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When Bell & Ross goes vintage, its design codes take on a military quality, with an obvious commitment to the utility, design, and function of watches that are built for important missions. The three new models in the BR V2 series are a tribute to military wristwatches for land, air and sea. All three are equipped with NATO Stretch straps that are made using authentic parachute straps, and the GMT and Automatic are available with satin-polished steel bracelets. They are water resistant to 100 meters and feature vintage-style ultra-curved sapphire crystals. The cases are all sized at 41mm-wide.

The BR V2-93 GMT Blue, a blue-dialed version of the GMT model introduced in 2018, displays two time zones. The second hand counterweight is subtly styled in the shape of an aircraft, a nod to pilots and globetrotters for whom the GMT is an indispensable tool. The 24-hour scale is printed on a two-tone bezel, a signature feature of GMTs. This one is made of anodized aluminum, with grey for day and blue for night. The red-arrowed hand that tracks the second time zone is unmistakable, as are the large, Super-LumiNova coated numerals on the dial. This attention to high legibility is a common feature in all Bell & Ross watches. The movement is the automatic BR-CAL.303, with second time zone rapid-setting feature and a date function. It is priced at $3,200 on strap and $3,500 on bracelet.

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The BR V2-92 Military Green features a minimalist design based on the principle that the essential should never give way to the superfluous. It pays tribute to soldiers on the ground, who were the first to use wristwatches as a fundamental tool for their missions. The 41mm case makes for a large dial, with large, highly readable numerals and hands, luminated in a bright green color for precise legibility, day or night. It calls to mind the khaki camouflage dials of military watches; even the background of the round date window is khaki green. The dial is surrounded by a black bidirectional bezel for measuring short intervals. The movement is the automatic BR-CAL.302, with hours, minutes, seconds and date. It is priced at $2,990 on strap and $3,300 on a steel bracelet.

The colors of the BR V2-94 Aéronavale Bronze call to mind the blue and gold ceremonial uniform of French naval officers. The case is made of CuAl7Si2 bronze, which is made up of 91% copper, 7% aluminum and 2% silicon, and has a distinctive yellow gold color. The color will change slightly over time, as it acquires a patina, which makes each one unique. In true vintage style, it is a bi-compax chronograph with screw-down pushers and a fixed aluminum bezel. The movement is the automatic BR-CAL.301 chronograph, with small seconds and 30-minute totalizer as well as date window. It is priced at $5,200, and limited to 999 pieces. You can learn more at bellross.com.


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