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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Laco Dortmund Pilot Watch

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Laco Dortmund Pilot Watch Giveaways

This month, one lucky aBlogtoWatch reader will win a hand-wound Laco Dortmund pilot watch. As one of the original five manufacturers that set out to create highly specialized pilot watches for World War II era aviators, Laco continues to offer a range of affordable, modern reproduction versions to this day. Like dive watches, the utilitarian and minimalist nature of these “B-Uhr” pilot watches has attracted collectors of all types that are seeking to add a serious piece to their collections with strong ties to aviation. So, with the help of Watch Gang, aBlogtoWatch will be giving away this period-correct example to one audience member.

Unlike the original versions that came in 55mm cases, this slightly modernized Laco Dortmund features a 45mm case diameter, which delivers a more practical wearing experience. The hand-wound Laco 01 movement (Elaboré grade ETA 2801.2) and thermally blued hands add to the authentic look and feel of the watch. Of course, the dial is superbly legible with a classic Type B (Baumuster B) layout and a domed AR-coated sapphire crystal rising above the dark sandblasted stainless steel case (5 ATM water resistance). The Laco Dortmund retails for $1,350 USD and you can enter to win your very own by following the instructions below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, tell us about the watches you plan to pick up and add to your collection before the end of summer. Are they easily found in stock at ADs? Are you planning to pay a premium on the second hand market? Or, are they watches that are readily available?

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on September 30, 2018, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Watch Gang, sponsor of the Laco Dortmund pilot watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Joe

    With any luck, I’ll “pick up” a Laco Dortmund pilot watch 😀

    I don’t frequently buy watches but I fell for the latest Doxa Sub 300 Silver Lung…so that should be arriving in the next few weeks…
    I don’t believe that Doxa has ADs and it’s limited to 300 watches, so no, no and no.

  • Louis Tong

    Next watch I will pick up will have a GMT function. Looking at Rolex GMT Master II (Pepsi or Batman), Tudor black bay Pepsi or Squale Ceramic GMT tropic (currently sold out).

  • Agnar Sidhu

    The only purchase this summer is the Bornova ephesos which hopefully will arrive soon. Besides that, I’m considering a Seiko presage or perhaps something from the FC slimline.

    This pilot would be most welcome to my collection ??

  • Alessandro

    I think that my next add in my collection will be the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 2018 version. If i decide to go with the Hamilton, i will buy it via AD that i personally know. I hope it will be readily available! 😀

    In any case, I’m also looking for a pilot watch. A Laco probably! 😀

  • David

    I love a b-uhr
    My current search list has a bulova computron, Rolex milgauss, a scuria jumphour and a Tag Heuer connected.

  • What fresh hell is this?
  • Jeremy Bell

    I plan to pick up a G-Shock gravity master later this year, still only available from importers at the moment. Have a Helgray Bomber on the way from a kickstarter backing.

  • Malcy

    I would really like a Laco Dortmund watch. It is designed for maximum clarity and even has a hand wound movement which would have been the case with the original watches that this one is derived from..

  • ???????? ????????

    Ok, first of all, laco is my future husband favourite pilot watch brand and this is his favourite model that they make. He loooooves the case and the hands, its getting acctually a bit annoying to listen about this watch and brand at times! He recently picked up a Hamilton Intra-matic and I’m planning to pick up a great beater for him for our sea holiday in 2 weeks…Also, we’re getting married in 1 month so please select me as the winner so I can make him the best wedding present!

  • Jason McLaughlin

    Just purchased my one for the year, an Evant Decodiver in blue. If I could I’ve seen a Magrette Moana Kara on the local second hand market.

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    I hope that apart from the tag heuer monaco calibre 11 I will also add the goodlooking, non-racing-but-very-fly Laco Dortmund Pilot Watch.
    The Tag is not easy to find in ADs. No premium for me!

  • Andreas

    I’m broke… So no watches for me till end 2018…, but I am from the ‘Ruhrpott’ (Dortmund area) so this fine ass Laco would fit and see me through my watch drought.

  • N.D.C

    I will pick up a Bulova UHF watch

  • Roy

    I had hoped to pick up an Autodromo Group B with the yellow dial, however by the time I was ready to pull the trigger they were sold out from the online AD. Since it was a limited run it’s not readily available so I’m left hoping for a re-run of what I consider their best release yet ?I would consider second hand although the current price for brands like Autodromo & Halios is pretty high on the secondary market so would be reluctant on principle. I wouldn’t do it for Rolex so it would pain me to do it for a ‘micro brand’. I did get in touch with Bradley at Autodromo and he encouraged me to sit tight and keep my eyes open so I live in hope!

  • will ore

    I really wish to purchase another Rolex, specifically a GMT “pepsi”, but with an extremely long waiting list, it’s a watch I will probably never acquire at retail. Paying a premium for it is also out of the question, so in the mean time, I enjoy my f series 2003, flat 4 sub.

  • Matt

    I’m planning to pick up the new Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo chrono with the all silver dial. I’m looking to purchase a Sinn 356 in the next 6 months or so but this watch just reallly caught my eye. I love the size, case, and bracelet as well as the stylistic nods to the heuer carreras and .321 seamaster.

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    I’ve been in love with the Laco watches for pilots for years but never ordered one of them. The Paderborn Erbstück looks amazing with its vintage feeling. I am sure I will buy one in the near future

  • Dobrin Tomov

    I think a Seiko Solar Tuna would be a good addition to my collection. Still plenty of summer left in order to test it. This watch is easily available everywhere.

  • Reueh Laup

    Ha, the watch I’ll ‘pick up’ this summer will be a Heuer Carrera 1964 re-issue in mint condition – without having to mortgage my house! ;-). My ‘grail watch’, and certainly via second-hand marketplace. I do have a soft spot for the B-Uhr style though, with my work in military avionics. Good to see a fresh interpretation of the style.

  • manivelle

    this summer? in the next month? Unlikely. Anyone see a Michael Phelps Planet Ocean lying around?

  • Jeffrey Kot

    Love this classic design.

  • The “Laco Dortmund Pilot Watch” would be a great watch to pick up by the end of the Australian Spring/Summer. Otherwise I’d think about something like a Casio G-Shock, as a fairly practical “beater” watch I could use outdoors during the summer. This would be pretty practical to find within the market and pretty resilient to cope with any activity I threw it at.

  • Bob Sebastian

    I kind of went on a watch buying spree this summer so I have no plans to pick up any more before late autumn at the earliest. So adding this Laco would be a welcome addition.

  • dennis

    I don’t have any watch in mind, as my collection is huge, though
    this Laco would be a nice addition.

  • Jeff Story

    I just bought my sons first watch as a back-to-school thing. I’m looking at a couple German watches for myself, but that will probably be next summer, or this one. Buying through online, as it’s not available through retail. Buying new, watches are available.

  • Jamie McKay

    I have been having an eye on a good legit pilot watch for a long time. Unfortunately the famous IWC Big Pilot’s watches are way out of my reach even though they are readily available in any ADs. Luckily, the pre-owns can be had about 2/3 of the price, but still quite a lot of money. Laco’s Pilot line, although seems lacking the luxury touches, its history is as legit as the much more expensive IWCs. It would be a dream to own one of these historical watches.

  • Dc

    My next one will be from the Watchgang but tired of waiting on the call for the Tudor gmt so I might have to try the new mm200

  • Miguel -MO

    Well, I am hoping to pick up a Laco like any others here. But, if that doesn’t happen I am heading to Las Vegas later this year and I would like to buy a vintage pilot or diver.

  • Tiago Nerone

    I’d love to add a nomos to my collection, but they are nonexistent in Brazil. I’ll have to source it from some online seller that ships to Brazil.

  • Maxim Pyankov

    None. Saving for a Bell & Ross (maybe). Maybe and maybe.

  • Tim Huber

    Hopefully a new Laco!

    I sadly don’t buy watches often enough to have a system down.

  • Gregg Turcich

    I need a new pilot watch in my collection and this Laco
    would fit the bill nicely!

  • I own several pilot watches, not a Laco…at least for the momment. Even though, I’ve been tempted several times to buy one as they probably represent the best heritage pilot watch from WWII. Lately, some other brands offer this kind of design, even some japanese brands (Orient, Citizen..)… Still atractive!!

  • Warsh

    I’m planning to pick up the BB58 if the AD ever gets one!! Love the Laco!

  • JosephWelke

    Great choice of watch to give ABtW!

    I’m trying to get a Tudor Black Bay GMT… but I’m patient. So no, no, and no, again.

  • Adam Howard

    Oh…. the choices, I have my eye on a 1995 Omega Speedmaster 3590.50 Tritium dial which I hope to pick up. I have also messaged interest in the TinTin racing dial Speedmaster but I think that will be a long shot. I have elected for vintage and seeing what the market has to offer. Bit of a long shot waiting for the Tudor BB GMT to ever be available!

  • Matt

    I’m planning on picking up the Dan Henry 1964 Gran Turismo watch he just released. I love the aesthetic and the price! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to snag this Laco too. Fingers crossed.

  • Mike V

    I would like to acquire the Sinn 104 black dial version with the count down bezel. I think it is different enough to complement my collection. I’m looking for clean second hand example.

  • Mike

    I don’t have plans for picking anything up by the end of Summer but my next purchase is going to be the Sinn 356. It will look good sitting beside my 556 I. Sinn only sells through one distributor in the US and they have just raised their prices effective today so i will pay a little more for that purchase. The same thing happened when i went to purchade my 556 I but i bought it just before the price increase. I am a fan of Laco as well and already own the Trier and Sylt chronagraphs. Handwounds are my favorite and i already own the Hamilton Khaki field mechanical so i would definitely have a place for the Laco Dortmund in my collection.

  • qwerty

    I’d love to pick up a Mido Star Automatic (, or possibly a Nomos with a power reserve indicator.

  • Razvan Cojocaru

    Beautiful watch! I want it!

  • Jonathan Fisk

    Nice looking watch. An aviator would fill a hole in my very modest collection. The only watch I’m looking to buy is a Marlowe Coniston, which is only available directly from the maker. I don’t like buying watches from ADs as they are usually overpriced, if they have them in stock. I would prefer to search for a deal rather than pay a premium to get one immediately; I enjoy the search and the money I save can go to buying additional straps, or more watches!

  • Phil Lewis

    I really like the traditional pilot style watches like the Laco. The next acquisition will probably be a Stowa Marine Original, but since the only come direct from Stowa, it will take a while to order and be manufactured. No hurry though, worth the wait.

  • Chris MoJo

    I’m on the waiting list for the Black Bay GMT. It’s unlikely I’ll get one before the end of summer, maybe before the end of next summer…

  • Across The Pond

    I went pretty easy this summer. I grabbed a Citizen Dive Watch because I’m interested in knowing more about their Eco Drive function. So far I like it.

    I mainly upgraded my strap collection with NATO’s and leather. Give my current watches some new clothes.

  • dfbugeja

    I was keeping my eyes on the Laco Vintage, white dial, 34mm. Nicely legible, understated dress watch. Should be a good companion to my Laco Valencia.

    I usually get my watches directly from the manufacturer or from an online store – such as Ebay and Amazon.

    I adore vintage watches, and love their patina (aged look, not scratches on the crystal and case). Vintage watches have a character of their own. However, I would only purchase a vintage watch from someone that I really trust. I would put my mind to rest knowing that the watch was taken good care of, regularly serviced, and has all genuine parts that were not re-painted or re-lumed. After all I treat my own watches with extreme care.

    This Dortmund Pilot Watch is an extremely generous offering from Laco. This watch is a real beauty, full of heritage, and well made. The hand-winding movement adds a little flavor of nostalgia and it always feels good to wind the crown during early morning hours. Of course it has been scaled down for practicality and to be more wearable. The design of this Type B is clearly legible and more unique than the Type A in my humble opinion. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!
    PS: I also admire how Laco manages to create artificial patina for some of its watches! Keep up the good work.

  • Asad Abbas Awan

    I have enjoyed a variety of watches..I go through cycles of liking dress watches and then sports watches and so on..I have lately really enjoyed Hamilton’s hand wound pioneer which is a military/pilot’s kind of watch with a great vintage vibe…have been thinking of a Laco hand wound pilot lately…but my definite next purchase is going to a G-Shock 5600 for exercise use.

  • Trevor

    I’ve been wanting something from Tudor’s Black Bay line for a while now. I think they really stand out in the dive watch community, and I love the shape of the hour hand. I also like to cycle through a bunch of nylon straps to give my watches a relaxed, preppy vibe, and I think that could really suit the Tudor’s styling. Plus there seems to be a decent pre-owned market, so someday hopefully I’ll see the right watch at the right price.

  • dvraser

    What a watch!!! It looks so clean. I had it in my hands quite a few times and I was several times so close to buying it.
    I fell in love with the hanhart pioneer mkI. Its stunning. This will probably be my next one. But I’ve been lusting after the sinn 103 and the hamilton khaki pilot (interstellar) as well. So I truly don’t know. It probably depends on which one I’ll hold in my hands first. 🙂

  • MydogBuck

    Love the throw back style of the Laco Pilot. Just bought my summer watch. Omega Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer, from the AD.

  • Andre Braz

    I’m planning to buy a Rado diver reviewed here. I love Rado design !!

