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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Hanhart PRIMUS Racer Silver Steel Automatic Chronograph Watch

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Hanhart PRIMUS Racer Silver Steel Automatic Chronograph Watch Giveaways

While Hanhart is a brand that’s most commonly known for their contributions in the field of pilot watches, it’s important to remember that a significant part of their history centers around early stopwatches and dashboard clocks. To pay tribute to this lineage, the brand released the Hanhart PRIMUS Racer, a faithful and highly capable sports chronograph with a design that pulls from the early days of Hanhart racing chronographs and dashboard clocks. While the design has been thoroughly updated, the essence is still there and the watch makes for a practical and functional option for watch enthusiasts eager to get their hands on something sporty with real-world track credibility. In this month’s aBlogtoWatch giveaway, one lucky reader will win a Hanhart PRIMUS Racer Silver Steel Automatic Chronograph watch.

Equipped with Hanhart’s HAN3809 (Valjoux 7750) automatic chronograph movement, the watch provides readouts for the running seconds display together with a 30-minute totalizer for the chronograph and the date at 6 o’clock. The case size is a comfortable but modern 44mm and Hanhart promises water resistance of up to 100m. A signature found on several of the brand’s models is the application of red accents found throughout the dial and most notably, on a single aluminum anodized chronograph pusher at 4 o’clock. This is part of the Hanhart design language that can be traced back to their early days and here, it pairs nicely with the silver steel dial and the watch’s fluted bezel with an inlaid red marking. Other features include an AR-coated sapphire crystal, sapphire display caseback, and a calfskin or vulcanized rubber strap with folding clasp. The Hanhart PRIMUS Racer Silver Steel Automatic Chronograph retails for $2,740 USD and you can enter to win one now by following the instructions below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention your favorite watch category: divers, pilots, or racing-inspired watches. And tell us why!

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on March 31, 2018, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Hanhart, sponsor of the Hanhart PRIMUS Racer Silver Steel Automatic Chronograph watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Joe Mama

    Typically prefer race watches, it’s a style that seems to work with unusual colors and patterns

  • Marc Wensauer

    I lean towards divers for their ruggedness, and generally chunkier looks.

  • Andrea Job

    I would prefer it with black dial, but I like it anyway. My favourite watches are pilot watches, as I am an ultralight pilot 🙂

  • Jason McLaughlin

    I lean towards dive watches. Simple and functional.

  • Mark Mason

    Lovely watch. Prefer the black face but lovely all the same! I’m a big chap so tend to lean towards divers watches for their added bulk, ruggedness and readability, plus can be dressed up or down when required.

  • One of the best watch giveaways! Good luck to everyone!

  • ricsif

    Mainly drivers for their readability, ruggedness, water resistance.

  • Dominic Skowronek

    For daily wear I love minimal but functional diver watches, mostly because of their ruggedness and readability (especially in low light). Because of that I sadly don’t own a racing watch yet, thanks for the chance!

  • Prabir Mehta

    Awesome watch! Thank you! 🙂

  • benjameshodges

    Racing chronographs. Cause unlike diving or piloting, this activity is way more attainable and applicable to daily life.

  • Javi Martin

    I love racing inspired watches as they look modern, elegant and have that sport look for someone in their mid 30´s like me. Also I love motorsports so one I get to buy a new watch, I always tend to check racing inspired watches

  • domokla

    I like divers. Stylish everyday watches.

  • IG

    My favourite category is hand-wound watches because I hate automatics like this one and proud of it!

  • dr.alexandris

    I love pilot watches for their horological history and legacy. Great giveaway !

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Nice size, nice style. This would look smashing on me.

    • PollyO

      Pssst….have you noticed how many people seemed to have turned up in the comments section now that something is being given away?

      Where are all these people the rest of the time?

      • Raymond Wilkie

        I’ve always said that this was a piece of nonsense. They must use sites all over the place with dates marked for competitions . Win the watch or not, but i think they should have at least 100 comments to show that they have at least contributed to the site.

        • PollyO


  • JosephWelke

    Divers here for their ruggedness and the handy rotating bezel, plus the massive lume is a plus.

  • Sarosto

    I love most watches for different reasons, going on numbers alone I would say I somewhat lean towards divers.

  • Yan Fin

    When I was a kid, older people at the kitchen had a backup cooking devices, fueled with kerosene. This device was called Primus. I like this watch, it would be cool to own a wearable Primus.

    • IG

      Isn’t there that Arsenal manager called Kerosene Wenger?

  • Peter Van de Laar

    Something different. I like it.

  • PollyO

    Pilot chronograph. Because if i’m going to pretend that i’m someone who needs a particular watch function – jet pilot that likes to race other jet pilots is my preferred fantasy.

  • Kumaran Ramu

    I like any watch thats consciously designed to fit in a specific category; i like this one for the steel + white + red combination which gives it all the sporty look it needs to fit in a racer watch category.

  • RWTar

    Divers are my favorite and predominate my watch collection as I like the look and utility of the rotating bezel. Second favorite are racing-inspired watches, again for the look and race aesthetic.

  • Fryling

    I seem to gravitate towards divers. Half of my watches are divers. They’re robust, but can be dressy, and most of all I like being underwater watching marine life.

  • Radim F

    Interesting racer watches – very techno almost industrial appearance, actualy like a machining capabilities sample of what can be done – in one piece. Would go well with Silver Ducati motorcycle…too bad i do not have (either) one.

  • Emiel

    I like chronographs! (who doesn’t?) There are many reasons why: the (motor)sports link, the technical breakthroughs, column wheel, vertical clutch,….they are practical, cool to look at and not as plain as a simple hours, minutes and seconds watch (although I like those too)
    Their history is interesting; (El Primero, cal. 11, Seiko 6138/6139, Omega, Heuer, Longines, Minerva,…..) plenty to choose from in all price ranges…

  • Mitchell Bell

    I personally like pilot watches the most. They have a simple yet executive elegance about them that make them appeal as my favoured style.

  • Don

    Great looking watch! Racing chronographs are my favorite collections. Especially the retro and vintage chronographs. I especially like the red accents in this watch and those of the vintage Heuer Autavias.

  • Glen Cooley

    Love the look of this watch! The motorsport feel and the detail are great!

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    Of the Pilot, Diver, and Race watch categories, I prefer Pilot watches. Divers are too large and heavy, and Racers are typically too busy for my taste. Pilot watches often offer a simple elegance which I find very appealing.

  • Alexander Hilsbos

    Primus I thought is either a fire extinguisher or a great rock band (love them or hate them, there is no in-between). But these models I like, and their factory / museum is just around the corner. Shall pay them a visit next time I am in the neighborhood.

  • will ore

    Wow! The watch would look good on any wrist! Whoever wins this watch, I congratulate them for owning a wonderful timepiece.

  • TresGut

    This is beautiful. I’ve always been a fan of dive watches due to their ruggedness. However, pictures don’t do the Hanhart enough justice. It’s a beast! I want one.

  • Mariano Ramirez

    I like divers cuz they are tuff watches, racing watches are the second in my list if they are vintage better. The black ops is more my style, but this is beauty too.

  • BigBrutus

    Great looking watch!! I personally like divers and after that pilot watches

  • Jeffwb65

    Great giveaway choice this month. My personal preference runs toward diver watches, but this one might shake things up a bit.

  • Jerry Davis

    Been liking pilots more lately.
    Big, easy to read faces are what I’m looking for.

  • Jeff Durocher

    Divers, love how robust and durable they are.

  • can

    This watch look awesome. I’d prefer race watches because they look sport remind me of beautiful cars.

  • Andre Braz

    I love divers because they are rugged and sometimes fashion.

  • Claudiu

    Desk divers are the best. They also work well around water coolers.

  • johnnyc40

    Divers are my favourite, wear them almost everywhere as long as they are not too huge.
    My old O&W is the best everyday wearer I’ve ever had but it would be nice to try this Hanhart.

  • kukkuk

    dress watches, because when I immagine myself looking my best I am invariably dressed with a suit and a tie. I have to have them all though

  • Benjamin

    Of the three: Divers, for the durability. Although I am equally well served by watches like the AquaTerra, which combine poolside qualities with dressiness.

  • Mike V

    Race watches are my favorite because the dial configuration is precise and the push buttons used to start, stop and reset are about as “tooly” as it gets when it comes to interacting with ones watch.

  • Jim L

    I’ve collected them all and prefer pilot watches. Pilot watches offer a simple
    elegance which I find very appealing.

  • Nixa

    Divers are my favorite. I like their shape and size, they are tough, and can be worn with just about any outfit.

  • Tea Hound

    My favourite watch category is the absurdly expensive ones that cost as much as most poeple’s flats.

  • Dave Patey

    My favourite watch category is Pilot’s, closely followed by Diver’s, mainly due to my poor eyesight which requires a clear dial and hands combination. If I can’t read a watch from 6 feet away, it won’t be added to my collection!

  • Brian Hemphill

    Divers are currently in my #1 spot. I like the bold look, durable construction and knowing they will survive the upcoming flood. Pilot watches are slowly creeping up on divers and challenging them for the top spot. I had a chronograph in my collection, sold it and now I need another. This giveaway would fill that spot. Good luck everyone!

  • McFly998

    Divers all the way. The most robust type of watch, so you dont need to worry about wearing it all the time.

  • Matt Linkewich

    Chrono’s provide timeless design and go well with any type of dress. Functionality is great for all types of sports outside diving

  • Andreas

    My favorite watches are dive watches. Most versatile and I am a commercial diver after all. Pilots are next in line for the looks. Thanks.

  • Leo

    I love driver watches. Pilot watches are ok but I find them usually pretty big.

  • Janko Bajagic

    I tend to gravitate toward Divers in last couple year more than any other watch. They are built like tanks and are very legible. What typically gets me for a watch is the specs, so if I come across a diver 3000m depth rating, thats just that little something special that gets me. Don’t get me wrong, a nice pilot is def on my list still but I just haven’t come across one special enough to consider.

  • Joshua

    I’ve always had a love of pilot’s watches, likely from watching Iron Eagle and Top Gun too many times! This Hanhart is a fine looking chrono and the size, while a bit on the large size for me, is consistent with tradition and functionality. I would love to add this watch to my collection.

  • Matt

    Always been fascinated by flying, so I prefer pilot watches.

  • Frank Kotarski

    As far as favorite category, tough one. I will have to sway towards pilot watches. Why? The simplicity of the dial, legibility and overall look of these timepieces. I am a big WW II buff as well. I met Simon around 3 years ago at a show I attended in NYC. We spent over an hour with him discussing every aspect of Hanhart. Best show I have ever attended!


    Favorite racing watch probably my Mark II Omega re-issue . Love that thing. Always like the Hanhart mono pusher as well but this one is also a nice looking watch

  • Kristijan Koretic

    I like pilot watches, because of their massive and big look, and the incorporation of the chronograph’s into the watch design, with the vintage design sample, pilot watches are the some of the best looking watches in my humble opinion.. simple bezel’s, and a lot of great straps that you can attach on your watch.

  • Joerg Pasch

    I usually have a soft spot for divers and their clean and “toolish” design, however I would not say no to a nice Chrono or a cool racer like the Hanhart 😉

  • Tea Hound

    Ooh, I can almost smell the desperation…

  • Joel Schumann

    I have gravitated towards divers, however human psychology is a mess and I find I am getting a bit tired of divers now. I think pilots are up the list of preferences. I don’t want a 47mm plate on my wrist, though, so one of the more dressy options.

  • AghastinFL

    Very nice design elements, the screw down dial does indeed remind one of a dashboard, coupled with high contrast colors, one easily conjures racers of both the past and present. I like the modern size of the case and cutouts in the lugs which make for an overall pleasant appearance sure to be a pleasure to wear. By the by, my wife looked over my shoulder… she likes it too.

  • Art Leyenberger

    My fav category is pilots watches b/c they are tool-y, which I like, and they have an interesting history which I am reminded of whenever I look at one.

  • Maxtor

    Divers are my preference (which is ironic as I tend to take off my watch before I swim or shower). Just like the look I guess.

  • Simon Ford

    I’m not really a fan of any particular style of watch, I’m a fan of the design of the styles from all the genres of watch as they all stand out in different ways, i love chopards for their motoring inspired watches and styles from Ralf tech for their diving styles, and dievas for their pilot styles, but saying that i do own 2 divers, 1dress watch and some beaters but would love an underrated Hanhart

  • Jerry Mathers

    I prefer divers, but currently only own a Milgauss which fits none of the categories.

  • Patrick Kennedy

    The Hanhart PRIMUS Racer steel silver automatic chronograph seems to be a great watch with its 44mm diameter . I’m naturally a sports person so i appreciate all the niti grities in a watch and being automatic makes it a great watch the waterproof aspect also is a great advantage and makes it an all weather watch . I prefer the sport racer watches . It would be greatly appreciated on my wrist .

  • Bram van Leeuwen

    oehw the valjoux 7750 movement. That is so hot… Beautyful watch as well!!!!

  • Marcos K

    Pilot watches, definitely. For the clarity. Somehow all the glowing dots and juxtaposition of information on the diver watches make them not so pleasing to the eye…

  • donkol

    I like all three categories of watches mentioned here. I tend to wear more racing chronographs, and use them (to time steaks, trips, and more). I don’t time races, though!

  • Brian Tymczyszyn

    For me it’s a seasonal thing. More divers in the the summer for the water resistance and pilots in winter for the legibility. Then there’s everything in between who could just pick one?

  • Antoine Rollin

    Diver is my favorite watch category for legibility, strong construction and their ability to always and everywhere feel to belong.
    Thx ABTW !

  • Bob Sebastian

    Divers make up the largest segment of my watch collection. So as a general style this would be my preference. But I have to say my favorite watch in my collection overall is the racing inspired Chopard Mille Miglia XL. But I also am attracted to the simplicity of a pilot’s watch and find the traditional onion crown kind of sexy. So I guess it’s really a Sophie’s Choice for me.

  • D.C.

    My favorite watches are divers…because I’m a klutz. Having said that, my favorite watch is my father’s Breitling Navitimer 806 from 1970. This Hanhart racing chrono looks great!

  • Steve

    Diver watch, of course, it always provide me water proof and rotating bezel for tool purpose.

  • Shawn George

    I was definitely into divers at first! I’m now gaining an appreciation for some other types. I do like some racing inspired watches if the dial is “cleaner” looking and not overly cluttered. This Primus Racer does the trick!

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    I prefer race, but the PRIMUS Black Ops Pilot, looks amazing.

  • Dakota Dennison

    My favorite style of watch would be racing watches due to a fascination with cars. The Nissan GTR is my favorite car that I have owned and my first proper watch that I ever bought was a BRM V6-44 which is a French racing watch. The red cue’s of the Primus, and the piston style pushers, demonstrate the racing styling of the watch and makes for an attractive chronograph.

  • Pat Mon

    i got two – divers for they’re the all around tool watch and racing for their charismatic chronograph movement!

  • drThrillman

    i like all styles tbh, but if i had to pick it would be divers and haute horology/dress watches. Few pilot watches catch my eye and I do like auto watches as well

  • Ramon Abreu

    I like racing inspired watches, particularly because of the chronograph features and their look.

  • Uriar

    I like field watches for their legibility. Thanks for the chance!

  • Digby


    For me it is personally the dive watch segment – Generally on a steel bracelet with a simple dial they can work with any out fit from the Rolex Submariner in James Bonds Dr No 1962, to the icons of the 70s – Audemar Piguet Royal Oak 1972, Patek Philippe Nautilus 1976 and the modern interpretations such as the Patek Philippe Aquanaut (they all look good) personally though I would go for a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A 011 White Dial I believe it can be worn with everything from a suit or bathing suit to anything in between and the elgant thinness, ‘casual elegance’ of it is sublime.

    Thank you ABTW and good luck everyone 🙂

  • Jarrod Portwood

    Divers. They pair so well with the suits I have to wear on most days and they also look great on a casual weekend or a night out. Perhaps the most versatile watch category of them all.

  • Anthony Gardinier

    I like divers and racing inspired because while they have each their own style they both tend to have dynamic looks

  • Demonix

    As a serial watch killer it’s the “divers” for me, a string of inexpensive Seiko or Orient tool watches, mainly on steel bracelets, occasionally rubber straps and these daily beaters take the punishment and keep on going and going. When they’re looking a bit tired and well worn my eldest son inherits them. I like the rugged, tough and functional case designs, scratch resistant glass, waterproofing and the ability to resist the elements and my inadvertent ability to destroy timepieces. To supplement the long suffering daily wear I have an assortment of microbrands take on Dive watches Steinhart, Marcello C, Zelos, Hamtun, Christopher Ward and am always hankering after the Omega, Rolex, Tudor, Panerrai etc high end offerings new and vintage as investment pieces but I always prefer to wear my watches rather than leave them at home in a case or autowinder. Maybe a new chronograph will tempt me to expand my. Collection with a different type of tool watch.

  • Kurt Quackenbush

    Love the steel with silver dial and red accents.

  • sam-b

    Well, all 3 categories offer georgious timepieces. At work I prefer divers because they are ruggedly enough constructed to avoid worrying all the time. But if there is only one favorite genre to designate, I would choose ‘pilots’ – their clear design with contrasty hands and dials satisfy my needs best, especially when they come along with a chronograph function in a waterproof case! 😉

  • Marco Apollonio

    Divers. For the uncountable different styles and especially summer colors on many! E’en though I love the readability of pilots/fliegers.

  • Heith

    The divers, with their rotating bezel, give me something to fiddle with on conference calls. The pilot watches make the most sense as simple timekeepers. But the racers, especially with the timers, are overall the most fun to play with. This watch is beautiful, BTW.

  • Warren Jackter

    Racing inspired watches are a great way for watches to have something unique and usually allow watch makers to be a little more daring

  • Dan Baxter

    Based on my collection, obviously divers. I like the “tool watch” features most have. I also appreciate the fact that I don’t have to be concerned with water when I’m at the beach or in the pool.

  • Fendy Un

    I love a diver watch because it looks tough dan could survive depth not afraid to wear this when swimming on lake or pool. love the lume that glow longer than other type watch. and it build to survive each abuse from everyday normal activity.

  • mtnsicl

    Pilots and racers are my favorite. Probably because I like cars and planes.

  • les

    I like many different styles, but my favourite watch is my Vintage Rolex Cellini .
    Just a simple but classical design.

  • Cesar Castro

    I’m thorn between pilot and diver’s watches. I own both styles and it is a struggle everyday to decide which one to use, they are both so good looking pieces!

  • Marshall Kass

    Love the pilots with their classic style and clean design. Currently obsessing over another Sinn, but this Hanhart is really nice, rugged and sporty. Good luck, All.

  • David Williams

    For me, it’s racing-inspired watches. Most of us can relate to these, having participated in timed sports or enjoyed them vicariously as spectators. Few of us – though content perhaps to be desk divers or desk pilots – can claim real-world experience underwater or in the air.

