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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Biatec Corsair CS Giveaways

This month, aBlogtoWatch’s monthly giveaway offers you the chance to win a Biatec Corsair CS pilot style watch with a Swiss Eterna automatic movement inside. Biatec is a young Slovakian watch company that recently had a chance to introduce Biatec watches on aBlogtoWatch. The Corsair pilot watch collection is based on the Vought F4U Corsair American fighter jet, and in addition to the classic pilot watch aesthetic, the automatic rotor visible through a sapphire crystal caseback features an eye-catching propeller design. The caseback window itself even features anti-reflective coating inside for a better view of the Eterna 3902A automatic Swiss movement. The Eterna 3902A operates at a modern 4Hz with a power reserve of approximately 65 hours, and is decorated with perlage, rhodium plating, and shot-blasting finishes. You can learn much more about the “revolutionary” Eterna 39 movements here.

While styled similarly to classic pilot watches, with the traditional numerals and large screw-down crown reminiscent of Zenith Big Pilot watches, for example, the Biatec Corsair’s steel case is a very wearable 40mm wide (the crown adds 4.2mm to that) and 12.8mm thick, with a lug-to-lug distance of 48mm. With a sapphire crystal front and back, fully lumed hands and indices, and 100m of water resistance, the Biatec Corsair CS offers solid specs, movement, and other features for a retail price of €1,150. The name’s “CS” refers to “center seconds” and, although the CS 05 pictured here with the blue dial is the brand’s most popular, the giveaway winner can choose any model from the Biatec Corsair catalog that includes different dial colors as well as versions with a small seconds sub-dial. Enter for a chance to win one by following the steps below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention what features you would most enjoy on a pilot watch, be they complications, aesthetic features, or even associations with historical watches, planes, etc.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on October 31, 2018, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Biatec, sponsor of the Biatec Corsair CS watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Jeffrey Kot

    Big fan of pilot watches and really like this one.

  • Roger Bruneau

    I really like the masculin look and symplicity of this watch. The band and dail colours are right up my alley. If I where to choose, I would order with the small second hand dail as I allways liked that complication.

  • I still don’t have any pilot watch and I’d love to have one like this stunning Biatec. I think what I would enjoy the most is the perfect combination in between the classic look and the modern features, like the lume or the movement. I also like the romantic idea of wearing kind of a small portion of the aviation history.
    Love this one. Finger crossed.

  • Robert Carson

    I love pilot watches in general, I think the general aesthetics of them fit my personality and typical wardrobe choices. I especially like more modern versions which tend to be in the 40-42 mm case diameter range. However, I feel like for most people in modern times (excepting, perhaps, actual pilots) most of the functional complications are unnecessary. So, I would say that I prefer to see a modern pilot watch with some sort of historical tie to an important historical aircraft.

  • Thomas Anderson

    Cool watch. I believe the feature I like most about pilot watches is the clear, legible font. Good luck everyone!

  • Mark Vanautgaerden

    A second time zone indicator, be it in an extra sub dial or an extra hand, and a baromatic altimeter are of course the most sensible complications for a pilot watch.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    The combination of simple dial, clear numerals and distinct hands.

  • Martin Chiu

    I love pilot watches that are GMT or a GMT bezel, even if historic watches such as the type a, type b and the mark v don’t have them.

  • Marc Matteo

    How exactly is this watch based on the F4U Corsair? PS.: the F4U was not a “jet”.

  • Arturo López Villalpando

    In my personal opinion, I find this watch model a daily used nwatch, because of its simpleness yet formal and finest view, perhaps day dial would be a plus, just like the Nomos brand is doing with their line (different diameters cases)

  • mysiak

    Generally I like pilot watches due to bigger dial and great legibility. With that comes 1-12 numerals, distinctive hands and great lume. Basically what we see in the giveaway watch 🙂 Day/date complication is a nice bonus, but that’s usually found mostly on chronographs.

  • Buy and Sold

    I like legibility and minimal complications when I am flying my Pilatus PC-24 Business Jet.

    This company had a very nice thread on Watchuseek and seem like a very thorough group.

  • Adrien Groulx

    The Biatec Corsair looks like an excellent watch to add to my collection.

  • Seth

    As far as pilot watch features/preferences, I find the ‘sterile’ watch face to be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Limited to no branding on the face both enables readability/comprehension and is often pleasing in its simplicity.

  • Drail

    I like the dial with the easy to read numbers. The crown is a little to big for my taste. I think it is a good looking watch

  • Yoni

    What I like about pilot watches is their design simplicity. As they are rarely used for their original aviation purpose, I would prefer if, when using a diamond crown, it’s design would be such that the crown, when not in use, would be integrated into the case (I find the diamond crown, size and shape, something really damage the overall look of the watch). Also, I would like to see some (minimal and functional) touches of color on the hands and dial.
    I would love to see a series of aviation watches, dedicated to aviation pioneers and milestone figures.

  • Mike H

    I like the asthetic
    Simple and clean
    Great deep blue dial

  • Keith Ritchie

    The dial with the easy to read numbers is my biggest attraction!!

  • Dat C


  • David Humphrey

    I love the sheer legibility of a good pilot’s watch – and this Biatec Corsair CS is a good example of a watch with this crucial feature.

  • Luciano

    I like the readability and aesthetics

  • Nicholas Yeung

    Easy to read dial.
    At most, a day complication.

  • Bob Tawillager

    Clean, legible. Whats not to like!

  • Ryan Thompson

    Nice looking watch! like the look of the hands.

  • Jamie McKay

    Day of the week is important to me (and perhaps pilots too), but, I know, it’s difficult to implement without cluttering the dial. That’s why I think if anyone could pull it off, it would surely be a winner.

  • Tristan

    Big crowns for winding (yeah, I prefer a manual pilots watch but an auto that’s this good looking will do!).

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava


  • rnivvvy

    For pilot watches, clean, legible look, high contrast. This Biatec has it, plus I like the style. Of complications, an easily tracked 2nd time zone would probably make the most sense.

  • Briscodarlin

    Seeing as how I dont fly a plane, if I were a passenger, I would like to have a compass in a watch so i knew which direction i was flying at any particular time.

  • HereForThePrize

    Legibility for me is the key feature of a pilot watch. I like the distinctive designs of the German pilot watches of the previous mid-century.

  • SuperStrapper

    The perfect pilot watch would have a well made movement, centre seconds time-only display, a high contrast dial with large applied arabic numerals, big hands with good lume, a large grippy crown and a well made/designed case with little (preferably no) polished surfaces.

  • Shahir Rafiq Ramli

    For me, the legibility of the dial is i would enjoy the most in a pilot watch. Bright lume, raised big, numeral indexes and clear hands are all essential to make a great looking pilot watch ?

  • demonkorp

    Pilot watches are all about a large, uncluttered dial that is really easy to read… But the feature that I enjoy the most is the big onion crown… Looks like the CS05 has it all.

  • JD Ouest

    Yes, legibility FTW! This is my favorite aspect of all watches and some pilot watches (like this one) do it very well – I’m looking at you Sinn 566 also in blue. This one is a champ and suites that strap to a T.

  • trainman

    Nice! This is a real looker but seems a little small for a pilot. Legibility is what makes this style so practical yet awesome

  • cassfan3

    Simplicity and big numerals! That’s what pilots are all about

  • Josh Graves

    Easy to read, low amounts of extra text, and a big onion crown. Those are the ingredients of a great classic pilots watch. Biatec gets it right.

  • Sigmund Globes

    For me, pilot watches should have no complications. Just easy to read dial with arabic numeral and long lasting lume in a 37mm-40mm case.

  • David

    That’s a nice piece. Encompasses whay I like about a Pilots Watch, easy to read, uncluttered dial and attractive.

  • Chinginud

    Highly intrigued by the eterna movement. I love aviation watches for the legibility personally.

  • Wendy Feryanto

    I like pilot watch for their ease of use, basic tool watch for everyday use, can’t go wrong with that

  • Steve

    This is actually quite interesting. Nice size, at 40 and they’ve got the proportion right with the numbers, reasonable hands and uncluttered dial – nicely readable.
    I’m on an eterna kick lately, so nice to see another 39 Calibre from them (Lionel uses the 3914 in his Morse GMT which I’m eager to get).
    Nice nod to the movement with the 2 dots at the 12 Marker.
    Nice work on the Corsair theme and prop-rotor.
    Like what they did with the crown, glad it’s not a big onion…
    Now, wonder how it feels on the wrist…

  • Keegan

    The features I would most enjoy are purely aesthetic: I want a pilot watch that looks like an actual plane. Make the crown over-sized and aerodynamic like the nose of the plane, make the strap look like wings, partition the front 1/4 of the watch to keep it separate from the rear 3/4 of the watch so the 3/4 is aware of their own inferiority, etc.

