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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Delma Cayman Automatic Dive Watch

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Delma Cayman Automatic Dive Watch Giveaways

For August 2019, the monthly giveaway here on aBlogtoWatch is for a Delma Cayman Automatic Dive Watch. This watch is inspired by and named after the island in the Caribbean, one of the world’s best diving destinations. Based on the timeless design of Delma dive watches from the 1970s with modern finishes and movement, the Cayman strikes the ideal balance between old and new. 

The Delma Cayman comes in a stainless steel case that measures 42mm-wide/13.3mm-thick and has a 500m water resistance rating. The unidirectional bezel with lumed pip is solid and easy to grip, as is the large and easy-to-use-crown. The Delma Cayman is designed and built, first and foremost, with the intention of being a reliable dive watch, and this intent translates to every design choice. 

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Delma Cayman Automatic Dive Watch Giveaways

The large and legible hands and indices are all done in lume and contrast against the black sunray dial for maximum legibility. There is a date window at 3 o’clock and not much unnecessary dial decoration because the functionality and form are inextricably tied together. This particular model has a red aluminum bezel that adds a framing of bright, distinguishable color around the black dial. 

The Delma Cayman is fitted with an automatic ETA 2824-2 movement, which operates at 28,800 vph and has a 38-hour power reserve. Visible through the exhibition caseback, the movement has a gold-plated rotor that features the Delma logo. 

This Delma Cayman comes on a steel Milanese bracelet, staying true to the 1970s style the watch exudes. Casual, stylish, fun, and reliable is what the Cayman is all about, and it delivers. The Delma Cayman on the Milanese bracelet retails for $1,380. 


WATCH GIVEAWAY: Delma Cayman Automatic Dive Watch Giveaways

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. (If you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there.) For a chance to win, share in the comments with what style you’d like to see from Delma next.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on August 31, 2019, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-U.S. entrants may apply, based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Delma, sponsor of the Delma Cayman watch giveaway on aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Mike Wilt

    I’m a big fan of shark mesh and that looks smoooooth. Really bold use of color on the watch itself. Thanks!

  • Andrew Fitzhugh

    Love this style and colours, a chrono would be interesting.

  • Peter Van de Laar

    I’d like to see a smaller gmt version of this watch!

  • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

    Now would be a good time to see something styled after a ’40s-’60s field watch. Maybe Delma’s designers can pull off something interesting in that design space.

  • Tom Scarborough

    It’s large, it’s legible, it’s fairly minimal for a dive watch and the milanese bracelet gives it an air of day-to-day wearability. I like this watch, no lies.

  • Swiss_Cheese

    Brace yourselves, here come the 700+ comments that are strangely absent from the other articles…

    Also, in terms of watches I’d like to see – a good ol’ perpetual calendar minute repeater would be nice.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      I see my recommendation wasn’t considered.

  • Agnar Sidhu

    Well it’s not an easy thing to think of as they already have a significant line of watches. Too think of something they don’t already have in their lineup, and making something interesting that stands out, I’d say do a masterpiece collection where your engineers and designers can use al there creativity and try and be innovative in regards to horology and design.

  • Pasi Piirainen

    A field watch made outta silver would be nice.

  • Anatoly

    Reallly a nice looking watch, though the market has been oversaturated with divers for a long time now. It would be quite interesting to see a Delma flieger, I think they can handle it.

  • Benedetto Youssef

    Gorgeous watch, perhaps next a 39mm model with Kermit bezel ?

  • Daniel Stephens

    Very nice, Delma make great quality for the price. I would like to see them dig further into their history for future releases.

  • Rich

    Love this. Would really like to see Delma make a Cayman-inspired dress watch, incorporating the arrow seconds-hand and dial design cues from this diver.

  • Dezianjo

    Really nice looking watch and the milanese bracelet looks great. Always though milanese looks great on divers even if they probably is fa from optimal for diving. But anyway who really dive with their mechanical dive watches these days.

  • Sagi Yogev

    it will be fascinating to see a Dilma model with real wood materials inside.

  • Bas Peperkamp

    Lovely giveaway! I’d like to see a AP RO style bracelet with you watches, maybe an idea?

  • ?????? ??????????

    Right… On the topic – a clean and sleek blend between an explorer and dive type watch in the 36-38mm size on a bracelet would be nice.
    On the watch – a bit weird on that mesh and with so little lume on the hands? Is it just me?

  • JosephWelke

    Lovely watch! I’d like to see a regulator-style watch next; there haven’t been many of them released.

  • Tobi Tool

    I would like to see a vintage style diver 60’s or 70’s, with orange hands.

  • Brian McCourt

    I really like the simplicity of the design. Interesting to not see a diver without crown guard.

  • Harold Buttolph

    great looking watch, would love to have it, A chrono would be nice.

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Nice tool watch – wouldn’t mind seeing a GMT variant

  • Douglas Weedman

    I would like to see a ‘turtle’ style if they do another dive watch, otherwise I would enjoy seeing a nice field watch from Delma.

  • Quite nice actually! Wouldn’t mind a 40mm with a bronze bezel, in the same style.

  • Chris Miller

    I like the looks of this one. I do think these some classically styles field watches would fill a hole in their collection.

  • kw

    I think the Cayman might look good with an orange face.

  • Steven Servantez

    I would like to see an aviation model next.

  • Jason Sheppard

    I would like to see a stealth edition all black,

  • Rhino67

    I am a sucker for the maroon bezel; gives this watch a nice pop. Logical next move would be a GMT and at least another 10 hours of power reserve.

  • Petros M.

    Amazing watch
    I want it??

  • drThrillman

    i’d like to see no date wheel

  • George Yiannakopoulos

    Hello all @ Delma and @ A Blog To Watch!

    I would like to see a supercompressor type diver from Delma next, I think it will complement their vintage-inspired diver nicely.



  • Mark Silverstein

    Very pretty watch. I like the bracelet and how the red bezel compliments the black dial.

  • MSM

    I love California dials, especially on dive watches .I’d love to see them do one of those .


  • Jben96

    I’d like to see Delma attempt an even more legible diver with larger applied markers and perhaps snowflake hands too! Hope I win! Thanks

  • Raphael

    Hi there, I desire for an outdoor watch from Delma. I would love to see this.
    Regards, raphael

  • Steve Baysting

    I think a GMT model next with different lume colour on the GMT hand to the rest of the watch for some variety

  • Uriar

    You have some beautiful watches on Instagram. I would like to see a GMT. Thanks for the chance!

  • Allen Ross

    I don’t recall seeing one but I think I’d like to see a tourbillon watch by Delma.