  • lionstan

    Pilot watches. Classic, clean look. And generally I like the larger size.

  • Christopher Redhead

    First up , can I say what a great giveaway this is. Personally my favourite type of watch is the Pilot’s watch but preferably not to big. I like the good legibility and not too shiny case.

  • Tom Venables


  • hatster

    It would be a toss-up between pilot and racing-inspired watches – because they usually provide a great contrast. I have always been a fan of the red detailing on Hanharts, a nice little touch.

  • Joshua Cartagenova

    I love the hanhart watches. I few years back I ordered thetblue face divers watch and had to return it due to that thw watxh band did not fit my 7.5 inch wrist. Hopefully the pilot watch runs bigger

  • Vince

    Definitely racing-inspired watches, especially the vintage ones. I just love how loud their designs are. Also as a Formula 1 fan the ridiculous price tags and complications just fit the glamour and complexity of the sport.

  • Jobo Lau

    Diver’s watches. Versatile, customisable, and varies in sizes.

  • Les Leonoff

    I like pilot inspired watches but perhaps my favourite groups are divers and military inspired watches. The Hanhart is a nice looking watch.
    good luck to all.

  • Jerry Glassco

    I like the fact that this watch is not a super well known brand but has a nice lineage. It also has a nice sporty look and use as living in Hawaii you never know if you will end up in the ocean or the mountain or walking around a nice mall or something.

  • Andrew Metri

    I like divers. They go with anything.

  • SuperStrapper

    I don’t prefer highly derivative watches in any style. I like pilots watches and divers watches and so on, but when they are “inspired” heavily, co-branded, or the main selling point is pressed as a fragment of an old plane or skull fragment of some forgotten pilot I get disenchanted immediately. This hanhart does a good job of living in a niche without slapping you in the face with it.

  • Benjamin Braunstein

    I have an eclectic collection but i prefer watches that are chronographs

  • angela

    I would have to say racers so long as they aren’t too loud, as I prefer racing over diving or flying

  • sensemille

    I love Diver watches and I honestly don’t even know why.. I’ve always been attracted to them although ironically i can’t even swim 🙂
    Maybe I love them because of the bezel, or because they are so versatile that you can wear them in any situation, or because they are sturdy and can take a beating

  • Humphrey Mar

    I like divers. It feels like the structural demands are the greatest, and so are built accordingly. It’s the functionality which drives much of the design.

  • Tobi Tool

    As sports is my passion, my favourite watches are divers. And today you can wear divers everytime, even as a dresswatch. So a diver can be a perfect daily rocker.

  • 112010

    I like racers! Yes!

  • fitzperfect

    A simple uncomplicated legible pilot’s watch for me!

  • Bong Estrella

    I like most styles but prefer pilots!

  • Robert92

    I like dive watches because they can have a clean subtle look but still look cool. I guess it also has something to do with James Bond. I am getting more interested in race watches but the dial needs to have a clean look.

  • Chip Campbell

    That’s a nice watch. Is the big red hand a sweep time-of-day seconds, and the 9 o’clock sub-dial the chrono seconds? Or vice-versa?

  • Addison Gernhard

    I have to go with aviation style watches, they really encapsulate watch history. Without aviation we wouldn’t have watches. I really like the giant dial aviation watches from the 30’s and 40’s, especially the ones with radium in them. I know radium isn’t safe but it really has a nice glow.

  • Bob

    It’s a nice watch. It Most likely would look good on my wrist. Don’t you think.

  • Roy Beyer

    Beautiful watch! I’m partial to divers watches especially vintage. The divers have more interesting dials, bezels, and features that other watches don’t. They are also built tough.

  • wallyboy23 .

    Very nice looking watch ! I am a pilot watch person in general with a preference for Fliegers. Why? Simplicity, and you don’t have to go blind trying to tell the time.But hey, if a watch looks good who can resist?

  • Dominic Cloutier

    I love all watches but have never owned a diver’s yet

  • Manzur Dan

    I’m kind of interest in diver watches because are very robust watches, really daily beaters .

  • Chazz

    I really like the look of this watch, which has motivated me to enter this drawing, which I don’t often do. My tastes tend to gravitate more toward the formal, though whatever hits my eye, often gets a thumbs up.

  • space scoundrel

    I love pilot watches because of their cleanness and simplicity. I like high contrast, sharp designs, and I think a pilot’s watch can still have a lot of personality even with a simple design. Hanhart’s retro-looking watches are a great example of this. Following Hanhart on facebook and instagram(space_scoundrel)

  • Steven Servantez

    Love pilot watches. They look stylish and sophisticated. They also go with casual or business attire.

  • Steve Jacobs

    I’m a diver sort of guy but wouldn’t turn up my nose at this one!

  • Dean

    I like divers. I like the look of them.

  • gtbr

    Since i’m also a car guy, i love some of the racing-inspired watches.


    I guess my favorite would be racing-inspired, based on my collection thus far. The tachymetre and subdials always seem to catch my eye and they lend themselves to creative design options. Recently picked up the Nezumi Loews and it’s striking. I have my first diver and pilot picked out, just trying to save up the funds.

  • Kyle Herret

    Diver, racing or pilot. I have all 3 styles but always looking for something beautiful like this watch. Well done.

  • Fickhry Syach

    I love Racing-inspired watches. The design of this watch runs counter to its affordable price. The big stainless steel case has a gorgeous black bezel, three silver chronograph subdials and a date window. The rubber strap mimics racing tires, and the scratch-resistant mineral crystal ensures resilience over time. It’s the kind of watch that can toe the line between dress and sport equally, and the super-accurate quartz movement is on time.

  • BrandonS

    Pilot watches. The fact they are nearly always “all dial” makes them feel BIG. B-Uhr, etc, love the utilitarianism.

  • EelyHovercraft

    A dressy diver with a bracelet and a couple of NATO straps can be worn almost everywhere. It’s hard to beat that combination

  • palettj

    I’m not a diver, pilot, or race car driver. This is why i like the Rolex Explorer/ II, you can wear it and not feel like a poser.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Sport casual for me. Either divers, pilots or racers works too.

  • Zachary Walker

    I like pilot watches

  • Chris Bos

    This is really a nice example of crispclear modern design. A surgeon might wear it to keep track of critical livesaving time. Practical elegance!

  • Agnar Sidhu

    I’ve never been a fan of pilot watches, not sure why, but they might grow on me. Racing watches are cool, but my favorite is dive watches. Why is a good question. I like the design very much, cudoes to Rolex to setting the standard! And I like that they are built to be thoug, with he WR.

  • mickey

    I love the drive watches. I grew up with Bond and the love both main models that he has used in the Rolex Submariner especially the Kermit and greatly enjoy the Omega Seamaster 300 with the Blue/Blue combo. They can be everyday wear to glam and are right at home on a wrist.

  • christopher jensen

    Love racing inspired chronograph and this would make a wonderful addition to the collection.

  • shanekleinpeter

    Nice looking watch; the splashes of red break up the silver tones. I’m a huge fan of racing-inspired watches, primarily because I’ve been an amateur race driver for the past 15 years.

  • Kirk Macdonald

    As a retired recreational diver, dive watches comprise the majority of my collection. I appreciate the simplicity and legibility of a three-hand timepiece. Dive watches often have a bold look, for visibility underwater, that can give them a unique appearance that I like. Regardless, I’m also a sucker for a good racing chronograph or a clean Flieger design.


    I really don’t have a favorite type or style of watch. My collection is comprised of a wide variety and my decisions are primarily based on the item catching my eye. This one fits the criteria !

  • Eugene Najera

    I really like that watch!!!! My favorite style of watch is a pilot watch so I have nothing like it which makes it perfect for me:-)

  • Brad Herndon

    The legibility of racers and divers are very appealing. There is usually a really nice texture associated with dials of these watch types. And they are easier to read, imo. Very nice giveaway!

  • Max Attack

    My favorite type of watch is a pilot watch. At first I liked the style for its historical significance. Which led me to buying an A dial Stowa flieger. I would love this Hanhart.

  • Matt

    My favourite watch style at the moment is a diver. This is mostly due to practicality for my lifestyle – rugged, WR, timing bezel. That being said, I’m a huge fan of German watches (wearing my Sinn at the moment) and quite admire what Hanhart has been doing with it’s unique style. I’ve always wanted a 7750 chronograph and this would be an incredible one to get!

  • Ayreonaut

    I like dive watches. The timing bezel comes in handy all the time.

  • Gary Barclay

    Pilot because Hanhart is well known for their pilot watches.

  • I actually like all those categories, especially when they conserve the legible, good contrast of well designed tool watches.

  • Chris MoJo

    I tend to favour divers. They are robust, can often seamlessly transition from work to casual and are very well suited to the somewhat damp British climate!

  • Eric Thompson

    At the moment my collection mainly comprises of diver watches because they are typically simpler and cleaner looking. I also like the fuller, bulkier weight in the watch. With that said I do not own a pilot watch for comparison so the PRIMUS racer would be a nice addition to my limited collection.

  • Darh109

    I like pilot watches the most, because they have a look of a measuring instrument rather than of a fashion accessory. A Hanhart Pioneer Mk II or a Sinn 356 – just perfect.

  • Ola Holtet

    Divers. Never have to worry with one of them on my wrist. A somewhat discrete diver can be used in any occasion e.g. Rolex Sub.

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    I did not know this brand but it has a very good design and it shows the good manufacture

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    Amazing watch with a cool vintage look! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • John Doe

    As a Chronograph fan, the watch looks very interesting and easy to read. And I am a white dial fan.

  • Evan Wieland

    I love a well made diver. You can wear it with anything and do anything while wearing it!

  • Paul Bunyan

    Divers are definitely my favorite out of the three. The variation within this group of watches is astounding and their versatility is incredible

  • jahenson

    So far I like racing chronographs the best because I’m also an avid F1 fan. Divers are growing on me pretty rapidly, though!

  • Gal Sh

    I love divers. They are very robust and some of them have quite elegant design.

  • George Elgart

    I like the GMT function on a watch, even a diver. Having a second time zone fits my life.

  • Mark Flanagan

    Hanhart always makes great retro pilot and diver designs these days, and this is another.
    While Steve McQueen is associated with the Tag Monaco and the Rolex Submariner, the watch he actually raced with, back in his younger motorcycle days, was a WWII or post-war Hanhart blackface chronograph. To read about, Google the 2011 article “ The Story of the Hanhart 417 chronograph: Steve McQueen’s other other watch”

  • TimboinOK

    I love both my divers and pilots. They both have their own distinctions. The love my divers due to their size and looks and I like my pilot (only one) due to it’s looks (of course) and the many features it has, Since I was a 23 year navy guy, my blue Angel pilot it my true go to watch in any environment/situation

  • Ray Toth

    I was huge fan of pilot watches (being a retired Air Force pilot helps…) but have recently been more interested in divers and racing watches, mainly due to their being a bit cleaner on the dial. Don’t get me wrong though, still love a good pilot watch!

  • Miguel -MO

    I love both pilots and divers … that is all I have in my collection.

  • Greg Hall

    Pilot watches as they usual have a large clean face, for easy quick time telling

  • Ovis

    I prefer the diver models; don’t need to worry about water resistance and the rotating bezel help to mitigate the unavoidable bumps while wearing the watch.

  • Jon Heinz

    In the spirit of all things PRIMUS:

    “Hanhart had ‘imself a Big Brown Beaver and ‘e showed it to his watch nerd friends;
    This nerd here is usually wearin’ DIVERS ’cause they’re tougher than a cyclone fence!”

  • Aris Demirakis

    Hanhart has a great value for money in that pilot category

  • JohnBoy of Alaska

    I am definitely a Pilot watch guy… with a small exception… Many pilots watches are too big! My small exception is that i like them small. 36-40mm at most. If they are a true pilot watch then they should be imminently readable at that size AND they should fit any wrist size.

  • Rob Crenshaw

    My favorites are racing-derived first, then divers. But I buy the most divers as it’s hard to find racing inspired not tied to a specific brand or race.

  • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

    Based on what I’m wearing lately… Divers are my preference, for an ‘everyday casual’ option.

    Then again, I’ve got a gshock square, a racing mecaquartz and a marine-chronometer right on the shelf, so… go figure.

  • Myles J. Doren

    I love all watch, but enjoy vintage the most. Rolex, Stienhart, Davosa, Ginault, and Christopher Ward…..

  • Myles J. Doren


  • Gary Aerne

    I always end up buying diners watches or classy watches. This watch is a little of both.

  • Kevin Beard

    Divers. Love ’em. I like that chunky rugged look. Built for diving, but can take a daily wear beating.

  • alex ioancio

    Divers but those easy ones until 100-200 meters. Because it is all right to have a shower with them on and because beside water it keeps away dust too.

  • Daryl Okayama

    I prefer divers watches mostly because of the ruggedness and legibility of the dial. Plus they usually are larger in size and I like big watches!

  • Brett Lintvelt

    I personally prefer divers tool watches, but also have a few chronographs

  • Jim Fuerstenberg

    I really like Chronos…the 7750 is a very reliable modern version…even though most of mine are 7733 or 23 etc…

  • I lean toward diver’s watches. I like their durability and legibility.

  • Jacob Jared Kenworthy

    Of the three categories, I prefer dive watches. The timing bezel is useful, and they are durable, legible, and (obviously)very water resistant.


  • Tim Nicholls

    I love divers watches. Although I am not a diver, their rugged looks and practical nature lend themselves to my lifestyle and how I want to live and the activities where they can shine. I have two at present and enjoy seeing them come up on a aBlogtowatch

  • SPITX206

    When I first started collecting I wanted diver’s watches because of their perceived strength against all the elements. Now I’m more inclined to purchase either a new or vintage chronograph. There is something about the symmetry of a well designed chronograph that is very pleasing. This Hanhart PRIMUS Racer checks all the boxes.

  • Josh Slimmer

    I love divers watches, any tool watch. The best divers can be worn dressy, but the best dressy cannot always be used as tools

  • SBUBandit

    I like a little of everything, but if I had to choose just one, it’d be a diver. So many ways you can go with a diver. Durable, a million different styles/color combos/price ranges, and the general chunky, heavier look lends well to a big hoss like myself

  • Eric Gordon

    Easy call ….a diver. Ever since I watched “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau” as a kid, I have been enamored with them. Plus, they are tough and practical.

  • Walter Van Tine

    Love the diver’s watches! The Hanhart watch in the article is an elegantly simple and eminently stylish watch. Really love to own this one!

  • Shane K Arnfield

    I like a little bit of everything but from an aesthetic point of view I love racing inspired watches. Reminds me of my childhood as I loved all things car related and was a big fan of Steve McQueen, the king of cool!

  • ChrisA

    It’s a bit niche, but central minutes chronograph is my favourite type as it’s much clearer to see time elapsed than on a subdial, especially if you don’t have perfect eyesight. Failing that, good diver as time elapsed is a bit like a central minutes chrono!

  • Eric Thompson

    It’s pilot watches for me! I like the history and aesthetic behind them.

  • Alistair Salmon

    Hard to choose just one favourite between those three categories as I tend to love certain style queues instead of over-arching categories, but if I had to choose one it would most likely be divers. This is because of the range and wearability these types of watches have. With that said I have yet to add a quality sports chrono to the collection and love the red on white contrast!

  • resol

    Divers watches for me! The history, practicality and style combination makes divers watches special for me

  • louis

    I like Divers because of the solidness of them.

  • wilzoon wilson

    Its a tie between Diver and Pilot for me.
    Diver: It is the most solid and robust build of all category. The water resistance is definitely useful for outdoor activities.
    Pilot: The most legible watches out there. It felt good when I was able to tell the time right away at a glance. The German flieger is especially iconic in my opinion.

  • Mitch

    I too am torn between Diver and Pilot watches. Diver watches usually have great robustness, water resistance, and great Lume. I love pilot watches because of the preciseness of their hands and indices. They are so legible at a quick glance and have that “Precise” detailed look.

  • Krishna

    I do not have a favourite category. I love watches in general. I keep one watch of every category and for every occasion. However, in terms of versatility, I lean towards divers and pilot. Can wear them for all occasions.

  • Chris MacEwen

    I like pilot watches . I like the sleek , crisp design of this type of watch. They just look cool!

  • Josh

    My favorite watch category: Tool watches. Clean, simple dials. Useful items such as GMT and 24-hour time. Plus, they can take a beating and fit under a dress cuff without the chunkiness that a diver possesses.

  • Craig Johnson

    Pilot watches are and will always be my favorite types of watches. Why, because of their simple and sleek design, the larger number and the ease in which one can tell time. A chronograph pilot is an horologist dream. My first luxury timepiece was an IWC pilot watch, will always love and keep this piece in my collection. I have a few divers, but to me, they are summer watches. Racers are a close second. I enjoy F1 and often use racers to time the practice laps.

  • Wallaa Yousef

    I prefer dive watches,I think the bezel give them an attractive look and different options as far as colour,serration and function e.g. second time zone.

  • John

    I like dive watches. They seem stronger and able to withstand more than the others.

  • David Humphrey

    I prefer pilot watches. I love the sheer readability of them. The simplicity of the design reflects their crucial importance.

  • Dec

    Pilot watches are the most prevalent in my watch box, and they are all black/white/with a pop of red. Hmmm. Although I’m not a pilot, diver or racer… My middle aged eyes do appreciate bold pilot dials though!

  • M. Rogers

    Divers were my favorites when I began buying watches, but lately I’m leaning more towards pilots and racers. I’m not sure why, and maybe I’m just filling holes in my collection, but theres more variation for sure. That being said, absolutely love this one with the red pop.

  • Griffith Hawkinson

    I tend to like racing-inspired watches as I’m an avid fan of the history of racing, and I like the chronograph look in general.

  • Bartosz Niec

    Great, elegant watch that works for variety of occasions.

  • Ed Butcher

    I have mainly tool watches including pilots and diving watches. I don’t have a favorite type. The watch I am wearing from my collection on a given day tends to be my favorite.

  • KentH

    I like divers because of the big simple dials with lume. This giveaway would also look great. Thanks !

  • RDA2

    Divers are my favourite – I love the “tool watch” look!

  • MattR

    I like “tool” watches. I may never use them as they were intended, but their form and function says that they have a greater purpose than simply telling time. And they are generally tough, and I am at times clumsy.

  • Keegan

    Diver watches, because they’re more functional during outdoor activities.

  • Douglas D

    I prefer dive watches for their aesthetic, practically and durability.

  • Abderrahmane

    Divers watches for me! everyday wears!

  • GalaxyGuy

    I tend to be attracted to divers because of the simplicity of their dials and the general (perceived?) toughness of movements.

  • 35,000 Feet

    Come on! I hate to choose my favorite one form divers, pilots, or racing-inspired. I really love them all! I am collecting all 3 types.

