By the time this article is published, many of you in the aBlogtoWatch community and the broader watch enthusiast space will have seen our April Fool’s Day article, which takes a lighthearted look at the possibilities of AI-generated designs in the luxury watch industry. While that was a satirical statement on the rising tide of AI content-generation platforms such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, it brings to light a genuinely serious issue that we at aBlogtoWatch would like to address today.
As we approach an increasingly AI-generated media future, it’s crucial to establish how aBlogtoWatch intends to move forward in this space. Just as we have promised that aBlogtoWatch is an enthusiast-driven publication, and our editorial content is not muddied by selling the watches we cover, we owe it to our community to ensure that our content creation process is held to the same high standards.
With that in mind, the aBlogtoWatch team has a pledge: Every article, every review, every graphic, every in-house image, every video, every podcast, and every piece of content you interact with on aBlogtoWatch is the product of insightful, passionate human beings — and it always will be. This is a place to share our love of and fascination with timepieces, and we firmly believe that something as soulless as artificial intelligence will never be able to match the emotion, personal reflection, and years of experience that our team of human experts brings to this platform every day.
AI-generated content, both images and written material, has the potential to be a “Quartz Crisis” for the media industry at large, with a scope that extends far beyond the watch space into every facet of news and entertainment. If you value true journalism made by actual creative human beings,
you’re in the right place. We here at aBlogtoWatch will be facing this future with a focus on quality, thoughtfulness, insight, genuine passion, and the human touch that artificial intelligence cannot replicate. You have our promise that our work is all human-made.

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