  • robert csontos

    I like it,very unique!

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Would love to win this one. Been looking at red/maroon bezel divers lately.
    For a future Delma watch they could do a GMT version with a ceramic bezel. It’s not very imaginative I know, but it would be popular.

  • Pedro Quaresma

    Pepsi diver!

  • Mike Chimitt

    How about a non diver, everyday watch, maybe only a 12 for Arabics and the rest stick indices. 42mm or larger.

  • John Winnard

    What a simple but beautiful user-friendly looking watch. An awesome watch that would make any collection even better… Stunning… Love it!

  • Simon Ford

    Nice watch from Delma I’d like to see a dressy dive watch from them next, stick to what their good at

  • Cam Nadeau

    I would like to see Delma make a compressor style case with a blue dial.

  • Lukáš K?ivanec

    Quite nice and elegant piece with great water resistance. I would like to see bronze version of these watch next time!

  • Andre Braz

    This diver model is incredible, classic ! I would like to see a military style in Delma’s line.

  • Nick McCauley

    The coloring on the bezel is great! Would like to see more casual offerings like this in the future; Delma seems to offer a nice variety in the dive watch arena.

  • Vladimir V.

    I would love to see a vintage-inspired bi-compax chronograph on some nice leather strap. It would be a great addition to their already versatile portfolio.

  • Pluffy

    Love this watch. I really like the uncluttered dial with really attractive hour markers.
    The bezel is such a rich vibrant colour.
    The beads of rice bracelet gives it a vintage feel.
    I would like to see Delma make a chronograph on the same style

  • Nello

    I would like to see Delma remake one of their bi-compax chronographs. Vintage style but a modern size.

  • Mark B

    Nicely designed, straightforward dive watch, at a reasonable price.

  • Kris

    Nice looking watch! I’d like to see Delma come out with a tank-style dress watch. They seem to be underrepresented at the moment.

  • Cul de Sac

    I would love to see some futuristic designs, considering its a brand that can take risks I would love to see designs not related to the classic ones as diver, flight, classic, etc. I think the designers should be in contact with contemporary artists.

  • Carl Jorgensen

    The steel Milanese bracelet enhances the overall 1970s style, which to me, being of a certain age, is very appealing! The simplicity of the display makes for a great dive/everyday watch.

  • Jerry Davis

    Always a big fan of pilot style watches. 43-45mm

  • Pete Townshend

    I’m a sucker for train-track chapter rings

  • D Park

    A pilot’s watch would be nice

  • Bryan K

    I’d like to see a GMT diver.

  • laner

    Nice looking diver! Would love to see a super-compressor style GMT. Good luck, everyone! Fingers crossed ?

  • SPITX206

    Nice looking diver. I would like to see them add a GMT function to this exact style watch.

  • FollowPhil

    I love Power Reserve and would love to see Delma explore that type of watch – 41mm or 42mm.

  • Daniel Harper

    I think Delma could do a great job with the field watch style. This is a solid looking diver, though, maybe take it a little more toward the skin diver direction or the other way toward deeper dive style as well

  • Chris MoJo

    I think this looks like a great dive watch, I think a slimmed down version with larger indices would be awesome!

  • NASAVandy

    Delma’s watches look great and provide a subtle sense of luxe. I am a fan of their Pioneer and would love to see a second time zone/GMT complication on that one or their Commander watch.

  • Jorge Miranda

    I would like to see a bronze case with ceramic bezel in a future Delma watch. Regards

  • Brad Herndon

    Great looking watch! A bronze offering would be cool!

  • Alberto

    Maybe a very thin dress watch…

  • Beautiful watch, perfect size for me. Nice specs. Would love to have it. How about a Delma classic GMT?

  • cino

    I like the design or their watches, especially the more utilitarian ones. In particular I like the commander collection, but I would love to see a commander with GMT complication. A 24h hand with rotating 24h bazel would be enough and would allow to keep a decent price-point i believe.

  • I’d like to see a version that would be fully lumed and with larger hands and indices for greater legibility. A more sedate version with a smaller case diameter as a dress watch would be nice to see as well.

  • Dragos Ion

    Cool watch.

  • John Frei

    Delma has a wide variety of styles in their lineup. The only thing that I don’t see is a tank watch, so maybe they should consider that.

  • larry

    Great looking timepiece but next make a sharp looking GMT timepiece!!

  • SBUBandit

    Not sure what style I’d want to see from Delma next. I was just on their site and they seem to have about everything I’d want to see. Maybe a vintage finish/color combo on a Aero Commander style watch, to look like a classic field or pilots watch would be cool.

  • Dobrin Tomov

    something dressy as a next watch

  • Tom In Arizona

    I’d like to see them blend the styles they currently have in their Aero and Dress collections to produce a more “elegant” dress-style watch with the functions of the Aero collection. Both are beautiful designs, but a combination of the two would be a wonderful addition to their line.

  • nyonya

    Would be great to see a pilot style Delma.

  • mach2guy

    I love the in-your-face styling as it is. But forced to conjure up a new one, I’d opt for a increased nautical theme such as an oyster dial with a Caribbean blue bezel.

  • awildermode

    Delma Diver…

  • Marc Wensauer

    Looks nice, how about a style in blue — dial, complimenting bezel, etc.

  • Jordan Rausch

    I like the Delma pilots watches but how about adding a traditional large face style. Something 45mm+ to really hearken back to the roots.

  • ChrisA

    Very nice watch Delma. Would love to see a diver with internal rotating bezel like many a super compressor of old, done in the Delma style and quality.

  • Chris Bos

    Soccer is a huge sport. The USA ladies are World Champions. How about a soccer inspired sporty style watch?

  • Jared

    I know everyone in here will go gaga and sing praises about this watch hoping to win.

    but I’ll just say, using a crown as your logo on a diver, is an obvious attempt to abuse the goodwill of the Rolex brand…I’m sure Rolex has a trademark for the use of a crown as a logo on the watch so its shady as hell

    • Mark Lewis-Jones

      Agreed, there is some bias toward trying to win, so unfortunately it discourages negative comments, that could be constructive for the brand’s consideration. However, my hunch is that if there was any copyright infringement, Rolex would have squashed it long ago. I think the logo is a non-issue.

  • simple_fellow


  • Ian

    I’d love to see Delma make a dive watch with tritium tube markers and hands.

  • johnwithanh

    A GMT that utilizes the brand’s affinity for the color orange. Makes for a great burst of color and is reminiscent of the rising sun.