  • Iman

    Diver watch cause I’m a diver myself.

  • benden99

    I have typically been a diver fan but the more I see the aviator pieces the more I want to give one a chance.

  • Gregg Turcich

    I’m a fan of diver but like aviator styles too. Racing inspired watches are seriously catching my eye at the moment.

  • M?n Phi

    Pilot watches are my favorite beacause they are always easy for me to read the time

  • Stefano Lorenzo

    I like them all, but I find divers to be the most versatile for my everyday use.

  • Billde

    I was a diver fan when I was younger but have transitioned to dress and sporty aviators. This would be AWESOME to add.

  • Nathan Likes Watches

    Very nice race inspired watch, almost reminds me of the Speedmaster, the serrated edge around the bezel is different, which I like. I own some dress watches, divers, field, and aviation inspired watches, but no race inspired watches, would be amazing to win this piece to add to the collection!

  • Andrew Darbyshire

    I like both racing and pilots watches, but my all time favourite is definitely the speedmaster, functional and elegant.

  • Sunidha

    I prefer pilot watches because they be classy, functional/practical coupled with gorgeous looks!

  • Stephen Wright

    Divers are my favorite because they’re durable and the bezel is great if you need to set a quick timer for everyday things like cooking.

  • alfred

    I love watches in general. I keep one watch of every category and for every occasion. However, in terms of versatility, I lean towards divers and pilot. Can wear them for all occasions.

  • Dmitriy Yatsenko

    I always liked Hanhart watches. Especially the Racer series. They look not only sporty, but also elegant. So they are suitable for any situation.

  • Martin

    My favorite watch category is a divers watch. A tool watch that can easily be your favorite daily beater sports watch; I like changing the straps (leather, nato) which gives them totally different appearance and you can always play with the bezel 🙂 , it gives a relaxating experience… My Daily beater is Citizen NY0040, a great affordable diver.

  • Joe

    I tend to prefer diver’s watches primarily because they are more rugged and practical for daily use.
    I also spend my summers in Greece, snorkelling and like to wear watches that I can wear all day without concern for water resistance.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    Different watches for different purposes. I just can’t choose between these. DIver is a general purpose watch. Pilot watches are just clean. Chronographs have their purpose also. Sorry, can’t choose. Have to acquire all?

  • George Martin

    Divers watches are great for day to day wear, robust and simple. I prefer the look of racing watches though.

  • I love watches from each of those categories. If I had to rank them in terms of day-to-day usability I’d say pilot, then racing-inspired, then dive watch. That said, the first ‘expensive’ watch I bought (which, for me at the time, was anything over $100!) was a racing-inspired one. Pilot watches might be practical, historical, and super easy to read, but racing-inspired watches are usually sleek, gorgeous, and feature-rich with chronograph modules.

  • Tin Horvat

    Love the Pilots and divers. Racing chronos too. All of them! Just as long as they are not vintage.

  • Ed Yu

    I like chronograph “racing” watches because it’s just fun to press on the pusher and see the gears engage.

  • Gord Hay

    I love pilots due to their vintage flavour and military connection

  • Asko

    I like them all for various reasons however I gravitate towards pilot watches because of their legibility and overall good looks. The IWC Mark XII and Breitling Navitimer are watches I absolutely love and hopefully will own one day. I also love chronogaphs so this Hanhart Primus Racer would be a welcome addition and would look great on my wrist.

  • John Agwazim

    My favorite watch category is pilots. I like it’s uniqueness. For example, check out the Hamilton H64715535 Khaki Pilot Watch. Lovely

  • Ionesi Victor

    My favorite watch category is divers. I love the robustness of diving watches. I like it also because I don’t have to leave it away during showers. But of course I like also the other categories.

  • Chris Martin

    I still like the Tag and Autodromo vintage styled race watches. Part of it is because I just imagine driving an old convertible along the Riviera wearing that style watch.

  • Tom Scarborough

    I’m not a diver nor am I a pilot, but I am a driver and I love driving, so I will always go for the racing-inspired aesthetic. Also, I find racing-inspired watches manage to capture a sense of the future but without compromising history and tradition, invoking a nostalgic look at classic cars and their heritage. They manage to combine subtle complications with an air of minimalism, and I find this really attractive.

  • Ryan

    Pilot watches are my favorite, I love the tool aesthetic and easy legibility.

  • Jamie Coates

    It’s got to be racing inspired for me as I love all things mechanical and particularly cars, driving them and watching them be raced. Nothing better than driving top down through countryside to events at Silverstone, Oulton Park and Goodwood. Equipped with an appropriate driving inspired watch just completes the package.

  • Andrew Fitzhugh

    Definately a race inspired fan, though I do love the tool look of a pilots watch, even though I would never need the functionality.

  • Elliott Blackwell

    Pilot watches! Vintage timelessness of them! Astheticly pleasing on the wrist

  • Saulius Pakrijauskas

    I’m in love with pilot watches and their diamond shaped hands. My father was agricultural pilot in his young days, later a mechanic of infamous An-2 planes. For his 50th birthday he decided to make himself a “present” and become a pilot of Boeing 737, which he succeeded. In memoriam.

  • Johannes Scotch

    Since I got a beautiful Navitimer, I must say Pilot watches. Even though the speedy is in fact my favorite watch of all times. I guess you could say the common denominator is the chronograph layout 🙂

  • nsbancroft

    I’d have to say racing-inspired watches are my favorite category of watches. I’m a gearhead so I love cars, driving, and motorsports. There is something about the design language of chronographs and racing-inspired watches and their ties to motoring aesthetics that just really puts a smile on my face. With this watch, Hanhart has done a particularly keen job of capturing the race-inspired aesthetic with the red accents simultaneously aiding readability and conjuring imaginations of the racing redline. It’s an exciting looking piece to be sure. And who wouldn’t love a chrono with a red pusher? Talk about racey! Sign me up! I’d be absolutely thrilled to add the PRIMUS Racer as the first automatic chrono in my very small collection.

  • Rafael Lirio

    I have a thing for divers because at the same time they look (and are) tough they can be very stylish.

  • Jorge Nunes

    For me, dive watches for the aesthetic, dial simplicity, the way they fit on the wrist and robustness.

  • Tuomas S

    Pilot watches for sure. I love the legibility and aviation in general. Racing comes close second, but I’ve never really been into diving watches. Maybe I just have not found the right one yet.

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    Pilot watches exhibit big, great legibility, nice hands and usually big crowns. Drivers and recers exhibit fantasic totalizers, intense colors, great chronographs and movements. Finally, divers are solid, big, legible with bezels to die for. tough choice! I am personally voting for the racers since I love fancy cronographs and power reserve indicators inspired by automotive realm

  • Skootertrash

    Currently I am completely in love with divers. Pilots coming in at a close second. They both have great legibility and a wonderful wrist presence. Divers edge out pilots for me with their inherent ruggedness. I’m no diver but I am quite active and that ruggedness gives me peace of mind throughout my day.

  • Asif Tebani

    I prefer pilot watches ,love the sheer fame of them. The simplicity of the design reflects their crucial importance and style

  • Manuel Pusong

    I love all kinds of watches because watches are utilitarian in nature. Love to go on the beach with a divers watch on my wrist or time occurences with a chronograph. But chronographs like a race-inspired watches are probably the best. The complexity in it makes all the difference.

  • Long T. Tran

    It’s pilot watches for me, because I don’t really like the big chronograph of dive watches, and I prefer formal style wearable so racing-inspired watches is also no-go.

  • eboldo

    I like to have watches of all kinds in my collection. But the ones I have most are divers, because of their beauty and endurance. Authentic tool watches.

  • Gabe Chambers

    Like flieger pilot watches for legibility and clean looks and divers for toughness and comfort of wearing

  • adnan ali

    i like pilots watches for their legibility, clean and utilitarian looks.

  • J Wysong

    Generally, I like all styles with a preference for 3 hand models over chronographs. That said, I do like chronographs that are easy to read and aren’t overly bulky. Favorite styles in order: pilot, racing (vintage, like TH Monaco), field, diving, bauhaus/minimalist, traditional dress.

  • AW

    Pilots for me: legibility, accuracy and long term wearing comfort are important. I’ve preferred divers before, but they tend to be heavy.

  • farar

    There are just a few things I want from my watch – legibility under all circumstances, solid lume and at least some water resistence… so I almost always end up wearing diver watches… even though I’m not a diver 🙂

  • Mat Buj

    I prefer divers myself but still love pilots! I have a Navitimer and I live it! That silver dial Hanhart is mine!

  • Martin Chiu

    My favourite category is the pilot watch as I love to travel.

  • Tim

    My favorite category is the diver’s watch —- I love the cool look to it.

  • Omer Mohammad

    I love divers and pilots because they’re tool watches, and I love the rugged look. Do-anything-take-anywhere watches.

  • Y Til

    My favorite watch category is divers, most appealing to me, sporty and cool.

  • Corey Brindisi

    Gotta say, if I HAVE to choose it will be divers. Not necessarily because of the aesthetics, but for my life they are just more practical. Living in Key West, a little island at the tip of Florida, my life revolves around the ocean. I may not be a “diver”, but I’m most definitely a hardcore fisherman who is on a boat more than I’m in a car. I’m in or on the water ALL of the time. So having a sturdy, extremely water resistant watch is important. I also like my watches to tie into the whole boat/nautical thing. My Seamaster with the wave dial, my Chris Ward Trident with the…well…Trident, my Ventus Mori made from brass, my Bernhardt Binnacle Anchor, and hopefully a Ulysse Nardin soon!


    Pilot watches are my favourite, love the design and legibility. To be honest I couldn´t live without having a diver too.

  • Aaron Ryder

    I love pilot watches for their clean faces and legibility. But the soul and passion that comes through in a beautiful racer gets me every time. Most of my watches are pilots, but I’d trade them all for a Daytona.

  • Arij Mahmud

    Pilot watches ar my favourite ones becuz its my dream to become a pilot.

  • GMTmin5

    Great giveaway!

    I have always loved chronographs so racing-inspired watches are my favorite.

  • marko320

    I favor driver watches because of my dad. I favored them as well. This fine time piece would look good on my wrist. Keep up the great work.

  • jimley815

    My favorite has to be pilots watches. Military themed, usually a 24 hour dial- just nice all around.

  • Bruce Beamer

    Always love military style watches #lovewatches

  • Bryan A

    Divers are my favorites. Clean, uncluttered, beefy look says quality, reliable and functional in a good looking way.

  • ???????? ??????????

    Nice watch

  • Anette Rasmussen

    Pilot style is my preferred – would love to win this month – wonderful watch

  • David Lasky

    I love racing inspired watches because I like what the watch style has to offer in terms of color combinations and features.

    Thanks for having another great watch giveaway. Keep it up!

  • René VooDoo Wendtland

    Diver, cause i dive. Simply in love with the classic diver-style.

  • Thomas Sorensen

    Pilot watches above all – highly legible (pun alert) on the fly. Reading the time should be as easy as turning your wrist, otherwise the iPhone comes out of the pocket.

  • It’s a close call between pilot watches and racing inspired watches. I like the legibility of the pilot watch, and the aesthetic of the racer.

  • Michael Kossov

    I tend to gravitate to pilot watches due to excellent legibility, function and engineering features. This Hanhart looks great and I’d love one of these.

  • Federico Mengoli

    Not bad! I like it

  • Michael Harvey

    This PRIMUS Racer is really good looking! And with Hanhart’s HAN3809, super Valjoux movement – Wow! My favorite watches are divers, favoring water resistance, bright lume, rugged case and readability.

  • Jonathan Davies

    I’m a huge fan of a good quality automatic field watch with a day/date function. I know it’s sounds boring but I love the simplicity and I believe it opens up room for creativity for design. I absolutely love the look of a nice mechanical chronograph movement but for some reason, the busyness of the dial hasn’t appealed to me yet. The Hanhart PRIMUS Racer Silver Steel Automatic Chronograph looks like an amazing watch to own though and since it would be the first chronograph in my small collection, I’m certain it would change things for me.

  • Jim

    I would choose a dive watch if restricted to one of those 3 categories, though it would be close with the pilot watch, for the simple reason that it’s both a sporty tool watch and a style of watch that, with its simple and purpose-driven design, looks good in pretty much any situation short of formal dress. Easy to read, tough but still good looking, that gets my vote. The Hanhart looks like a really nice watch – hope I get lucky in this giveaway!

  • Morand

    Steve McQueen cool. Love it!

  • NC

    I like Diver’s watches most, chucky, strong, bold. Except for the fact they don’t fit under my shirt cuff, then I’ll throw on a Speedy.

  • Patrick Bloch Andersen

    Divers watch all day long! Because you wont use your smartphone to measure depht and time when diving!

  • Racing inspired watches, as my husband would lov eit.

  • Freaky

    Racing inspired or chronographs

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    I don’t know if it fit a specific category, but I like skeleton watch. I like to see its heart beat ! However, If I need to choose betweem diver, racer and Pilot, I choose racer

  • Calvin Lamb

    Personally always preferred the simple readability of pilots until I met the Tudor Heritage Black Bay. I’ve grown to appreciate the versatility of the diver style as much or more than pilot style watches.

  • Dan Dolar

    Gotta love the pilots watches! Very easy to read in an instant!

  • Marceau Ratard

    They make lots of cool watches, I had a chronograph on my short list

  • Stevie J

    For me its got to be sports related watches, there is something i love about chronographs,

  • Dale Taylor

    very nice in the 3d different and the white face really pops

  • Jasper D

    It’d have to be divers for me, as much as I love a good chronograph I can’t go past the rugged simplicity of a real dive watch.

  • Matthew

    This is a very nice looking watch with a nice nod to the steering wheel of a race car. In very much like these types of chronograph as they tell a story and have character. Looking at it you can almost feel the energy in the cockpit.

  • Jake True

    I prefer divers the most, though I have watches from all three styles and appreciate them all for their own special differences and features.

  • David Daniel Trevino

    Dive watches are the coolest bar none in my opinion. Their inherent utility and function driven design exemplified in watches like the omega ploprof and the Rolex Deepsea is fascinating to me.

  • Josef Schmid

    I like pilot watches, easy to read but with a good design. Also I am a huge fan of aviation.

  • Debbie Snell

    Kiwi world champion freediver William Trubridge is an amazing athlete. hubby loves his LUMINOX NAVY SEAL COLORMARK 3051BO

  • Matt Jaffe

    I really like a good chronograph., with the right level of functionality while still being straightforward. I love the usefulness of it. That being said, I also love a good diver chronograph! Having the dive-watch feel and utility with the functionality is the perfect combination!

  • Lance Litwin

    I’m more into Pilots Watches, than Divers or Racing inspired. Mostly, Pilots are cleaner, legible, and generally easier to find in larger sizes. I’m a tall guy, with big wrists, and I dig those larger builds. The bezel/case on divers can be a bit too big for my liking, so I tend to discount them based on that.

  • Jeff Story

    My favorite type of th three would be pilot watches for their clear legibility

  • Hirasdo Julius

    My favorite type would be pilot watches. First, because of their dial legibility and arabic numbers. Second, usually pilot watches come with lots of unique history.

  • Evan R

    Racing inspired watches, always liked the clean layouts

  • Divers. I love lume and a ceramic dive bezel, with lume.

  • Gil Tutone

    My favorite watches are pilot GMT’s. I have a daughter in Italy, and I like to see what time it is over there, since I live in the U.S. The Hanhart is a racing watch, which is another favorite of mine. I have a Tissot auto that is racing inspired.

  • Bambang Nardhito Hutomo

    Pilots, Cause I think you can’t replace a good ol’ analogue clocks even in the most sophisticated and complex cockpits.

    The Hanhart Primus Racer will help me time my holdings and intercepts. I hope I will be the one honored to wear this timepiece.

  • Pepe Gar

    Divers. I love to see the metal in my hand, to see the luminor into it and use it with a suit or with a diving suit. All can be done with it.

  • Kaynaro?lu Emrah


  • Shawn Vega Velez

    The aviator style of watches is what I prefer. I really like their dial designs and functionality.

  • t geoghagan

    I would choose diver as I do not own but one watch. Would love to own a piece of art for the wrists.

  • Umesh Jonnalagadda

    (Proper) diver’s watches as they are required by international standards to be tested for their robustness, legibility and overall usability that makes even the cheapest iso-certified watch appropriate for virtually any function (work, dress, etc).

  • Pradeep Magan

    Love the watch, but prefer blue dials as it stands out more

  • Laszlo B

    The majority of my watches are divers, but the one I never would part with is a racing inspired Chrono, the TAG Heuer Monaco Chrono. In fact I don’t even have a pilots watch, they simply don’t appeal to me at all.

  • Winston Dogge

    I’m a diver watch fan mostly. They are uncomplicated and usually very well built and I appreciate the 200m (or better) water resistance of a true diver.

  • perpetualcuriosity

    I like all 3 styles, but tend to lean towards Pilot and Divers. I find the Divers robust and worry-free for day to day wear. Plus, Submariners and Sea Masters are pretty much iconic designs.

  • johan sahlman

    Divers, perfect everyday watches. But this is a really nice watch to alternate with!

  • Antonio Hernando

    As a WWII history fan, I prefer pilot style watches, especially B-Uhr inspired Inés. But recognize that for the day to day I use to wear divers. Match better with the casual style I wear daily.

  • Laurence Daly

    I prefer the divers styled watches. They are rugged for everyday use and have that film star cache thanks to James Bond and also many war themed movies.


    i love drivers!! Cause Im living day to day just to drive, my first love, Is to drive. but this watch is my dream watch much love for it…. you guys keep up the great works…cheers mate

  • Ian Ng

    Divers are my fav! Despite being rugged and sporty, they somehow still manage to have an elegant timeless look to them.

  • Marcelo K.

    Pilots, definitely. The more busy the dial and bezel, better.

  • Brian Bezel

    I’m a big fan of divers and wear them with shorts and suits, It was the first watch my dad bought for me and the last watch I bought myself.Their water resistance is a big plus and I love using the Bezel old school to time when my parking meter runs out!

  • Morteza Alavizadeh

    Quite possibly your best giveaway yet. Big fan of Hanhart and their watches.

  • Steve_Macklevore


  • Jim B

    Absolutely a beautiful piece!

  • Stephan Beth

    I like to go for “simple” watches, therefore, divers watches are my favourites (if compared to pilots or racers) – the other categories tend to be too busy on the dial.
    This particular watch however, is very elegant, very retained with just the right dash of vivid colouring in the red elements.
    A beautiful succes in design.

  • Olaf

    For me its divers. Classic, functional display and no worries about getting them wet.

  • Murtaza

    I’m a big fan of racing inspired watches because I like what the watch style has to offer in terms of colour combinations and features. Also the heritage and design inspiration that comes with a lot of racing watches.
    Keep up the great reviews ABTW!

  • bikeohio

    Thank you for the chance to win a beautiful Hanhart piece! My favorite pieces are often pilot watches with multiple complications.