  • SPITX206

    Nothing before the end of this summer but soon thereafter I would like to pick up the Rolex Yacht-Master model 116655 or 268655. The former is 40mm while the later is 37mm. I have visited a number of Rolex ADs in the area and none have had both in stock. For that kind of outlay a wrist comparison is mandatory. I’m assuming they are readily available, just not together in one AD.

  • Rufaro Gomwe

    I got my pilots license at 18 and I love all things aviation. I’d love to have a flieger!

  • XX-Pat

    Absolutely love the Flieger dial style and have been debating picking up a Laco for a while.

    This summer, I’m thinking of picking up a Hamilton field khaki as my travel beater. I currently have a Bremont MBIII for this, but would like something a little more expendable for the outdoor trips. Recently grabbed an Orient USA Mako II, but not in love with the non-tapered bracelet. Besides, everyone needs a good manual wind in their collection, and the US issue replica would be a great fit given my love of historical reissues.

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    With the obvious exception of winning the Bamford Mayfair or this sweet Laco, I don’t plan on obtaining any watches this summer. At the moment, my inversion is turned elsewhere. I am a bit finicky on searching for watches that looks just right, but price plays a big part on my purchases. The brand I like the best is not so widespread. They are not found in very many ADs.

  • Agnar Sidhu

    The only purchase this summer is the Bornova Ephesos. Next up for consideration is a dress watch, Seiko presage or something from the FC slimline.

    This pilot would be more than welcome to join my collection:)

  • Mat P.

    Just last week I picked up 2 watches I had my eye on. First was the NOMOS Glashütte Tangente Neomatik 41 Update. It was in stock at my local AD and I was able to pick it up with a small discount of 10%. The second watch I perchased was the new Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical 38mm. This was also in stock at my local AD and I got 10% off.

  • Summer is gone already, but I’m thinking of getting a Seiko Atlas. Or a Black Ion Prospex.

  • I must say I really like this Laco Dortmund pilot, particularly with that band. Right now, I’m trying to pick up a Citizen Eco-Drive, specifically from their 2017 catalog. Why? Well, this might sound strange, but most of my watch purchases are aligned with milestones or important events. My mother passed away in late 2017. She loved summer and sunshine. Hence, I want a solar powered watch from the year I lost her. The difficulty is that by the time I decided this (early Nov 2017), Citizen was already onto their 2018 catalogs/promos. I probably have to visit one of their physical locations.

  • Frank Kotarski

    I have been eyeing this little bad boy (C8 Regulator Limited Edition) at Christopher Ward USA. Itching to pull the trigger, have to wait a bit longer though. No, with AD. No, on the secondary market as far as I know of. I can purchase the watch brand new through Christopher Ward USA!

  • angela

    Id like to pick up a

    Audemars Piguet Millenary Ladies’ Watch preferably second hand although they are readily available

  • christy thomas

    I would like to get myself an omega spacetimer as I like its beauty and its idea. This watch is readily available in the market.

  • ?????? ??????????

    What a coincidence, I was going to order the laco augsburg from laco’s website directly since its the best way – from the manufacturer. That means premium price, because there is no AD in my area. I adore the pilot watch elegance and simplicity that comes from pure function. And I love the finish on the Dortmund’s case too. So this giveaway is a dream come true for me 🙂 fingers crossed!

  • Steven Servantez

    I have already purchased my summer watch. It is a Christopher Ward, beautiful timepiece. I am always looking for high quality pieces new and used.

  • Shawn Wells

    I don’t really plan on purchasing any watches in the near future. As a poor college student, I really can’t afford it at this time. I love watches, so When I have a steady income I will be buying quite a few.

  • Michael Bell

    I’ve recently got an eye for a vintage annual calendar with moon phase watch, so I’m looking to get one of those in the near future. I’ve had a quick look and there are several available on a certain internet auction site. Prices vary wildly.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    First giveaway I’ve liked for a while. Ticks all the boxes. Legible, nice size and style. .

  • Brian Hemphill

    I’d like to pick up a Sinn 856 UTC. The only U.S. dealer I know of is Watchbuys and they are temporarily sold out. I plan on waiting for the AD to restock and not going the second hand market route this time.

  • Philip Wing

    That’s a very pretty watch. I’m a big fan of the blued hands.

  • Richard Baptist

    Hello ABTW, before the end of the summer I plan to add the new Ophion 786. Let’s put it this way I hope it arrives before the end of the summer. The Ophion is ordered direct from the company. These watches are not easily found on the second hand market, I’ve seen a few of their first model, but not many. I’m not a fan of paying a premium on the second hand market for most watches. I stay away from Rolexes – well if I could afford them, I wouldn’t pay a premium. I’d rather wait a year for prices to stabilize, i.e. drop, than pay a premium for a second hand watch. The reason is I always factor in the price of a service for any second hand watch, especially if vintage.

  • mysiak

    Summer has pretty much ended.. 🙂 But..I should receive 2 limited edition watches by the end of this year. And hopefully the third one will be this giveaway Laco watch 😀

  • space scoundrel

    I think my final watch of the summer just arrived – a blue Lorier Neptune. I was captivated by its old fashioned charm and jumped into their last restock just in time. I’ve got my eye on Monta in general and the Skyquest in particular, but I think that may have to wait at least until winter. If I can stand it.

  • Kevin

    It might not be by the end of the summer, but I’m planning on picking up my first speedmaster in the next few months. It’ll be my first foray above “low-mid-tier” watches that I can’t stop collecting. In the meantime, I might grab one of those bambino small seconds. They’re a lot of watch for a low price, and they’re readily available.

  • Adi Ras

    Looks grand, any more pics of the timepiece, odd not to see any branding on the face. Plan to pick the TAG Monaco Gulf SE in a few weeks. Got a super price from Qatar Duty Free.

  • John Taylor

    I am new to watch collecting thanks to my brother. In exploring the world of watches I find I am most interested in American, British, German, and Grand Seiko watches. I should be receiving my first purchase, a Christopher Ward C65 Trident Diver, by the end of the month. At some point I would like to purchase as my high end luxury watch, a Grand Seiko, thru my nearest AD. I also find that I am partial to field and pilot watches and would love to own the Laco Dortmund pilot watch.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    I’m a fan of these Laco Pilot watches. I have an A-type dial one, so would love a B -type. I’m limiting myself to one decent watch at the end of the year, not sure what yet. Lots of possibilities…

  • David Williams

    We’ve had an uncomfortable summer heatwave in the UK, during which I rarely wore a watch – indefensible, I hear you all say! So, for future summers, I’m keen to acquire something suitable for very hot weather. Simple field-watch or pilot style – maybe solar-powered, as a nod to the season. On a Perlon or Milanese mesh strap, to be worn loosely – cool in both senses of the word!

  • I did pick up one in the summer , a Casio metal G shock and it was not an easy find requiring a constant loop of the dealer’s in this case department stores, until one appeared. bought a Dive watch from Kickstarter that was delivered in the summer so I’m pretty much not planning to add anything .. but I’d happily kick the latter off the wrist for the Laco 🙂

  • David Humphrey

    I would love to find a simple hand-wound watch for the fall. Regarding your three questions: yes, no and yes.

  • Daniel D.

    Looking for that special Oris. Watching on the second hand market and have not checked AD.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I want to buy a Seiko Turtle and upgrade it withla ceramic bezel insert and a double AR coated sapphire. I buy it new because it’s affordable.

  • André

    Some Sinn, but have doubts. Requires special service if something and their presence in US is very uninspiring.
    I would not pay premium on second hand market for any watch.

  • Andy D’Blogger

    Well, summer’s here and it’s time to put one’s hair down and have fun. I have 3 watches that I planned to get- Tudor GMT ref. no. M79830RB, Rolex GMT ref. no. 126710BLRO, and Seiko Turtle ref. no. 6105-8110. I am rather friendly with the ADs and have already received the Tudor. The Rolex was not readily available at the ADs but I have already located a friendly grey reseller whom would sell to me at a premium, so that’s not so much of an issue. Now locating that vintage Seiko would not be a walk in the park; but I’ve done my homework and am ready for the challenge, so game on!

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    Excellent diseng

  • Marc Matteo

    I’d really like to pick up a Speedy Pro. I don’t know about “before the end of the summer” as they’re a bit outside my preferred price range, but I *really* would like to get one. And yeah, you can get one almost anywhere :). Of course a Laco would be nice too…

  • Ah Shumaker

    There are some temptations out there, but so far I am resisting them all. I’d have to want a watch awfully bad to pay a premium over retail price. It just isn’t good sense to have a minor bragging right for a short time and then the accompanying drastic loss of value, especially one you may never recoup. It’s not worth it to me.

  • PeteNice

    Great contest, thanks for the opportunity!

    Looking at Laco for some time in fact. But other than that, thinking about picking up a SuperOcean 2 in 46mm, and possibly a PAM210.

  • Josef Schmid

    I really like flieger watches, but I am lacking a diver watch.
    I was thinking about to buy a Seiko. They should be readily available and I want to buy a new one not a second hand.

  • Matt

    I would love to buy a grand seiko but I’m not sure if it’s possible. I will buy it straight from the dealer. I’m not knowledgeable enough to buy used.

  • victory pants

    I’m trying to find a good deal on one of the Oris Big Crown Pro Pilots with the in-house manual but it commands a heavy price. I’m also looking forward to picking up the Tsao Baltimore Torsk-Diver but they just got briefly delayed. Of course, I plan on getting a Laco at some point too.

  • Manzur Dan

    I’m hoping for the end of the year to get my first Omega pre-owned, an Omega Seamaster 300m, will be my first step up in my small collection but a big step in quality.

  • Gary Barclay

    The Laco Dortmund pilot watch. Easily found in stock at ADs. No plans to pay a premium on the second hand market as they are are readily available.

  • ross kaleolani

    I would like to pick up a Zeppelin or Junkers. I take this one! I have one pilot style but would like to add more!

  • barbarian1534

    I’d like to buy a Tudor Pelagius LHD by the end of summer. It’s not easy to get one ready in AD of my city. However, I won’t buy thru 2nd hand market becoz the difference in prices isn’t a big one.

  • Martin Chiu

    I’m looking a black field watch. Maybe a MWC GMT or a Boldr Explorer.

  • Gabriel Snead

    I am looking to get my first mechanical watch. I’ve had a Garmin and Apple Watch for the past few years and feel like I should add a touch of classic time keeping into the rotation. Looking at a few Seiko dive watches right now. Open to other first mechanical watch suggestions too.

  • Seth L

    After handling myriad watches in Hong Kong I was so impressed with the quality of the Sinn 104 that I decided to add it to my collection by end of summer. There’s only one AD in the USA, so that’s a difficulty, but they usually have some in stock (though not always with the desired bracelet due to high demand). Not planning to pay a premium on the second hand market – the watch keeps its value pretty well, but I don’t think it often commands a premium.

  • mikeymusic

    This type of watch (Type B) is near the top of my watch styles list! At the present moment my “grail” watch is the Bucherer

    Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue Special Edition,but I don’t think I’ll see that one on ABTW’s watch giveaway horizon.

  • Matt

    I’d like to pick up a Speedmaster, but that will probably have to wait beyond just this summer.

  • James Petersen

    I’m very skint at the moment but that doesn’t rule buying watches out completely.
    As a sucker for a Casio, I may ‘accidentally’ hit the buy button on a nice A168WA Stainless Steel to go with the couple of plastic ones I already have. Or I’m really digging the Timex Field watches at the moment.
    I’d buy these new obviously.

  • Mic

    Fir my part i have to be more modest l wish to by a Grand Seiko automatic.

  • bbfrid

    I’m looking to buy a vintage stainless steel Rolex 1601 from the ’60’s with the silver dial. This is my first vintage watch buy of this magnitude so I consulted with a friend to try to ensure authenticity.

  • photog7

    I’d like to buy a Baume and
    Mercier Riviera 65539 on the second hand market by the end of summer.

  • Larry Holmack

    I do like this Laco…very retro looking….and at 45 mm’s….a nice size…although I could wear the 55 mm version without any problem.

    As for new watches…already ordered a new one….I am a Star Wars fanatic…and I have a Darth Vader watch already….so now I have a 48 mm Kylo Black Corporal SS SW watch on order from Nixon to add to my collection of Star Wars stuff. At a mere $225 bucks…no need to worry about the price. I spend more on art supplies every few months…so the wife had no problem with me blowing my money from selling some of my paintings.

  • Darren Williams

    I am looking for the automatic ladies watch but hard to find

  • Charles Chung

    I am new to the watch collecting community and I would like to pick up a Seiko skx007 as my first automatic piece. I know that is an obvious choice but I think it is a good place to start. I will probably pick one up from a grey market dealer or eBay.
    Hope to add this Laco watch as my second piece. Good luck everyone.

  • Alex Dubois

    I’m planning on buying a brand new Tissot Tradition Perpetual Calendar (T0636371603700). Pretty easily available at the department store nearby and fits my budget.

  • nfromto

    I would like to add a G-Shock GMW-B5000 to my collection. It would be nice to find one before end of year as they seem to be pretty scarce and in demand. Although they can be found second hand, I will be patient and wait

  • TL

    A beater with a moon phase because why not. Perhaps a gshock g7900. Just anywhere as cheap as possible as it is a beater.

  • Jon W

    Looking for a Nomos Tangente Neomatik on the secondhand market for a good price, but if I don’t see one by end of the year I’ll probably buy new where I think it is readily available.