  • Humphrey Mar

    Beautiful watch; would love to see this with a skeleton back…

  • Joshua

    I like the Cayman’s austere, open dial (inspired by Blancpain?) and the red accent gives it a fun summer vibe. I’d like to see Delma tackle a GMT style diver – so long as they can keep the thickness to a minimum.

  • HMuffin

    I’m a sucker for field watches, the smaller size and simplicity really appeal to me (plus they fit my wrist better). Interesting watch, I like the Milanese bracelet!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    This ticks all the boxes. Nice and clear, a good size with good lume. Can see this as an something I would wear as an every day watch.

    • Hi Raymond, your are usually more critical about watches.

  • Kelly O’Neal

    I hope Delma will offer a watch marketed to fresh water fishermen.

  • James McDonald

    dive watch with internal rotating bezel would be a great 70’s era look

  • Ricki Giorgi

    This is a really nice watch that would look great on this old gentleman’s arm.

    The next model I would like to see is a dual time (not a GMT but one with two hour hands, one for local and one for home) in the style of your Commander line.

  • Mark Lewis-Jones

    A handsome durable timepiece, with a solid workhorse movement. The dial is very legible, the rotating bezel easy and crown are easy to use, which reflect that there was some thinking of the user in the design, and not just the aesthetic. Still, its beautiful, with a very good size, proportion, and look, accented nicely with both the red colored bezel and the Milanese bracelet. For the retail price, its an excellent value for the quality of the timepiece. Especially for being inspired by such a tony Caribbean destination!

  • Mark Lewis-Jones

    And may I add, if there was something I’d like to see from Delma, in a sporty incarnation, would be a GMT with a big date at the 6 position. I don’t think there is anything comparable in their price range with those features.

  • Erick Rangel

    They have great models and I love his divers. Thinking in something different… a worldtimer!!!

  • John Taylor

    This would be a nice watch to add to my collection.
    Maybe a nice tool watch.

  • Rodney

    I think it’s safe to say they need to add a GMT to their collection.

  • coskvig

    Like this one. The milanese bracelet looks sharp. How about for the next one do a sporty square/cushion shape?

  • I’m a fan of bullhead chrono watches and I’d like to see one of Delma.

  • Pierre Vaillancourt

    That’s a nice one! What I’d like to see is a simple three hand sports watch with a date complication, maybe a day. Something that can do it all, from the beach to a nice dinner date to anything life can throw at you!

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    Titanium cases and case back through.

  • Leonarr

    A good ol’ bronze diver or a GMT!

  • David Williams

    Hey ABTW – a great giveaway for Switzerland’s national day, the First of August. Delma have diver, aviator and motor-sports themes well covered – along with an impressive range of dress watches and women’s watches. So how about an expedition/exploration style watch, in brushed stainless steel, inspired by the mountaineering and skiing traditions of Switzerland?

    Maybe with textured dials inspired by Alpine snows, the cream color of the edelweiss (Switzerland’s national flower), green forests and mountain meadows, and the blue of Alpine lakes and skies.

    On co-ordinating leather straps or steel bracelet – in moderate sizes to appeal to men and women. Maybe a GMT option?

  • Jan-Erik Sanne

    I’d love any design from Delma 40mm or below.

  • Heith

    GMT. Definitely GMT.

  • D.C.

    I’d love to see a Commodore model with a green dial in stainless.

  • padreman

    Would like to see a pilot’s watch!

  • TKoren

    Nice, clean, simple, and easy to read. Not to thick for a dive watch, good job!

  • domokla

    pilot or chronograph watch

  • Kim Wrigley

    I prefer a link to a mesh style bracelet for the watch on a GMT watch.

  • Steve Jacobs

    Great looking watch. I’d next like to see a dress watch.

  • Flávio Maia

    I enjoyed the red bezel: it´s a refreshing option, since all diver watches seems to be black.

  • TresGut

    Very simple and elegant. Dress watch with a sub seconds please.

  • I like the overall look of this. A no non-sense tool watch.

  • Mark Krebs

    Beautiful watch. Perhaps a Chrono would be a great next version?

  • thebarhound

    Great looking watch! I am visiting Grand Cayman Island as we speak, West Bay area.

    As for what kind of watch next, a rugged outdoor exploring type. Something I could drag through its paces in a place like Acadia National Park in Maine, USA

  • LetoAtreides69

    sport watch, three hander

  • Manzur Dan

    I wish to see an original chronograph design from them, that vintage feel with modern touch.

  • David Rainey

    I like the watch the way it is. Might be nice in a blue, with no need for the date.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    Who are all you people?????

    • AlbieC

      People sure appear out of nowhere for these contests!

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Drives me nuts.

  • SH

    Nice watch, would like to see one in bronze minus the date

  • RussB

    Lovely watch , just need a trip to the Caymen Islands to go with it

  • Bryan A

    For their next model, I’d like to see them keep it simple and create a Field watch that is as basic and elegant as the Diver.

  • grandma 1

    i would like to see one without the date on it.

  • S Jones

    Less is more. This is a very clean design. I would happily have that on my wrist

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    I like sports watches and modern design

  • OpenSixx

    I would like to see a GMT

  • The question is for Delma fans that happen to be on the hunt for a model Delma hasn’t produced yet. As I’m not a Delma fan (this is one of the first Delmas I’ve seen), I really don’t have a desire for them to produce any other watch.
    This is a lovely diver, the crown a bit large tho.

  • Tommy Higdon

    Awesome. Thanks.

  • Jim Davis

    Would like a 12h bezel, or a GMT version.

  • Aaron

    I’d gladly grace my wrist with this beauty. But I’d love to see a no date edition.

  • Eugene Najera

    The watch would look great on my wrist. Would like to see it as a no date 39mm watch.

  • Greg Hall

    Regulator would be a nice addition

  • Al Herrera

    Id like to see a nice GMT with the same color combo

  • Pete L

    Clean and simple. Not a fan of mesh straps so perhaps an integrated bracelet next? Maybe invert the colourway too – red dial/black bezel would be cool.

  • Theodore

    I’ll second Eugene’s proposal, 39mm & No Date for me too please.

  • Ah Shumaker

    A GMT.

  • funNactive

    I’ve started leaning back towards smaller watches. I’d like to see this one in 39 or 40mm – possibly moving the date down at the 6 position.

  • gwd

    I’d like to see a no date, ceramic bezel version with more room for lume in the hands. But I’d rock this watch just the way it is… very nice.

  • Randall Vaughn

    Beautiful watch! I would like to see a GMT model with a ceramic bezel, size of around 42mm, with leather or NATO. Heavier linked bracelet would be OK, mesh not so much (IMHO).