  • Eric Yang

    God this is a good looking watch…love the fact that it’s easy to read

  • Joe

    Legibility on a pilot’s watch is “important” as it is on a diver.
    The onion crown, hands and font make this one a “traditional pilot watch”.

    I also like the small seconds version of this and the company logo is restrained yet stylish.
    I don’t normally like pilot’s watches but this one gets a thumbs up!

  • Chris Martin

    Agree with other posts that legibility is the most critical. Watches that take subtle styling cues from iconic plans would also be interesting. AVI-8 does this on the very low end of the pricing spectrum. The trick though is balancing identifiable styles with being too gimmicky.

  • Yohaan Jacob

    Simple pilot watches are the my favorite, with minimalist logos and legible text.

    I’d really like this one!

  • Pjer Orlic

    For me, when we speak about pilot watches, the less is more! Just be simple!

  • Tony G

    Generously applicated lume, power reserve indicator are good to have 🙂

  • Drolmah

    To me, the function of a date and a power reserve are essentials!

  • Larry Holmack

    I love the blue dial on this Pilot’s watch! As for what I look for; 1….large numerals for my bad eyes. Pilot watch should be made for easy readability…no cluttered dials! 2 … I prefer a larger size dial…although I consider the overall design of a Pilot’s watch in that decision. 3…If the watch has history attached to it… that’s an added bonus. I have a Pilot’s watch that is made from recycled metal from a WW2, P-51 Mustang. Very cool…and it’s a 44 mm watch, which is small for me.

  • Steve

    Clean, simple, legible and lume on dial are the key features will be appreiciated by me

  • 0059mike

    I enjoy the clean, simple look, easy to read quickly from all angles.

  • Lancey Korg

    Giveaway, yeah. Next thing you tell me Apple is giving away their watches. At least this one is actually useful.

  • rawdesignhouse

    This is really sharp! I’ve always been more of a dive-watch aesthetic person, but as far as a pilot’s watch goes—I’ve been enamored with Bremont’s P-51 watch for some time now, because my grandfather was a P-51 pilot in WWII. I thought it would be neat to own that one, as, not only does it have a piece of history inside, but it would make me think of him each occasion I had to check the time.

  • Proper flieger dial with legible font and packaged in a wearable 40mm case. This is a winner!
    Would love the blue dial as well 🙂

  • Matt

    Legible dial that can be read easily.

  • marian

    This Biatec Corsair is on my list to get. Especially the one with blue dial and central second. I think it is the best combo they have.

  • Omegaboy

    A GMT function is always welcome.

  • Robert Friedman

    This watch meets my two primary requirements, quality, and a design that emphasizes clarity and readibility.

  • Atlee Elmont

    I like the simplicity of good legibility of the dials, especially if there’s no date.

  • Ashley Allen

    Would love to see a pilots watch based on the Vulcan bomber. Such an iconic looking plane needs its own watch!

  • Umar Hussain

    First things first, I am enamoured with this new brand Biatec from Slovakia. I think they offer the best looking watches. Corsair CS is a pilot styled watch which packs a giant punch particularly in this price range and with its amazing looks. I love the simple design of this watch with highly legible Arabic numerals, sword style hands, fight jet themed caseback, big beautifully crafted crown and a unique Eterna movement. I think this is an immensely beautiful pilot’s watch which can be dressed up and dressed down with so much of an ease.

    I am particularly happy about that fact that it is based on an American fighter jet, Vought F4U Corsair, that makes the watch just that much more special and gives it so much more historical value in my eyes. You know it that you have a watch which has a real story behind it.

    I have seen its review video as well. I love the exhibition caseback which so generously shows off its unique Eterna movement decorated with sweet perlage visible behind black and yellow fighter jet themed rotor. I think it is a treat to behold the movement in such a way.

    The case design is perfect with its contemporary dimensions like 40 MM case size and just the right thickness to slide under the cuff which gives the watch so much versatility and an unparalleled edge over other watches. The case of Corsair is masterfully designed and I love its polished case which simply oozes quality.

    The Corsair line is offering a lot of different dial options but my personal favorite has to be the black dial with small seconds hand and black leather strap. I also love the clasp on the leather strap which is signed with Biatec logo and looks very sturdy & high quality.

    I love the overall look and presentation of this amazing pilot watch. I am in love with its packaging and presentation as well. It can easily rival and even surpass many of the much established brands of our time. All in all, it is a perfect pilot watch which ticks many boxes in my check list. It is a timeless classic in my eyes.

  • Tomáš Barna

    I love pilot watches for their versatility, clean dial and historical connection. Also love the rotor on Biatec corsair models.

  • cjjohnso

    Overall a fairly nice, clean aesthetic and I like the onion crown. As for features I like to see in a pilot watch, I think my favorite is the fly-back chronograph complication. Although as a more passive flier (passenger) I’ a sucker for a true GMT function.

  • ErgoEcho

    Sentimental, I know, but I built model airplanes with my Dad when I was a kid, and we built several Corsairs. As for a pilot watch homage I’d like to see, my grandfather flew an SE-5 in WWI for the RAF. I have a pocket watch from him – an Elgin – but not a wristwatch. The AVI-8 homages to the RAF 100th anniversary are interesting, but none go back that far.

  • johnwithanh

    Main things for me in a pilot watch are 1. numerals on the dial 2. robust hands 3. strong AR on the crystal. A timing bezel is a nice touch too, but not necessary.

  • Ng Si Jie

    The sunburst dial and the details of the numerals markers catched my eyes the most on this watch!!

  • mickey

    I like large easy to read dials that are not cluttered. Good contrast in low light conditions would be another feature. Thanks.

  • dongy

    Thanks for the giveaway! What I like the most about the Pilot watches are the indices and the lume that increase the visibility of the dial in any condition. I am a sucker for Gothic numeral indices, I find them so stylish. Then, a GMT complication is always a plus. A strong heritage is the cherry on top of the cake, but I guess you have to start baking the cake before putting the cherry on top!

  • Pascal Bosboom

    I love the styling of these watches

  • JayDub

    I’d think legibility would be utmost importance in a pilot watch!

  • Nello Alexandri

    Legibility and time-keeping are the most important features for an aviation watch, or any watch.
    I like the look of this watch.
    I like the Eterna movement instead of the typical TMI, ETA, or Miyota that seem to get used in every micro brand.
    I particularly like the lack of a bunch of meaningless text on the dial.

  • K72457

    Love the dressy approach that Biatec has taken with the glossy dial and understated looks! My favorite for a pilot watch.

  • Jason Johnson

    I have always loved the Corsair. I made models of it as a child and have larges RC ones as a adult. I like this pilot watch and many others for its easy to read and operate. I also love all things vintage and especially watches. This piece has a soul a lot of modern designs lack. Great time piece.

  • Daniel D.

    GMT function and good legibility.

  • Reed Marshall

    i like features that look like the actual pilot instruments, e.g Bell n Ross in my opinion make the best pilot watches, just saying 🙂

  • mojomarc

    Like the numerals and hands!

  • Brian Bezel

    For me the essential features of a pilot include: being antimagnetic, having a large crown and a black matte dial with luminescent hands and numbers for legibility.A white equilateral triangle at the 12 o’clock position is also a must to orient one if performing inverted loops!

  • gmj

    A beautiful watch! I like a pilot’s watch that is extremely legible with a classic twist.

  • Randy Bradford

    I prefer a light face, not necessary white, and larger well defined hands on a watch. I do like the shape of the hands on this watch.

  • FollowPhil

    Love this pilot’s watch, even the font for the word “Corsair” is catching, and the crown of course sets it off as a pilot’s watch as much as the numbers and triangle. Beautiful piece! And I know I would be the only one of my friends to have a Slovakian watch!

  • Lukas Valkovic

    Funny enough Biatec were the first watches I even considered buying and still are on my wishlist. The most appealing for me is the combination of fonts, materials and colors along with traditional Slovak sign.

  • Samuel Fedor

    I never won anything.Anyway I will keep fingers crossed for everyone

  • Kirk Macdonald

    This vintage pilot look is lovely! I would like to get the Zenith but I have a need for food and shelter. Watch Gecko had a sterile dial unit that I had my eye on but they appear to have discontinued that model.
    For my money, a pilot watch should be Extremely legible, large enough that the various details on the dial aren’t crowded and heavily lumed. The complications that I like are the date and a GMT function.
    Beautiful result, Biatec!

  • Ondra Tempusx

    On pilot watch in general I like its very clean and classic design providing a great legibility. Especially on Biatec I like also applied numerals and nice dial colour variations.

  • Stephan Chan

    Bistec always have this old school feel. Could have a corsair version 2 based on the advance Protoss Corsair Airship.

    Corsairs are fast, highly mobile units with considerable harassing and scouting potential.

    Their splash damage more often than not allow them to get total dominance of the air since in sufficient numbers the damage they can deal through splash whittle down fleets in a few volleys.

