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Sports watch manufacturer Wryst has revealed a brand new collection of luxury automatic watches designed primarily with racing and motorsports in mind. The Racer range embraces the core principles that have made the Swiss company a heralded timepiece designer, together with its precise Sellita SW200-1 Swiss movement and oscillating weight visible through the caseback. In addition to those details, the Racer range brings striking sporting style and standout features including a mighty 50mm case size. The collection is available in four different styles. The fact that only 75 pieces of each reference will ever be made ensures a sense of exclusivity. The Racer serves as the perfect timepiece for anyone seeking to combine their love of racing with a love of timeless style.

Wryst Racer SX1 Stainless Steel

Wryst Racer SX1 is a combination of stylish dark grey and an eye-catching black, which is cased in brushed stainless steel to add durability to the palpable sense of luxury. The black and grey dial is supported by polished detailing and a black hour hand. Five-pointed stars are shown on the dial in addition to the caseback, symbolizing the concept of achievement. The back engraving depicts racing flags to further satisfy the theme while each of the 75 pieces is clearly numbered.

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Finer details include the screw-down polished crown and Wryst Racer logo on the durable 24mm wide strap. The timepiece carries the industrial look in a bold and beautiful manner. The SX1 embraces minimalism in every aspect, even down to the colors used. However, that subtlety and understated approach only adds to that iconic feel. Priced at $1,608.

Polished Rose Gold Automatic Wryst Racer SX2

The rose gold SX2 stands out for many reasons. Perhaps most tellingly, those masterful design features are supported by the ability to match the timepiece with any look thanks to the inclusion of two bracelets. The first is a stylish dark grey with sand color trim and a rose gold buckle to match the case. The other double-injection strap is in light sand with black lines. Both options are designed to work perfectly in conjunction with the polished rose gold case, which utilizes the same style as the SX1. Again all 75 pieces are individually numbered on the back.

Wryst’s SX2 edition boasts a dial with a subtle use of rose gold to complement the blacks and grey. The Wryst name is engraved on the buckle while the collection’s logo is displayed in several places, including the polished silver screw-down crown. This is a timepiece for the confident modern man. Priced at $1,700.

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Luxury Gold Plated Automatic Wryst Racer SX3

The yellow gold plated SX3 edition is another stunning motorsport-inspired timepiece protected by a 2mm thick sapphire crystal. This model is also equipped with two bracelets, giving you a choice of black and alpaca, or alpaca and black for a lighter, more summery feel. Meanwhile, the curved, gold plated case screams style and success in unashamed luxury. This is supported by a shiny white dial, which gains a sense of sophistication courtesy of the gold details.

As with the rest of the range, the Wryst name adorns the buckle while the Racer logo is seen on the large protected crown. The face of the timepiece has a feel of unique distinction. The precision of the mechanism is reflected by the precision of the design, and it creates a truly stunning timepiece for all occasions. Priced at $1,700.

Motorsport Inspired Automatic Wryst Racer SX4

All four pieces in the Racer collection embrace the motor racing style, but none do it better than the SX4. The black scratch resistant DLC-coated casing, supported by numerous red accents, pitches the stunning timepiece perfectly to its audience. Its bold, sporty design instantly grabs the attention while the 516L stainless steel kicks the sense of refinement into top gear. Two interchangeable black and red or grey and red bracelets encourage an even greater sense of control while still promoting that supercar style.

Despite the brutal design, the SX4 still carries a touch of elegance courtesy of the curved casing and unforeseen style. The motorsport-inspired dial stands out with even greater authority thanks to the Côtes de Genève finish and the red/black/white color scheme used to perfection. Priced at $1,726.

Like all other references offered by Wryst, purchasing a timepiece is only and exclusively possible online. The manufacturer guarantees 100% satisfaction to all customers.

All four Wryst Racer automatic watches feature the following specs:

  • Case diameter 50mm, Bracelet width 24mm
  • Limited edition of only 75 watches per reference
  • Self-winding Swiss movement Sellita SW-200
  • Two double-injection silicone bracelets
  • Display caseback with smoked crystal
  • Water-resistant to 100 meters with screw-in crown
  • 18-month manufacturer warranty

For more information visit the official boutique. wryst-timepieces.com

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