  • John A Ferris

    I am a fan of red bezels on dive / tool watches and this one is a winner. Bracelet is very cool, not too serious and playfully sophisticated. Like others who have commented, a GMT would be nice too.

  • KDKing

    I do not have a 500 meter WR dive watch & I dig the bracelet. Would look great on my wrist.

  • Daniel Stephens

    Great looking diver, and great quality for the price. I would like Delma to keep looking back into their history and archives for inspiration.

  • Eric Gordon

    Seems like a versatile design, One that can take you from beach to dinner. I would like to see a blue/black bezel. Not a fan of red. Also, perhaps a bronze case.

  • Tristan

    Nice watch. Well done Delma. How about ditching the auto and going for a hand winding skin diver style next?

  • Pete Yo

    please make a “no date” version of this watch. I love the colors and the bracelet on this watch!!!

  • Derek Channell

    Cushion case with Milanese strap.

  • Maxtor

    Bring back the Klondike. Nice shape… evocative of Franck Muller.

  • Neill Levine

    I like the minimal look of this diver. Next I’d like to see a compressor-style, with no date!

  • Rick

    This is a really nice looking watch. I like the color chosen for the bezel and the fact it is not too wide. The lume looks good. Nice touch on the mesh bracelet. For the next watch, I’d like to see a diver with a 38mm case, no date, and silicon strap.

  • Steve Santora

    Like the design. Good contrasting color. Like to see a true Dress watch from Delma.

  • Nicholas Yeung

    A dress watch would be very nice.

  • Thanks for an amazing opportunity here. This Delma is an absolute beauty of a watch. I know they do an Aero line, so I’d really like to see them release a watch with a “flight computer” onboard. Either that, or go the opposite direction to create a true, simple, field watch. Thanks again for this opportunity. *Fingers Crossed*

  • billy mclaughlin

    Nice looking watch. Love the Milanese bracelet. I would like to see a modern sized field watch. Maybe 40ish mm

  • Jeremy Chang

    A nice looking and solid watch. Hopefully that I can have the chance to experience it in real metal.

  • Curt Tracy

    I’m looking for Delma to develop a nice GMT with a blue ceramic bezel insert and a matching date window at 4 o’clock, fitted to a matching NATO strap and the additional stainless steel braclet option.

  • Zoran Filipovic

    I like minimalist style watch

  • Durandt Storm

    This watch looks really nice. What would be really awesome is if they did a more classy style with a quality leather strap and a gold or bronze case.

  • scott jacques

    Great color scheme. Looks good on the mesh bracelet.

  • Barzuma

    Ooh, I like that red bezel. A red “ring” on a stainless steel background. Nice.

  • Yura

    This Delma watch looks great.
    I would like to see a 38-39mm watch, something similar to Rolex Explorer 1.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    very interesting design

  • Nathan Weston

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d like to see them have a go at a racing chronograph.

  • chris_1860

    I’d like to see different bezel colors.

  • Steve W

    I really like the look of the watch. What is the lug to lug length, and what is the lug width?

  • gtbr

    i’d like to see them with a chronograph

  • benjameshodges

    Bronze case.

  • Dongyoung Seo

    Superb design! Green bezel would look nice as well.

  • Ma Af

    I like this one (the prize) without red color around front face

  • Steve

    A polot watch will be interested to see how it designs from Delma.

  • Apollo Frost

    A simple 1960s inspired dress watch.

  • Christopher Redhead

    I really like the watch being given away, I would love to see a chrono version of this model.

  • Trevor O’Donnell

    I would love to see a sunburst Red gmt version of this watch.
    Love the red, really want this one

  • doctorzach

    I would love to see Delma use titanium.

  • Adrian Choo Cheng Yong

    Went through their website and noticed that the other ‘big’ category that they are missing are field watches since they already have dive, aero, racing and dress watches. Something in titanium for the ruggedness and weight as well as large legible fonts with only a date complication would be what I would like to see.

  • shellieclark

    Would love to see a bronze case

  • wavefunccollapse

    I’ve owned 3 Delma watches and have liked every single one of them. I had the San Marino and would love to get another dress watch, maybe with a GMT hand.

  • Danijel Tojagic

    Dive watch with depth gauge, so I know how deep am I. And militery stile with compas.
    But not to go to far with price.

  • Daniel D.

    I would like to see them explore the dress watch category more.

  • Christopher

    I’d like to see Delma offer a modern take on the classic skin diver watches of the 60’s and 70’s. Water resistant to100m with a screw down crown, but an overall smaller (under 40mm) and lighter case that’s more suitable for everyday wear. Give it some 60’s retro design cues and that would be a winner.

  • Djsherif

    I would like to see the use of different materials, colors, and finishes.

  • pat flicker

    Like to see Sea Dweller ish, no Cyclops, or a water resistant sports dresser w/ fluted bezel.

  • XinwenZ

    I enjoy the look of Delma dive watches, and I appreciate that they’ve started to build smaller ones suited to female/thinner wrists (37mm cases) – I would love to see more designs and materials in that size.

  • Leland Williams

    A watch that could respond to voice command and inner link between cellphone and watch.

    • I think you are confusing Delma with Apple and Samsung.

  • cyklopz

    I’d like to see a sunburst dial.

  • Steve Bowden

    From Delma, I would love to see their next watch to be a compressor, with an internal rotating bezel! I went to the Delma website and I think they can do it!

  • Harold

    I prefer solid colors,,,,,,,,so how about “gold, Jerry, gold”!

  • Calvin F.

    More super light surgical stainless or aluminum, super light and durable style, sleek diver types.Unbreakable and stylish for all occasions.

  • I know I can’t win, but I really like this watch a lot. Especially with the blue dial and bezel on a strap. There is a lot of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe going on here (which is why I like this Delma so much). For another style, how about a slim dive chronograph similar to the Blancpain FF Bathcyscaphe chronograph? And put ceramic bezels on these – anodized aluminum doesn’t to it for me in terms of scratch resistance.

  • John Hubbard

    This looks great but I might like a slightly larger date for visibility in obscure situations.

  • Dan Dolar

    A GMT Diver would be great!

  • Bob Sebastian

    I, too, am a sucker for a GMT dive watch. Maybe move into other working timepieces such as a pilot watch would be a good progression.

  • Paul Gardner

    this watch is beautiful and simplistic

  • Tim Nicholls

    Exploring their website, shows they have a great range. I think they should keep doing what they are.

  • Reed Marshall

    love to see a dive watch, great design

  • puddlejumper

    Great watch with a smooth looking band. Love to see a deep red silicone strap.

