Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster

Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster

Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster Watch What-If

"Watch What-If" is a special column on that asks the playful question "what if an iconic watch you know and love was offered in a different style?" The idea embraces a good timepiece's core design and has fun by offering new colors and material concepts to stimulate your senses. These ideas may be provocative, artistic, or just plain silly. This is about fun, Photoshop, and the celebration of wrist watch design and experimentation. The original design we work off will always be at the bottom of the article. The designs are brought to life by Beau Hudspeth who does the artwork and conception after he and I choose the models and styles to focus on. These special design experiments are extremely time consuming and labor intensive but we hope you enjoy the results. Ideas and comments are more than welcome. Enough response may even lead to a round two of design of the same watch - so please comment below. You are also encouraged to suggest watches that make it into the Watch What-If section here on

Watch What-Iffed: Omega Speedmaster Limited Edition Apollo Soyuz Ref. 311.

Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster Watch What-If

Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster Watch What-If

Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster Watch What-If

Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster Watch What-If

The original:

Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster Watch What-If

Art & Concepting in collaboration with Beau Hudspeth.

  • pkansa

    Wow – can’t wait to hear on the HourTime podcast what johnbiggs thinks of these particular interpretations. For me, though, I love the one with the moon imprinted on the dial.

  • Torben754

    Love the first one!

  • SimeonWeinraub

    I want/need that first one to be real! And, I think that moon face one would sell.

    • Glad these are proving popular.

  • rychastings

    the one with the global map and red pushers looks amazing.

    • AtSeaWatch

      Agreed. It’s a real stunner.

    • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny

      @rychastings I agree, and I thought about ‘liking’ your comment, but I don’t want anyone having more points than me.

  • Whenever you do one of these features I start to wonder why the watch companies don’t take more chances with their designs and just release slight variations of the same thing over and over.

  • AtSeaWatch

    I wish these showed a little more creativity. While attractive (for the most part), they don’t really take the Speedmaster concept beyond what it has been for far longer than I’ve been alive. It’s one of my gripes with Omega. They need to offer a modern update of the Speedmaster beynond simply slapping a new dial on it. And no, the X-33 doesn’t count.

    For the size of the watch, the lugs are so long and straight that it wears far larger than it should, and a bit awkwardly at that. The case is really dull and isn’t helped by the bracelet. At this point, it’s really just a nostalgia piece for Baby Boomers.

    • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny


      Why don’t you get off your ultra-creative ass and submit a new and exciting concept that takes us to infinity and beyond?

      • AtSeaWatch

        @JohnnyJohnnyJohnny@AtSeaWatch “infinity and beyond” Sick burn, bro!

  • Niels

    Awesome! I dig them all but the gold one 😀

  • drtymrtini

    There’s already a legacy watch brand that has sunk to the level of gimicks by offering ugly colors and “new” styles every 6 months. It’s called “Breitling.”

    No thank you.

  • JohnnyJohnnyJohnny

    The dial on the 1st one looks like a womb. It shall be now known as the “Womb Watch”.

    The yellow gold/purple concept looks like “The Kobe Bryant Special Edition” (which sounds like some sort of euphemism for rape).

    The meteor dial with red pushers is my favorite.

  • GeoffBot

    Good fun. I’d like to see a video of how you knocked up these designs – I’d love to be able to do the same myself and design some watches.

  • Niels

    The one with the red pushers is absolutely stunning! This designer should contact Omega with this..

  • Andrew O

    I kinda like the gold and purple one….don’t know why…

  • MaxyJaxx

    1 and 6! Great idea!

  • PhilipAmoss

    I like the one with the moon face, other than that if you change it to much its not a speedy!

  • LarryAyonn

    Can’t believe no one has mentioned the NASA piece. I think that’s the best looking one, next to the one with the moon face, and red pushers.

  • stephen
  • stephen

    i’m with LA below – when i first saw the red, white and blue NASA Apollo i thought that was the original. the colours balance beautifully – nice work Ariel and Beau – a surefire winner, Omega what are you waiting for…

  • CG

    Love these “what-ifs”, I’d take the moon face red pushers and both the NASA and engine turned face. Nice ideas!

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  • Taylor

    Ariel, just stumbled across this article and WOW, fantastic guess on the meteorite watch!