I wish I could say that it was a struggle and that the elements were against me. The truth is that most of my writing has flowed smoothly from my fingers to your screen. With lots more to write about each day, my only limitation is time and your attention span. If I could write full time about watches, and perhaps other items of interest; I would gladly.

So unlike the battles in the movie 300, my personal 300 have been easier to accomplish, and with far fewer special effects. Though I am sure painted on abdominal muscles (a la the movie), would have use from time to time.

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I have no plans of stopping my writing of course, and hope you’ll stick around for more. You’ll notice typos and minor mistakes from time to time in the articles. I apologize for this, it is the trade-off of writing so frequently and with such organic composure. It is either ultra-polished content when I get around to it, or the words directly from my thoughts as they flow, allowing for the frequency with which I post. I prefer the latter. So forgive my mistakes, and if any are of such annoyance that you demand alteration to satiate your inner sense of OCD, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

So what is in store for the future? A lot of the same, of course, and I’d like to encourage a more interactive environment. Have an opinion that differs from my own? Feel free to share by commenting. Want me to elaborate on a topic of watch? Comment and let me know. I am here for you as much as I am for myself. You’re thoughts, new watch acquisitions, and other feedback are useful to all of us. I am also playing with the idea of having polls from time to time.

So if you are new to reading aBlogtoRead.com, or simply want a refresher, check out the “Archives” (on the right column near the bottom, listed by month), use the search function, or simply keep clicking the “Next Page” button when you get to the bottom. That way you’ll be more of an expert on the site content than myself. Stay tuned, and I will get to 600 posted articles before you know.

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Oh, and get yourself something nice.

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