  • Johan

    An incredible timepiece. Clean, beautiful, clean lines. What a prize!

  • Maciej Grzeszak

    I prefer a Pilot Style watch like IWC but, as for me the amazing design of the watch for pilots is also Citizen Altichron witch analog Altimeter and Compass.

  • Joe in WI

    Divers! Love the legibility on most of them.

  • Muhammad Durrani

    Drivers perfect for everyday use

  • Steve Russell

    Looks awesome. Would love to win.

  • David Theobald

    Hanhart not a brand I am familiar with but as I am looking for a chronograph this would seem to fit the bill. Have worn a diver (Rolex Submariner 5513) as a daily driver for over forty years but am looking to add a flieger as well as a chronograph. Have just started traveling with a multi timezone (Glycine Airman Base 22 Mystery) – why didn’t I do this year’s ago?

  • Cleo Sids

    Divers watch -reliable and functional underwater and looks amazing.

  • SeanM

    I like pilot and racing inspired watches. They are more sleek than divers watches. I find divers watches are too large

  • ted

    I love racing inspired watches bc I like classic racimg like mille miglia and 24 hour lemans

  • Suguru F Amakubo

    I’m entering for the first time to join in on the fun! My favourite type of watch is a diver and my current one is a 30+ year old pass down Tag Heuer Professional 1000 (same age as I am incidentally). Thank you Hanhart for the giveaway and aBlogtoWatch for organising it!

  • PeterGK

    My favorite category is the pilot watch. Mostly, it’s due to the simplicity, with high focus on creating an easily legible dial. Another reason I am fascinated with pilot watches is the history. Watches might be less important to pilots today, but they used to play a crucial part for a pilot to do his job.

  • Don Unglaub

    I know it’s very common, but for me dive watches are my favorite. Pilot watches are a close second, but dive watches have the most appeal. Something about their general style exudes masculinity, and you can’t deny the versatility of most of them. I’d also add that even though most divers never see the water, I think in a way they are unpretentious with their style and overall appearance.

  • Hughes.

    70’s style racing chronographs evoke a simpler time where men were driving dangerous, noisy, cars as something to do in between smoking 40 a day and chasing girls at every race track. Rally straps, contrasting sub-dials, bullhead pushers and cushion cases. The business.

  • Bruce

    Nice watch, always like white faced watches

  • Gregory

    Diver. I want to guess my approximate time of death if I ever get thrown out of a boat.

  • Kevinb

    Pilot. For me this style evokes the daring of the past generations.

  • Dennis

    Chronograph. I love the complex but balanced dials.

  • Christian Kipp

    My favorite watch type a divers. Because divers are mostly no chronographes i often think that brands take more effort in making unique watch faces. I own three divers and they are completly different.

  • Norman

    Simply beautiful, detailed and, most importantly, fun. Love all the styles, if they’re artistically executed. I like the restrained complexity of this watch.

  • mrchen

    Personal favorite watch category is the military chronograph. The busy dials of tachy/tele chronos from the 40s give the watch visual interest but also harkens back to an era when watches weren’t valued luxury time-pieces, but actual tools used to measure things like speed and fuel consumption. Let’s not also forget that NASA, being a branch of the U.S. military puts the Speedmaster squarely into the military chrono category.

  • Aljoe

    I saw all Hanhart watches in person last Nov at the Watch Buys road show, in fact the CEO of Hanhart was there as well to really explain and showed us everything . What a gentleman Simon was and very knowlegable on all brands. I will own a Hanhart someday , The red pusher and single button is iconic. IF you ever see one in person then you will be smitten.

  • Matt Scoggin

    I really enjoy the field watche genre. They are functional and utilitarian. Details on function and comfort take presidence over aesthetics. They are durable match well w business casual and everyday clothing. I gravitate to this style of watch because of my job working with prosthetics and orthotics and having to use my hands daily.

  • Trey Hawkins

    I really love dive watches. A Goodman dive watch combines perfect function – a basic tool built to withstand the extreme underwater environment- with some of the most beautiful form(s) in the watch

  • George Flammer

    I have to go with race inspired watches and not just because of the giveaway lol. I find Pilot watches often have faces that are too busy for my liking. Dive watches are often too clunky for me. Plus I really like the color red and race watches often try to work in inspiration from redline

  • Thomas Goodin

    My favorite is Dive watches, they are often perfect tool watches and the bezel is super helpful. I also like the fact that some divers like the vostok amphibia are also fit for space travel, it’s a neat connection between journeying and exploring deeper into the depths of our oceans and into space!

  • TAG HEUER FORMULA 1 that’s my favorite watch because it don’t crack under pressure.

  • michaelm

    I really enjoy pilot watches. I like the easy to read simple dials. Dives are a close second however.

  • Noah Panitch

    I’m a fan of divers. They match my aesthetic the most, and I love how I can turn the dial. Plus, if I ever find myself diving, I can actually bring them with me!

  • Jamie

    I love racing inspired watches for the usually streamlined aesthetic, neutral colours with brighter accents to show personality, and their uncanny ability to fit in multiple situations. Divers are nice, but too large for regular wear to me, and pilot watches tend to be a bit cluttered. I’m enamoured by minimal dress style watches, and racers tend to fit my standards perfectly while adding a much appreciated touch of originality.

  • Marcus Fischer

    Racing inspired. Pilot- and diving-inspired watches have a clear purpose. Fine. Racing-inspired watches have more freedom if it comes to design. In many cases a touch of speed and dynamic that the other two does not have (and must not).

  • SH

    I’m a diver fan probably because I dive, but oddly never take a dive watch as the dive computer has rendered the dive watch almost obsolete.

  • Mark Golebiewski

    Nice watch I love complicated chronographs This watch would make a great addition to my ever growing collection

  • Tony middleton

    I prefer dive watches.i like the sturdiness of them,even though I’ve never dived in my life

  • Miguel Millan

    Very nice watch, I would say I’m a fan of diver watches as they are super versatile to pair with many kinds of straps and outfits for almost every ocassion.

  • Mr. Mechanico

    Nice watch! I enjoy dive watches the most. Their dial layout is clean and their rugged overall appearance says that you are ready for anything.

  • Bugpower

    I like these very clean cut numbers in addition to this bright dial.
    I personally like racing watches design wise. The often dash board inspired dials just work for me.

  • PhilLC


  • Doober

    Very cool looking watch. Love the racing-inspired dial. Pilot and racing-inspired watches are my favorites, They have a definite feel about them that directly relates to their themes of which I am a fan.

  • GriM

    I have no favorite type of watches. Most important is a good readability, so design and size does matter. I’m a professional pilot and use my wristwatch as a tool. It’s a mandatory backup for certain operations. A stop-function is very practical and Hanhart has a long history in making stopwatches. I already ordered their upcoming Primus Pilot “Lufstreitkräfte” ( for a sneakpeak take a look at their instagram account) but this Primus Racer would be a perfect addition – if my wife would let me keeping it 😉

  • Brendan Riordan

    This is a Swiss brand that I have never heard of before. Having such a watch will imbue a sense of exclusivity. Hanhart, is a company with a long and interesting history producing mechanical watches for both the military and civilians. Pedigree is written throughout its DNA.

  • Jose Lamourt

    While I’m a fan of racing-inspired leather band watches, I find this watch very appealing. The contrast of silver and red makes this watch pop.

  • Grenouilleman

    I like it! I’m sure the first comment would be: never heard of that company. Which would a nice segway into conversation. I’m more of a pilot type watch but would like it on my wrist. Cheers!

  • Vino

    Racing-inspired watches are my favorites as I feel they have the raw potential to be the most visually interesting.

    And that Hanhart is Stunning!

  • Lee Yie Chun

    Racing-inspired watch with good readability and a touch of red to add some kick to my daily life.

  • michael mescher

    Big die hard fan of pilot watches particularly the german style ones. I Like them because of their mostly no non sense legibility and functionality.Also have a soft spot for field watches and chronos

  • DocSanti

    I like dive watches like the submariner because of their toughness against any condition . I do have a chrooograph watch but it’s a quartz powered one .I would love to add a Swiss made automatic one to my collection .

  • Dan_the_man

    I’m a fan of Dive watches! The simplicity and lume on the dial are what make me instantly drawn to them.

  • A G

    Diving? no it’s too wet…. Pilot? …. no it’s too high….. Racing? No, no it’s too fast. pocket watches are nice and safe !
    Seriously, pilot must be my favorite.If look at it close enough you realize that things are serious and all these small letters and dials have a meaning. Maybe subdials and lettters and tachysomething scale and cleverly placed lines is what’s is really taking the roaring piece of metal off the ground ?

  • John Kinsella

    I generally like pilots and chronographs, but that’s a good looking racing watch

  • Lucian Virciu

    I am a person who loves diving and racing type watches. On this particularly Hanhart I love the big and clear face, and the way that the red colour is distributed, it really make the watch to stand out.

  • Chrysanthos Symeonidis

    Divers and racing watches even though not employed as they ought to.

  • Mikael

    I’m usually drawn to field or aviator for their utilitarian looks. This racing watch looks really nice and is a welcome step away from the retro racing style seen a lot these days.

  • Hans E

    My favorite style of watches are pilots watches. I like them because they are usually very legible. If they have complications they are typically very practical, i.e. a chronograph or a GMT hand. Many are also dressy enough to wear to the office etc. For a day to day watch I think pilots watches just make the most sense.

  • Randy Bradford

    I enjoy and desire any watch that is connected to rally racing. The timing and dead reckoning involving in the different types of rally racing has been fascinating for me.

  • Anousone

    I prefer racing inspired watches, I really love when watches borrow details from car designs, such as Hublot and Ferrari, or Breitling for Bentley.

  • Valer Eugen Demian

    My favorite category is the racing-inspired watches. I drive a BMW and one of my bucket list entries is to drive a racing car or on a racing track once. These watches are pleasant reminders any time you look at them.

  • Ahmad Ridzuan Mohamad

    My favorite watch category must be dive watches. I like their toughness, the bright lume in darkness and of course, their above 200M water resistance. I can go from office jumping straight in the pool without taking my watch off.

  • Richard Arseneault

    I gravitate towards any mechanical watch, whether manually wound or automatic. Knowing that behind the beauty lies precise engineering only validates my appreciation of the piece.

  • Reed Marshall

    I love Omega watches, simple, & elegant the Seamaster & the Planet Ocean are my favorites, so dive watches would be my pick

  • Ahmad Ibrahim

    I like “racing-inspired watches” since they look cool

  • Ian

    I am a sucker for a good dive watch. They have clean dials, easy legibility, and a rotating bezel I can use for a second time zone.

  • Caglar Gursoy

    I prefer divers, robust and utilitarian.

  • Sheez Gagoo


  • I need time

    Very nice watch, I would say the racing watches are one of my favorite because they combine sport with sophistication, sort of like a sports car! Fierce design!

  • Doctor Ben

    I like Pilots’ watches.

    I find divers a little barren, and racing ones a little tacky.

  • Christian Henriksen

    I like diver’s watches. They give me a feeling of confidence as I wash my hands.

  • Vlad Shepard

    I love the looks of some racing-inspired watches and as a huge fan of cars, those designs really appeal to me. I currently own a Bulova Curv and a Citizen Promaster Alchitron 2017 (with a more military look but its black and white theme fits well for a sporty race watch). Racing-inspired watches are also excellent timepieces and one of my goals is to drive a racing car on a racetrack

  • Rodney

    I’m a big fan of racing watches. I grew up watching my dad race stockcars locally and he wore a cheap Timex racing watch when he raced. Racing watches are very nostalgic for me for that reason.

  • Luc Slechten

    what’s not to like ? classical set-up but with modern accents, red pusher as finishing touch, I want it!

  • Alexandre Afonso

    i like diver’s watches because they feel more robust.

  • Luigi Savoia

    I mostly like diver chronos due to the fact, they can take a beating and they have multiple ways to track time. Having said that, I have quite a few of them. I only have 1 racing inspired watch. The collection can use some diversity!

  • Marco Sampuel

    Diver watch, they are made to withstand a beat up, easy to read, great water resitant capabilities and a lot of lume.

  • Sarah

    I really like racing inspired watches. I like that they are sporty but still elegant and have a sleekness to them.

  • Will

    I really enjoy diver watches. the functionality adds a lot of value with a daily wear watch

  • Mantro

    I tend to prefer the dials and cases of pilot’s watches. I prefer those that prioritize legibility and useful information more than those with slide rules, airspeed calculators, etc. that I’ll never use for anything, though.

  • Jared

    My tastes change with the seasons… but at the moment I am loving the practicality and style of a nice pilot’s watch. Mainly because of the history that designs come with and how there is beauty in the function over form philosophy that they have.

  • Joshua Smith

    Racing inspired watches tend to be some of my favorites. I think the analog design language so evident in older cars translates well in racing inspired watches such as dials and in complications like chronographs.

  • aslogar

    This would be a beautiful addition to my meager collection. Thanks

  • John Simpson

    Love the racing Crono look. The red on white/silver is a stunning combination.Easy to read.Makes a great statement.

  • Joel Woodward

    I like racing inspired watches, particularly when they feature a specific brand or livery from a race team/car.

  • ethebull

    I enjoy Divers and Chronos of many styles. I cook almost every day, so a diver’s bezel or chrono timer is always handy.

  • AllYourFache

    I’m not sure which is my favorite, because I find watches of all kinds that really strike me. Fliegers, GMTs, pilots, chronographs and basic dates. I’ve got a Citizen 8210 that I find myself looking at all day, and the Oris Audi Chronos I drool over. I can’t choose just one kind. YOU CHOOSE ONE KIND!

  • igorak

    racing as I have passion for speed and races.

  • Mr. Snrub

    Probably divers because I try to make the most of Michigan summers by getting drunk on Lake Huron sandbars.

  • Mahesh

    Each type of watch has their own appeal but I do think a racing chrono does have a slight advantage on a day to day basis. From a user perspective, its loads of fun to time your rides. It could be a normal commute from home to office or a ride across states. With the level of water resistance racing chromos are extremely practical. Also racing chrono’s tend to catch the eye of a watch admirer a lot more.

  • b12k3

    Discreet racing chronos are my favorite, I like the active look which is wearable with almost everthing. I am using the Stopwatch function intermittent too.

  • Arnold Leong

    Love chronos that have some history/cultural to them! Speedy pro, Autavia, Monaco, Monza. Would love to add a Hanhart with the signature red pusher to my watch collection!

  • at1time

    I love chrono the Jackie Icyx from Heuer in the late 60’ms got me interested in watched.

  • markahaviland

    The silver chrome watch face is great to look at… classic design style, and would be a great add to my modest collection.

  • Boryueh1

    Divers can handle any situation you put them in. My go to option.

  • Gabriel

    My favorites are divers as you can use them in formal or casual situations, like the rolex sub, it is all terrain.


  • sunder waran

    divers watch all the way, they are suitable for daily wear and special functions.Divers watch are very bold and courages.

  • Liutauras Balsys

    personally, i like divers watch for everyday use and especially… for diving.

  • JC

    Good looking Hanhart.

    Technical pilot watches for me… I appreciate good design packing-in all of that utility on your wrist

  • vasilis mavroidis


  • Colin

    Divers are great – the best everyday watch

  • JF Beaulieu

    Divers, the best everyday beaters

  • Josef Aschl

    Like the Hanhart. Unusual style.

    Other than that almost anything is great. Especially Pilot watches.

  • Krzysztof Jelski

    Pilots, for the clear, readable face.

  • Louis Cheng

    Divers, for the reliability and robustness.

  • Andrew Clark

    Divers – bond movies!

  • Won Matt

    Autodromo stradale! Love the racing inspired watches

  • Jason

    Always a dive watch lover. Specifically a fan of German divers. The tool watch finish and attention to detail really makes them a lot of watch for the money. And the usefulness of a dive bezel goes beyond just diving.

  • Hector

    I like pilot watches because of their styling and because I like my watches to do more than just tell time.

  • Racing inspired watches for sure. I find divers are often too clunky for me and pilots often have a lot of extra clutter I don’t want to see.

  • Ronald Houde

    It’s hard to pick a favorite but right now I’m into regulators. Something about the separation of hours, minutes, and seconds is intriguing to me.

  • Geoffrey Wright

    Divers. Love how easy dive bezels are for timing things like cooking, and of course they just look great.

  • Holger Reschke

    Loving Divers – bezels and lots of steel!

  • Oliver

    I really like diver and utility watches, the functionality and resistance makes them attractive.

  • Harry

    chronos! The more complex the movement the better!

  • LP

    Divers – can wear to a wedding, to work, to the gym, on holiday – everywhere

  • BG

    Would love to add a Chrono to my collection! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Tom Berger

    Divers and racers as I do both, This is a gorgeous watch!

  • mauro tovoli

    I love chronographs because they give the illusion of controlling the time of our emotions

  • profet23

    Vintage looking divers are my current go to.

  • Daniel Harper

    Picking my favorite watch category is tough, because I really do like them all and it seems to rotate based on the time of day which type I’m most drawn to, but at the moment, I’m falling for dive watches with a nice timer bezel. I find that I use timer bezels more frequently than a chronograph, as I always seem to forget that I’ve started my chrono and leave it running. However, I have a thing for german watches, and this Hanhart is NO exception; I love it! This is really up there with the giveaways I most want to win, I’d absolutely FLIP if I won this watch!!!!!!!

  • My heart is divided between pilot and military watches, being probably pilots those that attire my attention more easily. I do like easy readable watches!!

  • MMF

    There’s another category that you didn’t list: Worldtimers…. Although there is one that fits: The latest Ball Watch Diver Worldtimer. Yes, it’s a dive watch AND a world timer. Has to be one of my favorites ever. I do have a soft spot for dive watches, less so for pilot and driving watches – but throw a world timer on one of them, and my heart goes all aflutter…

  • morphal

    Diver. You can wear it theater or go biking in the afternoon and they always look good

  • Mark Samuels

    I love pilot watches, but the two that I have are about as opposite as you can get in terms of simplicity/readability, a Navitimer 01 and a Sinn 756. Love them both though!

  • Andrea Figallo

    I’m new to this passion for watches. I love chronographs and anything simple and elegant. Like the basic Oyster Perpetuals, for example.

  • Gary Barton

    Pilot watches are generally my favourites, but anything quite large (44/45mm) and clean and simple. Love the new XL Captain Cook dive watch.


    divers-good for sports or a night on the town.

  • Nuno Tome

    Beautiful Chrono, Hanhart deliver yet again. Love chronographs especially with 2 subdials only. The attention to detail, bicompax inhouse movement and that red button make Primus really appeasing and a must have (if you have the cash ?)!

  • Rich Bos

    This is a nice looking watch. I saw a few at an event in NYC couples years ago. As far as I can tell Hanhart makes very sturdy watches. My absolute favorite watch types are divers first then pilots. Hope I win this Hanhart though, would be just in time for my birthday.