  • Roy

    An analogue air speed indicator would be a great feature… pointless for most of us, but isn’t 1000m depth ratings on dive watches. Would be cool to look at during a flight as a passenger. Useful features would be a travel time (gmt hand) and 24H bezel as this becomes instantly useful when crossing time zones

  • Ah Shumaker

    Above all else a pilot’s watch should be easily readable. I prefer classic features without any unnecessary gimmicks. This one is perfect.

  • Seth L

    Perhaps the “feature” I like most would be to avoid unnecessary features. Simple clean design. The GMT / UTC is probably the most useful complication, but a bidirectional rotating bezel (countdown or count-up) would be nice too.

  • Aiden Zahre

    Is canada allowed for the giveaway!!!?? Please and thank you I love Biatec watches. Simple and elegant. Can’t be beat!

  • Jeff Kolodny

    I would like to see a pilot watch with a compass. If your lost and flying I think it would be great to know what direction you are flying in.

  • nickie burke

    Classic looking face, with big numerals.

  • Gal Sh

    Pilot watches need to be reliable and legible. The most obvious complications are chronograph and GMT.

  • jroot1974

    Legibility is the key. Everything else is secondary. Biatec did a nice job.

  • Matúš Hron?iak

    I like the design of the pilot watches. But the original was to big and have not any water resistance. The Biatec Corsair have good size and a 100 m WR. And I love the big crown.

  • James

    Like it to have decent contrast and be easy to see in low light. Accuracy is also important.

  • AndrewF

    I’m very old-school: I’m not glued to my phone, in fact I’ve been known to turn it off for hours at a time and even (gasp!) leave home without it on more than one occasion… so to me a watch is not a piece of jewellery but still just a tool to tell time – simplicity and legibility are features I am looking for above all else. That’s why I am attracted to pilot watches!

    This one would fit the bill nicely 🙂

  • Manzur Dan

    Pilot watches have to be very legible, anti-magnetic and very tough, a real tool watch.

  • Doctor Ben

    They have to be easy to read and comfortable to wear. It appears that the Biatec is both

  • Darh109

    Pilot watch has to have a precision measuring instrument look, never mistaken for a fashion accessory.

  • Matt Scoggin

    Legibility. No one wants a pilot squinting at his watch because he can’t read it in the middle of a military operation!

  • author

    It’s scratches all of my itches! It’s the right size, nice blue face, good lume, and no date to get in the way of tracking time. I like it!

  • Gary Aerne

    This is a great looking watch. I like clean, clear easy to read watches without a lot of clutter.

  • Miroslav Lupták

    Pilot watches need to be reliable and legible. will please WR and GMT

  • Steven Servantez

    I would like to actually see less complications in my aviator watch. Altitude and chronograph would be enough for me.

  • Peter Weady

    I don’t really like the watches that are a tribute to a certain type of plane. For me it needs to be legible, have a big crown, and have traditional styling. This one from Biatec is pretty nice.

  • Bryan A

    I like aviator watches that are as simple as possible, the cleaner, the better.

  • bbfrid

    For me, simplicity and legibility are the keys. I’m not sure about the large crown…I’ve never owned one with such a traditional large crown. The Biatec is lovely, and the Eterna movement is a good one.

  • Marco Sampuel

    The most important feature a pilot watch must have is legibility.

  • Elmar Tobi

    Lovely classic design and I love the bold crown. The design has what I think a pilot watch needs, easy legability and a nod to aircraft design via its custom rotor.

    Side note: gotta love that eterna movement. Eterna is really back to its former self with its movement development.

  • Apollo Frost

    Some crazy complication that synchs with with the local airport info to indicate whether your flight is on time and what gate it’s departing from ?

  • KJRye

    Love this design from Biatec! I particularly enjoy Pilot’s watches that are 40mm or under, despite not necessarily being traditional. Far more comfortable to wear on the wrist, especially with usually large dial/case ratios.

  • dennis

    Simple to the point, class and the look of
    a fine pilot watch and a good movement.

  • Ovis

    I would like to have a heritage aviator watch from Longines that keeps the size of the original watch and does not blow-up to the size of a pocket watch just because big size is a trend. Also, the watch should be powered by a reproduction of the original hand wound mechanism and not a generic ETA automatic with date and central second hand. My grandfather had an Longines aviator watch since flying a fighter plane in WW II and worned it till late ’80s with just 2-3 services in between.

  • Huseyin Emrem

    Classic design, simplicity (GMT function as maximum) and durability definitely. This kind of watch should be handed over for generations.


    Beautiful in simple lines, classic look. Want this !

  • Sean Sinnreich

    Nice looking watch

  • Allen

    What a great looking watch. I especially like the blue colored dial.

  • Tobi Tool

    I enjoy most a plain dial (with no date), a big crown and a cool leather strap.

  • Ulysses31

    This watch is actually quite beautiful. A feature i’d prefer to have would be a very effective double coated anti-glare finish on the crystal.

  • marko320

    I am not sure how a pilot watch is different from a diver model, but I am drawn to the blue face and tan strap combo. It’s very classy and I’d love to win it.

  • Danny Landes

    What sets this watch apart from other sport watches is that it manages to be dressy in spite of its serious sports pedigree.

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    Beautiful watch, very nice rotor, amazing diamond crown, i like the hands of pilot watches, this blue dial is simply awesome.

  • Simple elegance. Easy to read. Crown is just a bit much. Would love to own a watch like this that has such a fantastic movement.

  • Other

    Gorgeous watch! I prefer pilots watches with few complications to clutter things up, those big serif numerals, and everything shiny!

  • Gregg Turcich

    I really like this watch with blue face and clean look.

  • JohnBoy of Alaska

    I like pilot watches to have awesome lume. I understand historically they were big, but it’s not WWII anymore so how about a hand winding 39mm, and I prefer the “B Dial” variants. Heck how about some color- dark red anyone?

  • Vladimir Moldovan

    Very good looking watch. I really like the elegance and the proud slovak craftsmanship, not hiding behind ‘swiss design’ or other such inscriptions indicative of a questionable quality. Pilot watches are not usually elegant (55mm rarely is :D) but Biatec managed here a great pilot/dress watch hybrid which retains key features of a pilot, such as the great readability, 12 o’clock arrow and the enlarged crown, but has the allure of a dress watch, with it’s restrained proportions, beautiful dial and smoothly polished case.

  • P.Panagiotidis

    Nice watch, i prefer chronograph pilot watches

  • Gabe Chambers

    Very nice watch – pretty much the aesthetic for me – legible and simple

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    Where do all these people come from?
    Never seen posts from 99.9% ????

  • Peter Szczerba

    Massive fan of this watch, looks very much like an homage to the IWC Big Pilot Petit Prince. My absolute favorite feature of classic pilot watches are the big crowns. I love onion crowns, but the diamond cut crown here is my preference, as it gives the watch a level of class unmatched by other watch styles.

  • Kevin Beard

    This is a beautiful watch. I’m a simple guy, I don’t necessary need the complications, I like simple easy to read markings and nice lume. I think the classic pilot style marking is what I like.

  • Leland Williams

    The features I like this watch are it`s elegant design and vintage leather strap and blue sunburst dial with large numeral easy to read face.

  • ALB

    The aesthetic feature I like to see most on a pilot watch is a clean, very legible dial. If there’s a mess of subdials going on and you can’t easily read the thing, then it’s kind of missing the point.

  • arthur gusowski

    I like the instant readability of the less complicated pilots watches. The large numerals and bold contrast of face and dials offers you all the info you need at a glance. Love the crown on this particular piece.

  • Joel Rosenfeld

    The single most important feature in a Pilot watch to me is it’s high contrast and legibility.

  • Ednelson

    I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the full legibility of pilot watches. I am very fond of Arabic numerals on watches and the ease of reading time at a glance, which seems to be the features of these historic watches. And, pilot watches offer the vintage look that is timeless and can be worn in any situation life has to offer. With that being said, the Biatec Corsair SC is the quintessential pilot watch that is sure to delight as a desk diver, weekender, or gala host. It’s a practical watch that can be worn for practically every situation.

  • Elim Tan

    i look for the clear numbering, bold hands and lume. i thought that the bremont watches were interesting in incooperating the propellers in their watch designs

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    I like the clean aesthetics and highly legible faces. Thin bezels and high contrasting numbers with extra luminance help accomplish that in my opinion.
    This is a very nice looking watch. I checked on their website, but they don’t offer the combination of colors that I would have preferred. Still nice.

  • Zobi

    I am a massive fan of pilot watches. Being a pilot myself I like their legibility and find the addition of a chronograph or GMT complication makes the watch that much more useful on the line.

  • Andy Berrios

    The aesthetics are what attract me to these types of watches. Association to a plane or historical significance add to it.

