How much would you like to know about your fellow watch lovers? Are you curious about the type of people who share your passion? We thought you might be. The goal of this post is to encourage you to comment below and tell everyone a bit about who you are. In exchange, you get to read about who everyone else is. Think of it like the first day of class where you have to introduce yourself.

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Watch enthusiasts may share common traits but come from all walks of life. We find that diversity to be amazing and part of why we all love different things. Some of you are die-hard tool watch lovers, and others might get weak at the knees for watches with diamonds. Just over four years ago I wrote an article about six professional job categories that tend to be watch lovers. I wonder if that assumptions still holds true for the current readership of

What should you say about yourself? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. At the very least try to add a comment to this post with:

  1. Where you live
  2. What you do for a living
  3. How long you’ve been reading
  4. Brands or types of watches you love
  5. The watches you’ve worn in the last week
  6. Anything else you want to share with the support group… I mean watch lover community.

I will start. My name is Ariel Adams and I am a professional watch writer and website owner who practiced law for a while. I currently live in Los Angeles and have been into watches for over ten years now. I don’t frequently read my own articles, but I do get to hear a lot about them from my readers. I love dive watches, sport watches, and anything that mixes a beautiful design with high functionality. Over the last week I have only worn watches I am currently reviewing which include models from Breitling, Omega, SISU, Glam Rock, Montegrappa, Casio, and Linde Werdelin. I hope to help keep people excited about great watches while working to make the watch media landscape and industry better as a whole.

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Your turn…

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