Temption CM01 Watch

Temption CM01 Watch

Temption CM01 Watch Face

As a fan of their work, we try to promote the products of boutique German watch maker Temption whenever possible. The very niche brand offers up some unique creations which we've loved in the past. New for 2013, Temption will debut the simple CM01 watch. A minimalist three-hand automatic with a serious cyclops magnifier for the date. Rolex popularized the magnifier window to make reading the date easier. Since then these have been controversial from a style perspective. The one on the CM01 is said to make the date window appear quite large. In recent years we've seen very few cyclops magnifier windows.

The simple steel case is 43mm wide and under 10mm thick. It contains a Swiss ETA 2892 or Soprod equivalent automatic movement - which is always decorated nicely. The minimalist dial is legible and attractive, though in my opinion the hands are too short. Temption's Klaus Ulrbrich doesn't often produce hands which are too short so I am curious as to why it happened here. Like all Temption watches there will be a cabochon in the crown which is onyx in this CM01 watch. Attached to it will be a simple, soft black calf leather strap. The Temption CM01 is certainly a simple and subdued Temption piece, making it perhaps their first dress watch. Price will be $1,940. temption-watches.de

Temption CM01 Watch Lume

Name : CM01
Movement : ETA2892A2 or Soprod A1
Case : D 43mm , height 9,8mm
Bottom : screwed with sapphire window
Top : Sapphire . Cyclops eye ground into sapphire
Crown : screwed with Onyx Cabochon
Strap : calf leather with deployant clasp
Water resistance : 10Bar
Price : 1480 € (1940 US$)

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  • DangerussArt

    Too Bauhaus for me. I think this may be the ugliest watch I’ve seen in a very long time. Flat painted markers, Ugly flat hands, awful lugs and what appears to be crude case finishing. Don’t even get me started on the Coke bottle bottom stuck to the crystal. I would not wear this if it were free.
    From their site’s “Design Rules” Temption only makes contemporary watches. Our designs draw an Wabi-Sabi and Bauhaus because that’s the only way to make watches that will last for decades”  Oh brother, really?

  • korbindallis

    why does their logo look a little like Jaeger LeCoultre


      korbindallis I knew there was something about it- thanks, I can sleep now, that was bothering me!

      • MarkCarson

        SN0WKRASHkorbindallisOr does the “JA” logo on this drawing also look to JLC-ish?

        • Panagiotis

          MarkCarson i don’t get the “JA” Mark? How does it relate to the cholex?

        • MarkCarson

          Panagiotis MarkCarson John and Ariel

        • Panagiotis

          Panagiotis I should totally have picked up on that!

  • Ulysses31

    What part of this is worth $1940?  The dial and hands look like they were made from paper cut out by school-children.  It’s a very cheap-looking watch, flea-market class looks.  The lens on the crystal seems a little unnecessary.  It looks very out of place next to the minimalism of the rest of the watch, but perhaps it is just trying to escape from the miserable creation it is attached to.  They tried to channel the design skills of Max Braun with little success.  Unlike Russ, I would accept this watch for free and wear it because then I would be able to enjoy the small pleasure of tearing it off and throwing it at something.

    • Ulysses31

      Well, Dieter Rams…

  • EranR

    On top of all the (rather accurate) comments made, I think what is mostly evident about this watch – it just lacks inspiration, at a very deep level. It kind of reminds of old an 70’s rock band that goes on a new tour because they need money, so they release a new track – you know how these tracks always sound weary, and boring, and hear-it-once-forget-it-forever, and it just makes you feel how tired the band sounds and how old the lead singer is, and how obvious it is they lost all their life energy years ago? Well, that’s what this watch reminds me of.

  • MarkCarson

    I want to say something nice about this watch. But I can’t think of anything. Sigh…

    • MarkCarson

      I decided to check out the previous reviews (http://www.ablogtowatch.com/category/watch-brands/temption/) and I find that a lot of their watches look not so bad. I’m not a fan of Bauhaus, but even at that, their other Bauhaus designs (like the CM05) look better. This has to be their worst looking watch among what ABTW has reviewed from them. Maybe next time they will spend more than 10 minutes designing the dial and hands. I know, that’s cold…

  • Panagiotis

    Are these seriously their press release photos??? I can get a partial print from the crystal on the bottom photo…The only way I can think of this sort of working for me, is if the photos REALLY don’t do the watch justice and it’s somehow much MUCH better in person.
    Only then would I consider strapping it to my canine companion.

  • nateb123

    Looks like a 5 dollar special you buy off a cart in the mall.  But what do you expect from a brand called “Temption”.  This company can not go out of business soon enough.

  • CG

    A senseless exercise in non matchmaking, their racing chrono is at least worth $20 more than this $5 attempt at some kind of knockoff.