the bezel can snap off and be lost. Most bezels, GMT or diving, are not fixed to the watch as they are with Sinn or a few other brands.

  • Andy Burd

    Awesome watch, definitely out of my budget.

  • David Humphrey

    A 12 hour bezel is fine.

  • Element joe

    Beautiful watch, with a modern classical design, would definitely love to win it, i prefer a GMT movement, because it lets me change the primary hour hand easily to whatever time zone i am in, convenient for travelling.

  • TheM

    I’ll go with the bezel because I’m all for simple solutions (and because crossing timezones doesn’t really happen a lot for me). It might not be the finest, but it get’s the job done with minimal added complexion.

  • gun

    I’d go for Gmt, the bezel isn’t trustable enough in my opinion (what if I accidentally rotate the bezel?)

  • Brian Wells

    I find GMT to be a lot more useful, especially because it can help when dealing with time zones far enough away that day/night is an important distinction.

  • Doctor Ben

    I think the bezel looks better, which is important if most of the time you aren’t needing the second time zone

  • trxtr

    additional complication is always a bonus for a watch. As GMT movement is more difficult to make, compared to rotating bezel, it’s often a more desired option. But simple rotating bezel is more practical. The dial is not cluttered with extra digits and extra hand, time is read easier. The only possible issue is the bezel can be accidentally shifted from the correct position, while the GMT setting can not.

  • Airweack42

    I think the 12 hour bezel is fine, thanks for the giveaway!

  • Rick

    The Bamford Mayfair is a nice sporty looking wrist watch which I could also wear proudly with a suit. Regarding a GMT watch, I prefer a dedicated 24 hour dedicated hand. A 24 hour ‘movable’ bezel has the capability to move and I do not want to take chances on even being off a bit when using the second time zone hand! All my GMT watches have a dedicated 2nd zone hour hand.

  • kat hofmann

    I love the 12 hour bezel in combination with the unpretentious dial sporting just the outline of simple geometric shapes as indizies. its minimailstic. using it as a quick option to calculate the time in another time zone is a bonus.

  • Elliott Axinn

    Until seeing this watch, I thought I preferred a full-on GMT watch. However, I love the clean look of this watch, and I think that it has just changed my mind!

  • Rick T

    The Bamford Mayfair is a very interesting watch for what I assume is their first “in brand” watch (meaning not a mod on an existing watch).

    For a dual time zone, I prefer the dedicated 4th hand to help keep track of the different time zones. It’s an easier way to read the separate time zones at a quick glance as opposed to the 24 hr bezel which, for me, takes a few moments to calculate.

  • Soulmachiklamo

    A GMT movement is a nice complexity, but sometimes a clean dial is the way to go. And as mentioned, maybe more people will actually use the bezel? If I really had to choose I’d go for the GMT though!

  • David N Atkinson

    I’d say the dedicated GMT movement because it mitigates am/pm confusion and doesn’t carry the risk of accidental rotation that the bezel does.

  • Chisholm Deupree

    12 hr bezel, for simplicity

  • Peter Szczerba

    I prefer the GMT movement. Once accustomed to it its so quick and seamless, and removes any pm/am confusion. Also much cleaner with regards to design/aesthetic.

  • Huseyin Emrem

    I prefer the 12 hour bezel to track second time zone. The simpler the dial, the better dor me.

  • hachep

    I prefer a dedicated GMT movement because it seems to provide immediate feedback

  • Aaron

    I like the ‘outlined’ indices. Nice touch. I prefer to track a second time zone using a 12 hour bezel because moving the bezel allows me to engaged with the watch.

  • Jose Felipe Garcia Vivanco

    For me a 12 hour dial is the way to manage my time. Simple, better and more accurate.

  • I like my Hager GMT Traveller for second time zones – although my Citizen AT9035-51a is nice too – with a full-on sub-dial that’s set to a second timezone in 24 hr format. I think either are remarkably practical – although for ease of switching between the two, the Citizen wins, hands down.

  • Chema

    I prefer a dedicated GMT movement. Easier to focus for me.

  • S. Mark

    “Full-on dedicated GMT movement” all the way for me. I need that 4th hand pointing to a 24hr bezel, preferably with an arrow. That said the dial has to be nice and clean. Oh, and if I’m randomly chosen and there are shipping restrictions, I’ll happily pick up the tab – it’s a Bamford.