  • angela

    I’d like a pilot watch associated with the Bell X-1.
    On October 14, 1947, USAF pilot Captain Chuck Yeager became the first man
    to break the sound barrier in a Bell X-1 and named his plane after his wife the “Glamorous Glennis” which I find romantic. The wings were strong and thin like a watch.
    Thin bezels and high contrasting numbers with extra luminance

  • eboldo

    I like the big numbers and the clean dial.

  • Mike Etienne

    I love the simplicity, timelessness and elegant colours of the Biatec Corsair. The large crown enables use with cold hands or gloves – essential in an adventure style life, easy to read and, best of all, not spoilt by a date window (I can never read the date anyway, so I don’t see the need to spoil the asthetics of simplicity). This watch will be used to simply determine time, what else is needed?

  • Shelli

    A watch in general needs a simple design. 3 or 4 hours “numbers” on the dial (like 12, 6, and 9 for instance.) I would like a pilots watch to have an auto rotating dial for a compass.

  • Michael Adams

    A pilots watch must be big, bold and easy to adjust – much going on in the cockpit – and easy to read not a lot of clutter. This is a sleek elegant watch worthy of a place in any collection (namely mine).

  • I’d definitely love a reference to historical military planes from WWII. Some brands already do it, but it’s never enough

  • larry

    Love the watch but the Vought F4U Corsair was not a jet the Corsair 2 was a jet it came online in the late 50’s or early 60’s the F4U was a WW 2 and Korean war Navy and Marine Corp aircraft.

  • Brian Leenheer

    For a pilot watch, I most enjoy the looks – It has to be extremely legible look great on the wrist!

  • Liutauras Balsys

    I think, a real pilot watch should have an altimeter.


    Durability is one of the main things I look for in a new watch. Also sapphire crystal, for the clearness and readability, and durability/scratch resistance. Styling wise, I like unique pieces, with at least some form of original design. I also really like dual-time display, with a separate analog dial within the dial, as in many of the A. Lange & Sohnne watches.

    I’ve been particularly enamored with the pilot watches from Zenith for a number of years, and specifically I just like the overall design/aesthetics, and easily readable dial. However, my watch collecting budget isn’t even close to enough to afford one of those, so it’s just a pipe dream at this point.

    Before hearing about this contest, I hadn’t heard about Biatec watches. This would be like a dream come true to win one of these! Gorgeous watch!


    Durability is one of the main things I look for in a new watch. Also sapphire crystal, for the clearness and readability, and durability/scratch resistance. Styling wise, I like unique pieces, with at least some form of original design. I also really like dual-time display, with a separate analog dial within the dial, as in many of the A. Lange & Sohnne watches.

    Before hearing about this contest, I hadn’t heard about Biatec watches. This would be like a dream come true to win one of these! Gorgeous watch!


    The best features I look for are durability/solid construction, sapphire crystal, easy to read dial, and comfort of wearing.

  • Alec Barrett

    Yeah, for me a pilot’s watch should be very clear and legible – while ~also~ having precise metering(? I think that’s the appropriate term?) to have that simple but accurate look? Sometimes they tend towards adding so much extra information and visual complexity that they stop being readable. Really they should all have a chronograph, or at least a rotating bezel for marking time, if they have any pretense for being actually used by pilots.

  • victor c

    gonna try my luck again for this one.
    are you asking about “pilot watch” ?
    SIMPLICITY is the best, ahh….. and make it very durable please

  • Simon

    A true pilot watch need to have a lot of glow in the dark possibility.. That and clear markers make a real pilot watch

  • Michael

    Easy to read numbers. Strong lume. Simple time only features.

  • burnunit

    I like a clearly legible face, with Arabic numerals, numerals and markings having long lasting luminescence, a second hand with rotating bezel and Tachymeter markings, quality leather strap.

  • Vojtech Pasztori

    I`m Slovak and seeing such a beautiful piece made in my country is incredible. I love BIATEC Corsair,the watch is stunning looking , georges Big Crown and that cross symbol as their Logo which is symbolizing our Slovak National double cross in the Flag.Discovered the brand few years ago but I couldn`t afford it back then,and now, family comes first 🙂

  • Joel Schumann

    With a pilot watch you should be able to read time from 5 meter away. For this you need a big, black dial and bold, chunky numbers and hands to match. If you really want to add anything fancy, let that be a gmt hand.

  • Brian Howell

    I prefer a nice lume marker on the seconds hand.

  • Bryan


  • Rounak Lal

    The best features of a pilots watch to me are the clean design, large and legible Arabic numerals as well as the lume and nothing beats that large crown!

  • Aditya Nilacantan

    I don’t have much experience with pilots, but the no-nonsense, clean, and crisp design are really appealing. I love to see that in a watch!!

  • Douglas Burch

    For a pilot watch, you need to be able to quickly tell the time. So, clean lines, big dial, big numbers (roman or otherwise) and good contrast between numbers and background. If you add a date window, that is fine (nice) but not necessary.

  • David Sparks

    A nice clear dial is always good, an extra time zone hand always comes in handy for flying between timezones

  • Pim Lefevere

    Dial quite classic, easily legible at a glance but I’d love it if it could have a correlation to an old P40 with a sharkmouth and army green. Maybe even a dial that has a plating and rivetted look to it!

  • Patrick Bijl

    it’s an very nice watch. Simple and quick to tell the time, really love it

  • Sheryl Zheng

    The big crown is one of the most famous feature of a pilot watch. I love the crown and the numbers which are made beautifully by Biatec.

  • cong-yi wang

    Because I was serving in the Air Force, pilot watch can remind me the memorable days. And the pliot watch of Biatec has beautiful dial, hands and case. In my opinion, the special design exceeds the traditional pilot watches.

  • manivelle

    If you must have a complication, give me an altimeter. If I can’t have that, I’ll take a balloon. Dirigible. Temp.

  • I love simplicity and legibility in pilot watches.

  • Trevor B

    I prefer the traditional design of the dial (A-Type or B-Type) and case, but a hammer crown rather than the onion crown. It’s also nice to see different coloured dials rather than the typical black.

  • ?ukasz G?d?ek

    Beautiful Customized Rotor, classic size, 65 hours power reserve, no date, central second and nice clean dial – for me perfect. Pilots and frequent travellers would probably appeciate second time zone.

  • Djoha

    THIS is a beautiful pilot’s watch! And the Eterna movement is an excellent, but under-appreciated movement. The dial is clear and easy to read, while the 40mm size is an added bonus for those of us with a smaller wrist for whom most pilot’s watches are just too large. Thanks for introducing this watch from a new maker to us.

  • Chai

    Good sized watch. Better power reserve. Best feature is the lume. Long termed watch for me (If I’m lucky to own 1)

  • Like many others the primary feature I like in a pilot watch is legibility – clear, uncluttered dial, simple numerals or indices, and hands that are easy to differentiate.

    I really like how this Biatec goes beyond the basic style and adds just a tiny bit of shiny to liven things up.

  • Dean

    For me the best feature is legibility, lume helps as the watch needs to be easily read at all times. A good 12 o’clock indicator is great too.

  • Bart Thans

    A pilot watch should be three things: easily readable, have good lume and a crown that can be used with gloves.

  • Clete

    There’s usually no clean or simple way to add a barometer and altimeter to mechanical watches. A cockpit will have those instruments in it already, but I’d love to see them in a smaller and quick-to-read watch.

  • Jackson Nyez
    I really like crosses between a pilot and a tachymeter. I feel like tachymeters aesthetically look the best, even if most don’t know how to use it. I like the simplicity of pilot watches and the more rugged leather strap.

  • Unruly ElA

    One thing that most lower end watch companies seem to continue on doing is creating an homage to a watch company that has successfully created its own history and image. As a designer myself it is a battle of wits to standout and come up with a unique look or design that has not been recorded in the history books. I don’t condone the fact of looking elsewhere for inspiration, but it becomes blatant when it is a mirror image or when history is fabricated to make them appear legit.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I can”t fault this. Pilot watches are by far my favourite type of watch. Nice size, lovely clear uncuttered face and that crown looks lovely and tactile.

  • Andreas Haaland

    What i like about pilot watches is that they look bold and refreshing compared to other watches. And that the are legible.

  • markahaviland

    Beautiful watch, Biatec brings a lot to the party, or to the workplace, with sport styling and simple watch face combined.

  • Vincent

    For me the most vital part of a pilots watch is a good Arabic font on the dial and good lume for when it’s dark.

  • Olaf

    For me there should be some part of an airplane or maybe a whole airplane to be seen on the dial.

  • Dennis

    I enjoy the aesthetics the most. Clean, simple dials.

  • benden99

    Great looking piece! I like a clean dial with very legible numbers with bright lume at night.

  • JL85

    Me I’d like to see on pilot watches a power reserve, legible numerals and white stitched vintage leather watch strap.

  • Shawn George

    I love the clean aesthetic of pilot watches in general though I don’t actually own one. Here’s to hoping that changes soon!

  • Mikael

    Beautiful watch! The features I’m looking for is all here—legible numbers and large crown.