  • Deb

    First time hearing of Hanhart but like this watch (will have to look on their website). I can’t pinpoint a favor watch type. Just depends on the mood and what I want to wear. I have yet to buy a racing-inspired watch though. This could be my first. I do like chronographs with two subdials and I am fan of worldtimers. But of course while on the beach or in a pool, it’s a dive watch all the way.

  • jagerninja

    I love watches with functional, sporty designs. My general favorites are dive watches, and I currently wear a Tissot Seastar 1000 most days, but I also have my eye on field watches… the Tudor North Flag is probably going to be my next major purchase. I do, however, have a chronograph-shaped hole in my collection… one that I would love for this Hanhart to fill!

  • TYM Nguyen

    I like watches with GMT function.

  • Kevin Flower

    I like all sports watches – diving, driving, pilots but diving is my favorite b/c of their larger size and durability…….but cool chronographs like this are high on the list too.

  • mmurayam

    Driving! I think it’s almost poetic that a driver watch is keeping time while the driver is trying to beat time.

  • chris_1860

    As a Steve McQueen fan it is of course racing inspired watches.

  • Blaize

    I collect sports watches and I’ve been a Hanhart fan since I met an authorized dealer at a classic cars concours d’elegance. I moderately liked their all-black dials but this one is a killer. It really stands out of a crowd.

  • W.k. Ng

    I wear a dive watch at work, but change to a chronograph on holiday.

  • Mike Dalton

    Definitely race-inspired watches because not only are they awesome looking, but they remind you of another place and time whether it be someone like Steve McQueen or the always stunning Rolex Daytona! Thanks guys!!

  • Trevor Hirst

    I think dress watches that aren’t too dressy are my favorite. They go with everything, except a lot of water. You can do jeans and T-shirt or oxford, suit, shorts, with some even a quick swim. Put on a bracelet and sportier, leather is dressier, and a canvas for relaxed.

  • Roger M

    I’m a vintage diver style man myself. I love a good diver under 40mm!

  • Fritz Duppon

    I love racing-inspired watches; in fact, I’m wearing my 1975 Seiko Speedtimer “Bullhead” right now.

    Fast cars and exceptional watches simply belong together: the history, craftsmanship, and iconic designs coupled with a constant need to push the boundaries of what is considered possible.

  • johnwithanh

    I prefer diving watches for their versatility. Dress it up or dress it down. Get dirty or stay clean. Use as a tool or just look cool.

  • Tim

    I like a good diver. They are incredibly versatile. They can be worn with a tux (a la James Bond), or dressed down to casual. They’re also incredibly durable.

  • Nick D.

    Definitely pilot watches, in the flieger tradition. I just love minimalist, legible, no nonsense watches. I mostly collect vintage pilot watches, since most are smaller and better fit my wrist, but I wouldn’t mind wearing all 44 mm of this Hanhart timepiece!

  • dan negoita

    Right now I am into diver watches as they appeared more thought and resistant as others. It’s funny as you age you like more and more watches that can out stand tougher conditions.
    Thank you!

  • Michael Bell

    I like a divers watch on a daily basis because I like the clarity of display, ruggedness and water resistance for every day wear.

  • HereForThePrize

    Like many people here, I like divers. They are tough and easy to read.

  • Cody

    Racing for me. I cant afford a race car, but a watch that has a motorsport connection is a nice compromise.

  • Daniel Park

    Dress watches but mostly because I’m always wearing a collared shirt for work/events

  • Gana

    i like divers because of their ruggedness

  • Eric Chen

    My favorite are dive watches. Simple display, simple timer, classic look.

  • warscourge

    One of my favourite watches are watches that tie in with F1 teams like Tag Heuer, EDOX, etc. They have a sporty look yet functional.

  • Craig Daniels

    Pilot watches do it for me. I fly aircraft, so they’re useful. And when I’m not flying, they remind me how much I love to fly.

  • Jim Yee

    Dive watches then race inspired watches are my favorite

  • Mark Krebs

    Any sort of chrono is for me. I like a watch face that is a little more complicated than just the time. With that said, the racing inspired category definitely catches my eye most.

  • Harry Cancel

    I like racer style watches, like the Seiko 6139-8029 (Blue eye), known as “Speed-Timer”. It’s my favorite because it was the only watch my dad had given to me as a teenager, 45 years ago and PROUDLY still own

  • Brenda Williams

    thats an awesome watch

  • ann

    i love it

  • Walter Van Tine

    Great watch!

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    I prefer divers but could use a racing-inspired one.

  • Sam

    I love diver just because i love diving. Not too deep tho just enough to enjoy the scenery from down under ?

  • mojomarc

    I’m always interested in chronos. Looks like a very nice value!

  • Bartman Hawaii

    If only one, my diver, because timing within one hour to one minute precision is all I need.

  • Bryan

    I like my driver. I find it practical and I love driving fast.

  • Stephanie

    I love the diver watches. Because, no matter how deep it gets, it’ll be right there with me…

  • Abigail

    Divers – I love their durability

  • Kiko

    My personal favorite type of watch is a diver’s watch, simply because it’s the most durable…it can handle anything.

  • Jerry Freedman

    Omega Seamaster 300 is how I roll.

  • MerricMaker

    To my mind the ideal watch is an Omega Railmaster… the problem is it’s not quite a dive watch and it’s not quite a pilot’s watch. Aesthetically I prefer pilot’s watches because you can count on Arabic indices.

  • Djoha

    This watch is beautiful! I particularly love the look of racing inspired timepieces and this is an excellent example with its clean styling.

  • Jesse Boltwood

    I like the crisp overall layout of the bezel and dial. I also like the 3-d effect of the dial and the different and angular looking lugs.

  • Fred

    Divers! Because I can mod the Seiko Divers and truly make it my own.

  • I simply like IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation” watch

  • Austin Phillip

    Ah now this is difficult ,

    My Two favorite Timepieces are

    The Classic Black/White Rolex Submariner
    And The breitling navitimer .

    The Rolex Because , Its a Masterful Timepiece

    And The navitimer, Because one was given to me a Child

    I Grew Up with breitling ,
    Have a Real Soft Spot for the navitimer,

    Because of that . I’m Going With the Pilots

  • Paul Goebel

    My preferred watch category would be the diver. This is because they tend to have a very streamlined, elegant look, which gives most models a classic appeal and which also allows you to use them for business casual situations.

  • Steve

    i prefer divers. I like the robust build and versatility.

  • Carlos Rojas

    IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition ‘Antoine De Saint Exupéry’ Watch, what a beautiful piece of art!!

  • Ricardo Reis

    My prefered style is divers watches. They are robust and you can almost use them at any ocasion if they are on the dressier side.

  • Luke

    I really like the overall design and look of pilots and army inspired watches. But then I’m also a big car enthusiast and I appreciate racing inspired watches but a lot of them are a bit too “busy” looking for me with all the clustered dials. I actually like this Hanhart racer a lot. It’s pretty clean looking and still classy.

  • Fady

    Love the look of diver watches. Nice designs like omega.

  • Bleach

    ayyy goodluck

  • steve marrone

    love subs and flight a’s and b’s. ok now sent me the watch LOL>

  • Fliegers…just look at The beautiful example above to know why!

  • Divers! They fit my outdoors and fieldwork lifestyle.

  • AD

    Awesome! I’d take one!

  • C. Dator

    This Hanhart is definitely a keeper and I would love to have my hands on one of these racer chronographs. I like its bold design. The hefty and robust construction screams durability. It is indeed sporty with real-world track credibility.

    As a watch enthusiast I vacillate between pilot watches and racing watches. I am also inclined towards diver watches. I would like to have a collection representing the land, air, and sea; this Hanhart racing chronograph will become an essential part of that collection.

  • Michael

    My favorite watch category would have to be the chronograph. I particularly like them because of the complication. It uses so many moving parts and I just find that fascinating. I would love to own this watch!

  • andy lockley

    Racing-inspired watches are my favourite type of watch because it’s like carrying around a piece of automotive history on your wrist. Through the crystal of a race dial chronograph you can be transported to the high octane drama of track days gone by and almost hear the roar of the engines and smell burning rubber and gasoline fumes.

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    I’d say aviator. Pilots are way more cool than the rest 🙂
    Divers are usualy big, while racing usually has to much details.

  • Emile

    Divers, simple and robust. A ‘no fear’ watch.
    Having said that, I have a special place in my heart for the moonwatch.

  • PJ Dechaine

    Dressy/sports watches. Really liking ML watches on Ebay right now

  • Stevie B

    Definetly divers. They are always wright for every occasion and dresses real men!!

  • Pat Finch

    Just read the article on the Hanhart PRIMUS Racer watch. It’s a beautiful watch. I like the very simple and functional design without a lot of “shiny object” distractions.

    My preference definitely leans much more to analog racing watches. There’s just something about several chronograph dials spinning down to the 10th of a second that, for me, defines what a finely made watch is supposed to do. I’m particularly fond of chronograph watch designs with highly contrasted dials like the classic Tag Monaco and Tag Autavia.

  • Easy Quindo

    50% of my watches are divers, so that must be my favourite? I’m not sure why… I like the sporty casual look, useful bezel, and waterproofness I guess… That said, this might be my favourite watch of the giveaways so far. Very cool look from a brand I don’t know much about! Yes, please!

  • ivan

    I just grew fond of divers. I like them because of simplicity and robustness.
    I do not use any social media account, though.

  • Jesse Vaddafak Jameson

    Divers of course! The helium valve and other engineering innovations involved in watchmaking are very inspirational. A Watch that you can wear under one kilometer below the f*ckin OCEAN! Diving watch is the difference between humans and animals!!

  • BDwide

    Very fond of all three, but if I were to choose one: pilot style, for an uninspiring reason: my unaided vision isn’t what it once was, and I find a pilot watch the easiest to read! Also, even with my glasses on, I prefer a tool watch to have numeric hour markers.

  • Andres

    i like divers. they looks really though and durable without losing the elegance. they match with whatever you wear. and let you see the beauty of the face of the watch without the distraction of displaying everyday`s useless information.

  • Timothy Reynolds

    Divers. Because they work well in a business suit or a wetsuit! Divers are the ultimate all purpose watches, and are a representation of the overall luxury watch market. Nobody needs a watch that has 500 meters of water resistance, but we spend money on them anyway because we like the way they’re made, the way they look, and the way they feel.

  • Ryan

    I like all three, but pilot watches are my favorite – probably because my grandpa was in the Air Force. I’ve always liked planes, aviation history, etc.

  • Forever Great

    Dive watches are my favorite. The readability, durability, feels like a grandfather clock on your wrist and the biggest lure for me is never worrying about getting it wet or the snow building up on it when I’m out working in the elements.

  • Anatoliy

    My favorite watch category – racer chronograph. Like them for look and feel, functionality. Such watches are very useful for active people.

  • Andrei Mihaila

    Divers are my favorite watches, first off all because they are so versatile. You can use them in holidays, obviously in water but you can also dress them up with a bracelet and wear them with a suit. They are perfect!

  • Wilson Meeks

    Divers, because of the look and wrist feel plus the technical features.

  • Blue Note

    so far, my favorite watch category is divers for the simple reason, that I like to be able to control time by using the very basic function of the timing bezel. To be able, to start a new time period anytime I need or want to. I would like to find out, how different this use of watches, the functionality and the feel is with a chronograph. I would be happy, to find out with a Hanhart at first, since they have a deep history of making chronographs.

  • eitan

    Pilot watches are my favorite – probably because my record is the Air Force. I’ve always liked planes, aviation history, etc.

  • Steve Russell

    Big fan of divers as they are built to take a beating. I’ve had my eye on a Hanhart since i spotted them whilst looking for a Sinn in the UK, great value prop!

  • KrzysiekJ

    Divers, because i have big wrist, so all watches below 44mm just look simply bad. I never had racing-inspired watch, so it would be a great pleasure to have it, especially it`s big enough to fit in on my wrist!

  • slipperyslope

    Pilot with Arabic numerals. Easiest to read at a glance and can be used in nearly any situation.

  • Matthijs Snellink

    The Certina DS-8 is my all-time favorite because it is an urban watch with a hint of ‘race’, which is my favorite. It is a sleek watch with a lot of detail but at the same time still very stylish and calm. Thatis what i look for in a watch and that is what the Primus racer can give me.

  • Pete L

    Tricky one to pick a category but even though my first was a diver (great all rounder) I think the speedy gets the nod from me so it would have to be sports chronograph.

  • Unruly ElA

    It’s sort of a spit decision. Divers, the reason I like this segment is due to the ruggedness and functionality of being able to expose it to the elements without fear of failure, although size can be a detractor. The minimalist dial of a pilot watch is versatile since I tend to try to use a watch that will go with my outfit and what I will be doing that day. Now pilots watches can be dressed-up with certain models. So depending on the situation and what is currently in my collection, I go with these two. Yes I do need a sports watch and the Hanhart PRIMUS Racer would be an excellent choice!!

  • eric mcgrew

    What a great promotion! Not that I needed a reason to stop by A Blog to Watch, as it’s my go-to resource when shopping for a new timepiece. There are so many likeable watch styles out there but I seem to be drawn mostly to the racer-chronograph types. They just seem to have the right level of complication and dial interest to my eye.

  • Jimmy Dever

    Just bought my first “Real” watch and I think I have the bug now. I started with a Marathon TSAR since it fit the bill of being rugged and a tool watch. I wanted something bulletproof and reliable for everyday wear. I have always liked the chrono look and racing-inspired watches due to being into cars and the history. This particular Hanhart would be awesome to add to a newly growing collection for more formal wear. Variety would be nice! Great site, I’ll be frequenting!

  • James Walpole

    Divers watch, love the aesthetic of them.

  • Michael Moran

    Racing styled chronographs for me. Especially vintage settle ones. I just picked up the new Autavia and it’s everything I could want in a watch, and I now know the style that catches my eye. Before, I would have said divers because of my GSAR and Turtle that were tough in every way and still looked good.

  • Seth L

    Favorite must be racing inspired – chronos are great fun, and functional in many situations. They can be relatively simple or fantastically complicated – lot of options.

  • Ben R

    Favourite must be the racing chronographs. The complications just add that extra utility to the watch as well as giving a more casual feel to the watch.

  • Jehoshaphat Budiharjo

    My favorites would have to be pilot inspired watches. They’re highly functional, highly legible and has many ranges of sub-categories such as pilot chrono, original pilot and so on


    My favourites are pilot watches, I really like the design and legibility-

  • Joel M. H.

    My favorite style would have to be racing inspired. I really like the aesthetic of clean styled lines while also having a wide variety of options for additional functions. Pilots are a close second though.

  • Eli Munger

    Pilot watches are by far my favorite, form should follow function.

  • Kevin Peterson

    I like Diver watches, because this are simple and not busy. I like the basic look of a nice diver.

  • Brian Detweiler

    As much as I love the aesthetics behind divers and pilots, it’s the racing chronos that catch my eye every time, especially if it’s on a rally strap.

  • Olivier Denoyelle (olivden)

    This is such a great pilot watch!!

  • Noah Joseph

    I’m a car guy, so I love driver’s watches. (I wear my Autodromo Vallelunga often.)

  • KS

    Racing inspired watches! I like the chrono function and the tachymetre on the bezel.

  • A D

    DIvers, racing inspired and pilots in that order.

  • m.t

    I have to say diver watches because my love of all things nautical…but in that same vein, I have a soft spot for regatta watches (which I guess are racing-inspired, in the broadest sense of the word, haha)

  • Conservatarian TX

    Of the the options I to gravitate towards dive watches for their clear uncluttered dials and no nonsense tool watch aesthetic. Racing watches have a tendency to go a bit over the top with their styling. However, I’m really liking the Hanhart Primus. The dial pulls off the racing instrument cluster look in a classy, understated way with what looks like excellent legibility. I think this one would look very good on my wrist!

  • drhrva

    I go for dive watches. Robust yet legible. And I prefer bringing just 1 watch on dive trips which I can wear in and out of the water.

  • Jerry Freedman

    Sharp looking chronograph, but nothing beats a diver for all around daily wear.

  • mark

    I like this watch its water resistant to 100 meters which is always a good start and the inlaid red markings suit the overall design of the watch. As does the second hand. I especially like the fact it has a leather strap. Which adds a touch of class to the overall design

  • Jon Thielmann

    I like dive watches best, partly because I grew up and live in Florida and with all the water sports and fishing available a dive watch is a great all-around choice. I also really appreciate the simplicity of design and function a traditional dive watch has. My first watch as a kid was a simple Timex diver with rotating bezel, and I still love that style today. My number one everyday watch now is an Oris Aquis Date with blue dial. Every time I look at it I’m taken back to all those childhood adventures with my trusty Timex!

  • Jim K

    beautiful Driving watch.

    Would be perfect on my wrist well slamming through the gears on a back road.

  • Shawn Frisbey

    I am a huge car fanatic, so racing watches have always been my favorite. I have a couple and they are always fun to wear. I do like a nice clean, dressy watch also though for an evening out. This watch would make a great addition to my racing watches.

  • Jonathan

    Definitely could use a little bit of a sportier watch for my collection. Love the red pusher

  • Darren Williams

    A drivers watch as its been the first type I got and main type I have purchased since.

  • Tristan

    Seriously, how do you choose between divers and chronographs? Right now, chronographs get the most wrist time. Why? Because I love hand winding my watches and there are plenty of 70s hand winding chronographs, but relatively few hand winding divers (and screw down crowns aren’t conducive to a casual wind when I’m thinking about something else).

  • Christopher Larson

    Pilots! Dials are so clean and readable

  • Steve F

    Pilot’s, with the larger, easy to read dial. My time is split between the office and field work so a nice durable yet stylish watch is my daily wear and I find the pilot usually fits the bill.

  • Colin Hamilton

    I like diver watches, I think they are timeless and wear well as well as being ‘dressy’.

  • Doug Wisniewski

    I started out with diver watches, the SKX007. But I’ve also always loved the idea of a chronograph, ever since we were timed by old school stopwatches in gradeschool. I currently own a 70s Seiko 7018 flyback chrono that I loved as a kid.

  • Dave Ryan

    Divers are my fave. Because I’m a casual blue collar dude.

  • Donovan Brekke

    I just about style not a specific brand but must be large faced

  • Colin Fashan

    I like divers watches. A nice timeless look.

  • Hanover Productions

    I prefer divers, although I really like pilot watches as well. I love the look of divers, their versatility, and the fact that I can hop in to the pool or swim in the ocean without giving it a second thought.

  • Aravind Memana

    I love the pilot watches.They have big dials,well laid numerals and other tools required for an engineer like myself.

  • Sasa

    I prefer divers, just goes with everything, from desk diving to deep water diving… On the other hand, pilots elevates your appearance 🙂

  • Michael M.

