Patek Philippe 5270 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Patek Philippe 5270 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Hands-On

This is it folks, this is the Patek Philippe watch (of today) that you are going to want. Brand new for 2011, and likely hard as hell to get for the foreseeable future, this is the Reference 5270 perpetual calendar chronograph watch (5720G). In white gold the case is Western-wearable at 41mm wide and looks spectacular. Really happy to see a Patek Philippe with all the right stuff that isn't under 40mm. Look how nice it looks on the wrist. I got jealous of my own wrist just wearing it. Patek did something interesting with the gold hands and applied hour markers by making them black. Against the white hold case and opaline silvered solid gold dial they look spectacular with outstanding visual contrast. Everything on the dial is easy to read and very aesthetically pleasing. According to Patek Philippe, even though the 5270 is a classic model, it does represent the brand looking at design in a more contemporary manner.

Patek frames the dial in a double ring first with minute markers and then with a series of small dashes that are aren't functional, but very helpful from a decorative perspective. The hands are properly sized, and the black faceted baton hour markers are very Patek in style. Note how the chronograph and subsidiary seconds dials are slightly brighter than the rest of the dial as as to standout a bit. The color is matched by a second over the moon phase indicator. Really a dial imbued with Patek perfection.

It is possible the future versions of the 5270 watch will come in the future in other metals. For now the 18k white gold case is stunning with decorative flared lugs and a soft, rounded and polished bezel. Notice the brushed surfaces on the retro-style chronograph pushers. Inside the watch is a gorgeously designed and decorated in-house made Patek Philippe caliber CH29-535PSQ manually wound movement. Patek provides both a sapphire caseback window for the 5270, as well as a solid white gold back that can be personally engraved.

The movement features the time with subsidiary seconds dial, 30 minute column-wheel based chronograph with jumping (instant) minute changing, a day/night indicator (via a small circular window located at 7:30), a perpetual calendar, and a moon phase indicator. The perpetual calendar shows the day and month via small, but very easy to read windows, and the date is shown on a dial on the moon phase indicator. Another small porthole at 4:30 displays the leap year indicator.

While most watch lovers and engendered to love Patek Philippe, not everyone finds a Patek watch they truly lust over. The Reference 5270 perpetual calendar chronograph is one of the pieces you can easily fawn over. Price when it arrives will be around $156,000. I don't expect them to be very easy to get, but if you are able to obtain one you will not be disappointed.

  • Eric Skier

    “Aesthetically pleasing” – quite the understatement, IMHO!

  • kris c

    Do want. Too bad Charlie Sheen is going to snap them all up and give them away as party favours.

  • witch watch

    Does anyone else agree that PP’s own photo’s do absolutely nothing to sell the piece? I do suppose that Patek’s sell themselves though. Are the hands gold and then painted as to be honest i’d be rather miffed if i found out they were just say for instance stainless steel given the cost of the thing, it is bloody lovely however.

  • Ulysses

    Very nice piece. Matte black hands, are they? Some interesting twists on a classic design. I love the discreet day/night and month(?) indicators. The only thing i’d change would be the lugs; i’d prefer them to be a little more integrated with the case.

  • Uhrmensch

    Taken from the text above ; “Really a dial imbued with Patek perfection.”….but the perfection is not thought to the end, the dial has the wrong printing :-(.
    It has 4 index markers for the stop second hand between the minute indexes. That’s wrong. The movement has 4Hz (this information is from the Patek homepage, where the movement is described), that corresponds to 28800 beats/hour and this is only 1/4second, what means, it should have 3 markers between the minute indexes. But the dial show 4 markers between the minute indexes. This is wrong, because 4 markers are concerning to 1/5 second. Only movements with 36000beats/hour (5Hz) like Zenith el Primero can stop 1/5 seconds. Maybe some will say I’m punctiliously, but i think a watchmaker like Patek, who is able to construct such complicated watches in a very high price segment, should follow such small details.

    • admin

      Good points if you are right. I didn’t do the math.

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