Paul Picot Le Plongeur C-Type watch on eBay

I feel as though I have a duty to tell people about less well-known brands that offer meritorious watches. Paul Picot is one of those brands that most of you have probably not heard of, but can appreciate the looks of their flagship men’s watch, the C-Type.

A watch that uses this many squares ought to get a prize. I hesitated, but opted not to picture the square (tank) face version of the watch as that might be considered to be overkill (actually, I will go ahead and throw the picture on here). Instead, you can appreciate the geometry in this watch easily with a round face, but otherwise abundantly placed square elements.

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The watch is actually a well finished diving watch with a lot going for it. It has been around for a few years, and the styling is quite cool in my opinion. Squares pattern the rubber strap, number indicators, and texture on the face. The lug styling is a likely source of inspiration for the Hublot Big Bang designers (at they look almost the same as on the Paul Picot that we designed before hand), but it is possible that another design pre-existed both the C-Type and the Big Bang. We all know how frequently “design flattery” shows up in the watch world.

Paul Picot C-Type square watch on eBay

Paul Picot uses high grade ETA automatic movements. Inside here is likely to be an ETA 2894, and a tri-compax Valjoux 7750 lies within the chronograph model of this watch. To Paul Picot’s benefit, the C-Type came in a variety of colors and trim levels. You can see yellow elements in this watch, but there are also black, blue, red, and while models which each have a nice character.

The raised numbers on the bezel are a very bold touch that adds a significant amount of the strength to the design. They compliment the rugged demeanor of the watch, and enhance a sense of aggressive sophistication that exists overall. It is difficult to describe the feeling I get from visualizing the entire watch and all it’s squares, but I would certainly be happy to wear this watch, either in its three-hand chronometer, or chronograph form.

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