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Biatec Watches is a new watch brand coming from a country without any specific watchmaking culture or history – Slovakia. Strange, isn’t it? However, we rely on the revolutionary Eterna movement, and our goal is to produce only a few hundred pieces per year, not thousands of them. We would like to offer unique watches in smaller quantities, but with a focus on a friendly and personal customer service and at the same time with excellent cost/performance ratio. So, if you don’t wish to have the same watch on your wrist as your neighbour, or if you don’t want to invest money only into brand names but rather into something of uniqueness, you should definitely take a look at our watch collection, which consists of two watch models – the Biatec Corsair and Biatec Majestic. Let’s take a look at the Biatec Majestic first; specifically, the Majestic 02 model.

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The Biatec Majestic 02 model has a rose gold-plated case, dark brown (sunray) dial, and a leather strap. Thanks to its polished case, the watch is highly elegant and stylish. The Swiss-made automatic Eterna caliber 3901A inside offers 65 hours of power reserve.

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As you can see, under the sapphire crystal of the case back, there is a solid 14ct gold coin (white gold for Majestic 02 model) with a Biatec horse motif. The coin refers to our heritage. The word “Biatec” originates probably from the name of a king, who started to appear on the Celtic coins minted by the Boil of Bratislava (capital of Slovakia) during the 1st century B.C. This name is also used to refer to the coin itself. We wanted to make a strong connection between our brand name and our heritage, and this is where our brand name comes from. The coin is minted in one of the oldest mints in Europe, the mint of Mincovňa Kremnica, Slovakia, which is more than 700 years old.


If you wish to have your own text or motif on the gold coin, we will gladly engrave it on the other side of the coin. Each watch gets a more personal touch by this personalization making this a great opportunity for people who are thinking about buying a watch as a gift to someone else. Anniversary, graduation, birth of a child – we can personalize the gold coin for any of these occasions.

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To complete the overall look of the watch, we have created a buckle with a nice-looking detail – a tailing Biatec logo.

Recommended retail price for the Biatec Majestic 02 is 1,590 euros including 20 % VAT. Outside EU customers will be charged prices without VAT (1,325 euros), and for a limited time they can save additional 20 % on the preorder!


Our second collection will delight lovers of pilots watches. The Biatec Corsair collection consists of 5 models with different color combinations. Let’s take a look on the first model with a black dial – Biatec Corsair 01.

For our Corsair collection, we were inspired by the Vought F4U Corsair, which is still considered one of the most formidable American fighter jets of all times and by pilots who were flying it. Their need was to have a comfortable yet precise watch they could wear both in their missions and in normal life.

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We have aspired to design our Biatec Corsair collection so that our watches combine vintage and modern looks which could remind us of pilots’ needs and at the same time become modern and efficient timepieces which we can wear in everyday life.


We wanted to have a sign of that flying machine clearly incorporated into our watches, by having a special customized “Corsair” rotor for the mechanical automatic Eterna 3901A movement, which is clearly visible from the see-through glass at the caseback-side of our entire collection. The bridge of the movement has a perlage decoration to top it all off.


True pilot watches have to have a big crown for easy time setting. This particular crown is a screwed-down crown because we wanted to assure at least 10 ATM of water resistance, so the watch is also practical. And as the watch is water resistant, we focused on the watch strap as well, which is also more water-resistant and resistant against scratches when compared to conventional watch straps.


Nicely polished 3D hour markers are fully printed with Super-LumiNova T3 grade A, which ensures it’s readable also in the dark.


Every watch case has a unique steel plate between the lugs with a serial number of the case to add a personalized feeling. Recommended retail price for the Biatec Corsair 01 is 1,380 euros including 20% VAT. For a limited time, you can preorder it and thus save another 20% on the discount. So the price for the outside EU customer will be as low as 920 euros.

We would like to know what you think of our watches; please let us know your thoughts in the comments, or don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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