  • Rhino67

    Great looking watch with easy read and all the info one needs. I like it without a date.

  • shanekleinpeter

    Legibility is key in pilots watches and this one has it in spades. I love the blue dial as well. Very nice.

  • Jaimin

    An aviator watch is not complete without at a minimum dual time-zone tracking. A GMT feature is must with a great contrast between the dial and the numbers for low light visibility. Simple design with basic features is what makes an aviator watch a classic. No, you don’t need cross-wind calculator or chrono built in. It makes the watch too busy and less elegant. Cheers.

  • Morgan Heriford

    I love to see pilot watches that are smaller than the originals (like the Corsair).

  • Zaid Imran

    This watch is very amazing

  • Jacob

    I don’t look for much in an aviator watch. Big legible numbers, and a big crown. As some others have suggested, a power reserve would be nice.

  • F1B

    Great watch! In a pilot watch, I would most enjoy complications and associations with historical watches.

  • a b

    I think the most important feature in a pilot watch is the legibility, in this case i also like the crown a lot , but in general i like the simplicity this type of watches.

  • Jonathan Webb

    Simplicity, clarity and a large crown. Not too big a watch though – we’re not all ‘blessed’ with huge forearms!

  • BES65

    I like th face and the color combination. Sorry, I think the band is just ok.

  • Keanu

    I currently serve in the Marine Corps and would love to have this watch as it provides easily visible numbers for quick reference, and the large crown would allow me to adjust it if needed while I’m wearing my work gloves! I would most definitely use this everyday even during low light or night time as the hands have a solid amount of lume.

  • Lurch

    The features I most enjoy about a pilot watch is the easy to read dial and the unique look.

  • Joe in WI

    I love the big crowns on pilot watches!

  • Laurence Daly

    I love pilot watches with clear uncomplicated dials and design borrowing from classic propeller aircraft

  • Gregg Turcich

    this is really a nice looking watch…. and it would look particularly nice on my wrist!

  • Goncalo Trovao

    Hi everyone!
    What I love the most about the pilot watches is their movement. So, a automatic movement in a piece like this seems reasonable and pratical. Also, a pilot watch is something that you can use everyday and still nail it.

  • porkchopfork

    So much to love about Pilots. Pilot watches are in my humble opinion, one of the most versatile to have on the wrist. Aesthetically, it’s beautiful. The bold numbers, large dial are so classic, but the stylistic touch I love most has to be the large crown. Turning that crown is just… so satisfying 😉

  • Mohamed Zeedhan

    Great watch


    Well it would definitely need the large crown. But I really like the older styles with designed dials and few complications the most, my favorite pilot is my Oris with a guilloche dial.

  • Shawn Vega Velez

    My favorite feature is the dial and information provided. Even though there are many variationsons, they are the original “Smartwatch'”. Plus a charger isn’t needed.


    I’m A fan of the simple symmetry of the dial of most pilot watches.

  • ColinG

    To me, the pilot’s watch surpasses all at showing the time at a glance, and the Corsair is that watch! Apart from a centre sweep seconds hand (to easily check the watch is actually running) I prefer fewer complications in a 40mm case, otherwise the dial can appear cramped and legibility can be compromised. Definitely less is more, unless you’re going with a historically more accurate (much) larger size. For me it’s also got to be mechanical, with a large onion or diamond crown. I also like a display back, where the choice of movement is unusual.

  • Théo C

    beautiful piece and the crown makes it even more special ! i would love to see it in my collection

  • Nicolás Ríos

    Hi, what I most like about Pilots is that you can wear them everyday, also I love their beautiful movement.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    For me, a pilot watch must be a watch with clean design. No need any useless function. The watch must be easy to read.

  • Bao N.

    The classic and modern-ish look of this watch makes me fall in love with it. The crown also looks stunning on this

  • Jared West

    Great looking watch! Pilot’s watches are simple and easy to read.

  • Michael Richmond

    Came here to read about the Timex Marlin found this giveaway! Thanks!

  • Alex Strîmbeanu

    I really like pilot watches with simple dials and design from classic aircraft. Also, I would like to see something that evoques the Red Baron.

  • Lukas Supin

    I am from the same city in which the watches are being assembled, I feel really proud of the brand and what they achieved and love to own one in the future. I would like to see a edition of Biatec watches with connection to nearby airport and to its military history..

  • Danny Landes

    I love the lack of overt complexity in this watch, the striking blue face, the faceted gem-like winder. It’s a watch that says, “I mean business, but I have pizazz as well “

  • Matt Geissler

    I love pilot’s watches as functional casual watches. They also remind me of my late grandfather – he flew a bomber in WWII and I always remember he wore big legible pilot watches throughout his life.

  • iliasbeshimov

    Vintage pilot watches age well as they tend to be bigger in size and thus still look good today. I love military watches, but they look funky on my chunky wrist due to their small size.

  • Jarek Napiera?a

    Figures and the crown should be a combination of tradition and post-modernism.

  • Rahmad Sah Putra

    The Corsair CS 05 belongs to the pilot style Biatec Corsair Collection and features a 316L stainless steel solid case, an elegant blue sunburst dial with three dimensional silver hour numbers, nicely polished silver hour and minute hand filled with the finest Super-LumiNova®, central seconds and a fine quality vintage nubuk brown leather strap with contrast stitching and a stainless steel buckle. The real highlight of the watch is a Swiss automatic movement Eterna 3902A with a rotor inspired by the Vought F4U Corsair aircraft. I love it.

  • Kevinb

    The pilots watch should have a simple and legible face, onion style crown and leather strap. Simple but functional.

  • Jeremiah Terry

    Beautiful watch, reminds me of a Bremont. When I think of a pilot watch I picture an IWC Big Crown legible numerals, outstanding minimalistic dial with a brown leather strap.

  • Frazer Cox

    Gorgeous watch reminds me of the Zenith. I’ve been looking to replace my Tissel for ages and this might fit the bill!
    I love the history of pilot watches and their bold look

  • David Fisher

    Great looking watch. I like the straight-forward design and distinctive crown of this watch and of pilot watches in general.

  • Oscar Garibello

    The classic aviator design must present a wide and visible sphere, equipped with a date indicator and superluminova needles, a leather strap and a large crown …

  • Kevin Vanderveen

    I love Pilot watches. First of all, I love the simplicity of the dial and the legibility of the numbers. Secondly, I think that the distinctive crown makes Pilot watches stand apart. Thirdly, this particular timepiece has a stunning blue dial, and I can only imagine how it will pop when worn on the wrist. I would love to add this to my collection.

  • Justin Margot

    Beautiful simple clean looking watch. i am a huge fan of pilot watches

  • Maciej Kasprzycki

    Great watch. I did not know that the Slovaks make such watches, but as you can see everything changes

  • WatchYouWant

    I love vintage inspired pilot watches. The features I would most enjoy on a pilot watch are automatic movements, and large easy to read dials.

  • benmathew21

    I appreciate excellent lume and really like tritium tubes on pilot watches.

  • Pedro Henrique Corrêa

    I like a vintage inspired pilot watch with a nice lume, a big crown and a dial that is easy to read

  • JR

    I would like to see a moonphase on this watch. I think it would really balance out the dial.

  • Shammy K

    Maybe a Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) which beeps when hit by radar waves. A needle can swing and show the directions of the incoming radar waves 😀 just like in the movies.

  • Luís Fernandes

    Beautifull watch, the blue is amazing.

  • thebarhound

    I like the blue with the tan strap, nice combo. The movement is decent. I can also appreciate the name as an homage to the great WWII planes. I would not mind having it on my wrist.

  • Jimi

    Love the looks of this one. I would love to see it with a GMT complication. Or a sub dual time at 6, but then that would probably defeat the clean pilot watch look.

  • Matt

    I really like how this watch is so simple. Most I feel like have quite the amount of complications in them now a days.

  • Jeff Harper

    A countdown timer with vibrating alarm. Hard to hear a watch beeping to tell you you’ve reached the missed approach point over the joise of the engine.

  • Silard


  • bert gillespie

    On a pilot I like a clean non-cluttered dial easy to read. I do like this dial but would change the strap to match.

  • Co-axial

    GMT function is the most practical complication for a pilot’s watch. I’ll take that.

  • Arcord

    Having at least a pilot watch in ones collection is a must – In mine I am still missing one, which is a shame since I am a great fan of aeronautics. On pilot watches I love the simplicity of the dial, and yet the ingenuity behind these watches. The looks are appealing a well. The Corsair in particular is a fantastic watch 🙂

  • Kevin Dodge

    I love pilot watches, bright lumen, shiny bezel to match chrome aviator sunglasses. Self winding and no pilot timepiece should be without chronograph.

  • Andrei Mihaila

    I would love the most simple watch on front like Laco does them but with a very elaborate engraved back case with a Messerschmitt BF109.

  • Matthew D Martin

    I really enjoy the aesthetic of pilot watches. From the large font to the big crown, I just think they look great. This Biatec Corsair is even better with its 40mm case size.