    This Laco would be a nice complement to that watch too . . . Would love to have both!


    very cool.

  • Edward Passerotti

    Flieger all the way to my ?

  • Robert Carson

    I’m not adding anything new to my collection this year, unless I come across a Hamilton Titanium for a reasonable price, but I won’t hold my breath,

    I do plan on purchasing a Citizen Eco Drive for my wife, it’s a specific one that I know she likes (the kids ruined her old one). I found it in a jewellery store, and it is full retail price, but it’s not an unreasonable price. I’m not sure that I’ll get it before the summer is over, but I’d like to get it for her for Christmas…so within the next couple months.

  • Sigmund Globes

    I’m looking to buy a solar watch. The practicality of having months of running time sounds like a good alternative to mechanical I’m currently wearing. I’m thinking about Seiko Prospex SSC663 and it’s readily available in stock at the moment. I’ll never pay premium price for second hands of anything. I’d rather wait for newer models, reissues, homages, or even redesigns. New is not always better, but overprice is never good. By the way, the Recraft SSC667 recently reviewed by ablogtowatch look nice too.

  • Daniel Harper

    This is officially the most I’ve ever wanted to win a giveaway!! My next addition is going to be a vintage Omega, the first of my collection, and I’m thinking either a constellation or an 34-36mm seamaster with some nice aging on the dial

  • cjjohnso

    Next up on the shortlist is an Omega Speedmaster Pro. No troubles at all finding one at the local AD, but going second hand (at a considerable discount) is the more likely outcome.

  • turtlingturtles

    After failing a few times to snag a Halios Seaforth, I went for the preorder round. Waiting for promised September delivery, and looking forward to adding the pastel blue dial to my collection.

  • Dwight Baum

    I’m looking at the Breitling Navitimer 8 B35 Automatic Unitime 43 with the silver dial. It is my favorite watch from the new Breitling collection so far. I think it is easily available at AD’s.

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    They all come out for free stuff……never heard of 99% of them before.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    Any Omega model will be the watches I plan to pick up and add to my collection before the end of summer. Yes, they easily found in stock at Wing Wah Watches, our local watch store. these watches that are basically always available as it is a famous brand here in Malaysia. I wont pay a premium on the second hand market because it was used before, either still look good on in mint condition.

  • dicotfan

    I would like to get the Alpina Alpiner Automatic (AL-525B4E6B) soon! They are available online so I’m not interest in getting it second-hand or AD. This Laco, however, would also be awesome to have, as getting a flieger is also on my “wanted” list.

  • Daryl Okayama

    Did the pre-order for a BALL Watch Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime back in March. Was shipped a little over a week ago and should be here around Wednesday. So excited!!!

  • Tony G

    Thinking of picking up an Omega Seamaster Aquaterra or Tudor Pelagos. Don’t think I’ll have issues getting either from an AD.

  • Adam Richardson

    Thinking of getting a Richard LeGrande and a Muff Diver.

  • Sid

    Always wanted a Laco in my collection. Haven’t planned on where to buy. Still accumulating funds for the same.

  • Andrew K

    Next one on the list – vintage Vulcain Cricket in solid steel or solid gold with detailed Arabic minutes on the dial. I am absolutely in love with the annoying alarm buzz. Have been scanning eBay, Chrono24, and many forums for weeks now. As soon as I find one in good condition – it is mine!!!

    • Gokart Mozart

      Good choice.

      I have a vintage cricket. You never get tired of the alarm.

      Also good for scaring the crap out of people. Set it to go off during a horror film.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    Summer’s almost over, and doesn’t look like my funds will support acquisition of another watch, other than this one, the Laco Dortmund pilot watch, if I am so lucky. My latest was G-Shock GW-5000 (JDM), my only digital ever. Beautiful craftsmanship and understated elegance.

  • I hope to add a vintage Omega seamaster to my collection soon. As with most vintage watches, I will be going to a “Preloved” watch shop, cross my fingers, and make a bet. Actually I have checked it out and it is in pretty good condition and looks original but unfortunately without a box or any papers. So still thinking about it.

  • Steve

    how about a Laco Dortmund.

  • Brett Lintvelt

    I’m planning to acquire a specific pre co-axial movement Omega and looking at a Tudor North Flag. More tools.

  • Bino Valencia

    .need a pilot watch.haha.great looking aimple.

  • Gregg Turcich

    my watch collection could really use a nice pilot watch like this Laco!

  • Paul Gardner

    nice piece of equipment

  • eitan

    Always wanted a Laco in my collection.Thinking of getting a Breitling Navitimer . I’m not sure that I’ll get it before the summer is over, but I’d like to get it for her for Christmas… and to add Laco to my inventory Thanks

  • Clare O’Brien

    I frequent a bunch of vintage shops in my city to find rare, unique watches!

  • Akos XS

    I will choose between a Richard LeGrand blue beauty and Spinnaker Fleuss SP5505-5. These are the watches I would like to get hands on before others.
    Local AD? Hm, Spinnaker particularly has a localAD, but usually this is not that part of the world.

  • Really interesting design. I like the way the style elements were added to the side of the bezel opposite the pushers for the chrono.

  • Carl Anderson

    This would be an awesome addition to the collection!

  • Zachary Peel

    This would be great to add to my collection.

  • Demonix

    Pre-owned Tudor Pelagos or Black bay are next on the list for the collection. I fancy a traditional or vintage styled dive watch but not the ubiquitous go to Rolex submariner or sea dweller. For value for money and decent build quality the Tudor watches seem like a decent proposition and not too precious for a regular wear.

  • Grant D

    I plan on getting the Alpina 44mm Startimer Pilot

  • Brad Herndon

    I am on the lookout for a bronze case watch. Have always been facinated with bronze and the recent surge of vintage looking but modern pieces is offering quite a lot of options. Would love an aviation inspired or field watch.

  • Calvin F.

    Would love a new watch. I am currently looking to get a wooden one as I think it’s interesting and never seen one first hand. I will redeem a coupon I won. Awesome watch featured in this post

  • disqus_RGWGbum5Ws

    Love the pilot watch. Easy to read. Always looks good on the wrist.

  • Armin

    I’ll pick up 2 everyday watches: a dressier Maen Automatic and a Casio g shock in Orange – already waiting for the next summer! They are sold by the manufacturer online, so no premium and no problem finding them

  • Willardwisheswell

    I’m on the look out for an every day watch. Something that goes with everything. Currently have my eye on a Khaki King or something similar.

  • Jon Mercier

    I’m just getting into watches. Currently, I have been looking at a couple of watches. There really aren’t too many ADs in my area but a couple that are about an hour or two away. If I’m dropping $$$$ on a watch I’ll probably make the trek, if they have what I am looking for. Here are the watches on my radar (both current budget and long term goal):

    Seiko 5 SNKL83J1 – Get soon
    Seiko Recraft SSC667 Blue dial w/ black blue orange band – Get soon
    Baume & Mercier Men’s BMMOA10084 Capeland
    Tissot T-Race MotoGP Black Dial SS Rubber T0924272706100 (Orange accent)
    Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Extreme Diver Chronograph – PT6028-ALB31-331-1 (Orange)

    Not happening for a while watch:
    The Omega Speedmaster ‘Speedy Tuesday’ 2 Ultraman

    Most of these I have found via Amazon or other online shops. I prefer to find them reputable business, since with Amazon or Ebay it can be a crap shoot.

  • Jason723

    Great watch! I have been looking for a watch with at 45mm bezel.

  • BeerBudgetBeerTastes

    SZSC004 – Green Sumo. Probably unavailable at nearby AD’s. Not willing to pay a secondhand premium for this JDM item.

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    No plans to pick up a watch soon but I usually go the second hand market.

  • Squale

    Great watch! I have a Halios Seaforth due in soon. Unfortunately no AD, though there is certainly a community following.

  • After picking up some automatics I’ve had my eye on for a while (a Sinn, Glycine Airman, Junghans) I’ve gone on a quartz tool watch kick and just picked up a Seiko Darth Tuna. If I were to make one more purchase before the season is over it’d probably be the new G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1BJR

  • Yaseen Abdulrahiman

    I am an aspiring watch collector but I currently don’t have many watches. My plan is to end up collecting atleast one watch which belongs to all categories (Premium, Budget, Sports, Smartwatches, Dress watches, Homages, Submariners, Avaiator watches etc.) I currently own a rolex submariner(luxury submariner), longines la grande(luxury dress watch), Samsung S3 frontier(everyday smartwatch), Casio G-Shock(beater sports watch). I have ordered two Invictas but that’s not for me to keep but as a gift for my father and father-in-law. For myself, I have ordered a Megir which is a cheap homage for the Hublot big bang and I plan to order a HMT manual watch soon which is an Indian brand with good history. I am going to post all the watch reviews on my new youtube channel ‘Aspiring Watch Collector’. This is my third attempt at A Blog to Watch giveaway and I hope that I win the Laco Dortmund Aviator watch.

  • Jeff Harper

    Thinking about picking up a Sinn U1 S Black Fully Tegimented on the bracelet.

  • William

    I am a big fan of tool watches and aviator watches. I like the simplicity of both due to their intended original use. Laco has been on my radar for quite some time. This offering is a classic example and well suited to represent the brand. I made an acquisition earlier this year that pretty much used my watch budget for the next couple of years so no new acquisitions on the horizon.

  • Tainan Lu

    I’m planning on Helm and Dan Henry watches

  • Success JJoyce

    I’m looking for a vintage Omega James Bond, or vintage Rolex, possibly from the 50’s and 60’s. I subscribe to Chrono24, True Facet, and another who’s name escapes me.

  • TicTocGoesClock

    Very simple answer: I plan on adding a Laco Dortmund courtesy of WatchGang and ABlogToWatch should I win this contest. Otherwise, I have to face facts that as a student my priorities lie somewhere else at the moment.

  • David Fosse

    Laco Dortmund give-away

    Why I would like the Laco Dortumund: I am an unabashed traditionalist and I think I qualify as a minimalist. I like simplicity of design. I did not realize this in terms of watches until I thought of what I already own. My prize is a Rolex original Explorer. I bought it while in the US Army in Vietnam in 1970. I bought it mail order from Guam, where the vendor reached to Hong Kong for a certified Rolex dealer. I had no idea until I got it how elegant it is, and how it characterized what I want: superb craftsmanship, and just- watch. Three hands, no more.

    The other watches I have reflect that. I acquired a hand winding military watch, which turns out to have a Hamilton movement inside. Just a 3-hand timekeeper. It lives in a drawer most of the time.

    I have a Mondaine quartz—3 hands.

    And I have another watch with a 2801 movement: the Junghans Max Bill hand winding. Thus, the Laco Dortmund fits my timekeeping desires perfectly.

    What I plan to buy: I am saving my pennies for the Omega De Ville PRESTIGE CO-AXIAL 39.5 MM 424. It is not possible to buy an Omega without a date, so I will accept it. But apart from that complication, it fits the theme: simplicity, elegance of design and superb craftsmanship.

    I am enchanted by the concept of the coaxial movement, as well. My watch mechanic met George Daniels when the master came to the Washington, DC area for a conference or lecture. (They discussed angles.) It is marvelous that Omega has adopted and adapted the coaxial movement for those of us who could never afford one of Daniels’s few masterpieces.

    I have the business card of one of the staff at the Omega Boutique in Tysons Corner, Virginia, when I can wash my hands and put on white cotton gloves to handle the De Ville.

    I ‘liked’ A Blog to Watch on Facebook some time ago. I don’t do Instagram.

    David Fosse

  • Grace s.

    My husband is a big fan of the old Clebar watches. He looks for parts on line or hopes to find a good second hand one. He likes old school winders of course and looks for ones in his budget range. Not easy to find but a must to add to the collection of one he presently has.

  • Bill Clarke

    I live in Australia, so some brands are hard to get hold of, with very few resellers. Picked up a lovely Hamilton when over in Hawaii for a holiday last month. Next on the list is an Autodromo – so many good models – but a big fan of the Monoposto – not many 2nd hand original releases out, but I believe there are some of the newer model in white still available direct from their website. Summer here is December – so may need to be a Christmas purchase!

  • Andrew Hochberg

    If I could only win this Laco aviation watch, I’d proudly wear while patrolling the skys in my restored ME-109. As for other watches I’d like to aquire, fond of brands: JS Wach Iceland and Muhle Glashute. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  • Jason

    I don’t have any concrete acquisition plans right now. The watches I have considered have all been readily available in retail.

  • Unkdub

    Considering making some room for a BB58 — so will likely have to wait and will pay premium.

  • SHIB

    I would love a Breamont Boeing – Any of them.

  • Krishna

    I am looking at purchasing a square watch or a GMT. I am currently looking at Geckota, Marc & Son or Steinhart. For now, after being introduced to micro brands, I am not looking at any premium labels for now. And yes, the watches are I am looking at are readily available. I only buy watches that complement my collection. So my next acquisition could be a pilot. So I sincerely hope to win this Laco!

  • Eric Liu

    I have always liked the Laco Pilot watch original Paderborn and was planning to buy it this year. There is only one AD in the area where I live so it might be a challenge.

  • Murdock

    I’d like to add the brellum moon phase but not sure it will be available anywhere short term.

  • C Chow

    I have my eye on the Tudor Black Bay GMT on bracelet, but unfortunately haven’t seen it in stock around these parts.