  • sunder waran

    gmt for me all the way.

  • Douglas Weedman

    The 12 Hour Bezel- because I am used to it!

  • Daryl Sivakumaran

    I prefer the GMT function for tracking a second time zone relative the 12 hour bezel.
    This is mainly because I prefer the bezel for timing things on trips, such as pit stops or duration at a particular attraction. Leave the GMT function for tracking things at home.

  • mohammed fadil ashraf

    I prefer 12 hours, because its simple and easy. Can get precise timing in a single glance.

  • Jo Fo

    a great looking GMT

  • benjamin

    I prefer dedicated GMT function because moving the bezel all the time is annoying to people who have problems with symmetry. if the bezel isn’t in the standard position it at times anxiety provoking.

  • Nice, clean design!

  • Austin Phillip

    The 12 Hour Dial . It comes down to its simplicity for me

  • Zaki Browning

    Dedicated GMT, but 12 hour bezel can be nice and simple depending on the time difference

  • Jim Sandy

    I prefer a proper GMT. Just prefer the look and I think it’s a tidy way to know the time wherever your other half might be. The Mayfair watches look kind of fun, not taking themselves too seriously. And why not? Plenty of time to wear your posh watch.

  • Wendy Feryanto

    Great approach to a tool watch, it would add more style to an adventurer like me

  • Joe rossini

    I always look for the 12h bezel GMT style, it gives me a sense of a “higher end” timepiece. Additionally, it is simple to follow/use the GMT function when you glance at the watch.

  • Chia Christopher

    GMTs for me and I prefer the ETA 2893 movement for easier date setting.

  • vanick

    My preference is a dedicated GMT movement frees up the bezel for either a third timezone indication or just general aesthetics.

  • Michael J. Dulude

    Both have their pros and cons. A rotating bezel is the cheaper, but a bit harder to read; a dedicated GMT complication is more intuitive and easier to read, but usually comes with a higher pricepoint.
    I prefer a GMT complication.

  • Antonio Rosales

    I understand the straight forward 24 hour bezel best. But certainly I would like to experiment with the 12 hour bezel.

  • Nancy J Montgomery

    I prefer the 12-hour bezel because it’s easier for North Americans.

  • Bobby Creel

    I prefer a gmt hand

  • Charles West

    12 hour bezel. It’s like looking at two watches at the same time. The GMT looks better and has more versatility for style, but it’s just not as fast.

  • Babis Doulamatis

    I prefer to work on a rotating bezel, so it’s 12h bezel all the way.

  • Aneesh Kancherla

    GMT’s for the win.

  • Korrey6

    Full GMT, because it is easier to use. Just look at the hands and you know. Just like other three handed watchee.

  • chris

    i prefer to use the GMT easier to use . A automatic Mayfair would be awesome. Great to see see British Horology is still booming

  • Mike Bookhardt

    I prefer a full on GMT. A bezel can get bumped or moved, and a GMT is easier to read quickly.

  • Rully Dachlan

    I prefer GMT. It’s easier for me, also automatic would be nice

  • wcse

    I prefer a full GMT movement with a 24h dial. I’ve traveled on 24+ itineraries and it gets confusing with a 12h dial whether its day or night at home.

  • Augusto Viglino

    GMTs movements are surely easier to use and more “accessible”, but I just have never been able to justify myself the price mark up… After all, for how I use it, a bezel is functional enough; and when about to invest in a complicated mechanical I far prefer other complications

  • Dave

    I prefer a dedicated GMT movement with the 24 hour time scale especially when traveling to timezones plus or minus 12 hours or more, it makes tracking time much easier and leaves the bezel free to time other things.

  • Agnar Sidhu

    I prefer a GMT movement instead of a 12 hour bezel as I find the extra hand easier to folllow an read than looking at the bezel.

  • George Elgart

    Always best to have the full GMT function, but this is nice as an alternative. For the price, it is really pretty like able and would be happy to have one. Nice article.

  • WFitch

    I much prefer a GMT, especially if travelling. On the other hand, if you only need to check the same timezone outside of your home time, then the bezel does the job just as well. For example, I live on the other side of the globe than most of my family, so I’m checking the same timezone 95% of the time.

