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Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I’ve finally joined the ranks of the many, many Luminox watch owners. On my wrist, is the new Colormark Chrono (Chronograph) – in a delightful green on black color scheme. The Colormark line started with a three-hand model, where Luminox took their standard look, and switched up the colors for something more fun. As such, you have options such as green, blue, orange, and white.

Amazing is the comfort level of the watch, as well as the refinement for the price. This isn’t a luxury timepiece, but is a great little workhorse. For people in the active duty world, these have always been popular pieces for being highly legible, durable, and light weight. Coming in a hard polycarbonate case (basically a fancy plastic), this watch is hard, but oh-so-light. Luminox says the watch is carbon reinforced… never really sure what that meant, but it has a nice molded look that isn’t cheap in appearance, and feels nice to the touch. The case is 44mm wide, and looks it thanks to a bezel that isn’t extremely wide (as in some other Luminox watches). The crown and pushers are in polycarbonate as well, but in a metal color as opposed to the black. I would have liked for there to be a Luminox logo on the large crown. The screw-on caseback helps with the watch’s 200 meters of water resistance.  It has a mineral crystal.

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Style wise there is a lot to like about the case – masculine and aggressive, it has a lovely feel under your fingers and a strong look. The curved lugs help the case sit very comfortably on the wrist. With the rubber strap closed tight, the watch sits very securely on the wrist, but doesn’t flail about if worn a bit more loosely.

The Colormark series is certainly one of Luminox’s pro style watches, with lots of function in mind. I love the chunky rotating diver’s bezel that clicks with 60 secure sounds, and tritium gas tube placed under a small window at the 60 minute marker. A lot of watches in this price range can learn lessons from Luminox when it comes to bezel design and refinement – even though it is made from polycarbonate. Functionally the watch is very reliable and simply to use. Though I must say that the crown is a bit harder than it should be when you are trying to pull it out. On the one hand it is nice to know it is securely “in there,” but it is tough and awkward to pull out.

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I really love the rubber strap size and feel. It has a double pin style buckle in metal, and a thick, substantial, and textured feel to it. Luminox opted not to mach the black case with a black coated metal buckle, and instead went with a brushed metal buckle signed with the Luminox logo. I don’t mind the color discrepancy at all to be honest.


Inside the watch is a Swiss Ronda 5030.D quartz chronograph movement with the date. A solid movement that benefits from its Swiss origin, and enjoys pretty popular use in many watches. The watch dial is your typical Luminox fare that can take a bit of getting used to if it isn’t something you are already familiar with. It can look quite crowded at first, but you later come to appreciate, or at least enjoy the dial. The outer sloped chapter ring has tritium gas tube hour markers and minute hash marks, with an addition ring of Arabic numerals closer in to the center of the dial. The date window is nicely framed with a green ring, so as not to simply feel thrown in. While there aren’t that many of them on this chronograph model, the dial also (attempts) to have the time in 24 hour numerals as well. On the three-hand Colormark watches, you can spot the 24 hour style markers much more easily.

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

In contrast to the flatter toned dial, the chronograph subdials have a thin concentric circle pattern with a glossy finish. Hour and minute hands which are Luminox hallmarks in style, have tritium gas tubes applied in them. If for some reason you are new to tritium gas tubes, they are small tubes filled with a mildly radioactive (and safe) gas that glows without needing to be charged by the light for about 20-25 years. This makes all tritium gas tube watches ideal for night or darkness viewing. Though this does not apply to the chronograph function.

Luminox isn’t a brand that needs my help convincing people to buy their products. And I can tell why. For $425 (in this watch’s case), you get a solid, reliable, and handsome watch that is good enough for your lifestyle, as well as those of people like Navy SEALs, and other military special forces. Luminox watches are enthusiastic little  fellows, eager to work, and not afraid to get dirty. With a reasonable price, they sort of ask to be beat up a bit, and whine like small dogs when left idle for too long.

Thanks to Luminox for the review unit. Opinions are 100% independent.



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  • Kris C.

    I like the colour scheme here (I get in comes in other combos, but they are not pictured) and the use of tritium, but I can;t do the plasic. It is finished well, and designed properly, but it is very obviously plastic and I’d have to pass.

    I don’t see why it is necessary – were it made from lead, is it so heavy that it can’t be worn? I own some rather heavy pieces, and after being on the wrist for a few minutes, you are no longer aware.