  • puddlejumper

    Seriously good looker. Love to see some sort of silicone strap for this beauty.

  • Laurens

    Since this watch is a very classy diver (without being a ripoff of ‘leading’ brands btw), i would like to see that Delma continues to show it’s class by making a clean bauhaus style watch.

  • Martin Chiu

    Nice diver, a field watch would be a great piece.

  • tiiman

    Simple and elegant, I like a little added blinginess of the Milanese. I’d like to see Delma’s take on a naval dress watch next.

  • Laer Pearce

    I’ve got a growing thing for Milanese bracelets and the red bezel on this watch makes quite a splash. Maybe a field watch next?

  • Debbie Snell

    monochrome with a minimalistic classic look like black and silver with glow in the dark hands sounds a bit out there but amazing too I think 😉

  • Adi Susanto

    It would be more awesome with a GMT hand added. Great combination of the Milanese bracelet. I just love those Milanese mesh.

  • Jerry Marquardt

    I like the simple to use features, yet in fashion and chic. The Milanese is a great any-day choice!

  • Ryan

    I think the Canyon packs some impressive specs for its vintage design. I would love to see their take on a field watch.

  • matt

    either a digital dive watch with depth and dive time or a chornograph

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    Very nice watch! Practical and definetly looks reliable. Next watch in the line is Delma Cayman with an integrated chronograph and why not a moonphase complication!

  • Steve

    a pilot watch would be cool.


    i would like to see a pilot watch.

  • Kley

    I’m not a big fan of the milanese bracelet but in that case it looks so good. A GMT with a similar style would be cool.

  • dasche

    Their dress watches are pretty nice. I wouldn’t mind seeing them explore other case shapes such as a rectangular tank-style as they have done in the past.

  • pmilner

    I would love a dress watch from Delma with interchangeable faces in different colors such as copper, black, white and gold. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

  • Unruly ElA

    A panda dial chronograph with a Milanese band.

  • I neverd had a Milanese bracelet, so I wonder if it will give any trouble with my really hairy arm!!

  • Lurch

    I would like to see next from Delma a military style watch with 24 hr dial.

  • Christian Henriksen

    I need a bright orange and white, ultralight, stupidly impact resistant, space age carbon fiber tennis watch.

  • njmommy

    i would love to see something a little more classic and feminine.

  • jovier champagne

    I definitely need a dive watch for my collection this would be perfect!

  • puddlejumper

    Sweet look. Liked the website and would love to see a silicone band for this beauty.

  • Aidan

    I’d love to see a GMT complication from Delma!

  • Jose Felipe Garcia Vivanco

    I would like to see a nice carbon fiber watch that is exclusive with some neon finishes.

  • Chip C

    I second the silicone band. Can’t say I’m a fan of the Milanese bracelet style…though of course seeing the watch “in person” could change my mind!

  • Adam

    I don’t really see the milanese bracelet on a dive watch, but would love to have an (equally inappropriate) oxblood leather option to really show off that red bezel

  • Terry Efstathis

    I have no Field Watch in my collection, so would be interested in a Delma Field Watch

  • Zach Brown

    I would love to see Delma expand their Aero models and bring a bit more of their style and feel to the aviation inspired offerings. The current models they offer don’t feel like they were designed with the same enthusiasm Delma brings to their Divers.

  • Henrik Leonhard Jensen

    Really nice timepiece, it would be nice to get back to the old dark green dials, and maybe with a green quality Nato strap with a orange and blue stripe. But I’m sure that this piece would look nice on my wrist.

  • Jason Kinnin

    I’d like to see an ocean theme

  • John Simpson

    Nice looking to wear around town as dress casual,or go for a swim in!

  • Gregg Turcich

    very nice retro dive watch… would be happy to have it on my wrist!


    A solar powered automated aviator watch

  • Thomas Gibson

    I would love to see more of a military style for divers.

  • Expat

    Looks great and comfortable to wear. Well done, Delma. Since the rules say I have to make a suggestion, I would keep everything as-is, but give the option of not having the date. I think that would be in keeping with the vintage style lugs and bracelet. Cheers and thanks for the opportunity.

  • D Leavitt

    Took a look at their site and they have an interesting collection.

    How about a dress watch with moon phase? The Cordoba or San Marino with moon phase would look great.

  • Roland Singer

    I’d like to see a simple, Bauhaus inspired design with numbers on the face.

  • Duane Service

    Nice simple and good looking

  • Randy Bradford

    Most of the watches I have are a nautical or military variety. Would like to see a aviator watch.

  • John Chapdelaine

    I spent some time on Delma’s site looking at their collections. I wasn’t even aware of these watches before, so even I don’t win this beauty, thanks for bringing them to my attention. As far as style goes, they cover just about everything already. So maybe some tweaks, like smaller versions of some of the larger watches. For instance, I really like the Periscope, but at 45.5 mm, it’s just too big for my smallish wrist. I’d be all over it if it were offered in 42 mm (automatic of course).

  • zoommb

    I like this watch a lot. I like the Klondike even better. However, Delma needs some dealers in the U.S.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    I want to see an aviation watch from Delma.

  • H F

    A two sub dial diver or in the racing line would be great.

  • Michael Patterson

    I would like to see a charcoal gray dial face with a cobalt blue bezel.

  • buzzd

    A dress watch with a blue face

  • Sigmund Globes

    An automatic dive watch with beige colored dial.

  • Steven Gusky

    A 100 year anniversary watch that is an hommage to their 1924 first watch.

  • WISard

    I like watches with slab sides; however, it would also be nice to see a more dynamic side-case profile.

  • A. Ghafran

    Delma should go for any design that will complement us petite guys/girls with smaller wrists <3

  • Nick

    I think some of the Delma divers – particularly the Periscope and Commodore – would lend themselves very well to either a bronze version or a steel and gold version like Tudor.

    I already like the various pages on any social media site I can (I’m not on Insta).

  • ManuelMV

    I would like to see a GMT added to their Aero Collection with a size close to 40mm.

  • Alex Strîmbeanu

    I think Delma should a bronze watch to their collection, these are trending quite nice right now.

  • Marlene V

    I would like to see more colour on the watches – the bands and faces!

  • nickie burke

    A pilot watch would be cool.

  • sexybrat

    I would like to see a wooden one.

  • Kirk Macdonald

    I usually go for a GMT watch, but I think they should design and implement a World time watch.

  • Mike Evans

    The Cayman is very nice. I would like to see a chronograph next.