  • Keith Ritchie

    I am going through a vintage stage, looking for the right brand and era. Rather challenging living in Western Australia as it becomes harder to source and the mail cost is crippling!

  • SuperStrapper

    Actually only really actively pursuing a 35th anniversary g shock rn. No ADs that I know if can bring them in, it’s an online adventure.

  • Peter POON

    Watches fascinate me…especially Pilot or mechanical watches. I have a small collection of a few but I can only wear one at any one time…so can’t have too many. Good watches are meant to be kept for a long time and to be passed on down to the next generations…

  • Bruce Beamer

    How about an Eberhard Grande v date? One exotic watch.

  • Robin Bullock

    I don’t have a watch collection, but do have one fitness tracker. This would be the start of a wonderful collection.

  • Swiss_Cheese

    If the stars align and the lottery numbers come through I’d buy a Patek 5227J in a SHOT. If not, probably another Daytona…

  • Tirthak Shah

    I do not have firm plans for watch acquisition for now though I have a few models that I am keeping a track of on fresh retail or the second hand market, watches like the Hamilton Field Auto Day-Date, Seiko Tuna SBBN025/035 and a few others. Almost all on my list are readily available in retail. I am not in favour of paying premium on the second hand market….if it attracts too much premium I will move on to the next opportunity.

    This Laco B Type has been on my radar since a long time and I keep going back and forth between the hand wind vs automatic. A very true to original watch with a distinctive style which cannot be confused with any other design – this is one of my favourites.

  • iBradcon

    I have several preorders already placed, but the one I’m anticipating the soonest is the Monta Skyquest. I’ve tried to concentrate on microbrands this year, which means direct order and usually longer wait times.

  • David

    Seiko SARB-033…that’s the next purchase.

  • S. Mark

    A Squale 30 Atmos Ceramica GMT. But they do seem to be all sold out at most AD’s that ship to Australia. As we are going into Summer down here, I’ve got some time to source one on the second hand market – possibly! These were a limited edition and now discontinued, so a bit tricky to track down but I’m up for the challenge!

  • koskosmo

    I dont have any plans right now.Maybe win a Laco!

  • james

    I am looking at an SKX009. I know a lot about this watch already so no need to go to AD to try it on. As you know this watch is readily available and I will probably buy it from one of the many UK websites that stock seiko.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    LACO has some very interesting timepieces

  • Zobi

    Looking to get an Orient Openheart. They are pretty hard to find in the UK! Would love to add that Laco to my collection. I fly pretty regularly and need a new pilot’s watch 🙂

  • Bojan Rudan

    A vintage Omega Contellation is next in line to purchase. That Laco is quite cool, wouldn’t mind at all having one.

  • Mark Mason

    Looking to get a Terra Cielo Mare Orienteering next, hopefully the titanium PVD with blue strap. Like the look of this Laco too, would be a nice addition to my collection.

  • Jonathan Webb

    I plan to buy one of the following: Tudor Black Bay 58 or GMT. Both look hard to find. Almost definitely from an AD, so I may have a wait on my hands…

  • Randi COOK

    Dont have any plans at the moment of purchasing a watch. Would love to win and give to my boyfriend!

  • Sam

    If funds allow I’d love to pick up a Bulova moonwatch, easy to get hold of and will buy new

  • Chris Martin

    I’d like to add a Fromanteel Globetrotter. Now living in Amsterdam I thought this would be a nice souvenir and reminder of my time living here.

  • José Castro

    Just purchased a Certina DS to start a collection, lovely watch. I’m getting into watches, my new passion, this Laco is just beautifull, I would love to put it in my wrist…

  • John Lee

    I’m going to get a Cartier Santos Skeleton watch in SS. I tried on the RG version, but the color was wrong for the industrial Fritz Lang feel of the stainless. Absolutely from an AD, not much choice. They are not easy to find due to their being new and in very limited production during the rollout. But Cartier is not Rolex, so it shouldn’t take more than a month of waiting.

    And I’d love that Laco. I’ve always wanted a real pilot’s watch; the Zenith, IWC, and PP are too expensive for what should be a serviceman’s tool.

  • Pedro Quaresma

    Plan on buying a mechanical Tevise from China to evaluate on the manufacturing quality of automatic Chinese watches.

  • Bobby Creel

    I would love to pick up a new Monta. Any Monta. New or secondhand.

  • David Barker

    I just bought the Seiko Save the Ocean and I am going to pick up a Tudor GMT from an AD before the end of the year. I lean heavily to dive and pilot watches but have never owned a GMT and the Tudor seems to check all the boxes.

  • Chris Delaland

    I have modest collecting goals at the moment. With a finite, and limited budget my aim is to add a couple of affordable, but nonetheless standout pieces to the collection over the coming 12 to 18 months. First up was going to be a Bulova 98A186 Special Edition Lunar Pilot Chronograph. There is something a little special about that watch that gives it a unique appeal. Having difficulty locating an AD dealer here in Australia, Ebay or Jomashop seems to be where I have to head for it.

    Next up is a Magrette Dual TIme in black PVD with the black dial. With close friends currently living in France and regular trips taking place to New Zealand, I wanted to add a GMT to the collection. Having then discovered Magrette and their Dual Time, I figured that this would fit very well with my current needs. With family in New Zealand, I was just going to order it direct from Magrette and have it delivered to their place just before our next visit.

    The last watch that I was looking to add to the collection was either going to be the Orient Polaris GMT or the Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44 Handaufzug. I already own one Orient and love the value that it offers. It’s a solid, dependable watch with 2 unique complications (world-time bezel and multi-year calendar) that came at a wonderful price point. So adding another Orient to the collection isn’t a problem at all. Once more, I’d have to hunt online for one from a reputable seller since Orient isn’t sold via retailers here in Australia.

    The Steinhart just speaks to my love of simplicity. It’s a non-traditional flieger-esque timepiece at a great price. I’ve seen a couple pop up on local classifieds but I wasn’t in a position to pull the trigger on it at that time. Looks like I might be buying that direct from Steinhart.

  • Brian Kautz

    I’d like to pick up a vintage speedmaster

  • I am getting a GW-200-Z G-Shock Frogman also known as the “Final Frogman” as it was the last iteration of the 200 series. They are now 10 years old and are getting harder and more expensive to find. They are, in my humble opinion the best looking frogman so far (with maybe the exception of the GW-204 Limited Edition model)

  • taryn tener

    My husband would love to add the Omega Seamaster to his collection. I am not sure if they are easily found. I have not thought about the secondhard market, but that is a great idea. The email I check most often is

  • Tin Horvat

    No purchasing plans. Waiting for something interesting to pop for a while now. Guess I’m kinda fed up

  • John Carson

    Apart from picking up occasional new microbrand products that pop up unexpectedly, I continue my search for a compelling buy on one of the Bremont Kingsman watches as a tribute to a high quality watch and film series. They appear now and again, but I haven’t been tipped by the value propositions I’ve seen yet – but it will happen.

  • Korrey6

    Sadly, I am a poor university student, who can obtain only cheaper collection. 🙁 So I won’t be able to buy any watch this summer. But this Laco Dortmund would be a great brother to my A-type dial Laco Augsburg.

  • tokicsek

    I actually just now wanted to buy a flieger. But I could not decide between Laco and Stowa. This would be a nice addition to my collection.

  • Pasi Piirainen

    Nothing in near future for me. Just got myself a nice Mondaine last month.

  • Giovanni Hezekiah

    Am scouting for an old Seiko Quartz Chronograph (7A or 7T) with mint condition. They are not obtainable in AD as far i know, going to pay for not too much above the average market price, and they are not so readily available. Hoping to get that Laco guys :D. Cheers!

  • Soulmachiklamo

    I’m eyeballing a Timex Flyback chronograph and a good Panerai Luminor hommage (too poor for the real deal).

  • Noah Joseph

    My dad recently found his old Omega Seamaster that I’m looking forward to getting tuned up and added to my collection. Also recently ordered NATO-strap adapters for my G-Shock that should get me wearing it again more often (for exercise and army reserve duty).

  • Mike P

    I am actually considering a custom watch automatic form Undone. There has also been some discussion of a Breitling for Xmas. I have always wanted one.

  • Jeremiah Terry

    I am finally going to get a Tudor Black Bay. I currently have it reserved on Chrono24 it is unworn and still new with tags. I have wanted one for a while but I bought a new car a couple months ago and was trying to get the note paid off right away. So now I can finally return to buying watches…..The Black Bay is the Rose Dialed Rotor with black and red bezel and gold hands.

  • Dennis Taylor

    thinking of a aston by seiko solar gps, would be nice to be on local time without thinking about it


    I’m going to buy a Gen II Orient Bambino as it seems to be a watch every collector ought to have. And from an AD.This Laco is beautiful and the movement is what interests me most.

  • Jay Nicoll

    Beautiful simplicity.

  • alarrayedh

    Which grand seiko? I’m eyeballing them as well

  • alarrayedh

    Does anyone own a Seiko Sbdc061/63?

  • Brian Bezel

    I’m planning to buy a Tutima M2 Seven Seas with a Titanium bracelet and a black dial which I have not been able to find at an AD yet, I like titanium for a daily wear and it’s the right price point for me.

  • Vino

    I want to get the g-shock GMW-B5000D-1. It is not as readily available as I would like, but I will not pay a premium for it and I would not buy second hand I’ll just wait for the market to stabilize and get it from an AD or grey market, whichever is more available and comfortable for me.

  • Marco Sampuel

    My next watch will be de Omega Speedmaster Professional.

  • Ricardo Reis

    Don’t really have any plans to acquire a new watch until the end of the summer. That being said I’m really liking the stuff the brand Baltic is putting out, especially the chronographs, so that is always tempting.
    Love this Laco and these flieger type of watches!

  • Deno Goh

    Looking at a Seiko SRPA77, definitely don’t want to pay premium non-retail pricing. Already have one booked at local AD was fortunate to catch him before he sold it. And was considering a Citizen Aviator watch, but this one is much nicer.

  • Darh109

    I can’t believe that you’re giving away that awesome watch! What’s next, a Sinn 356? The question concerned, no watches for me for a while 🙁 – well maybe an affordable one or two.

  • Steve Jacobs

    Nothing on tap as I just bought a Tissot T Touch. Yes, I’m a nerd. I’d love to win this however.

  • Addison Van Gulden

    Generally more of an A guy, but this is a very decent B type 😉

  • Michael Young

    I plan to add a tag very soon.

  • Gary Aerne

    I would love to add a Seiko premier perpetual Novak Djokovic Special Edition watch to my collection. I saw it on ablogtowatch a couple of years ago and really liked the appearance and function of it.

  • BillSWPA

    I have been looking to upgrade my wife’s watch. I am looking for something with a quartz movement, small (preferably less than 30 mm) size, at least some numeral markers, good water resistance, a bracelet, and preferably a diamond bezel or perhaps some (but not all) diamond hour markers. I have not made a final decision yet, but am still looking. I have found a few good options that check most, but not all, of these boxes.

  • Jose Felipe Garcia Vivanco

    I’m into getting a pair of classics a Panerai Luminor Marina and a Omega Moonwatch. Different but unique. I will go to the primary market but paying a premium if the secondary is a must if you want a 10/10 watch.

  • Dominic

    I’m not looking for any new watches, as I just picked up a Nomos Orion last month. It was not in stock, but the AD ordered it and I had it within the week.

  • warscourge

    I intend to look for a watch that is durable and yet classic in look. Most likely buying from a watch dealer selling exquisite watches. Hopefully there is one out there that would suit my taste.

  • Norbs K

    I was thinking to get one of those Seagull 1963 reissues. Cheap, Chinese, but has a bit of history and it’s a mechanical chronograph. What else would one want under $200?
    Also I have a Laco on my list but that has to wait because of it’s price, unless…

  • fearlessleader5

    Before the end of summer? That’s not long, so I suspect the only watch I’ll be getting is a not-expensive Vintage I found to try on the bay… of course a brand new Laco would be a much nicer option!

  • Jerry Davis

    If I was looking to buy it would be from the gray market, or pre-owned. Full retail is ridiculous.

  • Sean Peck

    I will most likely buy some at least one more Molnija watch this summer.

  • Humphrey Mar

    No big plans for watch acquisitions at this time.
    A friend mentioned a certain Seiko (a brand I’ve never owned)…

  • Xavier Van Aubel

    My NOMOS needs to go to Germany for a repair/service and I wouldn’t want my wrist to go out naked (I don’t own any other watch). So I’m planning to buy something completely different: a recently re-released Number Cruncher from Mr Jones Watches. This previously limited edition is back in stock in a slightly different coloring scheme. So no premium to pay, yay!

  • Nic

    Recently, I’ve been checking out fliegers. This one will do nicely… 😉

  • Kevin Beard

    I’d like to pick up a Glycine Combat 6, or an Alpina Seastrong before the summer is over. I’ll get it online, they are readily available.

  • Gal Sh

    To be honest, I’m a bit short on money so I don’t plan any watch acquisitions.

  • Peter Jones

    I plan on getting a cheaper wateproof watch for the fall , use for hiking and similar out door activities

  • Gokart Mozart

    In that case they just need to have more watches to win.

    Put an Apple wrist device as a prize and there will be about 5000 comments.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Casio f91w to confuse people.

    • andyr0ck

      A classic.

  • Jason

    I’m not sure I’ll make it before the end of summer but I’ll be in the market for a watch with hidden lugs.