    I seem to gravitate towards pilot watches. I like the easy-to-read dials and I’ve seen more eye catching designs in this category than in divers. Case in point: the red aluminum pusher and coin-edge bezel on Hanharts’ Pioneer pilots. This Primus Racer employs those same design cues and doesn’t disappoint.

  • Simonh

    I love chronographs, the mixture of the looks of the sub dials really appeals.

  • Thibault Peere

    I love pilot watches. Being able to read the dial with ease and the large hands make them appeal to me. I’m also interested in aviation so that helps too 🙂

  • Johan

    Pilot watches are my preferred watches. Easy to read dial helps with tired eays and aircrafts, especially WWII ones are also a passion of mine. The connection with pilot watches are, therefore, obvious.

  • William

    I have always preferred the non-cluttered easy to read pilot watch. They are simple functional timepieces yet can still be amazing to a watch lover. Not to disparage those with multiple complications, I enjoy them but more often than not am drawn toward pilot watches.

  • Mehmet R?za Adilçeler

    All types have their own taste, as long as they have an original design and precision heatbeats. Ones with date and chrono beats the competition. This Hanhart Primus Racer has certified movement, high quality materials and a design you could use both in business environments and weekend activities.

  • Steven Selby

    If I had to chose one I would go with racing chronos. Lots of different looks and styles, but always with that most useful complication. Fantastic watches associated with one of my favorite sports, but I have to admit I also love them for the association with some of the coolest people around — the Paul Newman Daytona, the Steve McQueen Monaco, the Jo Siffert Heuer….

  • Kotsos Official

    I prefer pilot watches, because of their uncluttered style. This one in my opinion is best of both worlds, as it comprises the best elements of a pilot watch and a racing chronograph as it is large faced, higly legible and discrete at the same time.

  • ivan j

    Diver definetly.
    I live by the sea so iz suits my lifestyle

  • G L

    This is a nice departure for Hanhart from their more well known styles. Fun mix of color and vintage elements. Definitely thumbs up!

  • ross kaleolani

    I do like divers watches, I have a Bulova Precisionist 98b229 I am fond of. My Bulova Marine star automatic I also like. I have become very interested in pilots watches like Junkers and Zeppelin .The chronograph in this article is very nice as how the red accents Heck, I like all watches! I like watches!

  • Peter Jones

    My favorite type of watch is a pilot watch as they have a clean functional style, are easy to read and look veryclassy.

  • Cory

    My favorite watch style would be a diver. I like the durability and weight.

  • Guy Davidson

    I prefer a pilot style as, to me, its the perfect combination of class and function.

  • Maciej

    Pilots, because of their history

  • cepee

    My favorite watch category is the pilots inspired, because my grandfather was a pilot and I love to fly.
    Additionally, Top Gun is one of my favorite movies.

  • Robert Carson

    My personal favourite watches are simple military field watches. I like the rugged simplicity and legibility. Maybe not so fancy, but practical and reliable.

  • Paul Adshead

    Dive watches are my favourite category traditionally they are the most robust and suited to my lifestyle

  • Oran Cohen

    Watches have had an unbreakable relationship with the world of motor racing since man first put his pedal to the metal. From the Rolex that timed Campbell’s 1935 land speed record attempt, through McQueen’s Heuer, and all the way to IWC’s partnership with the Petronas team and Lewis Hamilton. Nothing compares to the chest vibrating sound of a revving F1 engine.

  • Gary Barclay

    Divers because I like to swim.

  • Mads D

    All three categories appeal to me, but I prefer sports/racing-watches as I am fan of F1 and appreciate the shared heritage of watches and racing

  • Joseph

    Hanhart timepieces has been around a long
    time before WWIi. It’s size and movements have changed over the years from a smaller case to a more current robust styling. They had made manual and auto chronograph.
    There a quality brand which went dark during the war. Lile Tutima they are uniquely designed German timepieces, styled differently than Swiss timepieces
    I’d proudly wear one

  • Finster Grinsen

    Of the three, I prefer dive watches. They have an appealing aesthetic and tend to be more able to stand up to the abuse I inflict.

  • Raymond Langer

    I love diving watches! There is something about the design that I just love. In addition, I don’t have to worry about getting them wet, because they are waterproof and built tough.

  • Bill Mallory

    Classic Swiss watches and classic German cars. Definitely driver’s watches.

  • Christopher Maulion

    Divers, and tool watches in general, have to be my favorite. I favor them because of their legibility, durability, and that they serve a purpose.

  • James D

    I like pilots as my preference. As someone that doesn’t have an expansive collection I’m always looking for watches that can be versatile. I feel like pilots can fit a variety of contexts, making them a good choice for someone like me.

  • Cristina Lim

    Divers is my favorite. There’s water everywhere from where I live. Most of the divers nowadays are not only designed to be waterproof and tough but also dressier 🙂

  • mohammed fadil ashraf

    I would definitely go for racing inspired because motor sports car elements can be incorporated well on the overall watch design and also most of the racing inspired watches carries a legacy due to history involved with particular racing events or car manufacturer with the watch brand, which is a main highlight in such watches.

  • ptraister

    One of the premier watch brands and my holygrail watch.awsome timepiece!!!!!!!!!

  • Martin

    Brand with amazing history and great watches

  • turboBB73

    Thx for the giveaway! Generally like Pilot style watches due to the sporty elegance without the bulk of divers. Currently contemplating their Pilot but the Racer series is very nice as well.

  • Charles Hardwick

    Interesting watch! Divers are my favorites, because they remind me of my hours under water.

  • pb

    Fantastic watch! I love this and the Pilot as well. I tend to favor diver watches with nice bezels, as they usually fit on my wrist well in general, due to the more flat bezels. However this watch with its amazing proportions, I think, would perfectly fit me.

  • Matthew D Martin

    Beautiful watch! I tend to gravitate to diver and pilot style watches. I work as a professional chef and I really need the durability and legibility

  • remerus

    Tasty! I’m very much into chronos and divers with a current imbalance towards divers in the collection. This is definitely going on the “look at it again in more detail” pile.

  • Jonathan Hagberg

    Oh man, how do I choose. I love them all! I’d have to say divers are my favorite, mainly because the Rolex Submariner is my grail! I love divers because they’re no-nonsense watches. They’re tool watches. They’re able to take a beating, work hard, and age well. Each of these qualities are values that I like to hold myself to as well.

  • BobM

    I grew up with divers watches but have been migrating to the pilot when I can find one that fits my wrist. However, regardless of the category it’s more how well it handles quick glances and if the complications are not in the way.

  • Sam Ward

    My favorite watch type is divers. Their sturdiness and bulkiness feels good on the wrist.

  • Dave

    Nice looking chronograph. My favourite category of watch is the diver. Nothing too big so I can wear it anywhere, and with a date. I like the ruggedness of a diver and use the bezel to time things often (even as a backup when diving).

  • Dutch

    I would have to say I love a nice Pilot watch, with a nice diver right behind it!!

  • droo

    Well, I own for a dozen of years now an Hanhart Sirius chronograph, equiped with a 7753 valjoux caliber, the design of this watch is timeless, and it fits really cool on the wrist. It is a simple looking watch but anything is great about it. The case, the assymetrical pushers, the hands as well as the dial, the readability is one of the best for a tricompax and the crown is big and soft as you use it. I would be the first to improve my Hanhart collection. I had to sell another hanhart chronograph for the need of money and I always had remorse selling it

  • David Sparks

    Pilots watches, probably because that’s what I do for a living, not the many of the functions are hugely necessary nowadays

  • cajko

    My favorite watch category would be divers. Because they are big, easy to read and don’t have a lot of unnecessary information on the dial.

  • Tyler

    Thanks for the giveaway. Racing inspired watches like the Primus Racer are my favorite. I like their classic design with a little flair or splash of color.

  • Milos …

    I prefer racers. I like that feeling when driving a car with left hand
    on the steering wheel and racer watch around my left wrist. This Hanhart
    primus racer is really something. It’s calling me for a ride. I want to
    push that red button 🙂

  • Paul William Dow

    Divers – love the lume, the rugged durability, and the chunky-ness of them.

  • Saayed Agha

    Racing watches. I enjoy appreciating the engineering themes that a racing watch shares with the car it is inspired by .This may include, but is not limited to, the material (carbon fiber), color (McLaren Orange), style, or even the look.

  • Jimi

    Right now I’m really in to watches with Moon Phase complications.

  • Ah Shumaker

    I like GMT feature watches due to travel time changes

  • Patrick Lø Tomsson

    Great brand, great watch!

  • Mark ZuVerink

    Divers. They’re just the most useful for everyday life. Timing bezels aren’t just for saturation diving.

  • Dean Mosones

    Good looking watch.

  • LapYoda

    My favorite genre of watches is probably the racing chronograph, as I’ve been a motorhead for much of my life and just love the aesthetic. And the chronograph complication is very useful for timing my steaks on the grill!

  • Jesse Sherer

    I’ll go with pilot watches, but ones that are more minimalist like the Bell & Ross designs. They are sporty, rugged, yet elegant. I love this designed racing watch, very cool!

  • Hung Nguyen

    Like this watch, love the race-inspired watch type, they are elegant and complicated at the same timeless

  • Trevor Cochran

    I’ll go with Racing Watches, the design is just fantastic. It really gets your life in gear.

  • Jason Suttie

    Race-inspired for me. I like that they’re a bit more bold and work well with casual wear.

  • Arik Gurevich

    I love divers for their ruggedness and tool orientation

  • Greg

    I like the clean functionality of pilot’s watches as I don’t have much use for the extra functions that come with other types of watches. For example, I don’t really see the need for diver’s watches… I do my diving with a dive computer… Likewise, if I need to time something I use a digital stopwatch… Calenders are good for telling the date… And a watch should tell the time, clearly without any chance for confusion and with as little maintenance as possible (an automatic pilot’s watch fits this perfectly). Finally, while watches are often seen as status symbols, I don’t see why I should pay to do a companies advertising for them and therefore am very fond of timepieces that only subtly have the maker’s label, if it is at all visible on the front side. I am comfortable with my net worth that I would prefer that the world not know the cost of the timepiece I wear.

  • Edward

    I love dive watches because they are sporty and very macho. I don,t dive but love to swim in the ocean with them on,.makes me feel adventurous

  • Jarrod

    I really enjoy racing inspired watches. I attend many different types of Motorsports events though the year and I make sure I always have a motorsports watch on to help get into the mood. I also like the cleanness of a racer watch.

  • Lucas George

    i like racing inspired watches most as the functions and look match my lifestyle

  • Nils Utby

    I really appreciate diving watches because they are good looking with interesting features

  • Jason Pierce

    Diver’s watches are handy. I’m using mine for the incredibly dangerous task of timing my pizza in the oven right now. Having said that I don’t have a chronograph so I’d love to compare that.

    • Eric Bauer

      Incredibly handy!

  • raxan1

    Divers, racers, pilots, I like them all! I like watches that have character and I think you can find it in all three types, when done properly. This one is clearly done properly.

  • Eric Bauer

    I gravitate toward divers for their all-around toughness. My Aquaracer has been through desert, swamp, snow, and more.

  • ryanjarouche

    Definitely divers! They’re so legible, classic, and practical. You can’t go wrong when you’re rushing out the door in the morning.

  • Caspian Kilkelly

    So, here’s my problem- I like Racers, pilots and sometimes divers. Racers get my vote for legibility and practicality, and having worn chronographs for most of my adult life, you never know when they’re going to come in handy, but it’s also nice to have a timer. The only thing I’ve never used is a slide rule, so there’s that….

  • Alan Haines

    racing-inspired watches are amazing their my vote

  • Bradley Francis Cunningham

    Nice looking watch….I tend to favour Divers as I live in a warm climate near the sea and am often in the water…I do like the racer style also but for me must have decent water resistance (and a waterproof strap!)

  • Eric Shen

    I’ve been partial to divers for the last 12 years but I’m slowly shifting to aviation and field watches.

  • Timo Tikkanen

    Always had a curiosity about Hanharts! I favor divers because those are most carefree watches in my opinion.

  • Kevin Gozali

    I liked just about any kind of watch with a clean dial. Most of my watch are divers. But now I found that a military chronograph are also neat. But then again, military dive watch also looks tempting.

  • Dave Stein

    Divers, for the versitility

  • JohnBoy of Alaska

    I love ALL of Hanhart’s stuff, though I seem to be more of a fan of smaller, 38m (or thereabouts) pilot style watches. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest! Hope I win and bring a little fame to this far corner of the globe!

  • WISard

    For tool watches, I can like any type as long as the design is tasteful and not too garish or obvious. I like pilots for the chronograph, and I like divers for the water resistance and natural minimalism.

  • Kyle Rosso

    Not a bad looking watch. Not a huge fan of the ETA 7750 just because of the wobble when the rotor spins. Other than that it’s a movement that has been used for years in countless timepieces. My favorite watch category is really a tool watch. Whether it be a diver, pilots, or chrono.

  • Felip Moral

    Divers watch. Big easy to read and most definitely meant to be around and in water.

  • Jeremiah Hinkle

    I like a racing inspired watch for the aesthetic.

  • Andy Cooper

    Divers watch, easy to read plus I don’t need to worry about it in normal life, it’ll cope with the elements, water, children, mud, animals etc. and still look good. Just a shame I can’t afford the really nice ones!

  • Clearion

    I prefer racing and sport inspired watches simply because they are edgy and loud, usually like the sport they represent!

  • George Kung

    The Pilots series – definitely my favorites.

    I’ve always in deep fond of aviation-designed watches, especially the oversized case with brownish leather strap and complicated watch functions and designs on the dial. Absolutely cool isn’t it?

  • christopher campagnari

    I’m impressed with the craftsmanship. Nice and cleanly done.

  • Daniel Schmidt

    Racing watches because I also love cars and racing, and I prefer their aesthetic anyway. I love the vintage look of the hanhart logo

  • Chris Hand

    Hanhart makes a great looking watch. I have yet to find them in a store, so the balanced reviews on this site are great. I am a big fan of racing watches, but have been looking for a great pilot’s watch to add to my collection.

  • Dana Russell

    I own watches that fit into almost all watch categories, but after all is said and done I’m a diver fan. I’m a big guy so I like big, heavy, chunky watches with big dials.

  • Demonix

    Has to be rugged, waterproof, shock proof, scratch and corrosion resistant so Dive watches are my go to watch category. Like the Hanhart Survivor with it’s military / utility styling. The Primus racer is a good looking chronograph, would have to wear it on rotation with my divers for fear of killing it.

  • Dave from IN

    I’ve always been a big fan of nice sports watches, especially chronographs. A good stopwatch is always handy to have around, and one that looks good is bonus! This Hanhart looks fantastic & I would love to add it to my collection.

  • Murray Kreeger

    Nice looking watch. My favorite style is diver watches. My father had one when I was little. Ever since then I’ve loved them. I do have other types, but divers are my favorite.

  • Rob Bagshaw

    What an awesome looking watch! Ive always loved racing watches as cars are yet another passion for me.

  • Lud

    Most of my watches are divers, but I do like the look of this bad boy!

  • Jufithri Abd Halim

    My all time favorite has always been racing inspired automatic chronographs. The design, aesthetic and complications put inside these chronographs usually embodies the spirit of racing since history can remember. Having said that, I think this particular Hanhart piece is the true embodiment of racing spirit.

  • 4skulls 4skulls

    Racer design is attractive but i prefer divers

  • Windhund

    I like all kinds of watches but I have a slight preference for divers because of the buildqualtity that is needed to withstand the intense pressure under water.

  • Delphine Teo

    I’m a newcomer and reading your blog has gotten me interested in automatic watches.

    I hope to have to a collection of a few great watches at some time in the future and starting with a win of the Hanhart Racer would be epic!

    My favourite would probably be the racing-inspired category. I would love to wear a robust watch with a reliable high-precision mechanism on land from gym to work and home.

  • Lobuzer

    I was growing up with atmosphere of sunday afternoons races. It is easy to me to fall in love in the racing inspired watches. They always have locked some part of history and passion of people with these small time capsules.

  • WanderfulTraveler

    I generally prefer divers due to their versatility (I can swim with them).

  • Aaron

    My first watch was a diver, so I’ll always have a soft spot for that style.

  • JM

    Racing inspired watches are my preferred one. These watch are allowing me to carry a small piece of beautiful mechanics everywhere I go and dream…

  • Sam Moskow

    Pilot’s watches are my passion. I’ve always had a fascination with airplanes and aviation. When I was 9 I wore my bomber jacket from the air and space museum gift shop to school every single day!

  • Daniel Gavrus

    My first watch was a Ruhla quartz (east German manufacturer) dated back in 1981. Unfortunately I don’t find any traces of that company now. I would like to have a watch from them now. I am currently using a Pulsar Solar watch on a daily bases. Have it for 2 years and works flawless. Now I am looking for a dress, classic watch so I am again an attentive reader of this Blog. I am thinking of a Seiko Presage SSA343J1, but things can change….

  • Marin Lipovac

    I love divers and racing chronographs. Divers because to me they are the most durable, versatile and just straight up cool. Racing chronographs because they always make me think of Monaco, The Grand Prix and Steve McQueen. And the lifestyle associated with F1 racing.

  • Senthil Siva

    I like divers better than racer. A clean dive watch can be dressed up or down easily and I like this versatility of the dive watch.

  • JWP

    I’m into pilot’s watches and chronographs right now. I do use digital and divers for my beater watches at work though.

  • Tom Levy

    This thing gorgeous


    Just like my waistline, my collection keeps expanding…sigh. I’ve recently become interested in diving watches, but I was a flyer for years, so I still use a stopwatch function even around the house. Just depends on the aesthetics of each individual watch, how it “speaks” to me, if that makes any kind of sense at all. ?

  • RM

    I’m a huge fan of all things motorsport so racing inspired watches are always interesting but I love divers and sports watches as well. I’ve never had a real pilot style watch so one of those is on my short list. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  • eric chan

    I like pilot watch the most. Coz the design is simple and classic. By the way, the Hanhart looks great, if I get this watch, i will change it to a leather strap with red stitches.

  • Joshua Daniel Discipulo

    I love diver’s watches being a licensed diver myself. Dive watches have robust construction and great lume. Almost perfect for any kind of occasion from the informal to smart casual affairs.


    I like more technical looking diver watches and own – thanks to a Blog to Watch – a few watches from Microbrands like Magrette. But several Seiko, a Hamilton Khaki Navy Frogman and a Davosa Argonautic are also part of my portfolio. I have been swarming for years the German-Swiss racing / pilot watches by Hanhart. My personal absolute highlight is and remains the PRIMUS. If there were not the high price.
    So thanks for this great giveaway ?

  • Zack

    This is my first time visiting this blog… it’s super well done, glad came across it. I like diver watches — I think they look the most classic and tend to be more understated than the racers or divers.