  • Sam Bowmer

    I’d like to see a green “hulk” style Cayman from Delma next

  • Chris Sid

    How about a gun metal black with silver watch face.

  • Donald Levy

    How about either a moonphase or sun/moon complication. Those are always fun to look at.

  • Usman Zia

    Given the inspiration of this, I think a mother of pearl dial would look amazing next

  • DeermarK

    I would like to see a GMT version of this watch.

  • STS103

    I would like to see a retro, flieger-style watch.

  • Mike B

    I would like to see a dress watch based on one of their vintage designs.

  • Jiri S.

    I always find more comfortable when a crown is placed somewhere else than on usual 3 position. It also gives refreshing look in my opinion.

    I would find interesting also some art editions, some little addition which doesn´t destroy the look of the dial but makes it unique. It can be even rather small, I can imagine Cambrige model with some detail in 6 to 9 (or 10) area for example.

  • William

    Interesting offering. The Milanese bracelet is definitely not look everyone can pull off but nice retro look. I would like to see a GMT offering. That would fit nicely as Delma seems to be mostly focused on tool watches and a GMT is certainly a fine addition to tool watch selections.

  • Dave

    I nice looking watch, I would like to see Delma offer a field watch next with a screw down crown and 100m of water resistance in line with explorer 1 or ranger.

  • Kevin Beard

    i think I would like to see a chronograph next.

  • Jason

    A diver chrono would be nice.

  • Muhammad Durrani

    I would like to see chronograph next

  • SamcoSVK

    I checked out their portfolio and only thing I see missing is a sleek manual dress watch. Maybe something 6 mm thick max.

  • Chuck Fisher

    The clean, simple and uncomplicated appearance of their divers is just as it should be. I would love to see them carry that theme on with a similarly styled Field Watch with a NATO band.

  • Gy?z? Dudás

    Nice watch. Cool style and colour.

  • Mike Time

    This Delma Cayman is a beautiful watch! I especially appreciate A Blog To Watch for showcasing watch brands that I otherwise would have never known about. Thank you, A Blog To Watch! I have searched the Delma catalog, and they make a complete range of diverse & varied watches already. All beautiful watches, clearly made to a very high standard. I would have to agree with the gentleman below, and suggest that the only watch model that Delma Watches is lacking would be a Field Watch. My preference would be for a semi-heritage model, reminiscent of the military field watches issued and used in the 30s through the 70s. Since tastes vary, any field watch design would help fill that one small gap in the Delma Watches lineup.

  • Daniel valencia

    Very nice. ?. Its clean. And the bracelet looks extremely smooth. As far as aesthetics, it is not a disappointment!

  • Nicklas Åström Lindmark

    I would like to see a retro inspired pilot watch!

  • WhiskersInCalif

    The style I would like to see from Delma next. That is a difficult task for an old
    classy watch maker with a rich and well considered product line with MANY
    models in the gents group.

    This watch looks clean, legible and not crazy large. I would pick it out in a pile of watches
    and try it on.

    The only option I might like to see is solar on the electric side of the family.
    Each time I get a battery replaced locally I hear… we do not warranty water proof.
    But I am hard presses to see the value of that given the style and class of the line.
    Perhaps a lighter weight titanium case and band.

  • Mark Great

    Very nice watches and such a large collection! A complication that they have not yet made, but that I personally find very cool, is an alarm watch.

  • H.S.M.

    Wow, huge selection they have.
    Maybe too much.

    I haven’t seen any bullheads in there. Can we have that?
    Nowadays bullhead chronos are so rare. We need more of those.

  • grobbins09

    I’d like to see a blue face watch that is concaved to resemble the Blue Hole in Belize, I always thought that would be a deserving design for a dive watch!

  • jimley815

    I would love to see a field watch from Delma. They make great diving watches- how about a rugged field watch for the land lubbers?

  • Volker Rose

    As some already mentioned, I also would like to see a vintage styled pilot watch. I’m just a fan of those, so I’d really appreciate it! Cheers!

  • bert gillespie

    Blue face (Grobbins beat me to it) strong Lumen

  • Erik

    I’d like to see a pilot watch or a chronograph

  • drhrva

    A chrono would be great.

  • 007blond

    I think the watch picture above has it all and it is beautiful to the eye.

  • Scott Rhue

    They already have a diverse roster: chronograph, dress, dive, flieger. Most of their racing watches seem to be nautical…. I’d like to see a rally inspired watch

  • David N Atkinson

    Looking at the Delma website, they’ve got a lot of things covered already. I’d like to see how the blue dial version of the Blue Shark looks with a matching blue bezel rather than the black and steel options currently on offer.

  • Ivan Stankovic

    Actually some “pruning” of their collection might be in order. What would be interesting is a reissue of their divers watches from the ’80s, no “submariner” dial with arabic numerals at 6 9 and 12, “Delma of Switzerland inscription”, ceramic bezel maybe, not larger than 40mm.

  • Trevor Hirst

    I think it would be interesting to see a field watch with a twist- maybe sub seconds, compass, or GMT for the heck of it- to be different

  • Maciej Kasprzycki

    Perfect watch.

  • ALB

    A GMT would be a nice addition.

  • Nick

    Too be honest I think Delma’s lineup is solid! I love the Cayman’s look, color scheme, and Milanese mesh bracelet and 42mm is perfect for my small wrist; it would mean the world if I won this!! For a future watch, a simple field watch with a nato band would be cool!

  • Simon

    Very nice looking watch, I think they could try getting a classy dress watch.. Perhalps there is a smaller market but it is always there!

  • Paul Keusemann


  • Bobby Creel

    I’d like to see them make a seamaster homage

  • jovier champagne

    I need a new watch hope i win!

  • Chris W

    I’d love to see Delma’s take on a super compressor, especially with the retro styling of the Cayman.

  • Jeff Kolodny

    I would love to see a BRONZE DIVER!!! Please :-))

  • Lisa Mathers-Church

    Bronze One for sure!

  • Cardie75

    Looks like you have most styles covered.
    Maybe a skeleton watch?

  • Jure

    I would like to see a pepsi bezel. 🙂

  • Vlada

    Their website does not mention what type of crystal it has, and whether it has anti-reflective coating. In case it does not, that it one thing to improve.

  • tombellamy

    A bronze version would be awesome!

  • Guy B

    Some very nice models already available like the Blue Shark III, but how about a Santiago in all titanium.

  • TickTockTyler

    I have two vintage Delma chronographs and I would love to see them release a vintage-inspired (and modest sized) sport chronograph. It’s all the rage now anyways! 🙂

  • BrandonS

    I’d like a B-Uhr pilot version

  • Nice watch hope to win ?

