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Timex T-Series Automatic Watches

Timex T-Series Automatic Watches Watch Releases

This is new to me, and I am not sure if you can get these in the US (but similar Timex watches in the US are available). These are Timex T-Series automatic mechanical watches. Pretty decent looking  mechanical watches from the brand known for quartz, quartz, and more quartz. Movements are 22 jewel automatics with a power reserve indicator and 24 hour hand. There is of course the time and the date. I believe the movements are Timex exclusives and have a 36 hour power reserve. The watches are in steel with sunburst decorated dials – in a few colors in addition to the black (such as white and blue dial colors). Along with the metal bracelet, there is a crocodile patterned black or brown leather strap.

Timex T-Series Automatic Watches Watch Releases

The T-Series Automatic watches take the legibility and practicality that Timex is known for, and gives it a bit of a higher-end push. Style is contained in the functional, no nonsense exterior. While very characteristically Timex, they are rarities compared with what you see mostly in the US. Apparently the original T-Series watches were released in 2007, and these are the follow up watches. I think they are mostly for Europe though.

Look closely at the counterweight on the seconds hand, and you’ll see the little “T” in the circle which is a Timex logo. Nice little touch. The watches are also water resistant to 50 meters. I sort of like the watches in a nostalgic way. I’ve been rather hostile to many Timex watches. Admittedly, many of them are quite ugly. But when I see a watch like this, it makes me want to rethink the brand. Prices aren’t too bad. 199-219 euros. Though I have versions of Timex automatic watches with same movement in them for under $100 here in the US.

See automatic Timex watches on eBay here.Timex T-Series Automatic Watches Watch Releases

See automatic Timex watches on Amazon here.Timex T-Series Automatic Watches Watch Releases

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  • I’ve seen that T in a circle before… On a Tissot… Maybe the “Silent-T” or the “T-touch” or something… Wondering how long before the trademark suit…

  • Noah

    Is the 24 hour hand adjustable (as in a GMT) or does it follow the hour hand? If the latter, then the photos are horribly misleading (the hour is 10:10 but the 24-hour hand is “24”)…

  • ANIL

    whatever said about the looks pls check the accuracy i bought a timex automatic its called slx series in India looks cool but accuracy is the pits + or – 4/5 minutes per day is not waht i would call accurate

  • oli

    i bought a timex automatic watch, it’s way too fast and plus, i can hear the sound of the rotor, feels so cheap

  • jezuzhc

    i want an automatic timex thats made in USA with a logo but i want the face totally redesigned to look like rolex or omega etc with writing on face stating “water resistance depth, made in usa, 21 jewels and model”…i also want raised numerals and logo..and glass back……………i wear replica watchs that look just like origional and the reason for that is they look good…after couple of adjustments they run dead on…..all for $120….timex’s look like designed by 12 yr old………

  • Ken

    I don’t believe the movements are Timex exclusives. I believe they’re Chinese Seagull ST25’s. We’re all entitled to our beliefs.

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