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Discover the case that is becoming a stylistic testament to the evolution of modern horological design. Committed to material innovation, Aventi breaks traditional watchmaking patterns by developing a bold, new, and original take on the watch case, turning it into a statement of shape and function. Crafted from a special crystalline structure suspended in a glassy matrix, the A15’s pentagonal case stands unprecedented and unrivaled.

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The 44mm x 49mm case is so much more than form for the sake of being different. The pentagonal silhouette echoes the Aventi logo and stands as a quest for a style that connects this timepiece with the world of automobiles, suggesting an ideal affinity with the work of modern visionary designers like Chris Bangle. Bangle has made challenging the traditional automobile design his trademark, as he spearheaded the movement to reflect on the evolution of modern society without falling into the trap of one-size-fits-all styles borrowed from the past.

The taut, streamlined designs of Bangle’s creations, which won him the American Prize for Design in 2021, and his careful research into the complex structure of contemporary society, have helped radically change the landscape of modern automobiles, transforming them from simple objects to moving architectural capsules. Not surprisingly, one of his inspirational models is architect Frank Gehry.

In watchmaking, Aventi is taking the same path and expressing the same statement with the sharp edges, and bold angles of its polygonal case. It’s identical in shape throughout the product range but always presented in fantastic variety, thanks to the careful search for the most innovative and exclusive materials that are often created directly by the Maison. Because our world is moving faster and faster, what we wear on our wrists must be equipped and styled to keep up with it.

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The pentagonal case and its countless facets play with light like no ordinary case can. Each of the facets must be polished individually to bring out the incredible clarity that Saphite™ offers. With a lower refractive index of 1.65, as opposed to sapphire’s 1.76, light travels through Saphite™ effortlessly, instantly bouncing between the facets of the case, emitting an incredible brilliance. The most significant difference between a sapphire crystal and Saphite™ lies in its extraordinary color possibilities. Sapphire allows only a few colors to be produced without compromising its quality or clarity. By contrast, Saphite™ has been developed to allow Aventi access to an infinite spectrum of colors, many of which have never been seen in the watch industry before, like this Paraiba Blue – a color that you may find only in the elusive tourmalines mined in the Paraiba region of Brazil.

The vibrant light blue color of the Aventi A15 Wraith Saphite™ Paraiba is achieved with an exclusive blend of rare earth elements, utilizing Aventi’s specialist know-how and experience when it comes to working with sapphire. Thanks to the unique design of the case and Aventi’s relentless pursuit of perfection, even the front and rear sapphire crystal of the A15 is custom cut in-house within 0.02mm tolerances. Also hand-polished, the crystal is treated with 14 layers of anti-reflective coatings, with each layer taking five hours to apply, to create an incredibly smooth and transparent element. Even the crown and its 47 individual facets, also crafted from Saphite™, are individually hand-polished after they have been cut within 0.01mm tolerance. Even though the crown only measures 6.5mm-wide, it takes seven days to polish and rightfully serves as the crown jewel of the Aventi A15 Wraith Saphite™ Paraiba.

The result of all this unprecedented effort and unique know-how? The Aventi A15 Wraith Saphite™ Paraiba looks absolutely stunning on the wrist, ultimately creating a wearing experience that is unlike any other, and one that also promises to amaze, impress, and entertain in the long run. Some light rays bounce off the case’s facets at the slightest movement of the wrist, while others enter the vibrant blue crystalline structure, making for an unparalleled play of light. This unique shape and character are earning Aventi and its watches a steady following, which combined with the few pieces available results in its growing evaluations in the second-wrist market. To be seen is to be fully appreciated.

The Aventi A15 Wraith Saphite™ Paraiba is priced at 24,500 Swiss Francs and is available by allocation only. Learn more at the brand’s website.

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