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A lesser known fact about Angular Momentum is that most of their watch creations are custom made works. They have recently upped the value proposition for their custom watch clients with an admittedly very attractive watch package. Instead of just customizing the dials and straps, not clients of Angular Momentum have a totally new case to play with. The new case is called the “Time Gallery.” The idea is that you can present time in a customizable artistic manner.

Angular Momentum is well known for their beautiful eglomise crystal reverse paintings, often known as “Verre Eglomise.” There are also known for beautiful lacquering and high relief design capabilities. With the Time Gallery watch case, the front and rear of the watch has a sapphire crystal, each artistically created. The lug structure is different as well. Using the single lug approach gives the watch totally different look, especially as the crown is decentralized — a unique approach that Angular Momentum no doubt takes pride in.

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Angular Momentum Time Gallery Watch Steel Angular Momentum Time Gallery watch back

It might seem obvious now that I am looking at it, but I don’t necessarily know why more watches haven’t embraced the sandwiched look. A thin case between two pieces of highly decorated sapphire crystal makes perfect look, and really highlights the luxurious components of this particular type of watch. The customization comes in more than just having different types of crystal decoration. The cases are available in various sizes between 38.5mm and 43mm wide, and in stainless steel, gold, platinum, and silver. The cases don’t have screw down casebacks, but merely two traditionally applied crystals (one of each side). This allows Angular Momentum to have very thin cases.

Customers can have their Angular Momentum watches in any way they please. Most of the time they just have to ask and Angular Momentum will accommodate to the best of their abilities. That is the essence of luxury watch making — the personalized touch. Inside the watches is an automatic mechanical movement based on Angular Momentum’s disc time system viewable through the cut away window on the face of the watch. The style helps maximize the amount of space used on the dial for artistry.

Contact Angular Momentum for more information regarding this interesting line of highly customizable Time Galley case based watches.

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