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Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

Last year, Hublot announced its partnership with Chelsea Football Club from the English Premier League. Along with that announcement, they also unveiled the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Chelsea FC watch, which was the first watch made in collaboration with Chelsea and also the official watch of the club. Now, a year later, Hublot and Chelsea have teamed up again for another watch, and here it is, the Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC.

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

Football (or soccer, if you’re American) is one of the world’s most popular and watched sports. As a result, football has become an important marketing device for Hublot. Besides Chelsea, Hublot also has strong ties with two other major European clubs – Juventus of Italy and Benfica of Portugal. Hublot was also the official timekeeper of the 2014 World Cup and will be the official timekeeper of the 2018 World Cup, which will take place next year in Russia.

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

The new Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC is based on the popular 44mm Big Bang and features a generous splash of blue, the official color of Chelsea Football Club. It features a 44mm satin-finished stainless steel case and a bright blue bezel made out of carbon fiber and Texalium. The bezel is held in place by Hublot’s distinct H-shaped screws, which are made out of polished titanium. The crowns and chronograph pushers are all stainless steel and feature black rubber inserts. Lastly, the watch is water resistant to 100m and comes with a rubber-lined blue alligator strap with white stitching.

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

Like the bezel, the dial is a bright sunray blue but is satin-finished. At 3 o’clock you have the 30-minute counter for the chronograph, and at 12 o’clock you have the 12-hour counter for the chronograph. The subsidiary seconds dial is at 9 o’clock and it features the engraving “SW6” – the postal code where Chelsea’s stadium, Stamford Bridge, is located.

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

Another nod to the club is the Chelsea lion in gold at 12 o’clock. The applied hour markers are rhodium-plated and filled with white luminescent material. Likewise, the rhodium-plated hour and minute hands are also filled with white luminescent material to aid legibility in dimly-lit environments. Completing the dial is a date window at 4:30.

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

The movement within is the caliber HUB4100, which is actually based on an ETA 2894 or Sellita equivalent and fitted with a chronograph module. Obviously, an in-house Hublot Unico movement would have been preferred and would have made the watch more desirable, but the HUB4100 is a reliable combination and it does help keep the price down, if only a little. The caliber HUB4100 beats at 4Hz and has a power reserve of 42 hours. The movement is visible through the watch’s sapphire display caseback on which a logo of the crest of the club is printed.

Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC Watch Watch Releases

Like last year’s Classic Fusion Chronograph Chelsea FC watch, this new Big Bang Chelsea FC watch was designed specifically for Chelsea fanatics. Compared to last year’s model, this new watch comes in a shade of blue that I think is more accurate and faithful to the home colors of the club. The Hublot Big Bang Chelsea FC watch is limited to 200 pieces and is priced at £13,000 (currently around $17,000).



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  • Mikita

    So many interesting watches this week. Not. Poser’s Sellita based watch for $17,000 commemorating a Russian oligarch’s toy club. I am sorry to say that, but is it really worth the news? Sorry if I sounds harsh.
    P.S. Why no news on our fellow Mark’s project? I think he being a regular commentor and community member deserves some credit:
    Not my personally cuppa from the front, but awesome value for just $1.4k. Just look at this caliber!

    • TrevorXM

      Not my style, but that Kickstarter watch is interesting and original in a lot of ways.

      • Mikita

        Much better than just another garish Sellita-based Hublot IMO.

    • Pete Pete

      I don’t think abtw writes articles for free. not even for long time community members.

    • Ulysses31

      It’s very striking. Certainly more interesting than another tedious run-of-the-mill Hublot.

  • Mark1884

    This would not be bad, if you take off all the Chelsea nonsense. Then it’s just a relatively restrained Big Bang. I would wear it.

    Let the shelling begin!!!!!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    This is a piece of nonsense. Give one to each player and members of the board and that should take care of the run. I recently saw the line up for a Chelsea match and not one player was English born. Just a billionaire’s play thing. The whole thing is out of order with some players on around £100,000 a week, just to kick a stupid football about. I wouldn’t be seen dead with this on. I can’t even figure why it was included on the blog.

    • PollyO

      I’m glad they said it’s for fanatics. Because it isn’t for the actual fans. Have you ever been to a Chelsea game? What an absolute horrible bunch of people. Certainly none of them would be buying this. Not that I’m judging the circumstances of their economic condition….just the sh*thouse way they behave within it.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Absolutely.Football hooliganism is rampant throughout the sport and none more so than the yobbish antics of a chelsea supporter ( I live in Glasgow where you either like Ranger ( protestant ) or Celtic ( catholic ) and they have been fighting among themselves since 1888. They are a blight on this city.

        • BNABOD

          Damn w my wife growing up Protestant and me growing up catholic this could make for some heated arguments. Now football wise the UK Football fan behavior is nuts as a whole. Let me summarize, go get hammered before the game, go to game then post game beat each other up. Better yet find a foreign team and then attacking them w a vengeance. The behavior of these “fans” out of country is also outrageous where they basically just go for a fight. Pretty pathetic actually and makes the whole country look bad

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Oh dear. The dial looks like a cigarette package.

    • And, in NYC at least, about the same price as one.

