A Guide To Avoiding Fake Watches Watch Buying

Over on Forbes we published a useful article called “The Truth About Replica Watches.” You may or may not know that I write about watches and luxury regularly over on Forbes. We don’t typically point aBlogtoWatch readers over to my posts there, but I encourage you to follow my articles on Forbes. Having said that, in this instance we felt it was worth sharing a guide-style article we did helping to educate people about fake watches.

It is true that overall we tend to admonish the purchase of fake watches, but perhaps for reasons you might not expect. The replica watch industry, no matter how underground it may be, is still a billion dollar plus market each year. Timepieces are among the most mass produced fake items around, and for good reason: people want watches and watches are expensive. If you are curious about fake watches or the reasons people buy them. Or perhaps you just need to be talked out of it, head over to “The Truth about Replica Watches” here »

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