  • Gal Sh

    I would like to see a pilot watch

  • Heith


  • Manuel

    Panda version of their Pioneer Chrono

  • J. Harper

    Military field watch.

  • Mike F

    Im always interested in clear, readable, straightforward design. I’d love to see a GMT and some flat black treatment

  • Ally Porwal

    An ana/digi aviation watch with a really technical look (sandblasted case or a blacked out look) would be great!

  • Joe Adams

    I would love to see a field watch with a similar functional aethsetic as well.

  • Nick

    The red theme looks glorious, so more experimentation on that front (colors, gradients, etc.) wouldn’t be out of place.

  • Nate White

    Classy, could go dress or tool as needed!

  • Dianne Udby

    I love it! Would also like to see a bronze and gold version.

  • TicTocGoesClock

    I’d love to see them take a gander at retro racing inspired watches

  • SteveA95

    A great classic diver reborn. I’d like to see a Cayman GMT.

  • Lukas

    40 mm Shell Star Automatic with no orange.

  • patrik84

    i’d really like them to do a sensibly sized (45mm in 2019? really?), possibly manually wound flieger watch to challenge the german “dominance” 🙂

  • Mark ZuVerink

    This same watch, but in 39 mm.

  • Darh109

    A bicompax chrono would be nice.

  • Samson Chung

    The same diver with chronograph as well.

  • markahaviland

    Beautiful, stunning band. And the red trim around the watch face would match my eye color (currently working 7 days/wk in high summer season).

  • ijg projects

    Looks Awesome, Great Design!

  • Alex A.

    38 mm vintage style w/ cream indices and silver bezel

  • npdennehy

    Love this. Would be great to go all in with that 1970s mid-sized style madness. 39mm case, “pepsi bezel, black and while dial. .

  • ahmedh1005

    I would like to see delma’s take on the GMT complication next

  • Korrey6

    This watch looks grat. I am fun of thin dress watches, so somethink i that style would be great.

  • stumpelriltzchen

    I’d like to see a mechanical chronograph that uses a dial and hand (not a window) to indicate the date (and possibly the day).

  • A G

    Wonderful dive watch that looks much more elegant! CAn next one be field watch with a hint of Bauhaus design ?

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    Must admit that for diver watch it really looks elegant. Keep on doing some more watches like that

  • TonyTaekwondo

    Fantastic looking watch. Clean lines, and still ‘all business’ under the hood.

  • Very nice watch! I didn’t’t know the brand before reading about them on you’re articles… this being said, I’d love to get my hands on one.

  • Lazuardi Mohamed Salleh

    Interesting dress watch, sorry dive watch…hmm I supposed it can passed as both 🙂 . Would love to have one on my wrist.

  • Jarrod Portwood

    I really think Delma should take a stab at a military watch. With the diver selection they already have, I know a military watch would look stellar.

  • Edward

    Delma Cayman Automatic Dive Watch, don’t Know if i would wear it diving but would wear it skiing.

  • Chester Cheng

    I want to see a panda chronograph on mesh!

  • mg

    Perhaps a Delma retro diver or a simple Delma Datejust 41?

  • Andrew

    Their take on pilot watch can be interesting. I think that should be their next watch.

  • sarah cool

    I’d love to see the Cannes in more colors and band options
    [email protected]

  • con ladlow

    I’ve took an interest in chronographs recently so a more affordable Speedmaster similar type Delma watch would be amazing. Another would probably be a pilot watch

  • Lazlow

    Would like to see a redesign of 1946’s First Chronograph with arching glass and 1981 Shark maybe as a ladies watch.

  • JohnG

    a vintage chrono would be interesting but that’s a nice looking diver for sure !

  • schnoodle

    How about dive watches for us ladies … and I’m not talking PINK, I’m talking for smaller wrists

  • Cindy DeGeare

    Who knew a dive watch could look this nice!

  • Matt Jaffe

    Nice watch. Love the milenese bracelet. Would love to see a ladies version, 36-37mm. Not enough of dive watches in that size with a solid automatic movement and slick bracelet choices. Make it happen!

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    I like Milanese style braces for dress washes. But maybe they could bring out some more options of tool watches.

  • catsied

    A women’s version. Smaller case not necessarily a different color.

  • Kris A.

    I love Delma’s watches, and they’re known for their athletic and diving watches. I would love to see a slightly dressy/more formal watch in gold with all the functionality and endurance of the sports models that Delma is known for. A nice new watch to go from day to evening/black tie.

  • ijg projects

    Looks Awesome, Nice Colour Combo!

  • John V

    I nice rugged military or field watch would be awesome

  • Brad Stezoski

    An under 40mm vintage diver would be nice to see.

  • Mark Samuels

    They have their racing collection, but nothing with a tach. That’s what I’d like to see next.

  • Matt

    Definitely a GMT. In 40mm or under.

  • Tom Novicki

    I see Delma did a lovely Royal Geographical Society quartz chronograph in the early ’00S in a 36mm case. How about coming back with an automatic version, perhaps with an SII NE88? In the meantime I’d give the Cayman some wrist time for sure… very nice watch.

  • dr.alexandris

    A 40mm GMT with pepsi bezel

  • Jan

    I would go for something special: An automatic chronograph with a central chrono minutes hand ( next to the central chrono seconds hand) and two smaller subdials for chrono hours and running seconds.

  • Péter Nagy

    I’d like to see a dual subdial chronograph from them, 38 mms, either with the current strap or with a beads of rice one. Also, I’d love to win the Cayman.

  • Kathy H.

    I would like to see a woman’s dive watch. Something smaller and sleek looking in black and silver.

  • Vladimir Bodrozic

    A large 43mm Chrono would be nice.

  • Glen Henshaw

    A GMT Pepsi bezel…

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    I like the style and colours. Just one style change would be nice: Reverse the day-wheel colours. Black background with white numbers, please.

  • Alec Barrett

    Definitely a field watch would be interesting to see from them.

  • Aaron Robart

    Great looking watch! I’d love to see a 38-40 mm GMT design next.

  • johnnyc40

    Nice looking watch from Delma.
    A ‘homage’ to an Explorer in 39mm would be nice with customised colour options for the dial.

  • C Kun

    Let’s see some gray anthracite sunburst dials on the divers, or a dressy watch with a pointer date.

  • eric chan

    I would like to see a chrono with central minute counter, like watches with the Lemania 5100 movement.

  • Walter Van Tine

    Great prize!