  • SuperStrapper

    It’s interesting that Hublot articles still contain text and pictures. They only need a header that says Hublot and 90% of the regulars here are going to make the same comments, they don’t actually need to see or read about the watch to form an opinion.

    And the only football news worth talking about is Italia. Tee hee!

  • Berndt Norten

    Classic Biver. Chasing the euros and greenbacks at whatever cost. He must have a formula. Proximity to oligarchy = higher douche ratio = Hublopening for a product. Selling English football heritage. By the pound.

    • Mikita

      I suggest a hashtag:
      #biverclassic or #typicalbiver ?

  • Framlucasse

    No, thank you.

  • IanE

    Ye gods, are there no depths Hublot will not explore?

    • Framlucasse

      No, there are not.

  • moronous

    Not pretty, but Hublot can do far worse. The Oktoberfest Edition was outstandingly ugly. I guess in a few tries they will top that one.

  • John Stevens

    This Hublot seems about right, I can’t quite see a football team all sporting Lange datographs or Pateks some how.

  • DanW94

    I prefer the Classic Fusion edition but I’m not much of a football/soccer fan so if this magically fell in my lap somehow I’d flip it ASAP. Are there Chelsea fans in America? I’ve yet to meet one…

  • Ulysses31

    The carbon-fibre on the bezel looks like a printed decal. The crappy logo on the rear crystal is probably a decal too. All in all, cheap looking garbage for a princely sum only a football-club owner could afford. You can dress it up all you like, with new colours and go-faster stripes, it is what it is and always will be. Yet another forgettable customisation of a forgettable watch.

  • Dakota Dennison

    Best looking football watch by Hublot yet. The gold crest at the top is great. I wish they made this in red when they sponsored Man Utd. Would like to see this at 40mm instead of 44, however it is wearable with a kit. Last year’s model wasn’t more mundane, this is a better color and look. Obviously the price is poor, however this will go for half in the grey market or less used, so it won’t be hat hard to pick up if you are a supporter in a year or two.

    Good to see everyone still hates Hublot and football / soccer. Did the comments from last year’s model get merged to this one?


    • Mark1884

      I do not hate Hublot…….. only soccer! 🙂

      • IG

        It’s ok, this is football.

        • Mark1884

          You mean foosball??

          • IG


          • UniversalXpectator

            Real Football, not what they call here “Football” which is the Americanized version of Rugby.

    • BJ314

      We hate Hublot has made 13,000 version of the Big Bang. Dear God.

  • Marius

    Looking at the advertorials found in the “more important” watch blogs (i.e. ABTW, Hidinkee, Monochrome, etcetera) makes me wonder whether these bloggers are brainwashed or just completely ignorant about horology. This “article” is a fitting example, and I would like to look at the following excerpt:

    “The movement within is the caliber HUB4100, which is actually based on an ETA 2894 or Sellita equivalent and fitted with a chronograph module. Obviously, an in-house Hublot Unico movement would have been preferred and would have made the watch more desirable, but the HUB4100 is a reliable combination and it does help keep the price down, if only a little.”

    Once again we have the “ETA-movements-are-reliable” argument, which is repeated ad nauseam, and ad infinitum. Sure, ETA calibers are reliable, and constitute a great choice for an under €2,000 watch. However, when a timepiece costing almost €15,000 uses a €300 caliber, you’re essentially ripping off your customers. I don’t understand how a person who writes about watches on a daily basis can still use the “reliability” joke argument. Practically speaking, Hublot is taking the piss at its customers, and ABTW is taking the piss at its readers.

    Furthermore, this advertorial explains that by using a cheap ETA caliber, Hublot managed to keep the price down. You got to be kidding me! This is definitely the most absurd and illogical argument that I have ever encountered. Let’s look at three chronograps that cost under €14,000 whilst offering a very capable in-house movement as well as a much better overall fit & finish.

    1. IWC Portugieser Chronograph Classic — €12,000.

    2. Ulysse Nardin Annual Calendar Chronograph — €12,100.

    3. Blancpain Léman Flyback Chronograph — €13,000.

    • TrevorXM

      Both the UN and the Blancpain are absolute killers!

    • Mikita

      Hey, buy using ETA (Sellita) they managed to reduce the price down to $17,000. From the initial $1,700.

  • Marius

    Dear Lord. Awful vulgar nonsense.

  • Juan-Antonio Garcia

    Argh! Do you think a single player of this fine club with a so refined taste in the good things of life would buy, much less wear one of this? That is why we have Richard Mille, to fill this void.

  • Tea Hound

    Absolutely shït. Why on earth wrote about this nonsense?

  • Yan Fin

    Actually looks not bad. For Kickstarter $130 watch. ETA inside? OK, let’s say $530? Oh, Chelsea insignia? No problem, decent jeweller can take it down. So, $530?


    look at that gorgeous undecorated 7750 nice……….but but you get a gold lion sooooo 17 grand yeah that is a steal
    and no this is not a 2894 do yourself a favor and zoom in ok.

  • Lurch

    This is a watch on the mother of a Chelsea football player could love.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    I don’t know how much season tickets cost nowadays. But I should imagine there not much difference between that or the watch in price. Doesn’t answer the question, why?

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