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New Release: Alexander Shorokhoff Levels Watch

New Release: Alexander Shorokhoff Levels Watch Watch Releases

It can be pretty difficult to apply 10 different colors to the design of a watch and have it look anything other than off-the-wall. And while the latest from Alexander Shorokhoff fits that description, it certainly owns its boldness with a design that is as excellently executed as it is cleverly conceived. The Alexander Shorokhoff Levels watch is a brilliant follow-up to the Kandy Avantgarde watch we reviewed last year.

New Release: Alexander Shorokhoff Levels Watch Watch Releases

Levels makes full use of its generously sized case, measuring 46.5mm, and offers a chromatically dazzling display powered by two separate automatic movements. The twin ETA 2671 calibers are both visible through tiny sapphire windows in the caseback, which provides an interesting reverse view. While this multi-movement tactic has been used aplenty in fashion brands (especially Diesel) to enable highly interesting displays, it is less often attempted with mechanical watches. In this instance, the presence of two movements offers the wearer nothing more complicated than two completely independent watch faces that can be set however one pleases.

New Release: Alexander Shorokhoff Levels Watch Watch Releases

The advantage of this dual time zone watch? You can set each movement to the home/local time exactly. This is useful for the handful of timezones that are not separated from the surrounding zones by one hour (or even half an hour) gaps (Kathmandu GMT+5:45, I’m looking at you). The disadvantages? Two movements to wind after letting this watch’s 42-hour power reserve run down, two completely separate hairsprings potentially susceptible to magnetism, and two whole sets of movement components that could fail start what would be a very pessimistic list to conclude. In reality, however, this watch is not that likely to provide you with more issues than a regular mechanical, although it would be fair to assume there will be a slight discrepancy between the isochronism of both movements, which could result in the two dials running out of sync, were you to set them to the same time zone.

New Release: Alexander Shorokhoff Levels Watch Watch Releases

Questionable technical specifications aside, this watch is primarily a visual feast, and it is delicious to digest. The wavy pattern on the dial is a treat, and a surprisingly effective background when it comes to focusing attention on the two time-telling sub-dials. Those sub-dials are bordered by rose gold plated appliques which are applied at two different levels (giving the watch its name). Running down the middle of the left-hand sub-dial (intended as the second time zone) is a rose-gold-plated bridge fitted with a magnifying cyclops that sits over the (very tiny) date window located at the 6 o’clock point of that sub-dial. The oddly shaped hands are made from brass and decorated with orange and green lume. The watch is delivered on either a tan or black ostrich leather strap.

The Alexander Shorokoff Levels watches will be limited to just 99 pieces in blue and 99 pieces in silver. While his creations are always aesthetically divisive, I think this one is an absolute stunner, and for the asking price of $3,800, a pretty decent value given the apparently top-quality dial finish. Learn more about Shorokoff and his craft at

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  • Jared

    pretty massive watch, but then again to get a similar design in a smaller case would require an inhouse movement and the price would be closer to $40K

  • iwantswtortobegood

    Innovative and Daring, I like it

  • H.S.M.

    This is a lot of watch for that money. (2 watches to be exact)
    But the dial? Man, it is all over the place.
    Luckily they have better alternatives with this dual movement.
    The wave pattern is beautiful, but the design just beaks it up too much. I would love to see that in a simple watch.

  • Gokart Mozart

    By 2761 calibers I take it you mean the eta 2671 caliber?

    If the 2 movements are adjusted while cased you should not have 2 much of a difference in the time, especially as there are no seconds hands.

    The service cost will be quite pricy though.

    The colourful bits ruin what could be a nice looking if busy watch with more thought needed for the texture in the sub dials. Bit big as well as I think the eta are about 17mm wide so the case could be smaller.

    • Good spot. Edited accordingly. Thanks!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    ABTW team. Can you please be more careful with your vetting. I’m not here to be trolled. I can’t believe you would even let them passed.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    You know, I wouldn’t walk about with it on but it’s a bit of fun and I like it.

  • I really like this. The dial design is very cool and the price isn’t bad, it’s just a shame it’s so big.

    • With the movements being 17.2 mm, it should be possible to make a dual movement watch under 40 mm but I’m guessing that rather than have the dials look as small as chronograph registers, they opted to have them large enough (roughly 20 mm each) to read.

  • Swiss_Cheese

    I wonder whether they charge extra for servicing two movements? I know ‘lex and Omega can sit around the $800 mark, granted this would most likely be less, even if it’s $500 per movement $1000 is more than 1/4 the cost of the watch. It does have standard flat head screws so you could always give it to your local watchmaker to play with if you felt game.

    That aside, the watch itself looks like a Jaquet Droz that has had the craziness turned up by 100%, Classic case of ‘I wouldn’t buy it even if it was 99% off, but it’s fun to look at’.

    • Mikita

      I’ve got my BR123 with ETA2895 movement (based on 2892) serviced recently – cleaning + oiling + adjusting + change the gasket = $111. So I don’t think these two ETA calibers are much harder to service. I bet you can get it done ~ 200 bucks.

  • SuperStrapper

    I love my AS and am a big fan of the brand. If this style spoke to you I would suggest you hold back on it. The movements are hand decorated in house and reassembled/inspected to a nice degree.
    This one isn’t for me, but hey that’s certainly one hell of a date window.

  • Lingua Franca

    Can you say “Cheaper Chaykin” three times fast? Even the caseback looks like a Chaykin with those dual rotor “eyes”!

  • Dufresne

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Aesthetically, these are creative and fun, and I’d love to own one–if it were only SMALLER. Please, AS, make a smaller watch for me!!!!

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