  • Týr Miranda

    I actually JUST picked up a Rolex Sub Hulk that landed today. I’ve spent all day busily learning about this model and adjusting the bracelet. Hoping to pick up a vintage Sea Dweller sometime this year as well. Probably won’t make it by the end of summer, however.

  • Asem Maher

    I HOPE I CAN GET NEW AQUANUT orange strap

  • Anita Duvall

    There are a few Omega watches that I am watching on ebay to pick up for my husband’s watch collection.

  • Cam Nadeau

    I don’t have any plans to buy a watch before the summer ends. However, my next purchase will be an Omega Speedmaster Professional and they are quite easy to find.

  • JohnBoy of Alaska

    Sweet watch! I have plans to get a bronze diver here soon. Got my eyes on a Christopher Ward c65 or an Evant Bronze green dialed diver.

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    I plan to get a simple Seiko Samurai in the next week. In my country they aren’t sold in AD’s, so Im ordering from japan online store. I dont plan to pay premium and yes they are available in stock.

  • Alexander V

    Will probably be picking up a Casio G-Shock soon, most likely the Rangeman GW-9400-1. Although I love my watches mechanical, I need something a bit more shock resistant as well.

  • Shammy K

    I have my heart set out to get something premium if I see a good deal. Might even pay a premium on the second hand market if the piece is good quality.

  • Skootertrash

    Unfortunately any new watch purchases will be out of the question for the near future. : / So I’ll just keep rocking my SRP777 on an Isofrane for the summer.

  • Andrei Mihaila

    I really need a portuguese in my life, but I can’t afford one so probably I will probably buy a Parnis homage.

  • Douglas Weedman

    Would love to pick up the Glasshutte Original Senator Cosmopolite but will probably end up with the Seiko SRPB21.will dress it up with a waffle strap from Uncle Seiko.

  • Jean-Sébastien Beaulne

    I’m soon going to pick up an A. Lange & Sohne Saxonia Thin. Trying to get a good deal with my jeweler.

  • donkol

    Alas, no funding for another watch this year.

  • Pat Mon

    Want to get an Oris Diver 65 and a Fortis Cosmonaut Chronograph.

  • Swolelax

    I plan to pick up a Tudor Heritage Advisor soon. Should be able to get a nice discount pre-owned as they aren’t in high demand.

  • SBUBandit

    Just picked up a Sottomarino Ceramico and am awaiting a new Nato strap I ordered recently, so no more major purchases this summer. I do all my shipping second hand, just watching for the right deal on something that interests me. If the right deal on a nice G-Shock came along I might grab one.

  • SeanM

    No watch purchase plans right now. Heading out of country for a work trip soon and will see what strikes my fancy in the local markets

  • JD Ouest

    What’s not to love about this beauty. Probably the only watch I will buy is a new g-shock. Not into second hand anymore.

  • Thomas Goodin

    I’m planning on picking up a beater diver, either a Vostok 420913 or Invicta Pro Diver that I can mod. Both are readily available and the parts to mod them are even more accessible so they make for the perfect dive watch!

    I’m also keeping an eye out for any dial that looks like a Sinn 556i that I can use on a bead blasted Seiko mod because I am strapped for cash as a student but love watches!

  • billy mclaughlin

    Not really looking at anything except possibly replacing my desk diver SKX007. It’s slowing down and probably cost more to service than replace.

  • andyr0ck

    Currently hankering after a vintage Omega Speedmaster Reduced with lovely red face and leather strap…it’s just the same price as a decent holiday so not quite there yet!

  • RM

    I’m really interested in adding a GMT or a Flieger (just like this Laco!!!) to my collection but, unfortunately, those purchases are probably going to have to wait until 2019 =(

  • Bob Tawillager

    I’m thinking something rugged for mtb riding if I stack it!

  • Elliot

    Looking at getting a watch with a GMT function, but also a dive watch. Most of the options are readily available online.

  • alex

    well, I want a “beater automatic” watch (likely going for a seiko 5 or an orient)
    both are available easily online and in stores

    sure, I’d like a flieger like this but it is a bit out of my budget

  • Claudiu

    Fortunately I don’t have this kind of problems as I have no plans of getting any new watches in the near future.

  • Giovanni Hezekiah

    Going to buy an old seiko quartz chronograph (7A or 7T). They’re not available on AD, and going to buy it in mint condition with price slightly higher than market price.

  • Brandon Clark

    I’m currently searching for a good Zodiac Seawolf. While the newly released SuperSeawolf has my attention, I’m really interested in finding the rare 1950’s Seawolf (with pre-backbone Dauphine hands and no date wheel). The AD no longer makes them like they used to, and as this is a vintage watch it’ll be a little harder to come by. The ‘bay is looking pretty good though. I’ll likely have to pay a bit of a premium, as there are others like me who are looking for this particular model, but I’ll get it.

  • Patrick Perez

    I just visited the Grand Seiko boutique and have decided on my next purchase, which will be a while in the future.

  • shanekleinpeter

    First off, I think this is a very cool watch with minimalist appeal and functionality all at once.

    I don’t have any immediate plans before the end of the summer but am looking to buy another GMT next.

  • A Cheese Sandwich

    I just had to return a watch (rather not say who from here), so I’m thinking the money now goes towards either that Bulova moonwatch, or just putting it towards saving for a compressor-style diver. Possibly one of those Zelos ones.

  • Lesley Miller

    Cool watch giveaway. Functional sleek stylish

  • Philip Beresford

    I’m planning to pick up a Nomos Club Datum 38mm. They are readily available, but there are very few AD’s here in Australia and strangely not a lot of discounting so I’ll probably try to find one pre-owned instead.

  • Cagbass

    This summer I picked up a Steinhart Ocean 1 39mm. I definitely did not pay a premium. In fact, I watched the exchange rate of the Euro and waited for it to bottom out before pulling the trigger! Haha
    I love type b pilots and have been trying to convince myself to save up for a Laco.

  • peacesun

    The Laco Dortmund Pilot Watch is unique with the blue tipped hands and casual sturdy watchband. As a nurse, I like the easy to read sweep second hand for counting breaths and heart rate.

  • Brian Zimmerman

    I just received my Stowa 90th Anniversary Fleiger Klassik Sport about a month ago so my collection is done through this summer. Funny enough, a Laco B-style Flieger is also on my wish list but I think the next watch I will purchase in the next year will be be the Sinn 857 UTC. I believe the only AD to purchase this in the US is which is where I would probably pick this up as opposed to the 2nd hand market. They are readily available.

  • Pete Yo

    I enjoy watches that are not too busy. This summer I picked up a used Rolex explorer and crowd funded the Haldor DLC. The latter should arrive this month. I’m going to put the Laco Dortmund Pilot on my new “wish” list.

  • CoreyFong

    I’m looking to pick up my first Steinhart vintage GMT and possibly a Deep Blue Nato 300.

  • Matt

    I have a vintage Hamilton and an SKX. I’m thinking about picking up a hand wound dress watch either vintage or possibly a Tissot. I like enamel dials but they tend to be hard to find in good shape. I’ll probably pay a preimium for vintage. Or pick up a seiko secondhand.

  • Jeff Jackson

    Love the Laco! I have been lusting over a Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Chrono for a while. While I’m not certain I will pull the trigger before the end of the year, it is high on my list.

  • avisluna

    Given the time of year and my penchant for microbrands I hope to get either the Zelos Mako, the Makara sea turtle II, or possibly the Marloe Coniston…..obviously I haven’t quite made up my mind. Love this Laco as well though.

  • Eran Buhbut

    For me, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is probably the most complete watch. There are of course better ones but as an all-rounder for history, performence, complication, style, quality and even value for money, I personally think it’s the best and I would be very proud to own one. As far as getting one, I held back but I just might pull the trigger on that one. there are many ways for getting one, so I need to work that one out, hopefully as early as the end of the month…

  • Ken Willie

    I would love to buy a new Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch.

  • Saayed Agha

    I would like to pickup a Casio Edifice watch this summer. It is quite easily available especially with Amazon and eBay as online options for second hand ones.

  • A G

    I am not planning to by any wathces yet.. But I lived and worked in Dortmund many years ago.

  • Brian L

    Really intrigued by the Dan Henry 1970. Love the bright colors and lume on that watch.

  • Paul Dietzel

    I’m thinking seriously about an Orient Triton with a black face before the end of Summer.

  • I really want to get a Nomos. Probably won’t happen anytime soon.

  • Alex Strîmbeanu

    Planning on getting a Cristopher Ward diving watch. Don’t know if I will buy before the end of summer, but maybe before the end of the year.

  • Matt Jaffe

    Most of what I want are full-release watches, but all seem to be back ordered or not carried in stock at ADs. Rolex Explorer 1 or the Black Bay 58 (but that’s looking like a very long wait). I’m very much willing to go to the secondary market for the right piece… I won’t pay premium over MSRP for a used watch, but am willing to pay a bit from a more legit seller to ensure quality, condition and guarantee the watch is real.

  • ALB

    I’m hoping to get a Nomos Tangente, preferably new. I need something work appropriate, and the Nomos fits the bill and seems to be readily available.

  • Randy Bradford

    Most of my watches are what I call, rescue watches. I look for mechanical watches manual and automatic, to bring back to

    usable condition. I prefer not to fully restore my time pieces, I like the patina of a worn watch. This is my way of having nice
    watches not necessarily new or modern.

  • Brian Leenheer

    I plan to pick up a new Magrette Dual Time 18, looking to add a dual time watch to my collection as well as one with a navy face!

  • Michael

    An inexpensive chronograph – a working vintage Seiko if I can find one, or the Casio F-91W new from an AD.

  • Bader Sobahi

    Most of the watches I own are Diver watches. I own SEIKO SKX009 which I love so much. The only dress watch I have is Omega Seamster KM6323. I want to add NOMOS Glashütte watch to my collection, TANGENTE to be specific.

  • Minimalist. Nice.

  • Lurch

    The watch I plan to pick up is a discontinued Citizen Promaster model used on ebay. This is the only option and an AD is not possible.

  • Jasper D

    The one watch I really want before the end of summer is a Junghans Max Bill handwound, perfectly small, manual wind watch, that would fulfil my desire for a nice midcentury vintage but without the headache of trying to source, verify and maintain a vintage watch, and readily available at ADs. It would also make a nice complement (or contrast) to this Laco!

  • Albert

    Beautiful watch. Wouldn’t mind!

  • Martin Ben-Elohimchayyim ?uba

    I plan pick up Seiko Alpinist on second hand market because it is discontinued

  • I just paid for my Halios Seaforth series III. Waiting for that to ship in the next few weeks. I’m also on the hunt for a Grand Seiko SBGR073. It’s discontinued and was a boutique exclusive, they don’t come up often. I’m also on the list at my AD for the Rolex pepsi but that’s still likely a year of more away given where I am at on the list.

  • Unruly ElA

    I first came across Laco about 12 years ago, before it was more readily available in the USA. I recall visiting the official Laco site and some other European ones to read about them. I so wanted one because it just screamed masculinity without being overly obstreperous. I have and still have an appreciation for military inspired/looking watches, I just gravitate to them. Junghans is another watch brand I have been lusting over for about a decade now. From the MaxBill Chronoscope to the newer models like the Meister Driver collection, they just define what a clean modern watch should look like. It seems this year is not turning out to be the one in which I acquire a new time piece, unless I get an end of year of bonus.

  • Brian Russell

    Nothing by the end of the summer, but considering adding a second Damasko to the collection. Wearing the DC67 right now.

  • Harry Lakin

    I just got an iPhone…I’d been a Samsung guy all these years. I’m thinking about an iWatch. I wonder though if it’ll ever supplant my Omega Speedmaster.

  • Alexandre Becquevort

    My next watch will be a seiko sje073 baby snowflake, the LE thatst supposed to come out soon, if i can get a good enough deal on it

  • James Fann

    I plan to pick up a new seiko 5 by the end of the summer (not 100% sure which model). These watches are found at ADs, but they are often marked up much higher than what is found on the secondary market. I will probably make my purchase through Amazon Prime for a nice discount!

  • Mark Benton

    My next watch will be a Sinn U1 SDR, before the end of the summer. I’m am planning to purchase from an AD and generally available within a few weeks of ordering. I will consider the second hand market but they are not watches that are commonly found second hand.

  • Wallace Wade

    I think the styling of this watch fits well with my way of life: efficient, matter of fact, cool. Would greatly like to add it to my collection.

  • Tristan

    I’d very much like to pick up a Black Bay 58. They’re not yet easily available at ADs or on the secondary market, but I live in hope I can pick up one at a discounted price in the near future – either new or lightly used

  • Jeremy .Song

    I want to pick up a blue diver watch. Something like Tag Aquaracer or Omega Seamaster. I guess I’m just not sure about how much I want to spend on a watch at this moment. They should be readily available(I don’t know about the new 2018 Seamaster). What I might actually do is save up and get 2018 Seamaster next year in the used market when the price bubble is gone.

  • Bryan K

    I am planning on adding a GMT Master II. Pretty much impossible to find in stock at AD, but I am next up on my AD’s list. Fingers crossed!

  • Nixa

    I plan to add an Orient Bambino Gen 4 to my collection. They’re pretty easy to find and inexpensive online. A nice, dressy and reliable watch to add to the rotation.