  • Dennis

    Cost is the main reason. It costs a lot more to use metal and manufacture metal objects. The price would shoot up. Lumminox has other models in metal and they cost quite a bit more.

  • Ken

    Excellent watch & the build quality of the plastic is first rate. I’ve seen what kind of abuse these watches can be put through and keep on going.

    @Kris If you don’t like plastic I can heartily recommend the Marathon brand. Great lume, all metal construction, built like a tank and their line begins on the upper end of the Luminox price range.

    There’s even a youtube video where a fireman runs over his Marathon and a Rolex and guess which survives! 😀

  • Matt Morales

    I too can attest to the how comfortable the watch is (I have the 3000 series though)…pretty much the only watch I will wear to bed. The lume is not too dim or too bright (I mention this because my friends in active duty do not want a glowing torch on their wrist…like a moving target). There is something comforting and easy about not needing to worry about charging the lume, or needing to push a button to make the watch light up…just look at it night or day.

  • Kris C.

    I certainly have no problem with this brand. Not normally one for quartz movements, I took a chance some time ago on a great deal for the EVO Navy Seal Titanium piece with matching bracelet and blue face, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I do a fair share of survivalist camping and whitewater canoeing, and needed a piece that would keep up with me that I didnt have to worry about, and this guy fits the bill perfectly. After all the trips it has been on, the titanium is obviously a little banged up, but it still functions perfectly and I don’t have another watch I would consider taking on such an ordeal.

    Seeing this one, I just wish mine was in this colour combo, and in metal…

  • watch

    chronograph watches are damm good

  • i saw the youtube clip of this and it truly rocks!! fabulous watch … wish i had one too..

  • Luminox makes a very nice time peice, and as for this one, sometines you don’t want a metal bodied watch. I think this watch fits its purpose perfectly and at a fair price, I have the f-16 it’s a nice watch but I take it off for extreme activities, I think if I bought one of these I would just leave it on.

  • calvin

    While i don’t disagree with the many merits of the watch rightfully pointed out by this article, there is a major flaw about this series of Luminox watches left out. The second hand never aligns itself correctly with the dial.

    Though the watch may be nice, functional, and everything, it epically failed at the most basic level. How can you expect yourself to take a watch seriously for whatever it is, if it doesn’t even line itself up properly with it’s own dial? Luminox has a very long way to go.

    • Do you mean the chronograph seconds hand? This can be a model dependent issue. There is also likely a function in the movement to self correct this.

  • Adam

    My fiancee just got me this watch for my birthday. I have to admit at first I was a little taken aback. I’d seen it in the the display cases and it didn’t look quite like my style. It looked big, which I prefer, but it didn’t have the feel of a heavy watch, which is also something I usually like. Then I tried it on, and I have to say everything changed. Not only does it look great on my wrist, but it is super light. I almost forget it’s there. I am actually typing this right now with it on! And I usually take off my watch when I type.

    I have the black on black version which is admittedly a little difficult to read, and it renders the chronograph essentially useless. That’s fine though since I really don’t use it anyway. It looks great, and feels like a durable watch. I can see why the Navy SEALS wear it.

    • Good review. Thanks Adam.

  • Wow, what a watch. It’s so cool. I’ve been looking for a watch of this kind for long. I think, now my search has come to an end. I like the features like rubber strap, which is comfortable, also loved its dial. Just awesome.

  • T Jay

    i seen the stander Luminox colormark watchs at a Bass Pro shop and i said thats a badass watch, i asked the employee if i could look at it and once i held it i was like CHEAP! then she proceeded to tell me it was $325 and i shit my pants! so i did some research and read lots of reviews and found it to be awesome! so i ordered the red and black one for $200 at jomashop and its on its way to me right now, so i hope its as good as i hear.

  • T Jay

    well i got my Luminox in the mail today and i LOVE it, it glows so good at night its like fireflies keeping time on my wrist…lol sounds gay but thats how bright it is, it hasent lost time yet and thats good and thats all i can say for now cuz i only had it for six hours so the test has just begun!

  • Buckbeek

    I almost went with this watch over a new Casio Pathfinder. But, will no doubt buy one eventually.

  • Domenic Fammartino

    great watch comfortable with rubber strap and light weight. Great at night and great durability. The dial looks great. I have a wide variety of watches and this one is the most comfortable to wear.