  • Gary Giffin

    tracking a second time zone I use my Aquadive BS100 GMT when travelling.

  • Stephanie

    I do like a GMT movement. It seems to help out a bit more when traveling.

  • ivan j

    GMT; easier to use and more intuitive

  • Jeff Harper

    12 hour bezel, for the easiest adjustment to a second time zone. Also accounts for half-hour time zones, such as in Afghanistan.

  • David Fisher

    The twelve hour bezel works for me. The GMT complication is an interesting feature but I prefer the simplicity of the bezel.

  • eric chan

    12 hour bezel, as it is much easier to operate and do the same job for me. I can even use it to count minutes also.

  • sko2386

    Probably a dedicated GMT hand. I personally think it’s one of the more practical complications you can have in a watch.

  • I.Kolarov

    GMT movement. Definitely. More detailed indices on the dial/bezel won’t hurt either.

  • Andres

    The easiest way to see a second time zone is with the 12-hour bezel, but a GMT allows you to know with a glance not only the time but also if it is day or night, which is very useful for those who travel to places far away.

  • A G

    GMT shows time right where it is, I find it more convenient.

  • Craig Daniels

    GMT for me. Delineates day and night, which is important when travelling, once the body clock gets messed up in another time zone …

  • David

    I prefer GMT. For me it is easier to adjust and to read the timezone. I only use a bezel to measure elapsed time.

  • Rich

    12 hour bezel for me as it’s easier to set!

  • Eric K.

    GMT Movement for sure. It helps the wearer know differentiate between day/night in the current and home timezones

  • David


  • Have to say GMT over 12-hour, unless your not straying far from home. No real preference though.

  • Leo C.

    I prefer a GMT movement, as it was designed specifically for travel and allows for tracking a third time zone.

  • Andrew Metri

    GMT helps you differentiate time of day

  • catchdvapor

    GMT as I find it easier to read.

  • Stewart James

    GMT has more moving parts to break so I win watch now.

  • Andy Berrios

    I find a fully dedicated GMT more useful as for 1-2 time zones and full 24 hour time read out.

  • RDA2

    I prefer the look of GMT – it’s cleaner.

  • glessner

    Thanks for the giveaway. I prefer a dedicated gmt movement because while 2 times are good, 3 times are better!

  • Tim

    I’d prefer a GMT complication – ease of reading the watch.

  • Joel Rosenfeld

    I find a GMT movement to be more helpful than a rotating bezel.

  • Greg Dz

    A GMT movement is a beautiful complication and I have not this one in my collection.

  • Christopher Redhead

    Firstly, I really love the look of this watch. For me the most practical way of following a second time zone is a simple 12 hour bezel. It only takes seconds to set and doesn’t interfere with the mechanics of the watch.

  • Jonathan Webb

    GMT for me. It’s a much more robust way of tracking other time zones. Plus, the extra hand leads to questions from others – always good to get an opportunity to discuss aspects of the watch!

  • Steven Walraven

    The GMT movement would be very helpful with a quick read for the time in an other part of the world. I have friends currently living in North America while I am in Europe. A quick scan of this watch would save me quite some thinking. The twelve hour bezel is still asking you to first read your current time and then follow the bezel to the time that you have set.

  • Bossman

    As time goes on and my eye site deteriorate the 12 hour bezel becomes more and more attractive!

    Although a full on GMT (and there are some nice and iconic options out there!) is probably the best way to track two time zones, reading this is just so much easier. It is also not that difficult to remember what the time difference is between home and wherever so 24 hour bezels are not really required.

    Not being a diver I do not really have a use for a diving bezel and a 12 hour bezel makes so much more sense. Thanks to the layout of the markings it can still be used to track elapsed time for example when boiling eggs!

  • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

    I’ll be a minority here, but when I need to track two time zones I prefer an ana-digi quartz.

  • kieronwood

    I prefer the functionality of a GMT complication and like to set my watch to local time zone and use the gmt hand to track my home time zone

  • Miguel -MO

    Thanks for the giveaway. I like the GMT look.

  • andysimmons

    I like a dedicated GMT Movement. Much more sophisticated and elegant.