  • Sharif Rafiev

    I want to add to my collection an Orient Blue Ray II. It must be available at AD, we will see. For now keeping on with Seiko Prospex SSC423.

  • Dave Patey

    I have just asked my long term girlfriend to marry me, so that is a great excuse to add a dress watch to the collection in the next few months, as most of mine (currently 40+) are aviator or diver’s styles.

  • B W Wooster

    I have a Lucien Rochat Chrono, and really want another Lucien, but cant find an AD in Sweden, always searching when I go abroad though.
    Since I live half a year in Dortmund this watch would be a great reminder of those happy days.

  • Aaron

    I like the smaller size–45mm is a lot easier pull off as a daily wear. As for new watch(s) for the summer, I’m looking at picking up a SKX. I need to replace my beater. I’ll probably pick it up on Amazon. Can’t beat the convenience of one-click shopping.

  • Djoha

    Beautiful Flieger! Laco has deep roots in this design and a well-deserved reputation for reliability and readability. It’s a practical and attractive design. I would definitely consider adding one to my collection.

  • Dennis

    I am going to add a SARX055 to my collection. It is a JDM watch not sold in the US so it is not available from a US retailer. That doesn’t mean it is hard to get, but there are extra hoops to jump through. It’s a new watch so there’s rarely any for sale second hand.

  • betty23

    Laco ate my taco… I’ve been reading this blog and listening to the podcast since it was ablogtoread. I’ve always liked Laco for it’s military style and decent pricing. This one is very cool.

    I’m not planning on buying any watches this summer or this year. I sold my old Muhle Glashutte and Halios puck and bought a 114060, which I wear most of the time, except on some days I wear a Shinola Runwell. I’m through buying watches, though I’m often tempted, like I am tempted by this Laco!

  • Jj

    thinking about the new farer chronograph

  • Ionesi Victor

    No plan to buy a watch this year. If somehow it will happen than it will be a watch ready available.

  • Olaf

    Planning to buy a Rolex Hulk at an AD, but, oh well, you know that means waiting a long time…

  • My next target for a watch is actually any digital model for keeping track of my running and soccer playing movements and calories, so it would actually be a heart monitor. But last week I saw a really nice diver model from an unknown brand for me (Magnum, I guess) and It was a bargain, so I might look it up soon. But getting nice watches in my city is really difficult, so my purchases are mostly during trips or by internet if I seek for a more commercial model or something to wear casually exchanging straps and parts.

  • Rufaro Gomwe

    The Laco Dortmund is my favorate flieger in the Laco line.

  • Brandon Fang

    After indulging in a mechanical timepiece fetish for the last few years, I’m going back to no nonsense solar powered atomic radio controlled quartz goodness. I’m going back to convenience and tough build quality. So, naturally, that means a G-Shock. Though I would not be averse to wining this flieger as well!!!

  • Jure

    The Longines Hydro Conquest is on my list fo a diver watch. I think it is a great bang for the buck, readily available. The Laco Dortmund is a wonderful timepiece in my opinion, true old school look which i like a lot. Hope i get lucky 🙂

  • RD

    My current mechanical collection is full, however I’m in need of something a little more rugged. Looking at various G-shock options at the moment, and having a hard time narrowing it down. I would definitely welcome the Dormund however! A beautiful piece that would look great on my wrist!

  • Periša

    Hopefully this one ?

  • Alberto

    The Laco Erbstück model lines has always been in my sight and i got
    quite happy when i saw this giveaway although i’m not very lucky with
    these kind of things.

    I’m also interested in the Casio Pro
    Trek PRG-600YB-3ER, which would be an amazing add to my Rangeman, being
    the more “casual” ABC watch.

    And a cheap used Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA011 would be a dream to me. But i’m asking too much there.

  • Willi Wacker

    I have put out my feelers to pilot chronographs. Wavering between a used Omega Speedmaster X-33 Gen2 (which I think looks better than the current one and comes a lower price tag ofc), a Damasko DC80 or a Archimede Pilot Chronograph (custom build without date).

  • Nicholas Yeung

    Dress watch, probably the Seiko SARB065. When it’s back in stock!

  • Reese Heinrich

    Not planning on any new watch purchases this summer, but I might wind up picking up either a Casio Pro-Trek or Rangeman.

  • Nico Vanetti

    Actually now im lookign fordware to some german manufacturers like kronen and sohne and i like the navigator, also looking for a everyday option, not sure yet which one!

  • Eugene Najera

    Would like to pick up a NOS Eterna Super KonTiki. Not willing to pay over market so still do not have one. Eterna is a watch brand that just rocks IMHO.

  • Damian Fredericks

    Hey! I’m looking at picking up a Orient Bambino V4 and a Seiko SKX009 or the SKX007 can’t seem to decide which one I want. should be readily available to buy, don’t even mind to pay a premium for it

  • SB

    I hope to find a decent used Seiko or Pulsar RAF chronograph. Also have my eye on the Seiko Prospex Samurai. It is easily found at AD.

  • Ivan

    I’m planning to pick up either a Hamilton Khaki King Auto or a Tissot V8 Swissmatic. Generally, both are easily availbale pretty much anywhere.

  • Calvin Lee

    about the watches you I plan to pick up and add to our collection before the end of summer is “pontvs hydra”. They are easily found in stock at ADs and I’m not planning to pay a premium on the second hand market. It is because their watches are readily available.

  • korbindallis

    I really love this watch, the watch i want to get this summer is a 200m diver, i choices would be a citizen or seiko or orient ill decide later its cheap for around $200 to $400 and its readily available in store on online

  • DS

    Awesome watch. The watch I want to get this summer is a Martenero Kerrison in 42mm and white and blue. I will have to buy the watch of the manufacturer’s site, but it is not too expensive.

  • Richard Borden

    Fantastic looking watch!

  • Jordan Orley

    I just recently picked up a gorgeous manual winding Omega Speedmaster “Tin Tin” Racing watch which I am enjoying very much! Good luck to everyone and congrats to the winner!

  • Law KF

    Planning to get a utility watch for my daily work in a veterinary clinic. So I’m looking for a G-Shock watch with all the basic functions but not too fancy. Will shop for a new one on an online store that offers the best price like ADs. I’m sure that its easily found but getting the right fit that’s the challenge.
    The gorgeous looking Laco Dortmund Pilot watch will surely be a welcome addition to my watch collections, being wanting to have a pilot watch… Good luck to all!

  • Benny Aldaba

    I’m very keen on getting the recently announced Tudor Blackbay 58. But our local AD only gets allocated one every few months or so. Will be looking out for one in the used market.

  • Sabino

    I have recently fell in love with these Pilot watches and have just picked up Laco Palermo (the orange tone) from Laco directly. Since getting it, I love it to bits and sort of regret not getting the original versions (ones with ETA movements) and so the next one I am hoping to get would be either Dortmund or Paderborn.

  • Vladimir Moldovan

    Very nice watch, although I like them a bit smaller (~40-42 mm).
    Chances are I’m not going to add anything to my collection this year, but if I could, I would really like to get a Nomos Metro.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Bruno Gonçalves

    Superb watch!
    Plan to buy a Laco on the future! Love the dial 🙂

  • Yi Chan Jen

    I would like to pick the Laco Blaue Stunde Type B. I like Laco alot even before I heard the story of 5 commission brand. I bought a Laco Bronze type B and I’m very satisfy with the patina now. People always told me my watch is beautiful and I’m always recommend them to get a Laco. Nothing beat Laco in my heart =)

  • nemonomenest

    Planning to add a Vostok Amphibia, and mod it a little 🙂

  • Independent_George

    I plan on buying a Stowa Chronograph 1938 in bronze. Well, not the end of summer technically, since it’s already over except for the celestial calendar, but by the end of October. Drawback is you have order them through Stowa’s website, all prices are quoted in Euros, and some folks are predicting a rise in the Euro, and there are conversion rate fees. Good news is that as an American, I don’t have to pay a VAT, and because it’s an international sale, I don’t have to pay a sales tax, so it all washes out. To date, the Euro’s been steady at a favorable $1.15 to $1.17 for a while, so I might just pull the trigger very soon.

    If I saw a used one for sale, I’d jump on it!

    I like the Laco fliegers, preferring the traditional flat lugs and the oversized onion crown. The Laco bronze fliegers are cool even though the smallest size is 42mm. I’d let it patina and fit it with a Pilot’s strap from the Strap Smith. Laco’s Blaue Stunde fliegers are cool as well, and I’d dress that one up in a Milanese bracelet, though I wish they’d offer one in 39mm.

    • Doug Wisniewski

      Just bought a Stowa Flieger 40mm A Dial and was very pleased with the process. Arrived very fast too via Fedex.
      Because it’s online, you can customize it with engraving, different movements and straps, etc. The Chronograph looks great in bronze, hope you can pull the trigger!

  • Scc

    Super sexy watch!

  • Till Heidfeld

    I watched Dunkirk at home and was fascinated by the amazing Omega CK2129 that Tom Hardy wore, after looking for Flieger Watches online I found Laco, i liked them so much that i bought bought a Laco Sport Watch from the 50s-60s.
    As a Student and Glider Pilot i don’t have the money for such a good looking Flieger watch but I really enjoy the good looks of that classic Flieger Dial.
    Hoping to get one, one Day.

  • ShawnC

    Planning to get myself a 39/40mm flieger from Laco or Stowa. Believe it is readily available on ADs. And I wouldn’t consider to get it from second hand market cuz I prefer it to be fresh.

  • S D

    This would be my first aviation watch and would be a great way to begin a collection.

  • Tamson Lee

    I recently got a Laco Aachen and im in love with it, so i doubt i would be buying another watch this by the end of summer.

  • Sean Rogers

    My current collection consists mostly of Seikos and budget pieces. I would love to pick up a pre-owned Laco this year. I like the style of their pilots watches. They seem to be readily available at ADs, however I’ve been lurking on /r/watchexchange waiting for a good deal. I wish I could afford a new one 🙂

  • Brenton Stone

    I’ve been looking for just the right flieger, preferably a no logo no date version, in manual winding configuration. I plan for the purchase to take place within the next 12 months when the right deal presents itself, but there’s no need to pay a premium at an AD, as I’m not looking for anything limited or hard-to-find. As wuickly as things are progressing, it’ll likely be within the next few weeks!

  • Nick Scapellato

    I’d love a flieger style watch like the Laco but I’ve been looking for another Seiko Diver like the SPB077, my Grail being a Speedmaster! All of which are easily found on the second hand market but I’d be willing to pay a bit more for a verified Omega.

  • Matthew Wright

    Actually looking to pick up the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical. Love military inspired watches. Been considering the Paderborn for some time. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Brian Marker

    Well, definitely plan on getting a few watches this year including the Hamilton IntraMatic Chrono, new Hamilton Khaki Field, Longines Avigation Big Eye, and Longines Military Watch. I am very much a “vintage” and “classic” look kind of guy and this Laco would be perfect for me to go with my Laco diver I own. I have had this Dortmund on my list for years.

  • Mike

    I love aviation/flight watches. I have always loved Laco’s watches. Great brand. You can’t beat them for their authenticity, and value and style. I’d say Laco, Stowa and Sinn make the best Flieger watches. I don’t see many at AD’s by me even though I’m in NY and you would think I’ve come across them. For my next immediate purchase I’m looking into picking up a Junkers Bauhaus style watch. I was going to go for the Max Bill Bauhaus watch from Junghans, but I have my eye on another Junghans watch so I’m looking to mix up my brands a little and give Junkers a try…plus at the price point I feel it’s a great value. I’ve also become a Watch Gang Black member…as I said I’m looking to broaden my brand horizon from the typical Luxury brands out there and give some other companies a chance.

  • Matt

    I have been into Seiko diver watches lately. I am looking to add a SBDC063 to my collection. I will probably buy from an AD, theirs not much savings on the secondary market at this time.

  • Bec O’Donnell

    Got interested in Laco Fleiger watches after bingeing on WWII in colour on Netflix. Fantastic series and really brought the conflict to life for me. The Germans had such superior equipment in many ways to the Allies. I’ve been looking to add an aviation watch plus a German made timepiece to my small collection and this piece would tick both of those boxes. Other other piece I’m looking to purchase this summer is a Seiko Cocktail Time as I need a dress watch and the dial on that watch is gorgeous. This is obtainable at AD’s but I’d be happy to purchase on the secondary market also. I’m inheriting soon an Omega Geneva from the seventies that was my grandfathers watch also. I was extremely excited when my grandmother offered to pass it on to me as I fondly remember by Pa wearing it.

  • br1ce

    I have been planning on getting a pilot watch for a while but never been able to figure out which one.
    That laco looks great, it is could definitely be the one that makes me pull the trigger before September ends.

  • Ow Yeong Mun Yip

    Interested in the Longines Big Eye Aviation, currently looking on my first automatic chronograph. I love aviation watch love the retro design and how legible it is. I will probably buy from an AD.

  • Gary Lewis

    Would like to get an Omega Speedmaster this side of Xmas. Local AD has a nice one or two in stock

  • Valentin L?rincz

    Good day!
    Currently i am in no position to pick up a new watch, but i just discovered (about 3 days ago) the Laco Aachen, and it sort of became my dream watch! Since the Dortmund is quite similar, this opportunity to acquire a Laco greatly peeked my interest!
    These Flieger’s are readily available through the offical website, so i’m keen on becoming a “first-hand” owner, in the future!
    I’m really grateful for this opportunity, so i am definitely following both ABlogtoWatch and WatchGang on all available platforms, and of course i’ll continue to admire Laco watches through their instagram and offical site!
    Thank you!

