I am man enough to admit it. This watch is beautiful, gorgeous even maybe. I keep finding myself consistently impressed with the artistic watches coming out of Angular Momentum, which are not only creative, but straightforward, thus keeping my attention and interest. Instead of staring at the watches for a while to decide whether or not I like them, I immediately know that I like them, then gaze at them to figure out why. I have to say however, that this Angular Momentum is part of its “Water Sports Watch” Collection, which really is a silly name. I don’t think about watches where I hear about water sports, as I am much more likely to envision women playing water polo or something like that. I’d love to see them put a bit more marginal effort in to the naming schemes behind the watches, at least for US audiences.

You don’t see watches like the Angular Momentum Illum Aqua very often. It is very hard to describe from a style perspective. You could say that this watch is the natural combination of watch making and black light poster creation, or you might better connect the watch as product of Tron and Star Trek instrumentation having a night together. There is also an air of vintage diving bell water exploration and mystique of Russian submarines. I don’t really know all that went into the design philosophy, but I like it.

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The blue and green substances on the watch are a new luminant that promises 35 hours of glowing without being radioactive! Simply “charge” the luminant under light for 10 minutes or so. Way to go, Angular Momentum. They call the compound “Email Lumineuse,” which combines a new type of lume material with enamel. The colors are “aqua blue” and “pale green.” I will certainly need to see this watch in action to fully appreciate it. It is supposed to have an almost spectral glow.

The asymmetric quality of the design is curious, but seems appropriate. Regardless of the obvious “designer” slant on the look of the dial, it remains legible and useful. A seconds hand has been omitted and the large hour and minute hands are whimsically large, yet serve their purpose well. The case itself represents a classic large diver’s watch look-and-feel. The top sapphire crystal is curved and 3mm thick. Making for a nicely water resistant watch (200 meters), as any good diver watch should be. The rubber strap is very traditionally designed as a diver’s strap, but the watch is also available with a metal bracelet.

Angular Momentum illum aqua watch

Although you really could not tell from merely looking at the Illum Aqua’s face, it has an automatic movement inside. This is nice to know, as I prefer my artsy watches mechanical. Angular Momentum does provide quartz movements in some of their entry-level watches, but remain purists when it comes to those watches they mean to impress the world with. If anything, I give them respect for taking chances. This is an example of that, and the risk is a success in my opinion. I’d have to say that your money well-spent on an Angular Moment, especially when they come out with watches such as the Illum Aqua (Water Sports Watch).

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