  • Justin Margot

    I love diver’s watches.robust construction

  • Abner De La Cruz

    I personally like watches that respect their past. Hanhart is one of the companies like to reference their past. This is a unique design that does not look like the rest of the racing chronographs ( omega, heur, etc.) I’m tired of seeing those. Every watch collector and nerd has one of those. I have not seen a Hanhart and frankly I think it is a good thing. I see it as a badge of honor because it shows that the person knows their watches. As an owner of a Glycine Airman, I have always valued uniqueness and vintage inspired design in a modern watch. This Hanhart has a distinction that by just glancing at it is Hanhart in design language.

    In short I would be ecstatic to win this! Finally a watch that can rival my Airman with wrist time.

  • Eugenio Cigüeña

    I love watches in general, but my favorites are divers because I like to dive with an automatic watch

  • Gary noll

    Interesting looking, though I don’t like when the hands are the same color as the face. Can cause problems reading. Love field watches at the moment, though that can change by the day.

  • S. Mark

    I’ve always admired Hanhart and in particular their motorsport-inspired timepieces. But when it comes my favourite category, it’s Divers by a fathom.

  • Sky

    My favorite category? That’s a tough one, considering they all are compelling in their own way. But I’ll give the edge to pilots, the reason being in my daydreams I imagine myself much more easily in the world of the blue above than the blue below.

  • Larry Janeshek

    My favorite category is the racing-inspired watches because the on thing I do every day is drive a vehicle. Racing-inspired watches are usually sleek and easy to read.

  • Patrick Koch

    My favorite categories are racing and divers.
    For racers, I love the sportiness combined with a chronograph, complicated but clean looks and divers for the ruggedness, bright lumes, reliability and that they wear well with casual or dress.

  • Bounce781

    Great giveaway from ABTW and Hanhart.
    My favorite category would have to be pilots watches. Uber cool; uber legible and overall great utility for everyday life.

  • Lurch

    My favorite watch category is the Marine watch. It has a classic, vintage look with history to it.

  • Dobrin Tomov

    My favourite category would be the Pilot’s. History and legibility.

  • Joe DiMichele

    Very Cool watch !!!

  • celticfox

    Lovely watch!! Modern yet with a hint of classic, bright yet understated, and oozing quality design! My favourite watch category? Of those you highlight, probably racing. And favourite watch of all time? Has to by my great-grandfather’s solid gold minute repeater swiss pocket watch from the turn of the century – the most prized watch in my collection, every bit as good as the day it was made and an heirloom I look forward to passing on to my son!

  • Sean Finnegan

    I love the divers watches. Its aestethetically pleasing, and the construction is top notch. Love these watches

  • TicTocGoesClock

    Racing watches tend to be my favorite, probably because they just resonate precision in my mind. A close second are aviation watches, again they tend to be precise. Either one with chronometer function and my antennae start buzzing.

  • WhiskersInCalif

    My favorite watch category is often a divers watch because of the visibility at night and dim restaurants.
    There are some watch faces that challenge divers watches with details of polish and finish or a combination
    of lume and polish and finish the way this watch seems to. I am impressed with the photos….

  • Andrew Franklin O’Connor

    I generally prefer dressy tool watches, if there is such a category. Dressy divers and and chronos are cool, but I think time and dates are my favorite.

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    It may just be me, but I was never exactly a fan of ‘categorizing’ so many types of (mechanical) watches, which today exist on the market, onto only 3 possible categories, although in many cases such categorization is not exactly unhelpful.

    But having said that, I have an exception to this rule, when it comes to divers watches and not only that, divers watches in general would be my first choice, without even a second thought, when someone would ask me such a specific question as I was asked in this giveaway.

    To answer the question: “WHY?” is not so straightforward as the previous question was, but I hope I can give you some (convincing) examples, why this is my choice.

    First of all, the design of any ‘serious’ diver watch is timeless and no matter what changes they have underwent in the let us say previous 20 years, almost everybody today is able to distinguish a divers watch from (as an example) a racing-inspired.

    And though ANY serious divers watch (with a hefty price tag) is meant as the name implies for diving, most people today don’t use them for that (or at least the majority of the time they don’t).

    In my subjective opinion I’d say, that though because this is their primary function, most of them (especially those with quality design and a reliable timekeeping) can be worn at all occasions, at all times, 24/7 and do not stand out among dress-watches (and even if they do, this is in a positive way).

    To wrap it up, because I’ve written quite a lot (and would write even much more 🙂 I answered both of the questions to best of my knowledge and in the process haven’t taken up too much space.

    And although I’m being subjective here, the divers watch (though their differences), will for me be the synonym for timelessness, (unique kind of) elegance and beauty for many more years to come.

    I don’t want, that somebody here gets the impression, that I’m able to enjoy just in a quality made divers watch. (At this moment in time, I even don’t own any.) The watch featured in this giveaway is a PERFECT example. I also find it very beautiful and beyond all else functional (very good legibility, visually appealing, quality made and I won’t even go so far to mention the much more than just reliable Valjoux 7750 movement). It is just DIFFERENT and this is the beauty of it all, isn’t it? Just contrary to many other people, I would not start my description of it, that it is racing-inspired (in spite of that, that it is, no one can argue here).

  • wcse

    I like pilot’s watches for legibility and because I like Arabic numerals on watches.

  • Thomas Anderson

    I probably prefer dive watches, although I’m a sucker for a good racing chronograph. History is what attracts me to a watch, be it Alpina’s unconventional bezel-compas system of Ball’s history with the railroad.

  • Chris

    I prefer dive watches for their durability and usually clean designs.

  • Dung Nguyen

    I’m in love with pilot watches due to the elegant and simplicy in design, optimized in functions and the harmony in details. Thank you!

  • MMF

    My favorite at this moment is the Ball Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime – a wonderful dive watch with Tritium and worldtimer! Can’t beat that. I’m partial to Divers mainly because of the lume, bezels and their simplicity. Would love to see a diving Chronograph, though – something of a hybrid between a Diver and a Racer. While I like some Pilot watches (especially Flieger style) – they’ve never really grabbed me. Too often they’re like a Citizen Skyhawk or a Breitling: Just too damned much crap on the watch.

  • Brian McCourt

    My favorites are divers. I wear my watch every minute of the day, so a durable diver suites me well.

  • David Fisher

    My favourite watches are dive watches. This is mainly because they are built to last.

  • Christopher Lindell

    Divers are my favourite. Mainly because they can be on the wrist no matter what I do and some battlescars are just nice on a diver.

  • Noir Wulf

    I actually prefer pilot watches. My grandfather was a war pilot veteran so that’s deep on me.

  • Cory Kiser

    Dive watches are the best b/c Omega Seamaster

  • TR

    I love pilots (fliegers) for their looks and divers for their utility – you can wear them all the time in all conditions without any fear.

  • Aaron Robart

    I typically go for divers mainly because I use the rotating bezel to time things a lot in my lab. I’ve been musing about adding a chronograph or a flight watch (likelly a fliger from Tisell) to my collection.

  • Lawrence Smith

    My favorite type of watch is the diver. I have 2 reasons for this preference. The first is sentimental and personal: after my divorce in 1989, I treated myself to my first “luxury” timepiece. It was an Omega Seamaster Professional 200 M mid-size (pre-Bond).

    Secondly, as a sailor and all around boat-lover, water resistant and easy to read divers suit me perfectly. I recently bought a Seiko SKX 007, I love its simplicity and reliability. It is the un-matched bookend to the vintage Omega!

  • Paul Moran
  • Paul Moran

    Divers are a clear favorite and my last two watch purchases. Chronos are a close second

  • Daniel Carroll

    I love chronos, and I tend to get purpose driven watches. Since I sail, I like divers a lot as well. Pilot watches have special place in my heart because my Grandfather was a Corsair pilot in the Navy during WWII and he wore his watch he bought in the service his whole life.

  • Yan Fin

    I can honestly say that like this watch better than Tag Heuer carbon.

  • Ryan Willard

    Beautiful, need a good diver.

  • Trepies001

    Divers – functional and can be dressy

  • ALB

    Divers have always been my favourite – hard wearing, durable and can be very versatile when needed.

  • Vladimir Moldovan

    I like pilot watches the most. Really like their classic design, which really stood the test of time, and rich heritage. I find divers more practical, but I like pilots more.

  • All three styles have the functionality and legibility I look for in a watch, but diver’s have that extra durability that makes them a better choice for me as a daily wearer.

  • Pavel Vítek

    My favorite are pilot watches. I like it’s retro look with clear and very good readable dial.

  • Darren Ertis

    My favorite are pilots watches, for their classic and simple styling; thinking of the IWC Mark Series!

  • Orgad Keller

    Driving. Since I do not dive, or fly a plane, that seems to be the authentic choice

  • Rust

    Pilots watches are my preference, for the styling and look.

  • V Pham

    Diver watches are my preference; I feel like they present a bold and attractive appearance whether with casual or professional attire.

  • Jens Harsem

    Pilot watches are my favourite, It is their styling that does it for me.

  • mikeymusic

    I have a variety of watches, dress, pilots, dive but tend in day to day use to prefer one with a movable bezel. I do a lot of cooking and find the minute bezel to be handy for timing grilling or any other critical timed dishes. A chronograph is overkill but what the heck!

  • trashken

    Pilot Chronos are my favorite. Lightweight (compared to divers) and clear/easy to read.

  • steve

    Divers. I love the fact that I can do anything with those types of watches. I also love the bezel. I can time anything. Laundry, workout, steam, etc. Chronographs would be second best for me for the same reasons except then tend to be more expensive and less watcher resistance.

  • Amer Legend

    Definitely racer inspired watches, something about mixing the mechanical gears and movement of a watch to a good racing car with manual transmission and firing engine with pistons pumping hard!

  • Alistair Salmon

    This is where it gets tricky, if you are choosing based on an entire archetype of watches styles than probably divers or pilots, as you can get so much versatility from these from everyday beaters to formal dress watch options. Racer styles tend to be (while incredible watches) somewhat limited in their dress applications. In saying that though I have yet to get a quality racer chronograph to add to my small collection and certainly love one similar to this. It appears to be able to capture that racer homage without going overboard trying to present the “race” features that some watches have attempted.

  • Ricardo

    While I love the ruggedness of divers, and can barely stop myself from buying more of them, the racing inspired chronograph has an elegance and versatility that makes it highly appealing. Too often a dive watch is not quite suited to the situation, event, or fashion, but a racing chrono will fit right in.

  • Jason723

    The watch looks great. I like the rugged look of the bezel.

  • Jfstrat

    Divers! Always been obsessed with them, even when I lived in landlocked Colorado and Utah. Now I live on the coast and wear a diver everyday. I will take a free racer though! 🙂

  • OhItsThatGuy

    Divers, mainly because I don’t feel like I have to worry about them while I’m wearing them.

  • Daemion

    The watch that got me interested in watches as a child was the Navitimer. I was fascinated by it and what you could do with it. Over time my tastes started to lean toward racing inspired chronographs as that type of design felt like the perfect match for the movement. I still like pilot styled watches, but a carefully thought out racing design will win me over every time.

  • Aaron Cooke

    Divers. I love the toughness and durability. I sometimes forget where my limbs are so divers are my everyday 🙂

  • ZagZag

    Racing because those look the coolest 🙂 Maybe that’s the category what most of the people can relate to or recognize (racing cars), by the looks.

  • Marek

    Definitely pilot watches, they are very durable, easy to read and there are variety of complications which we can see on the dial

  • Alexander V

    Depending on how they’re executed, I can appreciate all three, but if I had to choose, I’ll say pilot watches for their legibility.

  • Peter Duggan

    Pilot watches for me

  • Simen

    I like all, but I don’t own a racing watch. Hope I win this one! My wrist needs it!

  • Matthew Shollar

    The current trends in racing, showing retro dials (think Junghans and Autodromo), are exceptionally appealing, and have more crossover wearability IMO

  • ahmedh1005

    I have always had a thing for diving watches. They are stong, sturdy and reliable and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours.

  • TheM

    Tough decision. If the focus is the main feature of any watch, I’d have to go for the pilot watch, cause most of the time they just win in the legibility-department. From a pure looks and desing-point I’m currently more drawn to the racing-inspired watches. Divers to me are more of the classic baseline. Can’t go wrong with one, but also never the clear winner.

  • Jean-Luc Besson

    I love diver watches, as they tend to be sporty and dressy, but the same can be said for race watches. Although they tend to be of a different type of dressy.

  • Tony G

    I tend to prefer divers as they are durable, easy to read at a glance and I often use the timing bezels. That being said, durable and easy to read is the main thing!

  • Moose

    Pilot watches are where it’s at for me. I like to get high and I like to know how high I am. That, and pilot watches seem to have more functions.

  • Harold Buttolph

    Love the design. Chronos are my favorite style, love complications!

  • trxtr

    I prefer divers. Pilot watches have little variation in design, they only differ from each other in very subtle details. Racing-inspired watches have that embarrassing “please notice me” look. While divers are practical (there are some uses for rotating bezel in real life), sturdy, and they come in different shapes and colours. I have Citizen Orca and quite happy with the watch. There are also plenty of other vintage and modern divers that I’d like to add to my collection. As for pilots, I had Kentex JASDF with inner slide rule bezel – a nice affordable one, but definitely away from the regular convention of pilot watches. I like the look of Maratac pilot though.

  • Chris adams

    Lovely watch. My preference is divers mainly due to the size as I prefer a bigger watch

  • Atlee Elmont

    Of the three, I’d have to say divers even though I have no plans to dive. Aside from the bezel, they tend to have fewer complications, and for me, the fewer the better.

  • J.Harris

    Slim/thin automatic dress watches b/c truly outstanding engineering and design can’t be (an intentionally isn’t) hidden within saucer sized cases.

  • I would say my preference is for divers or pilots watches. I usually like a clean, legible design. It might be boring to some, but a watch with legibility issues is a definite turn off for me.

  • George Oed

    The Hanhart Watch at first is very simplistic looking, because they
    blended almost everything in the same colors. Once you take a moment to
    actually study it you get to notice and appreciate all of the details
    that were put into it. Picking a favorite kind of watch is not that
    easy to do. I like to be prepared for anything that comes up at anytime
    so I guess it would have to be a Racing-Inspired Watch on a bracelet
    with a decent water resistant meter.

  • A very nice watch by Hanhart. ABlogtoWatch Rocks, as always!

  • autofocused

    Love the retro-styling of this Hanhart Chrono! Well done! BTW, my faves are Chronos, Divers, Pilot, Dress, in that order!

  • I like divers and drivers. I like objects that are made for a specific purpose such as measuring lap times or time remaining under water when diving. The very first watch I bought with my first paycheck was a Chronostop driver’s watch. In many ways this Hanhart evokes a similar feeling.

  • Steve M

    My very first chronograph was an Omega Speedy back in 1991. I always was drawn to the chronograph function being a racing enthusiast and the enjoyment of timing just about everything. Just watching the complication of a running seconds and then engaging that start/stop function always satisfied me. I am wearing my Omega as I write this and remember my purchase as if it were yesterday.

  • Michael Andrew David Edwards

    I like racing watches just ahead of divers (I dont often get the opportunity to go below the surface). Bold yet clean, uncluttered styling, such as this Hanhart, will always appeal to me

  • Matt Stocking

    I am a huge fan of all watch groups but, divers always seem to come back tot the top of the list. There is something about the pure utility of a divers watch that intrigues me. They really can be like the James Bond of watches, with class and style while at the same time seemingly bomb proof. What isn’t to love about a watch that you can drag through the mud during the day then wash up and wear with a suit for that fancy dinner party later that evening. In addition to their dependable nature, they are also designed with a dial that is very easy to read, in most cases, and this simplistic design, to me, creates a very elegant combination of engineering and art.

  • Forever Great

    First automatic watch I’ve ever owned was a beat to all hell Oris TT1 with the 7750 movement in it. The case looked like it had been dragged behind a truck but still I thought it looked really neat and it was all I could afford at that very moment it was being sold by a friend, and I gotta tell you that rotor still spins around so quickly and the time is so precise that when I saw this watch and knowing it has the 7750 in her, I gotta have it! The dial and movement is what sold me on it.

  • Jeremiah Terry

    I tend to wear divers the most but the field watch and an IWC pilot are my personal favorite. Recently I realized that my entire watch collection is full of only black dials, with the exception of my 1950s Gold Hamilton. So I decided I am going to add white dials to my collection to give it some balance. This Hanhart would be a great addition to the white Oris moon phase complication I acquired recently.

  • Cody Nelson

    Definitely love the red accents on this piece. Since it sounds like we’re being cornered into Dive, Pilot, and Racing inspired watches I’d have to pick dive watches of those 3.

  • Art Leyenberger

    This is an interesting piece – sporty yet classy. My favorite watches are chronographs and pilot watches because I like the technical aspect of them.

  • Dale Houser

    Sport/Racing wathces are a favorite category for me. From a ’98 steel Swatch Irony, to a late model Tissot PRS 516. They are versatile, functional and look great, especially chronographs. Hanhart seems to be one of the few manufactures that makes good use of red as well, here and in the Primus Survivor Pilot Watch. This is a great design.

  • James Petersen

    Smashing. Always loved this company’s watches.

  • Pluffy

    Nice looking watch, a very striking dial which is lifted by the toich of red.
    A quality movement for a quality watch from a top manufacturer.
    I normally like tool watches like divers even though I am only a desk diver. I think it is the ruggedness of the diver type watches that appeals to me along with that lovely shiny ceramic bezel.

  • Ben S.

    I usually like dive watches due to their sleekness and simplicity, but this one is a fine example of a racing watch.

  • Jakub Gajski

    My favs are of course chronographs, because I’m tea enthusiast and I need to keep precise brewing time for different types of tea.

  • sunder waran

    my favourite is diver watches ,they are bold and versatile for all events.

  • dkbruin

    My favorite are pilots – I love the clarity of the dials and their history in shaping what watches are today.

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    I prefer pilot watches, since they are more simple and sleek. Dive watches seem (to me) to be too large and bulky, and race watches typically have too much going on to easily read the time or appreciate the watch’s design.

  • Andre Braz

    Hanhart in general makes a clear design, I love it !

  • Gee Reg

    Diver are my favorite watch category. I’ve traveled the the world making hundreds of dives with my watch, and have never had any concerns about durability or capability.

    Ultra thin dress watches are a close second. As a mechanical engineer I can appreciate how they are showcases of precision manufacturing technology!

  • Heith

    This is a gorgeous chronograph. I just got screwed on Kikstarter by a watch company that failed to deliver a chronograph. Winning this contest would make me completely forget that experience!

    I’ve been getting bored of divers these days. Chronographs are the way to go.

  • Kyle K Boyd

    Very cool piece. While I have examples of all three genres in my collection, my favorites are generally divers simply because of their ruggedness.