  • Dávid Katona

    The bezel can be more practical for frequent time zone changes.

  • donkol

    12-hour bezel is what I can afford!

  • Garbo

    I’m very new to watches but I like the look of the GMT movement because to my novice eyes it “looks nicer”.

  • Tomasz Daniecki

    I have a rather poor eyesight, so I prefer a cleaner, easier to read solution – GMT.

  • Tomasz Daniecki

    I have a rather poor eyesight, so I prefer a cleaner, easier to read solution – GMT.

  • landir

    12-hour bezel is as good as it is simple!

  • Allen Ross

    Dedicated GMT is better for me.

  • Steve Bowden

    I much prefer a GMT movement to a 12 hour bezel! Also I have a wonderful Bamford story to tell. On a previous iteration of the Bamford Website, there was a map that unfortunately misplaced Chicago . I let George know about this, and told him that by moving Chicago he had accidentally wiped out one of Canada’s most colorfully named cities, that of ‘Moose Factory’, Ontario. I recommended that he apologize to the Mayor of Moose Factory. He sent me a lovely letter and a watch strap. George is rockin’ it in the UK. I would love to wear the Bamford Mayfair!

  • les

    The older I get [70] the more I like really easy to read watch faces.

  • Ed Canupp

    I am a dedicated GMT movement person, primarily because I use my bezel to measure my work product while working on guitars. This use of the bezel is the easiest for me to use and keep up with my billing. I am also a pilot and the GMT (ZULU) time ( 24 hours ) is essential for my tracking of my flight plans. I will absolutely purchase this watch the way it is, ( love at first sight ) and a second one with a brightly colored GMT second time zone hand if it ever becomes available.

  • Gage

    I like the bezel method because it is less complication and faster IMO. Less movement of the crown overtime with less wear as well!

  • V Pham

    I think GMT is most practical, especially when travelling to areas that span multiple time zones (ie. international travel), but I personally like the appearance of the 12-hour bezel for what I feel is a more simple and elegant look.

  • bgoldsm

    What a sweet looking watch. I probably prefer the GMT over the bezel because its easier to read but I’d still wear it!!! Çool!!!!

  • Ugo

    if only it’d be so easy.
    i’m still trying to find “the” GMT watch, and, unbelievably, despite thousands of microbrands and hundreds of well established brands that’ve been doing watches for centuries there’s no way to have the “right” GMT watch.
    first of all, a 12 hours bezel is way too simple to be effective: it can’t even distinguish between AM/PM, and that’s a huge point when you’re talking about a second time zone.
    a 24 hours bezel, better subtly bicoloured, is already better but obviously useless without a fully dedicated GMT module for the movement.
    an interesting possibility has been proposed by Jaeger-LeCoultre with the rotating ring on their Polaris Chronograph WT, which, as it says, it’s a WT and not properly a GMT, but on the other side they’ve gone terribly wrong on so many other aspects of that watch so let’s just not consider it (better, on the same concept, the Zenith Pilot Doublematic World Timer GMT which at least has a date indicator, FFS).

    then we’re back on a fully dedicated, GMT movement, but we’re far from finished.
    first thing we need to say is that the best solution is always to prioritise visibility of the main function which sells the watch, and since who wants a GMT watch needs the GMT let’s put the GMT handle on the center and let’s avoid tiny subdials (sometimes with subdials’ subdials to give AM/PM indication like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Dual Time: they truly should have thought it was a clever idea, even more in a 39 mm case).

    so now we have our central GMT hand (which must rotate every 24 hours and be always visible, so we can avoid the other very-clever-idea of telling us if it’s the local time or the GMT with some tiny-mini litlle dot which turns from dark grey to light black to indicate something at all, like the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Dual Time), local hours hand and minutes.
    for the sake of wearing a usable watch and not a steel brick let’s put the second hand on a subdial at 9, shaving us some thickness from the case.
    we’ll have a date window, which as said is totally mandatory for a GMT watch, at 3, helping quick readability.
    let’s clear at this point that a true GMT watch movement must allow to regulate the local time independently. Tudor did quite a good job with the new Black Bay GMT jumping hour but unfortunately, since it jumps “hours”, it makes it quite hard to solve the problem of middle timezones (someone may consider it a “marginal” problem. i’d dare to say that 1 billion people like those living in india are hardly “marginal”…).

