aBlogtoRead.com on Europa Star

aBlogtoRead.com has been showcased on EuropaStar.com. Europa Star is one of the most important watch industry magazines that is focused on industry professionals, mostly outside of the United States. The magazine’s website is the digital extension of the magazine, offering important news and information about watch brands and models of all types. Europa Star is a recommended visit for those interested in the happenings of the one of the most interesting industries in the world (in my humble opinion).

Europa Star has deemed aBlogtoRead.com worthy of mention in its lauded Spotlight category (as you can see in the screen shot above). The message is that in addition to people who love watches finding my article interesting the watch industry is also watching (no pun intended).

Advertising Message

See aBlogtoRead.com on EuropaStar.com here.

Advertising Message

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