  • Alexandra Petruta

    Great looking watch! I like pilot watches to be simple and legible, eventually with a small sub-seconds dial.

  • When I am looking for a pilot’s watch, I expect to see visible and bold white Indian numerals and very visible hands on a preferably navy or black dial. The watch needs to be read in the blink of an eye, as a pilot must make quick decisions. In short, the pilot’s watch has to offer a combination of clarity and accuracy. As for complications, I would also look for the date and a GMT-hand. This kind of minimalism is reminiscent of the Second World War.

  • Greg Desmond

    Beautiful watch, love the contrast in the dial. For me, a pilot’s watch should be immediately legible with large numerals and contrasting dial/hand coloring. Personally I prefer a sub-seconds dial provided that the placement doesn’t interfere with the ease of telling time.

  • grifhunter

    Simplicity, a large crown, clarity. Not too big a watch; 40mm about perfect.

  • Ricardo Reis

    I love the fact that watches were fundamental to the pilot when flying an aircraft. Of course today you have a lot more precise instruments but back then and especially in combat if you didn’t have a watch you would be in trouble.
    Also the aesthetics of some of the pilot watches are really cool like the Navitimer and the Breguet Type XX.

    This watch also looks really nice and I would love to win this giveaway.

  • Michal Polák

    I love the simle design, how easy you can check time, wit big digits and nice crown, especially in Biatec watch the rotor inside of movement is what makes this watch unique. I’m proud of that this guys are from Slovakia.

  • Heinze K-J

    Love the design

  • Neuropolitics

    This Biatec a great looking watch!

    What I look for in a pilot watch is similar to what I look for in most watches. A classic design, with simple, yet tasteful accents. I want a robust and reliable mechanical movement. Of course I look for quality materials and craftsmanship. I also want the watch fit well on my wrist, which tends to be right around the 40mm size for me right now (+/- 1-2mm).

  • Mow

    What I like about a pilot watch is the usualy very large crown. Woukd love that watch, I really think Biatec did a fantastic job on this!

  • Chris Bos

    The pilot design seems to have ended in terms of evolution. I think pilot watches could benefit from some more design options and adventures. Like an oval shape, a square shape. Or a fresh surprising colour pattern on the dial, or un unusual colour with contrasting hands. Maybe very wide hands. Why don’t we set up a worldwide contest for watchlovers and artists to come up with some new fresh ideas? Let’s make Darwin proud of us again!

  • Rudy B.

    The pilot; to the point: refinement, strong and good looks. Simple.

  • Mark Krebs

    Gotta love the big crown on a pilot. This version with the sub seconds is great looking!!

  • Rob Halliwell

    A pilot watch should be easy to read at a glance, bold but relatively simple in design, adding complications like an altimeter are for the most part unnecessary unless you fly light aircraft for recreation but then most people who own a divers watch have never been in anything deeper than a swimming pool or a quick dip in the sea on vacation.

    The Biatec is certainly distinctive and the jewel like crown is a nice touch in a competitive sector

  • Jonathan Fisk

    I really don’t see the Corsair inspiration for this watch, but it does look great. I would like to see a pilot watch inspired by Concorde. Still the fastest commercial airliner after 42 years. Plenty for time to plan a 50th anniversary design!

  • WhiskersInCalif

    The most critical feature I look for on a pilot watch is legibility.
    A durable case is always important. It needs to be well designed to not
    pump perspiration into the case with altitude and temp changes. It does not
    need the extremes of a diver or swimmers watch but the case needs to be right.
    I am partial to “hack” setting but with modern movements that is less important than it was.

    The blue dial in this pix is very legible… Nice.

  • Legibility for sure.

  • Korrey6

    Pilot watches are all about clean and simple design and that is what I enjoy the most about them. That and the big crown of course.

  • Hello aBlogtoWatch and community. I would most enjoy actual contrasting numbers on the face of a three hand watch and they may not be cut off or interrupted by complications whatsoever. I would prefer an in house automatic movement with more than two days power reserve and wouldn’t mind a unique indication complication. Contrasting hands need to be a certain ratio of length and width compared to the dial to really express the time at a glance. Using Tritium for night legibility would give the watch much needed utility and self sustainability in an increasingly digital world. Thank you!

  • Eric Tousignant

    Legibility is key for me. Very easy to read quickly.

  • Rafael

    Hi! To me, pilot watches are all about style and legibility. I love this one!

  • Adam Pilbeam

    I love the legibility; but also the propellor motif on the rotor. That is a really neat touch I haven’t seen before!

  • Luke

    I like the connection to the history of aviation, as well as being easy to read and clean-looking.

  • Bran Ling

    I like the legibility of pilot watches. I especially like the connection to aviation history, most specifically watches reflecting the design of military pilot watches.

  • Jan Nielsen

    I like a simple watch, that’s easy to read. Preferably without a date-window.

  • rodilin

    Predominantly love the aesthetics. The display is clean, yet it communicates so much information. The touches of color like blues when used sparingly can really make the face pop. Plus, the historic context around the style is quite interesting.

  • Robert Alford

    When looking at pilot watches, I generally look for strong typography, clean layout, good visibility, and bright lume. I’ve seen the Biatec watches before and I find them quite attractive even though they deviate from what I normally think of due to the lacquer dial and the refined finishing of the movement. I quite like it as a dressy option that’s still a bit rugged and has heritage.

  • Mic

    Legibility as well.

  • MB

    I do like especially the crown – perfect match for this majestic watch.

  • John Ferrari

    I really love how the various complications are focused so firmly on utility without sacrificing aesthetics. Large dials, large crowns, selective lume. they all speak to the rigors of flight yet still produce a stunning watch.

  • Rainer

    For me it is one of the best pilot watches – not too big, no date and a perfect face withe the blue dial.

  • Brian Russell

    Legibility and balance in the dial design are the things I look for. Also nice if there’s a bidirectional bezel thrown in.

  • Elmer

    Like the Pilots watch simple and elegant easy to read dial design and the right size for my small wrist. None complicated movements for easy maintenance and love the big crown!!!

  • Nikola

    I like the clean design of pilot watches, only the neccesary info for a quick look.

  • CURT

    I like the big crowns on pilot watches. Also very easy to read and elegant

  • markusp

    i like pilot watches with an oversized onion crown – a real eyecatcher

  • Sanj Sanghera

    I like how pilot watches have a a face designed for easy reading – the oversized dial with clean, legible numbers and luminous hands is perfection. The larger size and casual look makes it a staple for my wrist, unless I’m heading to a business meeting and need to go for something a bit more dressy!


    Very elegant and simplistic watch…and it’s nice to see Eterna making their own movements again.

  • dicotfan

    I like large watch hands with strong lume. It should be relatively simple with not too much going on the distract the viewer.

  • CDY70

    Love the dial color and hands! Gorgeous watch.

  • Harry Cancel

    This Biatec watch is a beauty. The blue dial highlighted with what looks like a raised 3-D numeral font effect and vintage looking leather strap puts the watch in class of its own. The diamond shaped crown adds more uniqueness to it by giving it more elegance. The watch is not boring looking at all, especially when you know it pays homage to the Vought F4U Corsair fighter plane

  • Dmitri Tolstoluzhskyi

    For me pilot watch is about precision, clarity, style and flight. This pilot’s from Biatec has it all. With night blue dial and classic look it reminds me of legendary LTV A-7 Corsair II fighter plane. Besides – it’s your personal piece of aviation, where exact time matters.

  • Konstantinos Adamopoulos

    Its a great watch. Minimalistic but not simplistic with a great colour combination. Well done !

  • Eugene Najera

    The most important feature to me on a pilot watch is the ability to easily read the time. Nice looking watch and appreciate the Eterna movement.

  • Dmitri Tolstoluzhskyi

    For me pilot watch is about precision, clarity, style and flight.
    This pilot’s from Biatec has it all.
    With night blue dial and classic look it reminds me of legendary second Corsair – LTV A-7 Corsair II jet fighter plane, rather than first Corsair Vought F4U.
    Overall – it’s a beautiful personal piece of aviation, where exact time matters.

  • Gabe Steel

    That is a handsome timepiece. Very reminiscent of the Big Pilot line. For Pilot watches, legibility is number one. That being said, many modern pilot designs are HUGE. I prefer something easier to fit under a shirt cuff. The size at only 40 mm is ideal.

  • Albert

    I quite like the look of that watch and wouldn’t mind having it on my wrist at all!

  • Rastko Momcilovic

    It’s really a nice and elegant watch without too many distractions and easily readable numerals. Great as an everyday wearer as well as for formal events.

  • Calvin Lee Yiu Chung

    About what features I would most enjoy on a pilot watch, for myself, pilot watch is about precision, clarity, style and travels; and, large watch hands with strong lume. It should be relatively simple for reading.