    Lõrincz Valentin

  • Shifaan Naseem

    I love automatic and mechanical watches. And would pay premium prices for them. Planning to pickup a Seiko flightmaster soon. Laco watches are on my wish list too

  • Adrian

    Hey aBlogtoWatch!
    This year i hope to get Visitor Watch Duneshore. It is a special watch and comes in small batches from its microbrand. Currently i am on the waiting list. Phil, the founder, is an awesome guy who told me i could get lucky this year.

    On my way to work each day i see an Omega Constellation Globemaster in blue that has really caught my fancy. That would be my long term grail watch!

  • Raphael

    I am an absolutely fan of the Laco watches, own already a Laco Faro with an original Laco leather-strap instead of the steelstrap. But I am looking further for a higher class Laco watch, like the “Friedrichshafen”.
    I hope that much, to get your giveaway, because my financial situation won’t give me the ability to buy such an awesome watch…

  • Andrew Cara

    I love Laco; they have such a rich brand history that hooked me to the brand the second I started reading about it! I would love to add a pilots watch to my collection eventually, but more than likely end up with two or three! My two favourite pilots watches are the Breitling Navitimer B01 41mm (and all the vintage variations), and funnily enough, a majority of Laco’s Flieger lineup! Being bigger wristed allows me to pull off a whole range of watches, but in my opinion, fliegers need to be large; It’s their sole purpose! Good luck in the contest everyone!

  • Patrick Medovich

    Before the end of the summer, I hope to get a Laco Dortmund or a Breitling Navitimer 1 added to my collection. I’m a big fan of pilot watches, and it is my dream to own one! I think it would be cool to obtain one this year because it is my senior year and would be a nice gift to have and remember it by. These watches are expensive but easy to come by. I wish everyone else good luck and I look forward to the drawing. Cheers! – Patrick

    • Zane Domke

      The navitimer would be in the works for me too, but the SuperOcean II has attracted my full attention as of late.

  • Fabio22

    I really like watches. Unfortunately, the watches I would like to own (because i’m a private pilot) (WWII flieger type / laco dortmund for example) are relatively expensive. I am not against acquiring on a second hand market. Thank you for this giveaway ! Long life to A blog to watch !!!!

  • larsc

    Well, here in Denmark the summer is already over! However, I’m writing this on what appears to be another – albeit late – summer day, so never say never, right?
    I am a huge fan of the Fliegeruhren that were made for the Luftwaffe by Laco, Stowa, IWC, A. Lange & Söhne and Wempe. Of the modern versions made by some of these companies today, I am particularly fond of the watches made by Laco and Stowa. They are also in my price range, since my budget is limited. So for a long time, I have been looking to buy a Pilot’s Watch from one of these two companies, either the A-model or the B-model, I can’t really decide. These watches are readily available from the homepage of these companies. I have never tried to buy a used watch on the second hand market and I do not feel that I have the required know how to do that. But if one day an original watch from WWII should turn up, who knows? 🙂

  • Calvin Lamb

    I’m really eyeing the Seiko SBDY013 – Love how the color on the dial shines in the light. They are out of stock at my preferred AD but the secondary market abounds for not a lot more $.

  • Robert Larson

    Looking at an ana-dig of some kind, I think. I love the case back of the Breitling B1. I would most definitely not purchase it new, as it shows up pretty regularly in the second hand market at a significant discount.

  • Rafael Lirio

    I have on my sight the beautiful Deep Blue Juggy IV. It was restocked a few weeks ago and I’m just saving some bucks to finally buy it. They are quite hard to find due the fact that you can only buy from the official website.

  • AndyLP

    I am working towards a Panerai 779; I have been to the boutique and have it in the works. This watch is a 44mm a Luminor with a California dial. The only other Cali dial by Panerai not on a Radiomir was the PAM 629, which was a very limited edition on a 47mm Luminor 1950. The secondary market had this marked up very high, definitely out of reach.
    Though the 779 is available through the boutique, I’m not sure it should be considered readily available. Panerai’s own website hasn’t listed it yet, and buying through the store will include a wait of up to a month.
    Before I found out about this I was strongly considering a b-Hurley flirted from Stowa or Laco.

  • Justus

    I always wanted a Seiko diver, probably will get the Orange dialed SKX011J1. Really like this diver because of the vibrant orange dial, and that those aren’t worn allot.

  • matthew chen

    Hello, nothing by the end of summer, saving towards A Lange & Sohne datograph up/down but to many great vintage motorcycles keeps surfacing on the market. At this rate, it’ll probably be closer to when i retire. As for availability, there are no Lange AD in western Canada so i’d probably have to go to California, New York or Toronto.

  • rizqybitc

    Hello, dont have a flieger in my collection. Nav B been the one I’m eyeing for some time though. Had 3 divers, Seiko, Glycine Combat Sub n Steinhart Ocean 1 n 1 seiko military. My grail is Tudor BB.

  • Tony Bailey

    Waiting on a Halios Seaforth Pastel Gen.3 that was pre-ordered in the Spring and should be delivered before Summers end, hopefully…. Bought a Seiko SKX007K last week for a planned modification with parts I’ve been purchasing over the last month. Last but not least, I’ve got my eye on the Magrette Moana Pacific Diver II, but doubt I will pull the trigger before summer’s end. The Seiko I purchased is about the only one readily available from AD’s and speaking of Second Hand Market, I’m always on the look out for “Gems” that are out of production, I would pay a small premium based on the condition of the watch, my “need” for said watch and the sellers reputation.

  • cspmom

    I am shopping for a watch for my recently graduated son. High end is a must and looking for available new.

  • Stefan Pertz

    I would like to get my hands on one of the Laco Erbstuecke. In my opinion, the idea of having such a hand-aged watch is stunning. It makes the watch a real talking piece and it would surely stand out. I would have to order one as I am living in Malaysia. A lil bit of trouble as they don’t stock them, for obvious reasons I understand.

    The other one is the Grand Seiko Snowflake. What excites me is the technology behind it and the myth of the decade long research and development. I also appreciate the painstaking craftsmanship. This is a tough one to get with people in Singapore registering on waiting lists.

    My email is

  • Byron Todd

    Well, I’ve already bought a Longines HydroConquest Chronograph Automatic – to replace my Mont Blanc Starwalker 4810 (18 years old) that was destroyed in a house fire. I have a Seiko Quartz Chronograph en route. I’d love to get my hands on HYT H3…. but of course, I don’t play professional sports…

  • Matt Geissler

    I am very interested in a new dress watch this year. My two favorites for under $1000 are the Seiko SARX055 “Baby Snowflake” and the Mido Baroncelli III. Both are only available through online ADs, and I’m disappointed I can’t try them on before I pull the trigger. I love the thinness of the Mido, but at the same time, I love the depth and detail of the Seiko! If only I could have both.

    I also love the Christopher Ward C8 Power Reserve Chronometer. It packs a ton of features and style into a good package with a pretty good price.

    My email address is

  • I’m hoping to pick up a Seiko Prospex Automatic Land watch and I haven’t decided which color yet but I’m leaning toward the SRPC33 which is green. I believe that I can still get one from an authorized dealer but they are becoming harder to find. I have also been looking at flieger-style watches like the Laco 42mm Aachen Type B Dial Automatic Pilot and this one is still readily available from authorized dealers.

  • Doug Wisniewski

    I actually purchased a Stowa Flieger with an A dial recently, but I was torn between that and the Laco B dial version so I’d love to add this Laco version to my collection. I’m planning to finally purchase one of the Seiko Presage Sakura Hubuki watches as well, but since it was a limited edition, I have not had much luck finding it from an AD. I could pay a premium for it on the gray market, but there’s only so much budget to go around this year. So I’m still looking.

  • I have been looking for a good allround watch that is classy looking yet manly. I love fliegers and fields for that reason

  • Deb

    Just bought a mod Seiko 7002 GMT with mother of pearl dial. Love the yellow accents. I would like to get the new Mido Multifort Datometer. Love the clean and elegant look.

  • Dave

    The Dortmund is a great looking classic pilot watch in a nice not too big, not too small for a pilot watch size. I plan to pick up the new seamaster this year. Hopefully it will be readily available at an AD and I will be able to negotiate a reasonable discount too.

  • Rick T

    I am looking at the longines VHP. I already have a bulova precisionist so I like the idea of focusing on collecting the most accurate watches. The blue dial VHP would fit very nicely into my collection. I am going to be looking for lightly used online or grey market because of price and lack of availability.

  • penemio

    I would love to add the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Seadweller Deepsea to my small collection of dive watches.

  • ivel1977

    I love the look and feel of ceramic watches, so I hope to upgrade to a moderately priced Shinola Canfield Sport

  • Mike Time

    Ah! I just picked up a Bulova moon watch, so I am done for the summer, budget-wise. I currently have an SKX dive watch, the moon watch and a beater quartz for rugged wear. I am looking for a dressier watch for those times that you just need a dressier watch – considering a Tissot or a Longines for that role. I would prefer to purchase the Tissot or Longines through a local AD (like to support my local businesses), but would also purchase online from an AD if I could not source one locally.

  • Pilotwatches

    I’ve would like to buy either an Oris big crown pilot watch or a Hamilton Intramatic 68. Premium market could be good but an interesting offer on the second market would lead, as these models could be available, more affordable.

  • Shelli

    If I was rich I’d buy a watch every month. Right now I have my eye on a longines conquest vhp. I still need to find a close by retailer but it will most likely be readily available at a premium price.

  • Zane Domke

    There are so many watches out in the market that I want, but only one I could potentially have due to my financial situation. That one watch would have to be a Brietling SuperOcean II 42. I have seen it on multiple occasions at local ADs as well asfor a cheaper price on the grey market dealer Jomashop.

  • wcse

    I bought a Casio AE-1000W for the world time function. Should be useful for travel. No more watches for the rest of the year.

  • Nikhil Kurmala

    tell us about the watches you plan to pick up and add to your collection before the end of summer. Are they easily found in stock at ADs? Are you planning to pay a premium on the second hand market? Or, are they watches that are readily available?

    I plan on getting a SKX ,very easily found in stock, before the summer as I would love to add a beater watch to the collection. Being a readily available watch I will not pay a premium unless it has been modded to my liking.

  • Skip Delo

    I’ve already “picked up” a couple of watches this summer. I put a watch of my father’s back into service—a vintage Seiko Quartz 6923-7039. My wife says it looks “girly” (Her word, not mine!) because it’s case looks small on my wide wrist. But it makes me feel close to my Dad who passed away in 2006. I also picked up an inexpensive Casio World Time for an upcoming trip. I’m looking for a—wait for it—German pilot watch! It would be quite the coup to win this beauty. Good luck everyone!

  • Jimi

    Would love to win this as my b-day is Sept 29th 🙂 I’m about to pull the trigger on a GMT and/or World Timer as a b-day present for myself… just haven’t decided which one haa haa.

  • David

    Another great giveaway. I’ve just sold my only Pilots watch and I was not planning to rebuy just yet so fingers crossed along with everyone else. I’ve got a Glycine on the way from the grey market at very reasonable cost and I’m on the lookout for an out of stock Squale GMT, which one can’t get from an AD as far as I know. I only want to buy new at this stage as we are not talking expensive watches here. I rarely pay premium as I haven’t found the need to, nor can my wallet do so.

  • Jack Sexton

    I like the fleiger watches from Laco. I plan on getting the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch from my local AD soon.

  • Thao Pquang

    Great giveaway event. I am admired flieger design especially Laco Speyer caliber 2824.2 for a long time. It will be great to add to my collection of almost Japan calibers. I prefer to buy in second hand market because of price, but for models of flieger, it’s easier to find in AD or premium market.

  • Randy Mac

    Very nice giveaway. Laco is definitely an iconic brand for Flieger style watches. I usually like Flieger style watches, but the straps with the two rivets, not so much.
    I was planning on purchasing a bronze Torsk-Diver by Tsao of Baltimore in October, but the release date is being pushed back to early 2019. No other ‘must have’ watches on the radar.

  • Kelvin Yap

    Planning to get the Undone URBAN VINTAGE KILLY, a chronograph watch which I have been eyeing for many months, and it still attracts me. The only downside is that the Undone Urban vintage series is quartz, or mecha-quartz, but for the price and design it probably is still worth it – hoping to get some good discount code. Another chronograph watch I’ve been eyeing at is Sinn 910 SRS, which is of similar design to the Undone URBAN VINTAGE KILLY and it is automatic, but at this stage it is out of my budget. That said, the AD at my area only brings in limited selection of models as the market for Sinn watches is quite small, which also brings about the issues of watch servicing. Given the small market, second hand Sinn watches are hard to come by.

  • kat hofmann

    i am in the market for affordable watches. i don’t have the Seiko Alpinist yet. planning to get it before they are sold old or maybe a Hamilton field watch. will be probably from a reputable grey market dealer. still always have an eye on the 2nd hand market or what flea markets and charity stores have on offer. hoping to find something rare, but that you cannot plan.

  • bbfrid

    Just picked up a vintage Rolex Datejust 1601, so I may be done for awhile. I am tempted get a an automatic moonphase watch which is a complication that I love. Would love to win the Laco pilot the bead-blasted finish. I owned a Sinn 104, but grew tired of the highly polished case.