    so three central hand: GMT, local hours and minutes with the last two independently adjustable, seconds on subdial and date window.
    now the markings.
    the dial is already weighed down by date and seconds, so let’s keep it simple with hour indexes and maybe an arab “12” and “6”, just to make it clear at a glance it’s not a “purist 24h” watch.
    the best place to put the 24 hour marks is then the chapter ring, fixed, with the longer GMT hand sweeping far around, right near the ring.

    at this point we have already a pretty functional GMT watch. (some came close: IWC Ingenieur GMT is good, but has 4 central hands, as the Omega Planet Ocean GMT, which is also too thick for its movement; Breitling Superocean GMT was very good, still with 4 central hands but those who have designed its dial font should be fired.)
    now if we want to really really go over the top we can put an internal rotating bezel (yes, also external, but external is very “divey” and there’s no reason for a dive watch to be gmt: the dive watch bezel have other, extremely important, use, so stick to that…) with another 24 hours marking like that on the Glycine SST, allowing us to have a stable GMT indication, a “home” time and a “local” time at a glance.
    the rotating bezel can be operated by a crown at 2 and the remaining functions by a crown at 4, where all the crowns should be (incredible that only Seiko understood this…) leaving us with a beautiful, thin, supercompressor-like case which shouldn’t be larger than 40-42 mm.

    my 2 cents.

    (PS: if somebody comes out with something like that PLEASE call me…)

  • Gabriel Snead

    For me I think the bezel would be best, you can see the time for both timezones with a quick glance. Right now I am using world clock on my apple watch but looking into a more classic watch to wear, like this Bamford.

  • I go for a full-on dedicated GMT movement bezels are often knocked around and without the extra mechanism to lock / unlock it , that being said having GMT and a bezel allowing for 3 at once, 2 I care for and one nice to have would be great too. Also easier in most cases to read a dedicated GMT in the dark ,least for me.

  • David Daniel Trevino

    I prefer a true “flyers GMT” with the separately jumping hour hand simply because of the convenience it provides when moving across multiple time zones.

  • nfromto

    I like the 12 hr bezel because it is easier to read at first glance than some of the smaller 24 hr scales on some GMT dials

  • Michael

    Full GMT for telling second time zone much easier to read

  • Josh Chessman

    Gotta be a full GMT for the second time zone (and preferably on a 24-hour basis). I like to set the GMT to home time and change the “real” time to wherever I am making it easy to figure out whether it is safe to call home or not.

  • Jon W

    I find the 12 hr bezel much simpler and usable if frequently changing time zones, although if cost were not a factor I would still prefer to wear an actual GMT.

  • spytap

    GMT for sure – the timezone that I most frequently need to understand is divergent enough from my present timezone that it makes the bezel method take a bit longer to calculate. That said, a beautiful watch is a beautiful watch.

  • Stephan

    I kind of like this Bamford… looks like a nice uncomplicated summer watch.
    For what concerns the second time zone tracking, I prefer the full GMT solution. It is a lot more relevant for me.

  • Mat P.

    This Bamford looks like it would be a fun watch to wear. I personally prefer the GMT for its versatility and ease of use. I also think that in most cases Watches with a traditional GMT function are aesthetically better looking.

  • Sylvio Bertoli

    Compare this Bamford to the original Benrus – as used by Steve McQueen in Bullit – is criminal ,

  • Tirthak Shah

    For tracking the second time zone I prefer the full 24hr GMT hand. I have the GMT hand always set to GMT/UTC as I work for a firm based in UK and it is easy to keep a track of what the time is there. I equally like the 12 hr bezel (bi directional) as it will give the third time zone…..why be satisfied with two time zones if you can have three! The 12-hr bezel also makes my fidget-spinner redundant 🙂

  • Tirthak Shah

    For tracking the second time zone I prefer the full 24hr GMT hand. I have the GMT hand always set to GMT/UTC as I work for a firm based in UK and it is easy to keep a track of what the time is there. I equally like the 12 hr bezel (bi directional) as it will give the third time zone…..why be satisfied with two time zones if you can have three! The 12-hr bezel also makes my fidget-spinner redundant 🙂

  • funNactive

    I like a 12 hr. bezel. You can use it as a GMT or as a timer (dive bezel)

  • Don Kerr

    I prefer the 12hr bezel I find it more convenient to me be around and track

  • Oscar Garibello

    Personally, GMT seems more effective, I am a new fan of the world of watches and I am determined to start my collection, and a Bamford would be the most precious jewel !!