  • LapYoda

    Legibility and ability to track another time zone (either via bezel or GMT complication) seem like they would be important to pilots.

  • Tawnia Wolosencuk Yovanovich

    I like the cleanness of the dial. For some reason this style of watch hits my sweet spot!

  • Haywood Jablomi

    Sharp and clean. Super nice watch even as a dressier type.

  • I have always liked old aviation and this kind of watches have that spirit. That’s why I love them.

  • William

    I like aviation style watches for their simplicity and readability. The connection to an era or other historical aspect of aviation history is a plus.

  • Scott Ashley

    Nice watch! I he things I like about pilots watches in general are easy readability, multiple timezones, and possible low pressure capabilities.

  • C Perry

    As much as I like a standard A-type dial, I think Biatec has done something unique with the Corsair.

    The shape of the hands and the typeface of the numerals, and the fact that they are applied, are big style improvements over the A dial.

    The only thing I can suggest, and it’s because I was perusing these recently, is to offer a few models with a bronze case, (sunburst dark grey and blue dials would suit bronze nicely). I think a lot of collectors would scoop those up in a hurry!

  • Ealaag

    What a handsome watch. I imagine it’s one of those you need to see in person, as photos probably do not do it justice. One thing I’ve always thought would be interesting (not entirely sure how to pull off) is a watch tribute to the E6B “flight computer” (check it out on wikipedia if you’ve never heard of it). My grandfather had a metal one that was from WWII, and I never figure out where it went. But one time he showed me how to use it, and I’ll always remember that.

  • KW Law

    This is a really nice-looking pilot watch. For me, legibility aside, wearability is very important for one to get into my collection. While large-sized pilot watches do have their historical significance, they are generally too large in the modern days to be put into real daily use. Not to mention those with smaller wrist, like me. On this, this watch fits the bill very very nicely. On personal aesthetics, I would prefer a more sterile dial design for pilot watches. It would look neater and nicer (probably to me only) if there is just the logo, without any text, on the dial.

  • Jon W

    Beautiful watch – great value for anyone who appreciates the history of the Corsair, and a unique looking movement as well. For pilot watches I expect durability and legible numerals of some kind, and I like to see the ability to track a second time zone as well.

  • Bonny Reinhard Immanuel

    Personally, a pilot watch would be perfect with the right size of the crown. A large crown can balance out the looks of pilot watch case, just make sure it won’t be looks too large that it resemble mare’s nipple

  • all74

    Beautifully done. For some reason, my favourite part of a pilot watch is the triangle 🙂 Just feels like a very clear, grounding “anchor” for the dial.

  • Pete

    I like the clean face and the large crown on this watch. Knowing it has a eta movement I am certain the watch is of quality. I am putting this watch on my Christmas list.

  • mtnsicl

    That’s hard to answer. I just like a good clean looking vintage pilot watch. It’s my favorite type of watch.

  • Pilot watches are all about simplicity, legibility and a great crown. I really love the clean design!

  • Drolmah

    Sleek and Simple! With a mysterious aura, love it!

  • Ang ThiamHong

    I have always liked and followed Biatec watches since they released their Corsair pilot last year. I like that their numerals are applied, and their dials are plain and simple, fitting of pilot watches.

  • Louis Tong

    Beautiful piece, classic aviation watch. Aviation watch for me, needs to be clean, easy to read, little touches like the 12 o’clock triangle, onion crown make it a versatile time piece.

  • Nic

    Having a small wrist, I appreciate e 40 mm case size. I love the large crown, tho! However, I’d like to see a 38-39 mm diameter pilot’s watch with a lug2lug measurement of 48 mm max…

  • kieronwood

    I like the function first aspect of a well done pilot watch and the clear legibility of the handset and face

  • Terry McCue

    I like the diamond shaped crown making it easy to grasp. I change time zones frequently and setting my watch should not be a chore.

  • Andrew Kirk

    Pilot’s watches really should be all about visibility, not complications. Black face, arabic markers *tons* of lume. A chrono or a GMT hand (a la Rolex for Pan Am) really the only complications. Big crowns probably not needed in autos, but definitely necessary for hand winds.

  • Fiery

    What I love most about pilot’s watches is the clean dial layout, great legibility, and of course the oversized onion crown. Sadly there aren’t many sub-42mm pilot’s watches out there 🙁

  • A Domi

    What I like the most of such a watch is the great legibility.

  • “Vought F4U Corsair American fighter jet,”

    If you are going to name a watch after an aircraft as famous as the F4U, you should at least be aware that it was not powered by a jet engine. It was designed in 1938. Well before jet engines were adapted to fighter aircraft.

  • David A Rainey

    I like how the watch is unclutter with large easy to read numbers. Don”t see as well as I used to! Lots of lume is great also . I have a watch I really like except it has no lume.

  • Monica Osorio

    Lovely pilot’s watch, I would love to surprise my husband pilot with it.

  • michael mescher

    Something that looks like the instrument panel of a WW2 fighter but at the same time very readable and uncluttered I believe that pilot watches should adhere to the old adage keep it simple stupid

  • Robertas Povilaitis

    I like the way it looks, the diamond shaped crown is very nice, simple design and easy to read.

  • eitan

    I like aviation style watches for their simplicity and readability.This style of watch hits my sweet spot!

  • A G

    Need clearly visible numbers and markers, make sure it glows in the dark. Large size.

  • Warsh

    Lovely watch. For me, pilot watches need great lume most of all!

  • Nihad

    I think, pilot watch must be aesthetically distinct. Apart from common features like a 1.big crown 2.simple, legible and super lumed dial, it should be durable, anti-magnetic and I would definitely don’t like to see date or anything that makes the dial busy. Most of people who buy a pilot watch are not related to aviation industry. So keeping the dial big(38-42mm is perfect), or relating the watch with a plane won’t be of any interest. I would definitely like a watch related to historical event and would like to see a vintage looking watch with timeless design. I can’t really think of any complication except GMT.

  • mikeymusic

    This watch checks all the boxes for me! Large crown, check: Heavily lumed hands and numerals, check: Dial a deep stratosphere blue, check: Sized just right for my wrist, check. Yes, one of the best modern interpretations of this style I have seen. I would like this watch.

  • wcse

    I appreciate the legibility of pilot watches, but I really like the simplicity of design – function first and last. Really like the blue dial of the Corair.

  • Beau9

    One of the features I enjoy on a pilot’s watch is the triangle symbol; either with or without the two dots, which distinguishes the dial from all others, i.e., divers, railroad watches, etc… Another feature I like is the small seconds feature which gives the watch dial some variance from the standard minute and hour hands; all on one post. The small seconds would also mean that likely a mechanical movement is utilized; something which is pleasing to eye to watch as it works.

  • Matthew Rowe

    A pilot’s watch should always emphasize legibility in all situations. Good anti reflective coatings, strong lume, and the correct handset and dial are all important. A chronograph or timing bezel is nice, too.

  • Joel Woodward

    While being associated with the F4U, one of my favorite aircrafts is cool, like a moth to a flame, I’m always drawn to a dial with plenty of lume.

  • mburrows

    BTW – the Vought F4U Corsair was an American fighter, but not a jet. The Corsair was powered by several variants of Pratt & Whitney’s largest radial piston engines.

  • Patrick Koch

    I very much appreciate the designs of pilot and field watches for simplisty and legibility and pretty much can be worn with anything casual. I’m also a sucker for bright lumes.

  • Paul Teets

    I would love an homage to the B2 bomber on a watch. One of my favorite features on a pilot watch is the Arabic numerals you typically see. I like the readability of the dial and the large face of pilots watches too.

  • Hammer

    Definitely a beautiful, clean and very legible design. Not flashy but not dull: I like the blue/SS/light brown strap combo. And the size is ideal from my wrist.

    And since i’m Looking for a gmt, that would be my ideal complication.

  • Bob

    I just happened upon some documentaries on YouTube and happened upon this blog. I found the most complex watches to be most interesting, but found myself always looking at the most basic looking watches to be especially fascinating. So I guess a simplistic dark colored face with a good sound would be ideal.


  • Richard Link

    A great pilot’s watch should be very legible, have a clean dial and a large crown suitable for gloved operation.

  • Ben kelsey

    I love the legability of a good pilot’s watch. They may not alwyas be the best looking in the world, but they really make a point of being a functional piece of jewelry.

  • Austin Phillip

    The Classic stainless steel links as a strap .
    Would love to see a little camera , with a clear see through back
    Not an over-sized crown, easy to read , A bold design

    Black and White , Lovely

    P.S ,

    Missed Out On That Rolex , Gutted

  • Moutasem


  • Claudiu

    Really like the legibility on this watch (not a fan of the crown though).

    About the giveaway: what I appreciate the most in pilot watches is the legibility (duh) and the minutes markings on the dial instead of the hour markings. KISS.