  • Roys Jay

    Good looking watch! I own three watches, a G-Shock, a Seiko srp775 and a Certina Himalaya. The Seiko is my new favourite and I think divers are my favourite. There is something about its ruggedness, and knowing that I can do almost anything with the watch without having to worry. That makes divers a winner for me!

  • Andrew James

    It’s a great looking watch! I am a fan of pilots watches. The historic character of a pilots watch always shines through, in my opinion.

  • Fauze Ardi

    My favorite watch category will be the divers watches. Why I like and prefer a divers watches, because a divers watches built construction normally will be more tougher, the crystal will be ticker, the water resistant will be deeper (100 meters and above) and lastly because it will feel more heavy on the wrist.


    Like others have stated, i’m not sure if i’ve previously entered. Anyway, i don’t have a favorite style of watch. Regardless of the theme, it has to strike my eye. My collection is huge and represents a wide variety of styles. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

  • Adrian Lessek

    I am a pilot watch. I wanted to be a pilot…but:D …next time maybe:))…I like the specific hands, shape,display…

  • Matt

    Definitely a pilot watch fan. I love the history and the overall style with the distinct and legible dial. Current favorite is the Sinn 356!

  • Carol Roberts clark

    divers because there built better more durable like if you drop it in the pool so to say

  • In general, if I had to choose one category, I’d prefer a diver’s watch given its practically. That said, a chronograph with at least 100m of water resistance, like this Primus Racer would be ideal. Love the Primus series from Hanhart!

  • Paul M

    Give me a race inspired watch. Cars and watches go hand in hand.

  • George G

    My favorite is the divers because of the big size and the fact they are usually durable.

  • Hass10wong

    My favourite is divers just because of the general legibility and their durability is the best in my opinion

  • Gary Barclay

    The divers because I like to swim.

  • Francisco Espinosa

    Definitely pilots, especially vintage. I love the simple and crisp designs like the Mark XI.

  • Christian Preihs

    Racing-inspired watches are my favorite. I do like to watch live races,
    particularly Formula 1 races, so the chronograph function many of these
    watches have is often very helpful.

  • Sam Mattar

    looks like a cool piece love it

  • Kent Spence

    Flieger Style watches are my favourite. Their historical significance makes them really appealing; plus the gigantic crowns make them epic!

  • Adzmr

    Pilots, because it’s cool. And usually comes in appropriate size.

  • Paul Monterroza

    for me, it’s a toss up between pilots and divers. I like divers because I feel like I can do a lot with them and not worry about them getting wet or anything like that. The Hanhart is nice but I wonder how the legibility of the hour markers are in person.

  • MydogBuck

    I’m a diver fan, but like the looks of the hanhart racer.

  • Mark Reed

    Wow very clean face for a Chrono, most look cluttered
    definitely a racer, looks like its going fast standing still

  • piroska

    I like the looks of racer watches.

  • Savik King

    It looks on the verge of a Tag Heuer, pretty great

  • Andrew Clark


  • puddlejumper

    Super look . I’m a diver / racer watch guy. This one is a beauty!

  • Ron McKelvie

    Great Look, I like divers (built tough) and then pilots watches (large dials).
    Thank you Hanhart and BTW for the contest.

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    A great looking watch; well built and designed for the real world.
    While I normally prefer the ‘dive’ watch format due to its inherent durability and build quality, as I age I find myself doing less strenuous and

    physically demanding activities, so the combo of build quality and inherent durability of well-made chronos come into play.
    I would be honored to wear this model.

  • nkthink

    Beautiful design on this Hanhart Racer. I long to press that red button. I generally appreciate the toughness and simplicity of divers. Plus, I kind of walk into doorframes a lot, so divers take the dings better. So I guess if I win this little sucker, I might be a bit more mindful. Thanks!

  • Davd

    Impressive timepiece. The subtle red markers and hand seal the deal for me. I lean toward dive watches, with only one other pilot and a chronograph. This baby would round the set off nicely. Thanks for the review and comp.

  • David

    Smart looking watch

  • Deb

    Definitely like dive watches. clean and simplistic. You can view the time without your eyes wondering. Though I have an alpina chronograph that doesn’t look over-crowded on the dial. For pilot watches, I’m not one who likes the big numbers but maybe I just haven’t found the right one.

  • Alex G

    I like the layout of the watch, a lot of information is conveyed but it isn’t a “busy” dial where everything is screaming for your attention.

  • Beau9

    I prefer GMT pilot watches primarily for their functionality, dual time zone capability, and overall dial layout. Aside from those reasons, I’ve always appreciate their aesthetic appearance.

  • APajic

    I’ll take one of my 12 divers any day of the week. The functionality of the bezel for short term timing is awesome, and the simplicity and readability is amazing. I use them a lot for free diving! And lately, I’ve been getting more and more into pilot watches and B-Uhr types as well. Love this Hanhart, btw!

  • Walter Van Tine

    Great prize!

  • Chrysanthos Symeonidis

    Nice piece. Interesting color combination.

  • Julia Mason

    I love watches with feminine bling!

  • Chia Christopher

    Divers for me!

  • alexe christian

    I like divers. Good for everything!

  • Jason Hackworth

    From those three choices — divers.

  • Orn Gudmundsson Jr

    My first thought was clear, the watch I’ve had the longest is a dive watch. But, the watch I’ve had longer isn’t a good measure, I’ve worn the racing ones the most. No, that’s not the right measure either, what delights me right now are flight watches. I say flight and not pilot because I’m holding a cocktail rather than the controls.

  • András Gáll

    The ‘steel on steel with red’ design is cool, as are the two screws in the dial and the dashboard-like unity of the small seconds and 30mins counters. The choice of materials is perfect with respect to the theme. Á propos materials: according to Hanhart site, the watch comes on leather and rubber straps – leather is obvious, but the lack of steel bracelet is a bit surprising. They say the red chronograph-button is a design heritage, however the colour for the two pushers could have been swop: red would be used for the start-stop function and silver for resetting – thus functional priority would be expressed through visual accent. I’m a motorsport enthusiast, so this chronograph would definitely be part of my outfit when watching car race on the TV.

  • Joshua Cartagenova

    I have always liked the Harhart design and never purchased seems like a very sturdy watch and you cannot find much written about this small watch company in Germany. The sturdy case with the red is very easy to read and like the bulk of it. I do like the manly feel of steel or gold around my wrist.

    I own many divers and am startimg to look at pilot watches , like IWC…this would be a great starter for my collection if i shall be chosen. Thx josh

  • Allen Ross

    I love both Pilot and Diver watches but I like divers because to me, they’re more versatile and can be a daily wearer either dressed up or down.

  • Vexed

    Divers watches are the most versatile watch out there so its no surprise that I would prefer them. I also like pilots watches, especially with gmt complications, but divers are still my top pic.

  • Gabriele Colombo

    Very interestinh dal and I like the crown!

  • Fabio Lio

    Like the diver/racing combo in a watch. Great presence to wear on your wrist

  • Michael

    Love this chronograph. Lot of watch for 2700. Overall my favorite category is dive watches. Tough enough for any activity, often dressy enough that they can be worn in most situations short of black tie. My Diver’s end up getting the most wrist time out of all the watches I have.

  • Steve Bowden

    The Primus Racer almost, but not quite, makes me want to switch from my favorite watch type: Divers! Most divers have a rotating bezel and what could be better for marking time? Just the act of setting the bezel means you’re not going to forget to make that call, or pull that meat loaf out of the oven.
    Since ABTW has mastered the art of the watch giveaway, could you ‘up the stakes’ by offering us one of Mr Bredan’s shirts as well?
    Best regards

  • RichardVA 2018

    There’s a lot to like about this piece. The duarable build quality from Hanhart is renowned, and it’s very readable. The only two things that I would change is to reduce the size from 44 to 41. Also, I really like the contrast of a panda dial, so change the registers to black. Great piece overall.

  • Warsh

    Great looking watch. My favorite watch category is divers, because I am one!

  • P.Panagiotidis

    I like diver watches

  • Quine

    My favorite watch caterogy is (dress)divers because they are incredibly versatile and robust.

  • Pedro Moita

    Love this one! white and red is a nice combination! I like racers and divers, no so much fan of pilot style.

  • David

    I like divers and automotive inspired watches. I am a fisherman so naturally I am drawn to the sea and I am a big fanatic of cars. My watches basically reflect who I am as it should for everyone 🙂

  • Jeff Jenkins

    I like dive watches. I started diving before dive computers came along so traditional dive watches were what I used and still wear most of the time though I have ~40 watches in a variety of styles and movements.

  • Daieho

    I’m a fan of pilot’s watches. The look of them and their significance in history is what draws me to them.

  • Adam Goldstein

    I’m a pilot watch fan. Larger size, clean clear dial.

  • J Patton

    Dive watches are my go to. Simple to read, durable and classic.

  • Daniel D.

    Dive watches seem to always be first on my list. Simple, functional, sporty etc.

  • Jeroen de jong

    The story behind the red pusher is a special one. Girlfriend of a pilot during ww2 gave a Hanhart watch. She used red nailpolish to remind him of her. It is the ultimate ‘don’t forget me when your gone’.
    In this watch i can see some ‘Excelsior Park’ chronograph aswell, those straight lugs and clean dail are superb.

  • Ryan

    I tend to enjoy a simple watch with subtle perks. Chronographs are normally my go to, however a slimmed down diver would also be great!

  • Christopher Luther

    I typically prefer dive watches because I never have to worry if they are up for the task. Although as I am getting older, dress watches are becoming more appealing.

  • Tim Nicholls

    I prefer a divers watch as they suit my manner and environment. They are for the outdoors. I am particularly enjoying bronze divers watches of late as they develop their own character, depending on their environment. So you can almost say they each one is unique, like their owners.

  • Mauro Brunetti

    i’m a chronograph guy so i like the racing style watches always liked a busier looking dial.

  • Kai Simon Fredriksen

    For me it is pilot watches, usually a bit more “dressy”, got a nice technical feel to them and there is the feeling of freedom that I used to get from flying.

  • Paul Church

    In my early 20s, I had an opportunity to travel to Montreal, Quebec to take in the Montreal Grand Prix. I must admit that nothing beats the sights and sounds of live auto racing. Ever since that time in my life I have been fascinated with auto racing and fine timepieces which pay tribute to the sport.

  • A.Shillingford

    My favourite genre of watch would be the Divers watch. While many brands have created wonderful divers watches, it was the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor series that really got me hooked. The versatility and robustness of the genre speaks to me above the other choices, and with the (seemingly) endless choice of products from brands ranging from the “Holy Trinity” to Casio, there’s no limits to where my sub hobby focus can take me.

  • Robyn B.

    My favorite is the racing-inspired watches. My father is an off-road rally racer, so racing has always been a big part of our lives.

  • Leandro Amorim

    I like the good professional divers, because they are made with a quality to withstand the life of the user.

  • Ben m

    Divers, for their legibility.
    And for that matter any watch that has two distinct hands.

  • Jeff NZ

    Pilots – because many of them have a vintage theme that I love.

  • Joel Rosenfeld

    Diver watches. Legibility and style.

  • Invariable_Muse

    I’d have to say my favorite is Diver watches. Solid presence, classy, and pair well with a suite.

  • BayTHC

    Divers due to their durability.

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    I like very much this watch. I think that two register chronos are perfect because there is a perfect equilibrium on the dial of the watch. It reminds me of the old Landeron vintage chronos but it has a modern look. I love divers as well, and skeleton watches, but I don’t have a 2 register chrono in my collection.
    Thanks for a great giveaway !

  • Armin

    I like racing-inspired watches most, since they are able to combine performance, high tech and precision like cars do

  • Jeff Randall

    Pilot watches. I like the fact that the dials are generally uncluttered and easy to read. The retro styling also has aesthetic appeal, in my opinion.

  • Matt Dawson

    My favourite watch category is racing-inspired watches. Diver and pilot watches are good too but it is harder to relate as they are not activities I participate in myself. I relate much better to cars and racing and I do love the graphic qualities of those watches.

  • darren_1111

    Pilot watches are my favorite. Aviation has always had a part in my life and wearing a pilot watch reminds of that.
    The first time I tried on a Hanhart it was at a WatchBuys roadshow. The Hanhart CEO was there and we had a great talk. He was wearing the PRIMUS diver version and let me try it on. Those rotating lugs are awesome!

  • Anthony C.

    I’m more into the aesthetics when it comes to watches, and the racing style watches are the ones that stood out to me the most.

  • Ian Salmon

    I like clean watches that can be useful at a glance. This one definitely qualifies. I especially like the easy to read chronograph feature. A small amount of color is a nice touch. My usual watch is a field watch but i would definitely wear this one.

  • tgoto

    Gorgeous watch this is… I like racing style watch because I love driving some vintage cars (that do not come with a clock installed lol).
    Wearing a great watch is a joy and necessity for me 🙂

  • Muhammad Zain

    Amazing. i love the watch

  • Bowen Brinegar

    Definitely a fan of the design. I hope it has a sapphire caseback!

  • Andy

    Newest favorite are divers because of styling

  • Christopher Drew

    I’m increasingly a fan of racers, just because I like speed. And when you like speed, a good timer is a necessity.

  • Adam

    Divers, seems to me they are the most practical. Their durability and bezels can be quite useful in everyday life.

  • Jonathan Fisk

    I don’t really have a favourite watch category; I am building a collection of different styles for every occasion. If I’m forced to choose one, I would probably go with a diver as they are a good cross between a tool watch and a dress watch to use for most occasions. I don’t have an automatic chronograph, so this Hanhart would be a great addition to my collection.

  • penemio

    I prefer racing-inspired watches because I have always been a fan of auto racing and all things involving exotic and vintage cars.

  • Alex Leaton

    Hanhart appreciate symmetry when designing their watch dials and they’ve certainly achieved it with this model. They avoided overlapping the numbers with the chronograph dials and positioned the date window where it is easy to read. Very few watch companies manage to achieve these design elements! They’ve been brave with their lug design which I commend. Nice work ??

  • ivel1977

    Diver watches are my preference of being waterproof and extremely durable. Having a watch that will endure time is paramount.

  • Dimitrios

    Pilots, Divers and Racing watches are all about legibility. And my favorite kind of watch is one where at a quick glance on my wrist I immediately am able to read the time. I am also a fan of chronographs (my favorite complication). So when either a diver, pilot’s or racing watch has a chronograph I am double-ly in love with said watch. I’ve never owned a racing watch though because they tend to “loud” in terms of colors. So it is difficult for me to where such a watch. But this Hanhart Primus Racer is anything but loud. Like all Hanhart watches this watch is all about the function it is supposed to perform. I cannot think of a better watch to introduce me to the “Racer” Watch World.

  • peacesun

    I love the contrast with the re on the face of this racing watch. It’s sophisticated, water resistant and the chronograph pusher is also red and distinctive, making it easy to find when needed.

  • Michael

    This Racing watch has a very nice aesthetic with the contrasting colors and dynamic dial. This timepiece has the versatility of looking great for work or leisure, the choice is yours. I personally prefer pilot watches, the heritage behind the slide rule, the precision of the timepiece, and the distinct appearance make them appealing. My grandfather used a slide rule daily for his occupation, hearing those old stories probably made me appreciate aviator watches even more.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    Divers watch of its robustness and you know the time just as you stare at it.

  • Neilas Šurkus

    Being a huge petrol head – racing watch for me. ? you can reach me out at EliteRacingLegends (FB, IG or Twitter) for possible promotion opportunities. ???

  • Michael Anthony Jr

    I like racing inspired watches I’ve a Aston Martin I can’t figure out the age I’ve only seen a pic of it on a watch place from London that fixes watches.

  • JD Ouest

    Diver – because legibility for my aging eyes!

  • Walter Van Tine

    Diver -great masculine look!

  • Rob C. Upper Peninsula MI

    I was not aware of this automotive history behind the brand. You learn something every day. I really like the design, size and complications. Great looking watch! Would love to own one. I have yet to own any brand with a Valjoux movement but hear tell it’s very reliable. Thanks for bringing us so many great new pieces.

  • Richard Borden

    I love the rich history of Hanhart! The PrimusRacer is fresh and outstanding design with a splash of the HanHart retro look. Love the watch!

  • Erin

    My husband loves divers watches.

  • Travis Richard

    I love pilots for their sleek simplicity, but when I’m going out on town, there is no greater feeling than having a racer on my wrist. This piece would be a great showcase for my evenings out on the town.

  • x2jneat

    I’m all about dive watches. I want something that I can put on, leave on, and not have to worry about it surviving the abuse I give it.

  • Salil

    love dive watches .. pretty much an all weather kind of a watch and looks great!

  • Mark Duncan

    Hi, I fell in love with my Seiko Premier chronograph Perpetual , I believe it is a dress watch but I can use it I all sorts of ways , very useful. I get lots of great comments when I wear it.

  • cassie day

    First time on here. This watch is absolutely. sick. I had a solar powered seiko but my best watch I just got as a gift was stolen and I cant honestly remember the brand. It startes with a w.

  • Paulo Almeida

    Nothing like a good racing-inspired watch.. they always keep my attention

  • Walter Van Tine

    Classy watch! Would love to own this!

  • Stephan

    I can’t decide between dive and racing watches. I love both. Just depends on the moment. This Hanhart looks amazing and it would find a nice place on my wrist on weekends.

  • m0lasses

    Favorite watch theme is military. Specifically pilot and field watches. I like the clean faces. I don’t limit my watches to those types only. Sometimes a watch just speaks to you.

  • Ranchracer

    I don’t really have a favorite style. I like it all, but probably have more divers in the collection than pilot or racing inspired pieces.

  • wcse

    I like pilot watches for their readibility. Also like divers.

  • Tongshen Yong

    I like racing inspired watches with a chronograph complication. I think the tachymeter adds masculinity to the aesthetics and the chronograph function is just fun to have while I’m timing my time to get off work!

  • Levente Makszimus

    Beautiful watch 😀

  • JimmGerd

    Pilot watches look so much better in my opinion. They are usually clean and great to wear at any occasion.

  • aironeyem

    Divers are my favorites, they are fun, bold, original and, if well designed, so versatile

  • Humphrey Mar

    My mind says I should like Divers because of the rugged versatility, but my heart says I probably like racing most – for the aesthetics and complications.

  • Manuel sousa

    Pilot watches. I like the fact that the dials are generally uncluttered and easy to read.

  • Dan_the_man

    All about the classic look of Diver watches. The fact that you can go anywhere with one of these is just a huge perk.

  • WhiskersInCalif

    My favorite watch category is a dressy sport watch. I love the visible dial of divers,
    I love the complications of pilots, or racing-inspired watches. But my favorite is a
    simple watch that does not look like Timex but takes a lick and keeps on ticking.
    Easy to read dial, day, date. It must endure perspiration and modest shock and
    a dip in the pool or shower.
    This watch is in the “I love it” group watch and I might expect a lot of folk to ask what
    the watch is in contrast to what time is it. 😉