Temption-Classic-ChronographPerhaps there is not too much classic about it save for the fact that it uses an ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. Temption is a supreme German watch maker, not a marketing agency right? So we can forgive the odd name and focus on the beautiful watch.

Here is a PVD black with yellow trim model, one of the rarer versions of an already rare watch (only 200 of these yellow models were ever made). Temption produces no more than about 700 watches a year, and all owners are lucky to have them. Temption watches are classic to the extent their designs seem timeless. Focusing on Bauhaus minimalism, it isn’t quite the stark emptiness you get from traditional minimalist design, but rather focuses more on pure functionality taking symmetry and aesthetics into consideration.

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The Valjoux 7750 movement inside this Temption Classic Chronograph is perhaps the finest function dedicated movement produced. What I mean is that it focuses on being a 12 hour chronograph, and performs that functions almost flawlessly, in addition to providing for the time and day of the week and date. Pushers are smooth and calculated, while legibility is impressive. I cannot imagine anyone being upset with a Valjoux 7750’s performance.

Outside, all Temption watches are gorgeous. I own a Temption CGK203 which I reviewed here that contains the similar Valjoux 7751 movement. The Classic Chronograph is decidedly more flamboyant with its bright yellow accents and calf leather strap stitching. Functionality being key here, the white indicators on the face contrast perfectly with the overall black surface of the watch. Yellow cabochons in the crown and pushers are a signature feature of all Temption watches and should not be overlooked.

The retail price for a watch such as this is over $3,000 and a current eBay auction has this limited edition Temption at just over $2,000. A fair price in my opinion. Its nice to know that Temption is a brand that focuses on details, and they really do. Even the locking clasp on the strap is finished with PVD, and the exhibition caseback reveals an impressively decorated movement and rotor. I am pretty sure that a few more Temptions will be adding themselves to my collection before all is said and done.

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