Citizen Eco-Drive Ladies Silhouette Bangle EW9990-54E Watch Review

Citizen Eco-Drive Ladies Silhouette Bangle EW9990-54E Watch Review

Watches for women aren't discussed enough here on That is probably due in part to the fact that I don't frequently wear women's watches (but hey, I try to my keep options open!). Nevertheless, I have bought many a watch for women and advised others on the topic. Based on my experiences, this is a timepiece that women will like.

Citizen is the top selling watch in the US from a volume perspective. A lot of that is thanks to their Eco-Drive Japanese quartz movements that are light powered. In fact, all three of the major Japanese watch brands (Citizen, Seiko, and Casio) feature light/solar powered quartz movements. The benefit here to those not familiar with them is convenience. A little light goes a long way for watches that need little to no maintenance when light keeps your watch battery charged. In my experience most women aren't particularly interested in winding and setting watches all the time.

Many women seem to want quartz watches that they don't need to think about. When batteries die sometimes they never end up being replaced at all. So watches that don't need a battery replacement are ideal - enter solar powered timekeeping and a product that is very exciting. Even though Eco-Drive watches have been around for a while, it still surprises me how many people aren't familiar with them.

Light enters through the dial, but Citizen is clever about designing dials that look normal on these watches. On this Eco-Drive Silhouette Bangle watch is a gray-toned dial that doesn't appear to be light permeable - but it is. The dial design is very simple and elegant. It has only the brand and a 12 o'clock hour indicator with broad hands for the hour and minute. It goes well with a crystal decorated bezel and a dainty look.

A timepiece like this is a design combination between a bracelet and a bangle. The steel case has bangle-like segments attached to the case and then a bracelet below that has removable links to adjust the size. It works for both style and comfort. It does however have a clasp style bracelet connector that can be tricky to open and close with one-hand. Overall the look from the case to the bracelet is well-integrated and attractive.

The good news is that this Citizen Ref. EW9990-54E watch can be worn tightly fitted or worn loose like a bracelet, depending on the preference of the wearer. The case is a petite 21mm wide and just 7mm thick. This is not a large watch, and offers an elegant dainty style that many women appreciate. It also makes for a good all-around design suitable for many clothing styles.

The Ref EW9990-54E is marked by the bezel crystals for added character and the elegant dial. Its combination of effortless usage and near-jewelry looks gives this Silhouette Bangle watch broad appeal and makes it suitable for many types of women. As a gift I think most women would enjoy this watch, as well as other Citizen Eco-Drive bangle style timepieces. This model retails for a reasonable $200, and is often priced a bit less at many authorized retailers.

  • Kris C

    A lot6 of the dressiness has been taken away with the big “ECO-DRIVE” emblazoned on the dial. I don’t see how that is necessary. It could also have benefitted from the removal of the Citizen name as well, just a plain ‘museum’ dial.

    Great technology though.