  • Beau9

    I prefer a dedicated second GMT hand movement to track a second time zone. i’ve tried to track a second time zone using only a bezel, but that was too archane for me. I also like looking at the GMT hand on the dial.

  • vinkar

    I find the GMT hand movement more intuitive and easier to keep track of AM vs. PM. I work nights frequently, and have family in various time zones. When I am fatigued during work or from traveling, I’ve gotten confused as to whether it was morning or night in my location of interest.

  • Tom Eskridge

    I like the bezel approach, it’s simple and effective. I did have a Citizen America’s Cup watch where you could either view other times on a small LCD screen, or press a combination of buttons to have the hands move between the time zones that I found engaging and useful.

  • marko320

    I’ve never heard of a Bamford Mayfair, but I think it would look good on my wrist. The chunky double hands look like they would make reading the time easy, even for old guys (me) who need reading glasses.

  • jason kordek

    Nice simple watch that could go with just about anything. Can dress it up or a tshirt and shorts. I like the versatility.

  • Gabe Chambers

    Nice looking watches
    Like the dedicated movement but I think the bezel approach is simpler to use

  • Aaron

    Love the look of this watch. I especially like the outlined hour markers. It balances out the color on the watch face nicely. As for the GMT question, I would have to say I’m partial to a dedicated GMT movement. I like the added complication.

  • Adam Va?ko

    It’s so much easier to navigate through your timezones with a fully dedicated GMT movement, but of course this complication comes with heftier pricetag.

  • cntrolcntrol .

    Definintely a central GMT hand, local hours independently adjustable – makes your timezone setting very easy and convenient, yet readable.

  • c0ntrol c0ntrol

    I don’t like messy dials, so 12-hour bezel is my favorite when it comes to GMT watches. Also prefer its the ease of use and simple yet functional aesthetics.

  • PiXeL PiXeL

    I don’t like messy dials, so 12-hour bezel is my favorite when it comes to GMT watches. Also prefer its the ease of use and simple yet functional aesthetics

  • Matúš Va?ko

    When talking about GMT function I go for maximum effort – meaning a GMT complication nicely integrated in the movement itself so I don’t have to rely on quirky bezels. My personal favourite in this field would be Moser’s Nomad GMT with its two-time-zone display.

  • Mikuláš Popokatepetlovský

    Adding a GMT function is always a challenge. Sure, second timezone is useful for traveling and whatnot, but you must preserve a good dial legibility and overall balance. There are very few players that can do this right and they rightfully make you pay for their craft. So to the question itself, I prefer full-on dedicated GMT movement.

  • Dima

    To my mind the bezel in much easier to use.

  • Harplayr

    If I had a full gmt watch I’d use that to track an alternative time zone but right now I use my Samsung Frontier smart watch to do this.

  • Joe in WI

    I prefer the 12 hour bezel—fewer hands often means a tidier watch.

  • penemio

    Personally I think the “correct” solution is a GMT hand which you set once (home time zone or actual GMT, your call) and an hour hand which can then be “quickset” relative to the GMT hand in one hour increments for local time and/or summer time.

  • ivel1977

    I like the 12-hour bezel as it is straightforward not requiring calculation.

  • Phillip Power

    I prefer the bezel. For me, the fewer things you can have going on on the dial, the better. If you can accomplish a second timezone without adding more to it, why not? Also, for how often I travel, I’d rather not have to constantly see a hand I don’t care about.

  • Cary Lewison

    Big fan of Bamford. Watched a great video interview with George at his home. Share his love of watches, cars and design.

  • Petar Panov

    I think a full gmt movement is better for most people because its so easy to just have a glance at the gmt hand and instantly tell what time it is in some particular part of the world!

  • José Cunha

    love Bamford, the stuff they do with various brands, very nice. The owner got a sweet collection of cool cars too and i´m a landrover defender guy too so, this is perfect for me;)