  • Danijel Tojagic

    Good day. I really really like this watch, and like to have it, much.
    Feature I will like to have on my pilot watch is altitude meter. How much high do I fly, 🙂

  • alex

    the crown seems a bit too much
    but other than that it looks fine

  • Jonathan “falvern” Sutedja

    its like iwc especially the crown.but hey its lovely

  • farar

    The pilot watch doesn’t need any complications, just a massive amount of lume + it has to tell you what time it is in the blink of an eye.

  • dan negoita

    As features go, I would love a very clean watch face, with lots of lume, a big crown and if possible, made with materials of and old plane as some of the Chr. Ward.

  • chris

    Has to have crisp, clear dial and preferably a altimeter. Would like to see a oversize case 46mms + . Great looking timepiece .

  • donkol

    I would like a ‘big date’ complication, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one on a pilot’s watch.

  • Waytall

    Great watch. Pilots watches need to be bold, lots of lume and have a leather strap. This example is spot on!

  • turtlingturtles

    With the traditional dial designs so well defined (and difficult to improve upon), for me it comes down to the hand set, which has to be interesting but legible and of the perfect length. A good font for the numerals and excellent lume goes a long way too.

  • Ian Salmon

    overall i prefer simplicity. Love the hands and numbers. The only other feature i would like is a second time zone.

  • Ayreonaut

    I like a pilot watch with some sparkle and depth. A matte black dial and dull finish does nothing for me, long term.

  • Gregory Leong

    Dual time zone.

  • Stewart Novinger

    I like pilot’s watches don’t like the huge crown that often goes with them the best that can be had is a relatively large clean dial with lume on all the numbers and hands.

  • Nick Romero

    I love to see good lume and an easy to read face on a pilot watch. Sometimes pilot watches become a nightmare to read when they are overcomplocated with too many features. The Biatec has a nice easy to read face and a respectable movement. I like that in a watch.

  • BG

    A really looking time piece, clean face and nice crown. I would love to see a date window, but all in all a really beautiful piece.

  • Mike Bookhardt

    Features I like on a Pilot watch: Visibility, easy to read quickly. This means great lume, highly visible indices and features. Fliegers help. The hands should be wide and long enough to reach to, and point to, the indices accurately.

  • Adam

    Most of all, modern pilot watch should be as resistant to magnetism as possible. Also, I’d like it to be legible 🙂 That’s about it.

  • egznyc

    I like all the usual features for a pilot watch: highly legible dial with few extraneous bits of information, and easily read in the dark as well. But I also like 100m or more WR, so I can take it into the water without worry. A longer power reserve than a mere 40 hours or so is nice, too. So, yeah, this offering looks pretty good from the specifications. But it also has a nice numeral font that’s bold and legible.

  • Rodion Raskolnikov


  • Julian Potter

    I’m loving these pilot watches because they aren’t cluttered. They’re just nice, clean, beautiful sleek watches.

  • Debbie Snell

    interchangeable hands which are different silhouettes of planes like world war one 🙂

  • Nick D.

    Quite a nice watch. A pilot watch shouldn’t have too many complications and needs to remain legible and uncluttered. I like large, aviator style leather straps on a pilot watch and wouldn’t mind a dual time zone!

  • Monochromatic, unless there’s a complication that needs a clear differentiation. No date and clear lume , with a 12 O’clock arrow. I’m grateful they are offering any of their CS watches to the winner as I think they get it right on the nose for the CS01.

  • Monochromatic, unless there’s a complication that needs a clear differentiation. No date and clear lume , with a 12 O’clock arrow. I’m grateful they are offering any of their CS watches to the winner as I think they get it right on the nose for the CS01.

  • Gene Smith

    This watch just looks like a great addition to my collection; I really hope that I win the giveaway!

  • Cristina Lim

    Big bold numbers. Just bold letters.

  • kukkuk

    Looks like a great watch, good dial and case finishing, strong movements and fantastic crown. I am not really sure about the melange of flieger and non flieger characteristics, i.e. syringe hands, flieger triangle, minute track…..
    I will have to see it to make up my mind about it.

  • rcrdofjrdo

    I think pilot watches are my favourite aesthetic design and I own a Laco Bielefeld watch. I really like the historical aspect of the designs and in the case of this particular company, Laco actually manufactured the watches used by the German air force. In terms of the design itself, I find Pilot watches incredibly easy to read and very versatile. They look very modern and I have received compliments of how they go with a suit as much as with casual clothes. Finally, I think that pilot watches (and field) have a lot of personality, so I very much enjoy having them on my wrist.

  • Bryan K

    I like pilot watched that are true to the original in style and features, except smaller. Type A or B dial, clear and legible, with good lume, hacking, uncomplicated, onion crown with riveted leather strap. Size no more than 42mm.

  • Wong Chun Poh

    Simple, easy to read with big numbers and great lume. Always a sucker for great lume.

  • Matt Dawson

    Looks like a great watch and one I’d happily wear! The feature I most enjoy on a pilot watch is the general aesthetic – big numerals, easy to read, classic design. I have a driving watch for when I’m in the mood for complications. The pilot watch is simpler but still has a personality.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Can’t remember if I have put a comment but this is a very nice watch although I would have it with the small seconds.

    For a pilots watch you need an alarm. That is to make sure you wake up when you need to switch the auto pilot off.

  • BrandonS

    favorite feature is readability. No bezel, all dial and big numerals. Needs to be read at a glance.

  • Beautiful watch. A good pilot watch needs to be extremely legible in all conditions. This watch is highly legible! As a suggestion, I would enjoy a strap made of the same material they use in parachutes.

  • This is a great looking watch. A pilot watch needs to be very legible. As a suggestion I’d love a strap made with the same nylon they use for parachutes!

  • GKS

    Like most, my ideal pilot watch has superb legibility and bright lume. It’s a plus when there’s a second time zone and easily gripped crown.

  • Keith Ritchie

    What a great watch, i like it clear readability!

  • Murdock

    I’d like to see a complication that helps anticipate turbulence.

  • db9

    I most enjoy a larger face that is very legible at a glance, on a pilot watch. Lume is important as well. The contrast of the blue dial with the strap is very nice.

  • db9

    Very nice dial. Air speed indicator would be a good complication for a pilot watch.

    • Gokart Mozart

      You may need to stick your arm out of the window for that to work. Not recommended unless you are in a vintage propeller plane.

  • Sky

    Due to its core simplicity, a pilot type can’t manage too much in the way of differentiation lest it no longer is really a pilot.

    That being said, a 45-degree, canted-face design might be a cheeky yet still legible variant for a manufacturer (unless it’s already been done, of course).

  • Capt. Blackadder

    In a pilot watch I’d like to see an accurate, automatic movement with hand-winding and hacking, excellent readability, clearly marked numerals, reasonably bright and long-lasting lume, and a comfortable strap. A design that reminds one of aircraft gauges from yesteryear would be a definite plus.

  • Jawon

    blue dial is very pleasing to look, sapphire crystal front and back and 100m water resistant! what’s there not to love?

  • Calvin Corser

    Sweet looking watch!!!!

  • Fran69

    I’d love to see references to historical aviation events, first Atlantic ocean crossing, first man on the moon, base jump from outer space etc.

  • Bao N.


  • adeshadeMauro Sassaroli

    A pilot watch must be sturdy, precise and readable. Biatec preserves the essence of a A type dial pilot watch with a modern taste: it is an original reinterpretation of rare balance.This watch is very wearable, therefore it is very intriguiging also for women.

  • Kamal Jagasia

    Thanks to this blog again for an opportunity to win this fantastic looking time piece. Kudos to the team for coming up with an great looking/functioning timepiece. If the crown can be modeled or designed along the lines of propellers or the engine would be interesting to see.

  • romaricdrigon

    I love the legibility of pilot watches. Clean, utilitarian dials, lume, that makes some very very versatile watches. You can wear them casually, and dress them up, they are good all-rounders!

  • penemio

    I would like a commemorative watch with the aesthetics of the Stealth Bomber

  • ivel1977

    It would be interesting to create a pilot watch that remotely controls your drone.

  • Trevor Hirst

    For a pilots watch, I just love the no nonsense legibility; everything on there you need, nothing you don’t. Extra time zone? Sure, but do it simply with just another hand. Simplicity.

  • This is a perfect looking watch, easy to read and seemingly well built.

  • mark kemper

    great features simple and sweet looking watch

  • Yaniv

    Looks great!

  • TEM2k

    Very nice watch!

  • Matt

    Love the numerals and the crown.

  • George

    The most important feature of a pilot watch to me is legibility in daylight, in artificial light, and in the dark.

  • I prefer a clean design on a pilot watch – minimal.complicarions.

  • markahaviland

    Stellar design; you don’t often see complexity and simplicity integrated together.

  • Darren Casablancas

    For pilot watches, definitely the visibility and legibility of the dial. Its robust nature also tends to lead many to use them as their daily beaters!

  • Harry Gage

    I love the pilot watch style.