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    Very nice watch! Please, count me in

  • SuperStrapper

    Do another dove watch and try to implement a date function that isn’t an afterthought. No plain window at 3, 4:30, or 6. A pointer date around the dial periphery, or similarily less derivitave.

  • chrono b

    I’d love to see them do a polar dial with this watch, with black hands, black markers, and black bezel. I hope I win this watch!

    Best feature of the watch is the markers. Very reminiscent of some older Rolex models with the “nipple” style markers. Also really like the diamond shape around the lume pip instead of the more common triangle.

  • Jennings Xu

    Would be nice to see some chronographs in more interesting colors, for example take a cue from the zodiac super sea wolfs and use light blue/green and white color combinations.

  • Tom Venables

    What I would like to see from Delma next is a large aviator watch

  • AndyEffe

    Hi, what about a dressy watch with California dial? Go Delma!

  • Gregg

    I really like the clean two-color tone of the watch. I also like the fact the date isn’t magnified.

  • PowNation

    Solid watch. Couple suggestions:
    1) 40mm size with no date
    2) Ceramic bezel
    3) Steel link bracelet option
    4) Couple more bezel color options, say grey & green
    5) Sunburst dial

  • David

    This is a surprisingly affordable dive watch considering it has a tried and true ETA movement. Most watches in this price range tend to have a Japanese movement and are only rated to 2 atmospheres. A GMT watch would be an interesting addition to their line up.

  • Tomáš Burik

    It’d be nice to see a skeleton watch made by this company.

  • Nice diver. Love the bracelet.

  • Chris Higgs

    Great looking timepiece. Would like to see a oversize 44mms + divers with a bronze case and rubber strap magnified date and ceramic bezel

  • FDR_

    I’d like to see a mechanical racing chronograph.

  • axedesign

    How about something along the lines of the 1016 – 36mm, very legible, no date.

  • Julien G.

    A 38-40mm size would be perfect.

  • mikeymusic

    Love the combination of colour and the Milanese bracelet. Next up should be a dress in stainless.

  • Roy

    38 – 40 mm dress watch. Leather band, clean watch face

  • ?ukasz G?d?ek

    I would like to see GMT in orange with black ceramic bezel.

  • Yoni

    I would like to see a simple military style watch.

  • Michael Lojko

    Some ideas: An expansion of the Aero line, with a GMT, or a chronograph + GMT. Or, a line which is faithful to Delma’s designs of the 50s-80s.

  • Kevin Peterson

    smaller 38mm watch

  • Shane

    I would like to see a Stainless Steel Chronograph with a black silicon strap.

  • Elmer

    I would like to see a simple 38mm 3-hand watch military inspired model. Matt dial no date small numeral index. With super killer lume…

  • Gabriel Snead

    Delma has a wide variety of watches, but I’d like to see s square, rectangle, or tonneau shaped watch. Something to make it stand out from other watches in this price range. That said, there are a multitude of options for watches from Delma. I was not aware they had so many models.

  • warscourge

    Delma has such a big range of watches. I would like to see some form of smartwatches or hybrid smartwatches and comes in a full range of stainless steel and leather straps. I would prefer to see round faces though.

  • james

    I like the Delma San Marino. Would be great watch with an automatic movement

  • RG

    Cool watch!!!!
    Maybe ceramic bezel? A GMT version?

  • Two_Fifty

    I’ve always loved mesh bracelets, and the red bezel is a nice touch. Good specs on this one, too. A version with a blue sunburst dial and some orange accents would probably look great.

  • Darren Scrubb

    Thank you for the chance to win an elegant looking watch.

  • Schiffer

    Could be nice to see a nice skeleton dress watch next !

  • Andy Berrios

    Nice watch, never heard of them till now and I like the style! I have to study their collection to see what else they have for now.

  • RussB

    Nice watch, love the red bezel!

  • mojomarc

    I am a big GMT fan

  • Sean Ely

    Nice watch and thanks for the chance to win!! I would like to see an automatic chunky brass diver!!
    Thanks again…

  • hofken

    With such a huge selection of watches, I can’t begin to imagine what could possibly be missing. Love these pieces!

  • Cristina Lim

    I’m sure you can do dress watches with leather straps.

  • Ae Minx

    I’m all about black.. matte black, super simple designs.. .. or maybe steampunk..

  • Andrew

    Looks cool. Hoping for a dress watch next!

  • Scot Aubrey

    I’d love to see something in bronze that will patina over time. Great design Delma

  • Ed Nemmers

    Cobalt blue men’s watch!

  • Tony middleton

    This is a lovely watch.
    I’d like to see an aviation watch with a nato strap

  • Allison Matz

    Matte black or steampunk. Maybe a combination.

  • Fred

    I would like a Shell Star redesign. All steel, ceramic bezel insert, new hands and hour markers in steel and a mesh bracelet with a divers clasp. No need tho change the case. That is what I want.

  • Michael Schober

    I like the bracelet. A restrained sports watch which is not a diver would be nice.

  • Austin Phillip

    Nice watch , but i would change the trap

    For the Future , have a crack at an evening watch
    Dining Out In , Paris / Milan / London’s Finest

  • Eric Baker

    Man, talk about a beauty….definitely needs to be on my arm!!! A King’s watch!

  • Luzy Borgia

    I would like to see a space inspired Design.

  • Pjer Orlic

    Simple, elegant and beautifull combination of colours! I am not fan of divers but this one is – wow, i want it! Now some pilot watch style…

  • Bartman Hawaii

    I’d like this design in shades of blue . With others to follow .

  • tryingtopickaname

    I love this watch,,,the colors and design make is so classic and elegant

  • lilyk

    I would like to see a floral design.

  • David K

    Would love it in a cobalt blue.

  • Maria Gentry

    Beautiful! I love the idea of a Doctor Who inspired watch!

  • Virginia Hildreth

    I would like to see a watch in rainbow colors.

  • Rae D’s Contests

    I’m also a fan of cobalt blue.

  • Bruce

    Like to see a black and green diver

  • Peter N

    I’d like to see a gloss black dial.

  • Peter N

    I’d like to see a gloss black dial

  • Robert E

    I’d love to see a Delma next bring out a GMT watch. This Delma Cayman is stunning!

  • Vlad

    I would like to see a titanium version of the Blue Shark with a 43-45mm case.

  • Jay Burnett

    I would love to see Delma design a 7750 valjoux version Black and Blue.

  • Mike Evans

    Very nice watch. I would like to see a matt watch, maybe with a brushed steel case

  • Claude Robert

    Well, if you don’t dive, you can always take it to the beach or wear it every single day, it is so fashionable.

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