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In our last contribution on aBlogtoWatch, we published an interview with Klaus Ulbrich, the founder of Temption, about his history and the design platform for his brand. This article and those going forward will take a more detailed look at some of the Temption models and review the challenges and inspiration that led to the final results in keeping with the design rules established by Temption.

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Our first model to review is the Temption Cameo. It is a milestone with regard to the dial clarity and a true masterpiece of architecture. The functions of the Cameo include the hour, minute, sweeping seconds hand, and date. The movement is a mechanical automatic based on the ETA2892-A2. The case is SST316L measuring 37.5mm x 40.7mm and the height is 9.9mm. The features of the watch include an all-screwed construction, a sapphire front and sapphire exhibition back, with a single deployant leather strap. A shorter end strap is included for those with smaller wrists. The Temption Cameo comes with a Brown dial or a Silver dial, both of which provide an interesting three-dimensional look.

Temption-Cameo-1 Temption-Cameo-6

Watch enthusiasts are, thankfully, very diverse in preferences. Some prefer three-hand watches, some admire chronographs, and some go for timepieces with fancy complications. We had a true rectangular watch in mind, which would be consistent and stay in line with the strict design rules of Bauhaus and wabi-sabi. We wanted to come up with a classy watch which incorporated those design rules to achieve timeless appeal as well as incorporate high-tech features to overcome technical limitations rectangular/square watches have had in the past.

Temption-Cameo-9 Why are non-round watch cases so difficult to produce and how did Temption succeed in the design and water resistance of 10ATM?

State-of-the-art rectangular/square watches are not usually very water-resistant and they are a bit roundish in the corners. The reason for this is that the top gaskets cannot really seal the top sapphire within the corner area. That’s why the industry makes the top sapphire round in the corner area and why most other designers can only achieve waterproofing at 3ATM. Our approach was to design a watch with a precise rectangular top sapphire and a water resistance no less than 10ATM. This was not an easy task because the top sapphire is domed by a horizontal radius, as is the case. This allows the watch to match the shape of a wrist, and therefore, be effortlessly easy to wear – despite its size.

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In order to keep a true rectangular watch, we opted not to use a gasket to seal the top sapphire. Instead, we determined we could bond the sapphire chemically to the case. The bonding material is adhered to a small silver frame inside of the sapphire, that evaporates in the process, therefore providing a precise and clean appearance. As a watch engineer and designer, this feature is the one I am most proud of; achieving functionality, comfort, and beauty.

Temption-Cameo-11 Temption-Cameo-12

What are the design rules of both Bauhaus and wabi-sabi and how were they incorporated into the design of the Temption Cameo?

Both design schools include the following

  • Simplicity
  • Less is More
  • Form follows Function
  • As a unique item, wabi-sabi requires not only simplicity, but warmth

Therefore, both Temption Cameo models incorporate these rules by transferring these thoughts into actual solutions. We kept the dials simple so that they would be easy to read. The dial is ergonomic and the date window is always the same color as the dial. There is a high contrast between the hands and the dial, and the logo is “hidden,” so as not to spoil the clean look. The coin edge design of the case and tiger eye cabochons provide the warmth of the styling and design.


By adhering to the design rules as noted above, the Temption Cameo will remain ageless, maintaining a classic and stylish look for years to come. The wabi-sabi design principle is over 500 years old but has very contemporary solutions, with this item achieving warmth and a sense of depth by adding dots to the surface.

The Temption Cameo models may look very simple. However, they have many very valuable design features that are hidden making them unusual, timeless, and precious. This is a true example of the design effort and the features supporting the rules of both wabi-sabi and Bauhaus to which Temption adheres. temption.info

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