Enjoying watches is typically not a solo activity. Watch lovers like myself feel the need constantly discuss or mentions watches, much to the dismay of non-watch lovers. But when you meet a fellow horological enthusiast, the conversation quickly becomes lively as shared interests intermingle. In my time I have realized that certain types of people tend to like watches more than others. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but represents six professions that tend to attract a watch loving bunch. Though it could also easily be suggested that entrance into the profession itself engenders a new appreciation that all the while lay dormant.


Myself being in this group I felt it prudent to mention first. Lawyers comes in all varieties but one thing all lawyers (should) have in common is a distinct attention to detail. We also value items of inherent value, and reliability. Accuracy is another characteristic that lawyers value, and coincidentally enough, these are the same values that many watch makers attempt to imbue their watches with (at least from a marketing standpoint). There is also the showmanship of being an attorney, and regardless of an attorney’s area of practice, it is important for them to make a stand. For this reason an attorney needs a high quality timepiece that communicates purpose and strength when seen by observers. Good brands for the successful attorney are Rolex, Roger Dubuis, Piaget, Sinn, Breguet, A. Lange Sohne, Franck Muller and many others.

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I can easily say that many attorney’s I have met either have a nice watch, are interested in watch making, or are plain watch fanatics. Lawyers tend to covet well know brands, but that does not encompass every watch a lawyer may like. There are even those lawyers who prefer very low end watches, especially when meeting with client or speaking to a jury in order to allow them to better blend in and appeal to the lay person. Overall you’ll be hard pressed to find a lawyer that doesn’t wear a watch, or have idle interest in the one(s) they have.

Banking & Finance Professionals

Whether you deal with lots of money or the buying and selling of investments, you need to have a grasp on minutiae and the big picture. With watches it is the same way. Each tiny element of a good watch must be built with perfection, and the overall result must be appealing and functional. Of great importance to all people who deal with money is signifying success and the ability to earn wealth. For these reasons an individual in finance needs to communicate qualities about themselves through items such as watches. Further, investors and alike tend to be collectors as well, and enjoy the acquisition of rare and interesting timepieces. You will thus find that many such people have nice and elaborate watches handpicked from their travels, or recommended to them by colleagues. You’ll find high level finance people and bankers with a Rolex (see pre-owned Rolex watches), Frank Muller, Chopard, Panerai, Girard Perregaux, Mont Blanc, and other high quality watches with known names.

IT Professionals & Engineers

The more senior level you go in the IT world, the most you’ll find watch lovers. Especially those who have been doing it long enough. There seems to be a connection between programming well and well performing watches. IT professionals and software developers are a bit more classic in their tastes, although you’ll find the occasion person in this field who enjoys the truly avant garde watches out there. For those who like sitting at a computer for much of the day work on the latest technology, it might seem a small contradiction that they like little machines on their wrists that tell time when a mere glance at the screen will suffice. Regardless, even though programmers often remove their watches during long typing sessions they enjoy the distinct utilitarian elements of “tool” watches. Focusing on function rather than looks. IT pros tend to like classic well built utility watches, and the best ones coming out today. Typically preferred watches include Tag Heuer, Omega, Breitling, Fortis, Sinn, Ball, IWC, and others that conjure up the idea of flawless function and reliability.

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While not the largest segment, many photographers are ideal watch lovers. Equally obsessed with both aesthetics and technology, a photographer must have an eye for looks and the ability to work with accurate, yet delicate equipment. With all this case for camera equipment, a photographer wants to know that their watch will never be something they have to worry about, and is very legible. Being used to spend a lot on high quality cameras and lenses, most photographers understand that when it comes to machines, you often get what you pay for. The idea photographer watch is supremely reliable and legible in all conditions. Like IT people, photographer tend to focus on utility over style, but the difference is that photographers will actually rely on it more. Most photographer watches are no nonsense in looks with features that help with their everyday photographing needs. These functions tend to be a power reserve, chronograph, and large legible face. Among all their equipment, photographers know their watch will likely stay with them the longest or at the least, won’t grow obsolete.



You might not initially take chefs for watch lovers, but you’d be under estimating a class of people who spend a great deal of time working with reliable tools and having a keen sense of taste. In the fast paced kitchen environment timing is everything, and you need a good watch to help. Further still, chefs enjoy a sense of stateliness and pomp, so just as plating is important, so is the presentation time on their wrists. A good chefs watch almost always have a chronograph or at least rotating bezel for measuring the time. A rattrapante (double stopwatch) can also be useful. Like other hands on professionals, chefs need reliable and accurate watches that look good when needed. Also, because every good chef elevates themselves by standing apart, you will often seen less known or avant garde brands on a chef’s wrist.


Of course pilots need a good watch. Most modern watches have at least a few elements on them that stemmed from a feature initially designed for a pilot or airplane. Many of these features involved legibility, accuracy, and long power reserves. Some pilot watches offer very complex features such as the slide rule on Breitling and other watches. Most pilots rely on instruments in their planes, so much of these features don’t get used. Regardless, it is nice to have a second timezone, or ability to switch between timezones easily. Out of all these professionals, pilots really need legible watches the most. Whether they are in low light or fast fast scenarios, a quick glance should be enough to register the time. With constant reliance on planes, pilots need to pick a machine that they can trust with their lives. A watch with faulty mechanicals or which is unreliable simply won’t pass muster. Because of that, any watch they enjoys popularity among pilots must have done something right. Brands you’ll often see in the sky are Breitling, Rolex, Glycine, Sinn, IWC, Citizen, and again, many others.

When mentioning the watches that these professionals use I was only able to mention a handful of brands. Lucky for us there are literally 100s of watch brands out there, from the mass produced to the high limited, and the very affordable, to the ultra decadent. If you are placed within one of these professions, consider you own love for watches, and feel free to inquire with the next professional you encounter as to the watches they prefer and always keep checking out wrists.

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