  • michaelm

    I’m planning on picking up a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Skin from watchstation which I believe is an AD. It’s currently on clearance.

  • Jack Attack

    Relative new-comer to the watch realm, looking to pick up my first personal purchase (most of my previous watches have been hand me downs, or on loans, from my father) of the Panerai PAM000. As an entry level watch, these are pretty common stock and I’ve been to the local Panerai store to try em on. I am excited for this watch as it is my first that I will be buying on my own; and because of my military background, I am especially excited to wear a piece that has a deeply rooted history working with the military (albeit the Italian Navy…). Happy to have found this blog and can’t stop reading, thanks for the great content!

  • wawan hermawan

    This one that i am looking for,,
    But it’s hard to get it my country,,rising currency exchange,,rising taxes,, and so on,,
    I’d like to pick same style with this,,Seiko snk809,,but I don’t really like the day date complication,,

  • ishtmail

    Amazing watch. I just purchased a Laco for my wife and she loves it.

  • ???????? ‘?????’ ????????????

    Greetings, mates! My immediate plans are for a chronograph. Recently I have become obsessed with military watches. My research so far has led me down to two options. Either a CWC Air arms mechanical Chronograph (with Tritium lume) or a Hanhart Pioneer MkI. The first choise is readily available from CWC themselves (although “down to last few pieces”) and from the second-hand market. If I pick this one, CWC are gonna take my money!Hanhart are also selling their watches online, so that’s were I will turn.

  • Ben m

    Great Laco, later this fall i’ll have a 90s Formula 1 added to the collection and hope to add this Laco too. The Formula 1 is not easily found, and never – NEVER pay premium.

  • marcus leef

    Love the reverse numbers on the face of this beauty. Reminds me of an old Seiko that is sitting in my drawer, only this has 10+mm of additional face

  • RDD

    I already picked up an HKed 1963 chronograph this month for my birthday. Next on the list is a vintage gold Wittnauer dress watch, used, of course. And a Soviet era Raketa. I’ve had my eye out for a nice Kopernik.

  • Pod Zastavom

    I am looking for defunct Swiss watchmaker brands and couple of interesting models from the former USSR. I am insterested mostly in affordable watches but in great condition. Decent pilot watches are hardly in this category but we will see…

  • Daniel Park

    I’m hoping to add an Omega Speedmaster which are easy to find. Just need to gather up the funds…

  • BabisP

    Hi everyone! I am looking for a new pilot watch, perhaps one from my favorite company, Stowa. But this Laco sure looks great! Stowa sells direct online and their products are mostly 2-3 weeks until shipped, so i can wait. Good luck everyone!

  • Trepies001

    Very clean watch

  • Richard Webley

    Great looking Laco. I really like the B-uhr design for it’s readability.

    Future purchases- I would really like to get a new Rolex GMT Master in steel on the president bracelet. However, none of the Rolex ADs have one in stock and I refuse to pay over list price. They are expensive enough!

    I would also be happy with a Tudor Black Bay GMT but again can’t find one of those at an AD.

    Come on Rolex make a few more!

  • Alan G

    My realm of watch collecting is so far mostly in the readily available category. The Bulova Lunar Pilot watch has been on my list for a while. The new Orient Bambino small seconds has been catching my eye as well though. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Sarthak Sharma

    Aside from this Laco, I hope to add a daily wearer for casual hikes. At the moment, my pick is going to be the new Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Can’t remember if I messaged before, but trying to pick one watch is very difficult.

    I would be tempted with a different type of pilots watch. The Glycine Airman 36mm with the proper 24 hour dial.

    Probably have to be second hand.

  • otaking241

    Decided to finally get a Speedy Pro–but which model? The new Ultraman is sweet but going for crazy money on the forums. Vintage? Always had a soft spot for the Ed White, but want a bracelet to beat the late-summer sweat. Will probably wind up getting a Sapphire Sandwich with the big box set. Not hard to find these at retail or grey market but there’s always one or two on the forums to save a few hundred bucks.

  • Mikulas

    I am strongly thinking about Frederique Constant Perpetual
    Calendar. So far it is the cheapest perpetual calendar in the market and
    therefore I am thinking about a new one. It is true that second hand can be
    found for the half of the price, but new is new. However, for me it is a little
    expensive so I do not know yet.

    My other desire is something that has not been manufactured
    yet. Lebois and co. announced new models for 2019, one of which should be
    chronométre. I have checked their previous produce and I have to say that I
    like what I have seen while the price is much more within what I am willing to
    pay. So I am hesitating whether to wait for one or buy the other right away. J

  • Pedro Quaresma

    Planning on getting a new Vostok Komandirskie, 24h!

  • Francesco Vatri

    I’m considering to add a Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military. I have already got an Ocean One Titanium and it’s a great watch. Laco Pilot collection is absolutely outstanding

  • Peter Enns

    I would like to add a Citizen Promaster Diver when I’ve saved for it. I will either buy it direct online or from the local watch store.

  • Peter Duggan

    Need a proper pilots watch, already have one but it’s not nearly as nice as the Laco.

  • joske

    I will buy a Seiko SKX009, great watch, good for my wallet and readily available

  • author

    Handsome watch; like the reverse numbers for a change of pace.

  • negativeconvexity

    Brand new watch collector here. Pilot watch from Laco was already at the top of the list to purchase. Would be stoked about free!

  • senfnas

    I´m not planning to buy a watch anytime soon.

  • jimmy1701

    Been thinking of picking up a Laco!

  • Pete Perez

    Have been looking at field watches lately. I don’t really plan my collection tho, I buy watches that look cool to me, that’s it!

  • Miguel -MO

    This pilot watch and a new Suunto

  • ahmedh1005

    been eyeing up one of these for a while, would be great to win it

  • I’ve been meaning to add a proper pilots watch to my collection for a while now. I’ve also been considering the Hamilton featured in Interstellar

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    Being a broke college student, I would like to get a Skagen Melbye with steel mesh band, so it is readily available, and within my price range.

  • Michael J. Dulude

    A steinhart GMT fleiger. and maybe one of the new Seiko digi-tunas.

  • Stewart Novinger

    Although this watch would be a bit big for my wrist I really like the dial design and would love to win it. As far as watches I am looking to acquire there is nothing in the near future but 3 I have on my want list. Number one is a Meistersinger I just saw, a LE with a bronze case that just looks great IMO. Second is a JLC Geophysic universal time in SS, I love world timers and the dead beat or true beat second complication has always intrigued me. Lastly would be the new Rolex pepsi GMT in SS, just an iconic watch, I love the bezel and the bracelet. I think I would have to pay above retail in the secondary market to get this one in the near future. On another note there are multiple user names on instagram with Laco or Watch Gang. Could someone respond and tell me which ones are the right ones to follow. I am already following ablogtowatch which I hope qualifies me for the prize. Thanks.

  • Jorge D’Onofrio

    I’m not really a collector, I’m just a compulsive buyer , If I like it I buy it. I love pilots watches and I think the dial of this one is very original. Planning to buy a IWC Big PIlot and saving for a 40’s IWC Portuguese with white dial and blue hands.

  • John Wilson

    I plan on getting a omega speedmaster moonwatch before next month. My Omega AD has all the speedmaster models I want in stock so I will go there instead of second hand, I prefer new from an AD.

  • Dario Conti

    The next watch I will get is a vostok created in the forum, I have been in the project since the begining. it will be limited to 200 units and mine will be the number 28 (my lucky number).
    other watch I’m planning to get later is the breitling aerospace in the second hand market.

  • cvguild

    I just picked up a Rolex GMT Master II BLNR Batman from my local Rolex AD after waiting 4 months on the waiting list, not readily available, but so worth the wait.

  • Beau9

    I want to add a versatile tool style watch that I could rotate in and out on the weekends. Something like a Marathon SAR, that won’t bust my budget. I could either buy second hand through the classifieds on the net or a gray market dealer, either way, its a good buy. Aside from that, I’m not really looking for a high end luxury to buy.

  • Ezra

    Apple watch so I can leave the phone at home

  • Kyle Avella

    the next watch I want to get is a hublot. they are easily available on ad however I would get one second hand due to my current budget.

  • Danijel Tojagic

    Iam looking to buy diver for some time, Orient or Seiko. From stock seller only. I like date on watch.

  • Rafael Peixoto

    I’m planning to buy a Hamilton field, it’s ready available in retail, so no need to go to second market

  • Heckler GlobalOperation

    My next watch will be a Stowa Marine 36mm, a beautiful roman-numerals dial with heated blue hands and top grade ETA 2824-2. A very versatile timepiece for both sport and formal outfits for under $800, there is hardly other alternative. This watch can only be found in Stowa website.

  • Sully

    My next watch will definitely be the Pepsi Tudor Blackbay. I really like that watch however my local AD doesn’t have it in stock so I’ll probably be on the lookout on the grey market. The watch is relatively new so would be hard to find a used one.

  • Will Paulson

    As I don’t have a huge budget for watches, all of the watches I am considering are pretty readily available at retail, so no silly markups or premiums for me! Some of the watches I’m looking to pick up are the Seiko turtle SRP775 with the gilt dial and the Oris Divers 65. Unfortunately, no ADs near me, so will probably have to order them online…

  • Sergei Rõbakov

    I’d very much like to add a digital watch to my collection. Might go with one of the classic Casio models, but I’m also impressed with the new Samsung Galaxy watch. I’m still thinking and looking at the prices.

  • Hevil

    I’d like to buy a vintage Rolex 1601 with silver or linen dial! Not easy to find one in good conditions though… 🙁

  • Roger M

    I am looking for a good used Pelagos. Usually pretty available at reliable used sellers for a decent price.

  • Munk the Mongol

    I’m planning to get me and my father a pair of custom undone vintage urbans. He’s not really a watch guy but i’m sure that he would appreciate it. Going to give it to him on Christmas. Of course I also had to get myself one

  • Jones

    I’m always keeping an eye out for a vintage Secura Globetrotter that list cities around the face – but one that says Montreal instead of NYC. I’ve seen them on Instagram, but never in person… yet.

  • egznyc

    I’ve been waiting on a Halios Seaforth for over six months; it should come any day now. In addition to this diver, I’m also waiting on a white-dialed (all lume) pilot watch from a Kickstarter-funded brand. So no, these are not found – easily or otherwise – at an AD. I won’t need to pay a premium on the second-hand market, as I bought in on-line for both purchases; but as micro-brands, these are not “readily available” watches. I kind of like the exclusivity – they’re not pricey watches, but there won’t be many other folks wearing either of these.

    I like Laco. I’ve had a smaller version of this watch for over five years now – but it lacks some of the better components, including a sapphire crystal, and my mineral crystal has a few scratches. This would be a fabulous upgrade and an interesting experiment in wearing a “large” watch.

  • W.k. Ng

    Looks good! Manual, mechanical with simple dial. That’s what I’m looking for.

  • Wajih

    Tudor 58 from chrono24 may be?

  • David Alcaina

    I’ll probably buy the new Tudor black bay 39mm. But this watch isn’t in locals of my city. I think that premium watches are better new than the second market.

  • eric chan

    I would like to buy a grand seiko snow flake if possible, but it is difficult to find and no AD is close to my area. Buying overseas might also involve taxes and duties… so I am still waiting…

  • Michael van der Veen

    I would like to buy either the nomos club campus 38 to celebrate my bachelor’s degree or I would like to buy the longines conquest 39. Both great contenders for a GADA watch. Both watches are available through ADs.

  • Frank Liu

    I’m thinking about a Cartier Santos, but I’m not sure whether I should get a new one or second hand or vintage… I don’t like the 100, it’s too big, but I really like their new model.

  • Jay L

    Being new to horology, I am looking to pick up a couple of lower end timepieces – namely the GW9400 and/or the GBR1000. The former seems to be readily available given it’s age, but the latter seems to be OOS at most ADs. At this point, I am not eager enough to want to pay a premium for them. The next step up would probably be the Speedy Pro/Black Bay.

  • Mike Richmond

    I’m planning to pick up a Christopher Ward C60 bronze and maybe a GMT (not found the right one yet). Expecting to get the CW from them direct as not seen many on the used market.

  • Alcology

    I’m trying to find a vintage Timex color flicks. Just missed one today due to not paying attention!

  • D Stockdale

    I have had my eye on the Seiko Alpiner. It had not been available locally, so I hope to find it second hand at an affordable price.

  • Larry Janeshek

    I am planning on buying a Steinhart GMT.

  • Nathan Krause

    For next purchase and to fill my void of not yet having a Navitimer I’ve taken a liking to the Hamilton Khaki Aviation X-Patrol available on the grey market since no longer a current model. Chrono24 has a good selection. Alternatively the X-Wind is available from Hamilton AD’s for similar cost but not quite the same look, having a cross wind calculator in place of the iconic slide rule.

  • Mark Nagy

    I’m hoping to pick up a Harbing2 Felix with rose gold hands for my birthday in October. Further down the road I’m saving for a FP Journe rose gold Chronometre Souverain.

  • Roger Bruneau

    Love the ivory coloured hands and the nostalgic look.

  • Richard carroll

    I wouldn’t mind getting the RADO hyperchrome quartz chrono, I’ll be looking for it at their Sydney showroom Also their 38mm Captain Cook is an interesting retro serving. Love the Laco. I haven’t got a Fleiger so it would be sweet to win.