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Audaz Watches is releasing their third line of watches, the new Scuba Master watch which aims to combine serious dive watch traits with a unique dial that doesn’t sacrifice function for form. Built for and by dive watch enthusiasts, this line of dive watches has a 500-meter water resistance, putting them on par with some of the most expensive and renowned divers out there but at a price that we believe allows any watch lover to access. Inspired by (what else?) the ocean, we decided to have each of the 6 Scuba Master watches feature a mother–of–pearl dial that lends a character to the watches that you don’t often see.

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If our inclusion of the mother–of–pearl dials makes you think that we designed a mainstream “fashion” watch designed to appeal to the widest consumer base possible, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. With a 50mm-wide case, helium escape valve, and 120-click unidirectional rotating bezel (not to mention the 500M water resistance), we made a serious mechanical dive watch that is for people who need a dive watch but want to show off a little more personal style and some flair on the wrist.

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The 50mm wide and 16.4mm thick stainless steel case makes for a seriously large watch, but in order to make sure that the watch is comfortable to wear, we contoured the case so it sits on the wrist as opposed to feeling like a large flat disc on your arm. We fitted each watch with an anti-allergic silicon strap that is tough, adjustable, and most of all, makes the watch feel as comfortable as possible for wear in extreme situations as well as a stylish, sporty look during social situations. You’ll also notice the screw-down crown which is designed for an extra grip for easy winding while helping provide the 500M water resistance.


The Audaz Scuba Master watches have a Seiko NH35A automatic movement which was the ideal choice to make sure we have a high-quality mechanical movement in the watch without passing on a large price increase to the consumers. This hand-windable movement features 24 jewels, operates at 21,600vph, and has a power reserve of 41 hours. It’s a no-nonsense movement that features a date window in addition to the telling the time.

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The lumed hands ensure that you can read the time in any situation and the mother–of–pearl helps mimic the effect of water reflection when you’re on land without being a distraction when you’re trying to tell the time underwater. It’s actually a perfect metaphor for the watch, which aims for style without sacrificing seriousness.


The Audaz Scuba Master is available in 5 options:

  • Original Steel Color Case with Black color MOP Dial and Black Silicon band
  • Ionic Gold Plated Case with Black color MOP Dial and Black band
  • Ionic Gold Plated Case with Blue color MOP Dial and Blue band
  • Ionic Rose Gold Plated Case with White color MOP Dial and Black band
  • Ionic Black Plated Case with Charcoal Gray color MOP Dial and Black band

Prices for the Audaz Scuba Master begin from USD $379 for the Stainless Steel version (you can check them all out here), and for all aBlogtoWatch fans, enter Promo code – ABTW30 at checkout to get a Special 30% discount.

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